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    I for one advocate for free resources, simply because I have 0 income & can't afford to keep throwing money at this flawed as hell engine. I'm already miffed that MZ requires Windows 8.1 or better, giving the finger to anyone still using Windows 7, the best version ever made before Microsoft sold out to the NSA's mass surveillance BS. I also still feel like MZ really is just a properly upgraded MV, offering new features that Kadokawa should've already thought of & implemented a long time ago. I also agree that Donations are the best way to raise money for further developments. It allows those who have money to throw around to help fund further developments for plugins, graphics & music, while keeping it free & available for those who can't afford it, especially considering several people have lost jobs & income due to the Covid-19 pandemic.
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    Hi everyone I am Chimaki from Taiwan , a programmers and designers I'm use RMMV make Strategy RPG like Langrisser. That my first game Conviction and now on EarlyAccess Conviction Page My Patreon Nice meet everyone :) Cheer Chimaki
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    Voluntary donations are a large part of a cooperative economy. Of course, I won't go into any further detail than that, but it's something I know well.
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    Then resource makers really need to work very hard on their resource quality and supports, and persuading those who have money to really donate. I personally like the donation business model, and wish those having money to be even more generous :)
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    I hope at least some resource makers can manage to deal with honest enough resource users most of the time, so they can be even more motivated and sustainable(I don't think solely relying on passion is reliable enough in the long term)
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