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    I'm not. Humans have proven way to easy to dupe. There is nothing impressive about taking candy from a baby. That said, I for one kinda like the idea of 'software as service'... In theory. At least makes more sense to me then the legal fiction of treating software as if it was a physical good instead of the endlessly copyable collection of abstract data it actually is. Yeah, it isn't really useful for every type of software/game, but the logic behind it is sound for a lot of stuff. Too bad so many game companies are blatantly abusing it. More and more games require a bigger and bigger investment while the gameplay suffers to fuel the game's monetization strategy. It's not really something that can be maintained long term, but then again since when do corporate types care about that? It's all about riding the company into the ground while making as much short term gain as possible.
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    Is it? When I see games making billions of dollars selling dumb virtual items I'm always impressed lol
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    That has proven to be not their best move.
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    After a hectic 5 weeks, my schedule’s finally opened up a bit. If anyone needs custom music created, this would be a good time to do it. Just send me an email. My address is here: https://soundimage.org/custom-work/ In the meantime, I managed to get a couple of cool new tracks done for everyone over the weekend…free to use, as always, with attribution. They are: On my new Action 4 page: SPIES – (Looping) https://soundimage.org/action-4/ On my Fantasy 10 page: A MEADOW OF MYSTERIES https://soundimage.org/fantasy-10/ Don’t forget my premium Ogg tracks…they’re another cool way to support my work. Enjoy…and please stay safe.