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    Hello everyone! I just wanted to share this fantastic wallpaper for the main cast of my game Rave Heart in a casual setting, if they weren't in a galactic war. Character Art generated using Leonardo A.I., photoshopped + put together by me. Hope u guys like it! ❤️ Download for original huge image: https://www.mediafire.com/file/8kzqfsvi2imgu0w/Rave+Heart+Characters+Wallpaper.png/file
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    Burn out seems to be over at last, and just in the nick of time!
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    Happy Imbloc everyone!
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    module SceneManager def self.run begin DataManager.init Audio.setup_midi if use_midi? and !@skip_midi @scene = first_scene_class.new @scene.main while @scene rescue RGSSReset @scene.terminate if @scene @skip_midi = true clear retry end end end That would be my modified version of Kayzee's code, but you could still alias SceneManager.run if you like but it's not really necessary in this case.
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    Well, in HiddenChest, just another mkxp fork, I fixed the F12 Reset bug long time ago. Here's the official repository. I know people, the repository clearly states it's for Linux. It could still be ported to Windows but you gotta be used to compilation of source code. XD By the way, it also lets you set the Game Window title (Graphics.title = "New Title").
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