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    Hello content creators, game designers, and other creatives, I am here to offer original, FREE TO USE music. The music I post here is completely free to use, with attribution to Everyday Bard. Check it out on Youtube: youtube.com/channel/UCCeBAHoYQyjTSpCrpjvuHyg/playlists Or download directly on Soundcloud: soundcloud.com/lets-be-irreverent I create music DAILY for this purpose. This effort is supported by Patreon. If you use my music, please consider becoming a patron of Free-to-Use music (which can also grant you access to exclusive music). I compose in many genres: piano, orchestral, electronic, chiptune, jazz, rock, dance, etc. PATREON patreon.com/everydaybard In addition, I produce music with an electronic-minimalist band known as Rise Wander Dream. We allow our music to be used Royalty-Free in your content. Rise Wander Dream risewanderdream.bandcamp.com/releases
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    Just read some of my game codes written by myself 4 years ago, and now I don't understand them at all lol
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    When ever I see this image in my desktop wallpaper rotation I just gotta click the witch's nose and go "boop". :3
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