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    this is probs the closest i'll get to making an anime, at least for a while ahaha
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    Nice I always wondered if new browsers were being made. I am doing well with Opera, but it has it's glitches recently and is a bit of a memory hog. I'll look into that one. I really feel like this site needs to move to another host. The provider is obviously not worth the time to invest in continuously emailing him to return the site back to functioning status. A quick google search and there are others out there and some are free (although limited I'm sure), and methods to transfer everything is not hard to find either. No idea if the site owners would entertain this, but at this point (if it was me) I would have switched, due to the poor performance seen over the last year.
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    Just declined the renewal of the contract of the job(because I foresee that the situation will probably go from very nice to really tough soon) and ended the current one several days ago, all after working there for 2 years, and I hope that it means I'll have enough time and motivation to work on RMMZ again
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