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    What does a really stressed map do with his psychiatrist? He-vents. XD Hello everybody! I'm Waldorf, an Italian maker! I've been making games with RPG Maker for 10 years, but only recently I started approaching the English community and translating my games. I tend to focus on gameplay and eventing/programming, and I always seek new ways to make a game feel entertaining and really unique! I make games because I love sharing my stories and ideas with other users, and RPG Maker is the best tool for it! My favorite part is using the same universe as setting in my games, in some subtle (or sometimes not so subtle) ways. XD This year I joined the "Indie Game Making Contest 2022: Rebirth" with "The Respawn Banter", and I was just translating two other games I made, so I will be happy to share them! I really loved the game I made for the contest, so I was thinking about continuing it.
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