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    That One NPC

    Let's Make an MMO

    Anyone also share the dream of making a good, quality 2D MMO that captures the essence of the classic JRPG, in a massively multiplayer setting, with modern features and logic? I am good with creating worlds, lore, plots, characters, Sprites, and icons edits. I am a workhorse looking for a project where multiple people can combine their talents and efforts to produce something truly noteworthy. This is an evolving thread and I will be adding ideas and concepts over time in addition to what others bring to it.
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    Nostalgic Fantasy Pack

    Nostalgic Fantasy Pack OUT NOW on itch.io. HERE: https://planettzero.itch.io/nostalgic-fantasy-pack This is a retro graphic pack with Gamboy style assets. Everything you need for a retro game comes with it! Included Files: Screenshots: hope you like this pack! you can ask me anything about it! Have a nice day: Tzero~
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    So many things to sort out and decide on for an MMO. Does the world really need yet another cracker jack box Medieval Fantasy MMO? Whether it's a good VXA MMO or not? I'm just not so sure anymore, and I've always wanted to do a zombie mmo. The main obstacle right now is starting from square one on resources to make sure everything in the VXO folders is 100% cleared for commercial use. Based on the resources I'm able to gather, I'll be able to decide what the best course of action is. Sometimes I want artistic skill more than I want coding skill.
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    That One NPC

    Let's Make an MMO

    UPDATE: No, seriously. I'm making an MMO now. IT/Server Technician acquired.
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    Dark theme kind of became a must-have nowadays, because users tend to leave negative feedback for site lacking the dark theme, claiming the whiteness causes them an eye strain. Someone here already expressed displeasure when I mentioned ending support for the dark theme. Anyway, I, as a night owl, can actually agree to that. I do like the bright appearance, because it makes the place feel a bit more peaceful and friendly - more open, but when the Sun sets, the whiteness indeed is more tiring to look at. Having an automatic day-night cycle would be really nice I think. Generally I like to have a choice, so I'd gladly support both, but sadly there are few flaws in that, so I want to see how exactly does the situation look like - whether it's really worth that or not. The poll's purpose is just to gather who prefers what and see how many users are actually interested in these, for my own reference. If there will be few users who prefer the light theme, it will be enough for me to know, that someone actually uses that and that the extra effort I need to put isn't wasted, so to speak. It's not about which theme wins (because without that I know the majority will go with the dark theme), it's about knowing how many users there are behind these, so that I know who I work for. Every vote counts, especially for the light theme. If light theme is desired, I'll give supporting both a try and see how it goes.
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    Yay! Today is Baltane or May Day! A day where fairies come to play! *giggles*
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    Yeah, it works for copy&pasting some text, but let's take project/game threads for example - these usually are a bit more fancy with all these images, various font settings for headers/sections and such and there's a higher probability the unexpected formatting will sneak in when moving things around. Anyway, not everyone (especially newcomers) may be aware of that and pasting as plain text isn't the default action, so things can happen before they realize that. I've seen enough of flashbangs personally --- tons of my own past content is full of these traps, heh. I plan to make the dark theme from scratch once the time comes. It will have a completely different design and post containers will also be dark. The current pseudo-dark (night) theme will be obsolete. I've coded another dark theme and locally plugged it via browser extension that allows injecting custom JavaScript and CSS, at the moment it looks like this: --and this could be my target when implementing it "officially" to the site. Of course, I'm open to suggestions regarding the colors and whatsoever.
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    Let's Make an MMO

    This would be nice if this came into fruition. I hope you can find people who will support this project.
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    From what I have seen, enemies chose their skill to perform on the beginning of their turn. This results in some awkward situations in my project, examples: 1. Actor applied a state on enemy which seals a skill. This enemy will still try to perform that skill, without any effects or animation (but apparently things in notes are still executed, such as Moghunter's battle motions) instead of picking another available skill. 2. Enemy has a state that forces them to use a skill, but they won't do it until next turn. 3. Foe has a state which allows them to use particular skills. Player uses a skill that removes that state to prevent them from doing that, but enemy still uses that skill in current turn. How do I change that, so enemies will take into account their current conditions (you know, states) before choosing which skill they use?
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