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    Bit more progress on my RTP gun edits has been made.
  2. 1 point - A0.2 - 24.05.2021 made some sounds in famitracker music is a placeholder- don't mind that, just wanted to put something, so I've put an old track I've made There's still many things that need to be improved, so yeah, don't mind their stupid AI and stuff
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    What can I say? I mean, did you really think I'd leave Knights of the Round out of my summon pantheon? #TwelveBecomeFifteen
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    Greetings Artists and Creatives, Brand new seamless texture images are waiting for you on these pages on my website: ROCK/STONE (Artistic) WOOD (Artistic) VEGETATION (Artistic) https://soundimage.org/images-home-page/ If you happen to be using my music in your projects, don’t forget about my Puzzle Music pages. You’ll find over 120 cool tracks that can be used in all kinds of things…not just puzzle games. Enjoy…and have a great weekend!
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