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    Making a push to get Flight ready for its Demo launch! For starters, I've been working on an introduction to familiarize players with the gameplay and controls. So as seen, GarfieldGerald helps with setting up controls. Heavily recommending WASD movement purely because arrow keys + z and x is awkward. Then we go meet Fatty, who instructs us on summoning our nimbus. (aka dashing) And then we have the Story beats with the three of them. Which basically amounts to them doing an intervention for Fyori and telling her she needs to make new friends as they can't really be there for her anymore. This also is a great way of setting up the game's premise. Of course! No tutorial would be complete without a boss fight! And who better than a conjuration of Esperia born from Fyori's inner turmoil? The Esoteric Figuration Enjoy~!
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    It seems the whiteout has passed.
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    Oh it's a big topic. There's still some of the old guard forums around. My personal favourite is save-point.org, the admin there is genuinely well meaning and keeps the site popping with weekly news and various other activities. This place is good due to the general skill level of most makers being fairly average or low, so i can actually be helpful when i feel so inclined, and just flex elsewise! (THIS IS A JOKE MOSTLY OKAY HALF ANF HALF W/E LET ME HAAAVE IT!) HBgames (once rmxp.org) has gotten very dated, it has similar issues technically as this place, only PNG's linked from imgur have not been working for ages which has cut its appeal down a buttload. There's actually nothing super wrong with the MZ engine itself, its RTP- especially on release, was VERY hit and miss though. My friend Coyotecraft might have done a huge thread on it. My gripe with them is the same as yours, its very commercial or corporate nature sickens me. I kept clear of rpgmakerwebs even when it was new. The only reason I was banned from there is because i was banned from here and that was just like 'oh yeah lets ban remi from this place she never fuckin visits LMAOOO'. Jokes on them though. I've managed to be allowed back in here, twice. I joined the maker community back in late 2007, and it's been a sad state of affairs to see how far its declined. But the past is dead, the best we can do is honor the memories we had by sharing them around the campfire with those who came after so they may lead with better principles than those who came before. Either way, welcome to the forum~!
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    Thanks so much...I really appreciate it! Hi Folks, This week's new music tracks are: On my City/Urban 2 page: BREAK IN_v001_LoFi COOL MENU LOOP_LoFi https://soundimage.org/city-urban-2/ And on my City/Urban 3 page: TUNNELS UNDER METROPOLIS_LoFi https://soundimage.org/city-urban-3/ They're 100% free to use with attribution, jut like my thousands of other tracks. Anyone need some custom music created? Hit me up! https://soundimage.org/custom-work/ In the meantime, stay safe and keep creating awesome stuff! 🙂
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    "Perfect Bitch" Love it, lolz 🤭
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    Most audio editors use a buggy MP3 encoder (there's three of them and only one is lossless-it's also resource heavy), so there's the true issue, but also, there's the fact that most audio encoders don't encode sample-perfect (more of an FFMpeg problem unless encoding to uncompressed formats). I've heard before that those who wish to not have this issue, have beginning and ending silence in the audio file. Obviously, with the commonly used MP3 encoder, this forces a shite loop with the silence present. This can happen using any encoder. It was a common issue for XA encoders too (deprecated long by now). Ogg Vorbis is good at being lossless, but FLAC is better at it. Uncompressed files tend to be. DLLs and CABs have high compression ratios on them too. ... Getting off-topic here. ... Keep plugging away; your music is fantastic.