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    First full blown render since mid-January! Crimson Demonium And here is the speed draw!
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    Nice! Best of luck with your strife and getting a roof over your head.
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    Me calling myself out #1 Me calling myself out #2 Alternative portraits by Pjcr.
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    Another one! This turned out much better than I expected! Warden of Eld Ashe is all riding on a comet with spellcards and chains flying around her, most likely she is in battle with one of the Children of Calamity! And of course, here's the usual Speed Draw to go with!
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    New years started out with a bang! Three high definition renders done before the first month is even halfway done! The Letter of Endings Xali being her usual evil self in this dramatic battle shot with her rushing towards the camera. The Scarlet Rager A new kitsune OC and the first one who is a villain. Her name is Xenrasa, and she is among the Children of Calamity. The First Guardian Yi Hellrider in her "Ark Stance" which turns her basically from a woman to a beast. This is when Yi is no longer holding back. And before you ask: Yes! I DO have speed draw videos for all three! Enjoy~!
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    Feel like the next Soulcatcher I'm due to draw is Kira: Maiden of Hellfire, but for now I have this... Mischevia: The Rising Hellstar And yeah she likes Boba tea. This is her at a roadside Boba tea cafe interacting either with one of her demonic pals or her next meal. I'll letchu think about it! Here's a speed draw to show my creative process.
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