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    I know I'm going to need new hardware very soon, and right now, I've no means to procure such unless I go online. I haven't the means to do that either. So, this is me asking for assistance in that regard. I have to get a debit card I can use as an anonymous payment form, since the requirement of an ID is both immoral and not something I can supply anyway. If I can do that, I can actually do stuff like actually use itch.io as a platform for extra money (Ramsey will still be free but mayhaps I could sell asset packs and/or DLC for a small fee).
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    Back in the community... hello!

    Bonne chance, and welcome to the misfit fam.
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    I gotta head out here in a sec so this post is gonna be brief, I can elaborate on what was happening later though if you need. All I did was comment out the offending lines, and it seemed to fix the problem. So like this: This resolved the problem completely for me, hopefully it's the same for you! And sorry to continue to hijack this thread. ><