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    If I am understanding you right I think my thoughts on the subject have a lot in common with yours, but I take them in a sort of different direction. I think your final question most resonates with my thoughts: What is worth after all? To that question I would answer that there is no true inherent 'worth' to anything, because 'worth' is simply not an inherent property of objects. What something is 'worth' is entirely up to the individual. The time and consideration involved may or may not be a factor in that, and as you said the general hectic nature of society tends to pressure people into thinking along those lines, but it's still ultimately up to each person what something is worth and how. But thinking of worth this way runs into a glaring problem. You see, the idea of 'receiving what you put into something' doesn't really work because you rarely if ever get the exact same kind of thing out of something as you put into it. So people rely on an idea of 'equivalent exchange', exchanging one thing for another of the same over all 'worth'. Of course since what things are worth are up to the individual everyone has their own idea about what 'equivalent' means. Of course for practicality's sake when it comes to money, 'worth' often is taken to mean something slightly different: It's simply what people will pay for something. Nothing more, nothing less. This allows things to be greatly simplified, but it's not quite the same thing. The core of the whole issue here is I think that people sort of mix up how much something costs with how much it's worth, when they really are two different things.
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    I used to have a commercial license required for my scripts back in VX Ace, but I found that it mostly just discouraged people from using them at all, and those that were planning on making commercial games with them hardly ever finished their games so they never had to pay anyways. Now that I have a much better source of income than back then (was in hs/college, now employed), I have moved over to a Patreon model where people can optionally support me and they get some extra things like access to beta plugins which I haven't quite finished yet. I mostly do this as a hobby so I don't mind if people don't pay, but it is nice to get something else other than just recognition when plugin dev takes a lot of time and is not always that fun especially when I try to keep up with forums / social media / demos and stuff which is considerably less fun for me than just making the plugin.
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    I think paid is nice if you have really steady and well off income. but for someone whos' on fixed income with limited resources free is not always bad. and aside from that, the general go-go-go nature of society makes me feel like we're all driving the autobahn instead of climbing a beautiful mountain. Like no one enjoys the process of the skill building? I feel it becomes a matter of anxiety induced panic as the developer realizes the skills they need for a game are numerous and take much time and consideration to actually do well. But that said, why doesn't everyone value a resource for more than just "free" or "paid"? chances are if you enjoy an asset it's because the skill is something that took a long while to achieve. I try not to think of resources in terms of luxury or commodity or even a form of numbers. I mean, what's 1lb of clay mean really? Is it 1 figure, or multiple figures? This for that is all the banking system started on. I like the idea of receiving what you put into something. That's why I make things for free, or make them for a cost. Now that said, not everyone appreciates a product the same way. What is worth afterall?
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    Elf's Diary

    Thank you so much Phoenix!! So happy you think so! Hope you enjoy! ^^
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    Elf's Diary

    Playable Characters: NPCs (Non-playable Characters): Features: - A Short, simple and fun 2 hours long game - Engaging strategic free turn based battles - Simple story-line with themes about friendship, faith and determination - Small but beautiful areas to discover - Colorful and fun characters to get to know with Elf's Diary Goodies: My simple art for Faint: Finnuval 's awesome Faint art: Elf's Diary Remastered Trailer: CREDITS: I hope that you guys will enjoy the game as much as I did making it.
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    Elf's Diary

    Certainly looks kyuute. I'll definitely be giving this a looksy when i get the chance.
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    I'm slightly disappointed that the MZ codebase still uses core.js, managers.js, objects.js, scenes.js, sprites.js and windows.js instead of core/Bitmap.js, core/Graphics.js, managers/AudioManager.js, managers/DataManager.js, etc...