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    CSCA Achievements

    CSCA Achievements By: Casper Gaming (Casper667) Last Update: July 25, 2013 Latest Version: 2.2.1 Introduction This script creates an achievement system in your game. Features -Achievements! -Can assign a reward for each achievement -Can display a progress bar for each achievement -Automatically earn achievements when progress bar gets to 100%. -Can play an SE when achievement is unlocked -Popup window when achievement is earned -Able to use custom graphic in place of achievement window(size is 248x72), image will be resized if bigger or smaller. Updates Version 1.1 - Optimized script and made more compatible. Version 1.2 - Added support for encyclopedia completion % achievements version 1.2.1: - Added score to achievements. version 1.2.2: - Fixed bug with progress not tracking items, armors, and weapons properly. - Added the ability to use different icons for each achievement. version 1.2.3: - Added support for CSCA Currency System version 1.2.4: - Fixed bug not allowing items to be a reward with currency system. version 1.3.0: - Added progress tracking for CSCA Professions' profession level. - Added progress tracking for discovered recipe's of any type in CSCA Crafting. - Added progress tracking for CSCA Gathering node and nodetype data. - Achievemwent popup windows set to 1001 Z (above Toast Manager toasts). version 2.0.0: - Complete re-write of the script. Setup is more user friendly now, and code is a lot easier to understand/more flexible making future updates MUCH easier. Should slightly improve performance as well. version 2.1.0: - Fixed bug when trying to display earned achievement with STOP_TRACK enabled. - Added progress tracking for amount of achievements earned (and total points)! Now you can earn achievements while you earn achievements! - Achievement information window now displays how many Points the achievement is worth. version 2.1.1: - Fixed bug with name_before_unlock not working. version 2.1.2: - Fixed bug with description_before_unlock not working. version 2.2.0: - Added achievements for total quests completed & specific quests completed. version 2.2.1: - Fixed bug with CSCA encyclopedia custom category achievement tracking. Screenshots How to Use Place in your materials section. Setup required. Instructions in script. Script Text file is found here(copy and paste everything into your script editor in the materials section): LINK To easily add this script to the main menu, please use the CSCA Menu Organizer: LINK Requires CSCA Core Script to work properly - Get it here! FAQ Q. How do I set achievements to true? A. To set an achievement as true, use the following script call: $game_achievements[achievement_id] = true where achievement_id would be the same number as ACHIEVEMENTS[achievement_id] Credit Casper Gaming Terms http://caspergaming.com/terms-of-use/
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