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    Maybe not, but thanks to the script I can get the name and icon of the skill, now it works as I want it to be, but I have the same problem, the information from the original equipment is overwritten. Thanks Phoenix!
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    I completely misinterpreted what you were looking for. Oops. Anyway, glad I was able to be of some help, but the script I mentioned won't do what you showed me...
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    Skydancer - A post atomic tale

    Hi guys, I uploaded a new version of the game. Cheers.
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    BluMiu Art

    Thank you! I play with a few things I think I can pull off Yep. I wanted it to look to a degree practical that the Penumbra's wings could carry their weight, and that required at least a length of 30ft. I wasn't complaining. VERY hard. Especially if just winging it or not years behind you in fine art practice. I have two more pieces so far, the one of Adriana's huema form is probably the best. Ohhhh, I was about to use some choice words for you! You're one of THOSE people who go for that sort of mech. You have a black heart lol
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    That sounds good! But I wish I could write it. You see, I have to draw two objects in a window, the second image is superimposed with photoshop since somehow trying it with a bitmap to occupy the place was a good idea. But if or if I need to be able to draw the icon and the name. What is underlined in black is the overlay. if @actor.equips[0] != nil and $game_player.current_skill[0] @Equip_window.draw_text(0, -15 , 120, 50, RE_MENU::Equip) @Equip_window.draw_icon(@actor.equips[0].icon_index, 110, 20, true) @Equip_window.draw_text(0, 15 , 150, 50, @actor.equips[0].name) elsif $game_player.current_skill[0] == $data_skills[9] @Equip_window.draw_text(0, -15 , 120, 50, RE_MENU::Equip) @Equip_window.draw_icon($data_skills[9].icon_index, 190, 20, true) @Equip_window.draw_text(180, 15 , 150, 50, $data_skills[9].name) end The above is what in theory should be written in the window. I honestly don't know why that doesn't happen. I will check the Yanfly class to see if I can get something, thanks Phoenix. EDIT: Well, I have updated the code box, I have managed to show the ability and its name, but now the same thing happens to me as when I wanted to add the skills to the main menu, the skills displayed overwrite the previous equipment.
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