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    Hi everyone, Brand new seamless texture images are ready for your projects. 100% free to use with attribution. They live on these pages: Bark - Artistic Brick - Artistic Vegetation - Artistic Wood - Artistic You can access them from here: https://soundimage.org/images-home-page/ NEWS Free Original Video Footage and Zoom Backgrounds I’ve begun building a new library of free video clips that might be helpful for films as well as looping shots that might work as website backgrounds, Zoom backgrounds, for video games or anything else you can think of: https://soundimage.org/free-video-footage/ You can download the shots in different resolutions, too, to best suit your needs. As I build this library, please feel free to share suggestions for the types of shots that would be helpful to you. In the meantime, if you find my free assets helpful, please consider making a small donation on my website to help support my efforts. Stay safe and be well.
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    That One NPC

    Final Fantasy (Tribute Series)

    The group drew nearer to a large, wind-beaten rusty-brown stone formation protruding from the sand beneath them. It towered into the sky, sprawling for a quarter mile in any direction. A complex series of jagged rock and tiny crevasses. They wearily scaled it's cliffs and chasms by foot, helping the anxious chocobos along as they made slow progress toward their goal; the secret entrance into the rebel base beneath Odessa. They came to a narrow opening, just large enough for a chocobo to squeeze into. It was dark and musty. Juakeem lead the way, and Shae'elle followed, ducking into the enclosed passage. Boko backed up, rearing his head away as Stryker tried to lead him in. "Okay. Relax big fella," he said, trying to calm him down. He tugged his reigns aggressively, stumbling around the edge of a jagged cliff. Ana rushed to his side, wrapping her arms gently around his neck. She could feel his precious heart racing. She held him, lulling him softly. "Shhhh. It's okay, Boko. I'm scared too. But we have to go down there. It's not safe out here." The fear in his beady eyes was clear to see. "I need you, Boko. I need you to be strong for me, because I can't do this alone," she whispered. She took the reigns from Stryker, slowly guiding him back toward the passage. He was timid, but he followed her. "It's okay. We'll do it together," she comforted him. Stryker watched as Ana disappeared into the opening, and Boko behind her.
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    paypaI.com (capital (i) in place of lowercase (L) #LMAO) If I had $1 USD for each of these I had gotten since they started trying to pull this crap... I'd probably have close to half a thousand dollars by now, lolz
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