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    Final Fantasy Styled Battle Log v2.05 By William Couillard Introduction This script changes the default behavior and aesthetics of Window_BattleLog to resemble the way the Battle Log window would look in a Final Fantasy game. Features - 1.00: Customizable opacity for the Battle Log window. - 1.00: Define skills that will not show up in the Battle Log window (i.e. normal attacks, defending, etc.). - 1.01: Updated to include options to change the Battle Log window width and alignment. - 1.01: Updated to include option to show Actor/Enemy names prior to skill message or not. - 1:02: Bugfixes. - 1.03: Bugfixes. - 1.04: Updated to allow different windowskins for actor and enemy attacks. - 2.00: Rewrote script. Needless features removed. Icons in skill and item names showing now. Possible to use different fonts for enemy and ally skills. - 2.01: Forgot to include an overwritten method in v2.00. Updated to reflect that change (this should also stop the 'blank window' issue). - 2.02: Fixed a bug where changing the Y offset would only move the window's position, and not the skill/item icon and text. - 2.03: Fixed a bug where default battle sounds like recovery and evasion weren't playing with skills or items. - 2.04: Bugfix for default battle system, correcting an error where enemies wouldn't collapse when they die. - 2.05: Streamlined the ignored skills code to automatically omit any skills that do not contain a "use" message. Cleaned up redundant code. Screenshots How to Use Simply paste the script ABOVE Main and BELOW "Materials" section. It is a good idea to post this script BELOW any scripts which have had compatibility patches added. Compatibility This script almost completely rewrites the way Window_BattleLog functions, so it's a good idea to place this script BELOW any script which also overwrites methods from Window_BattleLog. Script Pastebin Link: http://pastebin.com/i1uXe2NN Credit and Thanks - Swish, for the idea. - Keith Brewer, for some coding help. - KilloZapIt (Kayzee), for some coding help.
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    I have been actually working on my game today! I am making wands! Wands are handy usable tool items that will be able to be used multiple times before they run out of power. Still working on them but they should have lotsa useful effects!
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    I'm glad that I know of the resource blacklist. I wish I would of known about it long ago. Even still, there's one problem; where can I find substitutions for the icons? I looked and found squat. But yeah...just me prattling on...
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    Chadzter's Random Art Shop

    I've noticed, that your thread meets the requirements, so I've moved it to approved resources as well as added to the master list. Thankies and good luck with future updates! (=
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    Arr god damn you! I've been working and deconstructing the other FF-style log script from White Flute I guess for days and now you come along and put this one up which achieved just the same effect! xD There are many ways to waste time with RPG Maker, but trying to modify scripts before someone comes along and posts a fine one is certainly one of the most aggravating ^^ so of course, don't be damned, but a big thanks instead! Edit: I only miss one thing I could easily do in the other script: Use codes like \c[14]xxx\c[0] in a skill message box which changed the color accordingly in the window. If you wanted to add this, I'd say thanks again ;D
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