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    That first F12 fix is filled with problems really, and personally I don't like using DLLs if I can help it. I managed to create an almost perfect f12 fix myself: module SceneManager class << self alias run_reset_base run end def self.run begin run_reset_base rescue RGSSReset [Sprite, Plane, Window, Tilemap, Viewport].each { |cl| ObjectSpace.each_object(cl) {|obj| obj.dispose } } clear retry end end end Almost perfect because you can still screw up script loading by pressing F12 as the game loads. I coded a way to detect that but it's another thing. My advice: If you do use the dll, put the script before the default scripts so to stop F12 as scripts are loaded. Edit: Replaced script with a better one. Oh, and put it in the usual place above main.
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    Hey Folks, Another crazy-busy week, but I did manage to create a couple of new music tracks. Free as always to use with attribution. They are: On my Funny 8 page: "DOCTOR X AND HIS LABORATORY" https://soundimage.org/funny-8/ And on my Sci-Fi 11 page: "SINISTER CYBORG ACTIVITY " https://soundimage.org/sci-fi-11/ CUSTOM MUSIC Need some custom music created? Give me a shout! In the meantime, please stay safe and keep being creative. Creativity is good!
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    For the console Window it's the option under the prgram menu. Game -> show console. For the F12 reset issue, the best F12 fix is by Chainsawkitten. Here #============================================================================== # Chainsawkitten's Disable F1, Alt+Enter, F12 v1.1 #------------------------------------------------------------------------------ # Disable the use of F1, Alt+Enter and F12 by registering a hook which consumes # keypress events as well as setting the keyboard state. #============================================================================== module CskDisable # Whether to disable F1. 0 = enable, 1 = disable. DISABLE_F1 = 0 # Whether to disable F12. 0 = enable, 1 = disable. DISABLE_F12 = 1 # Whether to disable Alt+Enter. 0 = enable, 1 = disable. DISABLE_ALT_ENTER = 1 end Win32API.new("System/F1AltEnterF12", "hook", "III", "").call( CskDisable::DISABLE_F1, CskDisable::DISABLE_F12, CskDisable::DISABLE_ALT_ENTER) F1AltEnterF12.zip place the dll in the project folder\system
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