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    Manafinder is currently part of the #RPGMakerFestival over at Steam! Excited to be alongside other great RPG Maker games Anyway, here are a few screenshot updates! https://i.imgur.com/zcB2okq.mp4
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    So, after doing a long, deep perusal through @Eric Matyas' music collection (mainly to place what I've downloaded into more organized folders because I suck at organizing and have issues with executive functioning in general), I came across a piece that inspired me to create a new character/love interest for Ramsey, who is also a rival/nemesis type character. I've essentially increased the number of playable characters from twenty, to twenty-four; I'll have to fill the other three spots with cameos or what-have you, be something I do as I go, but I've finally found the victory BGM I wanted for character slot 20, that one evaded me for a long time. Yes, the new character also has a victory BGM; I took one of the BGM pieces from the Cosmic Music Pack and increased the tempo by sixty percent (via Audacity).
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