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    Amy's Artwork

    Thank you! Nothing too exciting, but I finished up some templates for a generator I'm making (just for fun), and here's a look at another PICO-8 game I'm helping with:/ ->
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    Hello and welcome! Good luck with your projects!
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    Amy's Artwork

    You haven't lost your touch, @Amysaurus...
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    Amy's Artwork

    [Insert obligatory 'SORRY FOR NOT POSTING I SUCK' message here] Here are some random bits I've worked on in the meantime ^^ Some .gifs of a side project I'm working on: Really haven't done a lot of drawing, but eh:
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    Amy's Artwork

    @PhoenixSoul Thanks ^^ Here's a commission I finished tonight:
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    Amy's Artwork

    Working on a few busts for some peeps....: I like progress shots, so here are the initial drawings vs. the tweaks/skin shading. (The Skeletor one is totally for me, though. <3)
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