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    I wonder if that would take a while if you have a lot of save files. Can't you have up to 99 savefiles sometimes?
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    A script called Rachael - Dynamic Title Screen Music does this. for i in 0...DataManager.savefile_max header = DataManager.load_header(i) next unless header and header[:music] music = [music, header[:music]].max end
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    Saved games are basically big hashes that store copies of the "$game_" values. DataManager's make_save_contents creates a hash from the "$game_" values to be saved into a saved game and extract_save_contents takes a hash from a saved game and copies it back to the "$game_" values. Oh and create_game_objects makes new "$game_" values for when a new game starts. But anyway you could scan each saved game one by one with load_data and check the hash for the right thing you need, which would be a little tedious, or you could do something like using an $extragame thing. I actually made something a while ago to manage anything I wanted to save outside normal saved games maybe it will be handy for you too!
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    Multiple Enemy Health Bars

    I'm using "V.M. of D.T's Basic Enemy HP Bars v 2.9" script to show the player how much HP is remaining. I'm trying to create some enemies that have multiple HP bars, where the player has to take down each bar one at a time. Basically, I want to make an enemy that has multiple lives. With this script, I've already got the bars, but I need some way to have an enemy have two of them. An example of what I'm trying to do is like the Demonic Beasts in Fire Emblem Three Houses: When the enemy's HP bar is brought down to 0, the enemy doesn't die. Instead, one of those red crystals is removed and the enemy's HP bar is either refilled or replaced. Usually, an extra effect happens on each HP bar. I want to be able to add this feature into my game so players can't instantly KO certain enemies in one hint. I don't exactly need all of the fancy "phase effects" or a second visual HP bar, just something that makes the HP refill once or twice when it reaches 0 without killing the enemy or ending the battle if it's the last enemy. Does anyone have a script or method for this kind of concept?
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    I think the number of save files is nigh unlimited (however many 32 bits can hold I imagine). I know I once expanded the number of save files to over a hundred. Kinda dumb but yeah. lolz
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    These are literally the only two quasi script I have, lol Quasi - Quasi core.rb
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    Thanks, I thought that one came out well, too.
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    Wow, it’s hard to believe that April is here already. Soon summer will be back. So this week we have: On my Fantasy 11 page: “THE WINDS OF STRANGE” https://soundimage.org/fantasy-11/ And on my Funny 8 page: “QUIRKY CHOIR” https://soundimage.org/funny-8/ OTHER NEWS: The following genres on my site now have super high-quality Ogg versions of every track: Dark/Ominous Fantasy Horror Puzzle Music Sci-Fi Give them a try…they sound fantastic and loop really well in game engines. Enjoy…and please consider making a small contribution to support my efforts if you can.
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    Thank you, but this script requires quasi module. Do you also have it?
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