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    How would one go about making the element id one the 1 element Apply Stack while making the rest Multiplicative, The hashtags# are what replaces the Multiplying of Elemental resistance, thus they stack additively 25+25+25+25=100 I tried use a if statement such as if element_id = 1 However attempts like this failed in only making the it glitch out giving all elements the same boost of one or simply applied the Stacking overriding all elements at once. Which is what I'm trying to avoid, but there seems no way to designate a certain element. Mostly likely I'll have to choose one or the other sadly but this is the nature of coding! Game_Battlerbase def element_rate(element_id) features_pi(FEATURE_ELEMENT_RATE, element_id) #er = features_with_id(FEATURE_ELEMENT_RATE, element_id =1).inject(1.0) do |r, ft| #r += (ft.value - 1.0) #end #[er, 0].max #end end
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    Thx for the ideas, I figure this out & it works using return. def element_rate(element_id) return features_pi(FEATURE_ELEMENT_RATE, element_id) unless element_id == 1 return er = features_with_id(FEATURE_ELEMENT_RATE, element_id).inject(1.0) do |r, ft| r += (ft.value - 1.0) end [er, 0].max end This lets element stack to 75+75+75+75 aka 25+25+25+25 to 100% Immune another+75 aka grants it absorbing, using a script not sure if that is default. While at the same time if you have another one of the elements they are %. This extends the functionally of the engine a bit more for those who need it. I'm currently using it on a Physical Element 1 which stacks for Defense against Counter Hits. AKA if you attack get countered instead of using the default armor formula it sends back Elemental 1 damage, thus you block that with a flat rate, judged by the type of armor you wear. Light armor maybe only grant a flat rate of 5% for each equipped. & so on, nothing to special.
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    You know, I read this before, but only just now do I notice you are using ana-kata as a pronoun. Sounds a bit like using left-right or up-down as a pronoun... which actually I guess makes as much sense as any gendered pronoun so... Also, you know if you don't like your legal identity you can usually change it? Also also, controversial opinion time: If you ask me all identity is superficial anyway. A person is too complex a thing to be summed up by a name and a pronoun. Also also also: Ugh why do you have to use fake hashtags? Then again why do I have to use so many alsos?
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    Hi Folks, Some cool new seamless texture images are ready on these pages: WOOD (Artistic) BARK (Artistic) ORGANIC (Artistic) You can access them from here: https://soundimage.org/images-home-page/ Enjoy!
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    Well try this if you want to. Tried to account for dual wield.
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    Speaking as a player first and foremost, when it comes to world maps, it doesn't much matter. Try for a realistic aesthetic that has lots of area to travel (more than you're used to in basically any of the iconic JRPGs with world maps). Because using the standard scale for world maps, there's never much exploration, anyway. I actually dislike traditional world maps now. They are so redundant and awkward. I'd rather traverse a series of full wilderness maps to go from Town A to Town B. That provides actual exploration, visual stimulation. It fleshes out and gives character and texture to every area, and makes long distance travel seem like more of an adventure. But when it comes down to it, focus more on your aesthetic, always trying to balance a good, believable look, with playability in those environments. Either extreme will be just that, an extreme. It should depend on the area/geography in question, vs a "mapping style" felt consistently throughout the entire game. Mapping is very, very, very hard.
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