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    It's been a number of years since I was involved in this community. At one point I was a moderator over at the programming forums. So recently sitting around bored and in quarantine, I decided to get back into it again. I quickly realized I had forgotten almost anything I had learned about Ruby as it had been years. So I dived in, with the intention of creating a game purely using the Ruby programming language. A few weeks later I'm sitting here with a mostly complete project and more knowledge in Ruby than I've ever had. This game was not made in RPG Maker, so I'm not sure if its appropriate to post about it in the in progress or completed game forums when it hits that state. If you want to check it out its here: Ruby Arena (itch.io) Its free of course. I've also made the games source code freely available, as I'd like to eventually find gainful employment working with Ruby (making games or really anything) I figured anything I work on should have source available. The source can be found here(GitHub). As for contributing to the community I will definitely be active in the programming forum again. I am looking for old copies of some of my Ace scripts that I have lost to father time. In Particular My Blacksmithing system demo and my Quest system demo. I think I may even work on some scripts for the community again. I am having a lot of fun working purely with Ruby right now though, and starting to read about Dragon Ruby as well, which is a lightweight Ruby based engine. I may even fill some script requests. Anyway, its nice to be back! Hopefully I run into some familiar faces. It's been a long time. I notice the spoiler I use in my signature to hide my old completed scripts doesn't work when you click on it. I tried remaking it, still no dice. Anyone got any ideas? Also just reinstalled vx ace. took me a hot minute to find my serial number but its up and running and Im ready to make and help people with ruby scripts.
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    Ever wonder if super speed was possible without lag, well it was rather simple & not so advanced... class Game_Player < Game_Character def movable? return true end end (ISSUES)Below Events don' trigger when ran across, this doesn't seem that bad. (EXPLOITATIVE POSSIBILITIES) well super speed wasn't exactly what I was wanting, I just happened across it & now I'm wondering if theres a way to slow the player down. (WHY)Well I noticed while the frames did dip the movement of the game looks smooth. (Smooth)Yes zipping around maps without any stutter almost like magic, seems legit. (But)ISSUES FROM ABOVE WITH BELOW EVENTS, SO CONCLUSION? (IF SOMEONE WAS TO FIDDLE AROUND WITH THE ISSUE & GRANT PLAYER SLOWING!) QUESTION, WOULD THIS MAKE THE COOLEST IDEA EVER IN CONCEPT?(MIND BLOWN!)
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    Probably a bad idea to do that, it will cause the player to move even if they aren't supposed to and probably not line up on tiles correctly. Try this instead: class Game_Player < Game_Character def distance_per_frame return 256.0 end end Zoooom! (This is probably overkill and it probably doesn't make a difference if set higher then 32.0 really but that's still a whole tile every frame!)
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