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    I actually did follow as it suggested and instructed, but I was doing it blindly because can't read or understand coding to the extent of a very well experienced coder. So when I was looking for Input triggers with C I would change it to A for instance, It was like solving a math problem without knowing the math with only a teacher telling you if it's right or wrong (mostly wrong) so you try again. Maybe I was doing it wrong? Maybe there was more I needed to do aside from changing the input trigger? I don't know, but it's a relief that knowing this now rather than much later. Or maybe I could have known this sooner to save myself the time and frustration. I guess I was simply too stubborn in trying to make the script work for a single player game. I don't know! It was put on hiatus for a while until I had just jumped back into it. All it took was someone to point out and say "hey, that script is wrong. Just do a recopy". I had forgotten that I had removed the Gamepad Extender previously so that is why the this thread was a bit confusing. The error was still there though so I wasn't sure what I was doing wrong until now. The important question that I would like to ask is, can I still use Gamepad Extender? Even if it's intended for multiplayer for both Keyboard and Gamepad I would love to make a multiplayer adventure overhead rpg in the near future. As I said (at least I think I did?), I'm not a coder so I don't understand coding or learned enough to actually produce any coding to run a game properly on my own. I have problem solving skills that allowed me to push through things that's well above my level of understanding, but as far as my knowledge in coding is considered. It's par between beginner and maybe borderline intermediate level at best. I don't know how to code my game from scratch and I am practically learning all this by myself to simply complete a short, regular rpg game. So following the instructions, doing the research to fill in the blanks, and with trial and error was all I could do when I didn't know any better the game's control change could have done well without the script. At the time I thought the Gamepad Extender was what I needed because most sites I had looked up say that you can't change the gamepad button configuration and that pressing F1 during game was the way to do it. I wanted to set up the controls that is familiar to the player to make the gameplay experience more enjoyable. It would discourage players from playing my game if they're having to press F1 to rearrange the button controls unless they suspect they're in standard RPGmaker default or wanted to customize the controls to their personal liking. I also have to keep in mind that not everyone that play video game rpgs are familiar with playing RPGmaker style games. So I knew what I was looking for, but I didn't now how to make it possible. This is a game I plan to sell not just on steam so I had my concerns about it. This is all still learning to me and coding is probably the most challenging thing I had to work with. Another question I should also ask, after changing gamepad controls to the Xbox controller default should I also consider reconfigure the Keyboard controls to match as well? Even though this is still my first legitimate game that I have worked on for god knows how long, I still want to make sure everything is right for the player this first time around especially before it hits the market. It's not that I don't appreciate your help in explaining how Gamepad Extender works or why it's instructions described the way it is, but I would like to be able to come back to this thread for reference when I need to. I have a strong feeling that I most definitely will come back here for reference. I also feel like I have invested so much time in learning every bit of RPG Maker VX Ace when there's also other versions of RPG makers that's a little better or easier like XP or MV, but to relearning everything you already learned in VX Ace to work a game on a different RPGmaker. egh. Thank you for your assistance Rikifive and I apologize with the long winded post.