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    Thanks for the reply Natsuki. I'm not actually making a game, but a tool for making an RPG in Unity.... Essentially, RPG Maker for Unity. I've posted about the project here. Haven't updated the thread recently, but I have essentially completed the database part of the project and I'm now working on the Map Editor. I've continued testing since I made the OP and I can support up to 150 x 150, but things will get laggy. Don't know how much you know about Unity, but it uses a thing called a GameObject. Currently, every tile is it's own GameObject, so with a 150 x 150 map, that's 22, 500 GameObjects. Then on top of that, there are 4 layers, so that's 90,000 GameObjects... annnddd this is why Unity is getting laggy. The solution I have come up with, is to remove the 4 layers, and just have a single layer of GameObjects, with 4 separate sprites per GameObject, and just set their order using Unity's Sorting Layer on the SpriteRenderers. I don't feel like 150 x 150 is large enough but if I move things to a single layer, this is going to cause it's own set of problems and requires A LOT of re-writing. Still, if it requires re-writing, better do it now than later... so need to know what kind of map sizes they'd be happy with. I've attached a screenshot of the WIP on the Map Editor.
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