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    Note Field Hash

    A while ago I came across this handy script that provided a simple unified way to read things in notes. It had some problems but I worked with Syvkal to fix up some things. But Syvkal hasn't really been that active and I kept adding and changing things in my version until it really didn't resemble Syvkal's version, so since Syvkal doesn't seem around much anyway and I added some new features, I thought I would release my version. Edit: The old emoticon bug seems to have struck this post at one point, so I fixed it. Also: Now can load notes from a file.
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    Yeah note tags can be a pain in the butt to deal with sometimes, especially since every script basically needs it's own way to load/parse them. Personally though when I write scripts I don't even bother making each script load/parse it's own note tags and use this script to load/parse stuff for all my scripts instead. It makes things a million times simpler for me as someone who makes a lot of my own scripts. If you only are using three skills though? Yeah, just use conditionals I say.
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    Steam, yes. A lot of the products from the official store (if not all) are also on Steam. Since I can easily get Steam Wallet cards, that's my best, most viable option. I think I have bought and/or been gifted well over 70 resource packs for VX Ace, and about a dozen or so for MV. I don't currently use MV that much because the software barely runs at all on my lackluster hardware (it wouldn't if there wasn't a specific dll file that even allows it to run on older hardware reserved for the poor and disabled like me), but I did get some asset packs for it because I want to get more experience with it down the road. VX Ace is where I am at with most projects, though I also use XP (map layers!!), and I use both 2000 and 2003. VX is something I meddle with on occasion but still glad to have nonetheless. Yeah; I have all six RM engines. If RM95 were to be redone (LOLOLOLOLOL-NOT LIKELY #LMAO) I'd get that one too. Now I've veered out of scope and over the ramp like Evel Kneivel! lolz