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    The lack of features of the game maker is the reason why RPG maker is relatively cheap~ :3 Not everyone will agree on what features are to be implemented, some enjoy simple while other enjoy complex~ Some like FBS while others enjoy SBS. Anyway the whole point is, the way the maker is designed is meant to serve as a base where you can add anything without complications. If you add stuff like the Luna Menu, then scripters will have to deal with methods that might be incompatible for example. Remember everyone have different tastes in game making so that's the reason there are multiple scripts out there~ There are some decent tutorials on scripting on Youtube and some external references about scripting in this forum or others for example, I'm sorry they don't give instant results but it's best to learn one thing at a time. Scripting is not exactly an easy thing to do~
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    Nope, this is all done by common events using pictures, including the text~ :3 Sadly, Galv's Bust or something similar does have a little side effect with pushing the text too far to the side if your bust is too big~ xD So I kind of fiddled my way into finding a better visual for it. It's tedious but it achieves the results I was looking for~ ^-^ Maybe I'll show a tutorial on how to do this with common events~ :3
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    You know, this strikes me as the type of thing that really really depends on the exact situation and people involved, but then again most social things do. But still, my own opinion on the subject is thus: Ultimately I feel parents should act as a support, a place to turn to when you need advice or information, not a ruler passing down unbreakable laws from on high. I kinda instinctively dislike people doing something "for someone's own good", because most of the time it's really not and the rest of the time it's really hard to tell if it's really necessary or ultimately beneficial. Just telling you what to do or what not to do makes them seem no better then tyrants, trying to control your life for their own ends, even if they don't mean it that way. And parents aren't always right either. Lots of people tend get stuck in their ways and their self-created delusions about how the world works, passing on beliefs they got form their parents or events in their life without questioning them or understanding them. Each new generation I feel, is a new chance to relearn and reexamine old ideas and develop new ones independent of the dogma that the previous one took for granted. One of the great sins of society I feel, is how we treat children. Pushing them and making demands on them, trying to mold them to follow their parent's personal ideals, lying to them and covering up how the world is so they never learn how to deal with things... all these things and more are done every day, and no one comments on it. No one thinks it's even a little wrong that everyday children are left in the hands of barely mentally stable delusional people and indoctrinated into their beliefs instead of letting them grow and learn on their own? Though saying all that, there are lots of mediating factors. Not the least of which is the unfortunate fact that people, especially kids, can be pretty dumb. Let's face it, while some people just need to be told that a pot is hot to know not to touch it, some people are never going to learn until they get burned. Parents can't always afford to wait for a kid to understand the problem, and sometimes they can't even find a good way to explain the problem to them. Not all parents know how to teach, and not all kids know how to learn. So sometimes parents feel they need to resort to just making hard rules and enforcing them. Also it should be noted, that when parents become parents, they give up a heck of a lot of control of their life and gain a heck of a lot of responsibility. Now you could say they should have known what they were getting into, and I mostly agree, but sometimes they just feel they need to make a lot of rules or poke into their kid's business just for their own piece of mind. For example, sure not being able to go over to see a friend without permission is annoying, but the parent has the responsibility if something goes wrong and it's sometimes easier for them just to limit you and make sure even if you know nothing will happen. And just remember, most parents really don't have a clue what they are actually doing. They follow their gut feelings or what they remember their parents did to raise them. As much as people say other people have no right to judge others as a parent, I think they kinda do. If everyone was raised by identical robotic nannies with superhuman AI instead of being handed over to someone who's only claim to being a good parent is happening to share the kids DNA, we might not have anywhere near the same problems we have in the world. But we just will have to make due I guess. (Despite saying all this, I want to say I really do love my parents very much and never had anything near the amount of problems with them other people have. But I still stand by my statement.)
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    Geez, why are people so bent over backwards about all this dating stuff? As far as I am concerned there is one and only one rule in love: Be honest. Tell people up front about what you are doing and why. Everything else is details to be worked out between individuals. Is that really so hard? Heck, why does it always even have to be "dating" as such anyway? Can't you just go out and have some fun with someone for a while? Why do people have to take this crap so seriously all the time? If you want to get to know a person, well, get to know them. Don't worry about "dating". Just be honest and upfront about what you want, and if they don't like it, don't try to string them along. That said, "don't date anyone unless you plan to marry them"? Really? You are really going to say that an outdated formal contract is the only kind of love worth chasing? That people should just bind themselves legally and settle down into a nice normal family unit? Is that what love is to you? Okay sorry, that isn't fair I know, but there are so many people who are in love who I have met with no interest in that kind of thing. Though I guess being willing to go that far doesn't mean you actually have to. I have said before my view of love, it's not a magical ticket to a perfect life with the perfect person of your dreams. You have to work at it. I can understand where the idea of "children's love" comes from, of course. But news flash: Adults rarely know any better either. So you are a child. So what? Fall in love! Make mistakes! Learn! Then do it again better! It may, probably will, be painful. Mother's don't want their children to get hurt I know. But sometimes it hurts worse to try and save them the pain. Of course this is all coming from a person who hasn't really had a date in their entire life, so feel free to disregard my crap. :3
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    I'll be happy to show you my secret plans to get this if you're really up for it~ :3
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    Took the words straight from me. Hime is a pretty kind scripter ^~^ Hime helped me with a script once and we talked about it for a little and next thing I know Hime has gone and made a script to do what I needed. It made me smile ^~^ Theo is a really nice scripter! He helps me with his scripts a lot and he is great to work with too! DrDhoom...now this man, this man is so damn nice to me I could kiss him! One of my first friends on this forum and I love him like a dad...or an older brother. He in no way applies to this blog post because he is a really generous and kind person. ^~^ Hehe I miss him o.o I think I'll message him after this and say hello. Galv! Galv I haven't worked with but know that he's really nice, although busy, still nice and has helped many users and doesn't think he's god. Cael is a scripter I am pretty sure and she has helped around a bit but I've never seen her to act as a goddess. Kilo, Kilo is a scripter and I can talk to him in normal chat like he's just the same as me. So yeah! There are a heap of people that aren't as you described but I do know Victor who is a very rude man. He probably just needs tummy rubs but I'm not game enough to do it. I wonder if he strokes his cat. hehe do you think he's like that mwuahhahahah guy? idk that'd be pretty funny. ^~^
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    Victor Sant in a nutshell. I agree with everything above.
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    I have met all manner of people who hurt for all manner of reasons. Those who hurt the least are often the most ignorant, and the last people who need to be saying something negative to someone else. If someone's life sucks so much that they have to pretend to have a girlfriend.....unless you're a mental health professional, a role model, or someone who plans on doing or saying something positive to him.....don't say anything. Are you pretending to have a girlfriend? Because if you aren't, you now have enough reason to believe you're doing better than the person who is. They aren't doing it because they're a dick, and they aren't doing it because they want to play a trick on you. We should all be very careful about giving ourselves credit for our resilience, because many of us didn't do things to get that way, we were raised or given at least a fighting chance to be that way. Or were just flat out born that way. I have never met a single useful, mature human being who would respond negatively to someone in a situation like that. Dumb people are often juuuuust intelligent enough to notice something like that is happening. Like, oh, something isn't ok with this person, or I think this other person has a problem.... That's step 1. Noticing it. Now, in my personal opinion, this is where the morons basically stop. They'll say something negative toward the person or insult them (because kicking people when they're down is all most people will ever do, and if you notice...they only seem to take an interest in people having a rough time) A person with some semblance of intelligence can easily see that the problem is much deeper, that you're seeing a symptom, and anything that you're able to perceive easily about a person is almost always secondary to something you aren't seeing. One final piece of advice... If someone thinks a person is depressed, or sad... making it worse isn't a solution. That's just someone's nasty little heart and lack of real-world problems talking for them. And watch out, because not too many people are gonna feel bad about someone getting hammered because they kicked someone who was down.
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    I'd tell him: dude, don't lie, just be yourself. There's no reason to pretend you have a Girlfriend. You are cool on your own, and you should just be yourself. Lying is not a good thing for anybody here.
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    Okay...here goes. I am a horny, horny little monkey. It is what it is. Thankfully, I have a wife, but I was really super desperate once I entered college. It was a mess. Didn't date in high school because no one interested me, wanted to date everyone in college because omg boobz. Just...absolutely terrible. I'll tackle the friendzone first. It doesn't exist...but there's a perception it exists because obviously something has to exist to handle rejection. No, I'm not saying rejection is fun, but I'm also not saying it will never happen. I was rejected a lot, but some of it was my approach and how obviously desperate I was. When I first got to college, I was 170 lbs. and 6'2", which is still better than when I was wrestling at 95 lbs. and the same height, but I digress. My problem is I was so utterly socially awkward that literally THE moment a girl started talking to me, I would contemplate a way to ask her out and wait until we were a few minutes into the conversation, then suddenly just spring it on her like she'd won something. It didn't work. However, since I was also terrible at making friends, I also didn't develop any real female friends for quite a while, too. Here's where the trade-off comes into play. The female friends I DID develop were usually coworkers, so I wouldn't ask them out, even if I really wanted to. What was funny was often I would miss out on opportunities that THEY COULD HAVE SET ME UP WITH because I wasn't actively asking people out apparently right in front of them. It really is a tricky beast. I ended up getting really lucky, but then again, I also don't think I'd have much of a problem finding someone now were the situation different, mostly because of my confidence. Most girls do want a relationship, but they value the relationship. Most guys want sex. That's not to say that girls don't want sex, they just have different priorities (usually). That's why girls often value friends more than they do just someone they can grind on whenever...even though that's what a lot of guys want. It's a conflict of interest where you have to somehow meet in the middle. The easiest thing for me back in the day was to reach out to girls in chat rooms and get steamy conversations going on. To a degree you can still do that, but most women catch on pretty quick if you're just in it for the one reason. This is why you have to present the whole package... - Show confidence regardless of what you look like. You can't just act confident, either. If you don't believe in yourself, nobody else will either. - Don't be disappointed in their response. The fun part about having a really cute friend is 1) she probably has really cute friends and 2) you can always check her out when she isn't looking. In many cases, you can carry on a purely platonic relationship where she knows you totally want her, but doesn't care, not out of hate or spite or whatever, just out of not being interested. - Work at it and branch out. Sometimes talking to girls online really is the best resource because, oh hey, you get enough time to type up what you really want to say and say it rather than hesitating. You also say it right, which is important. Branching out is important because you literally never know. I had a girl drive all the way up from GEORGIA to meet me here in Ohio for spring break in early 2001. Yeah, that was a fun week. The bottom line is you never really know what you're capable of unless you push yourself and that's true for anything in life. The friendzone is an easily perceived and often quoted place. Problem is you never really realize this until you're finally outside that mindset and often in a relationship yourself.
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    Whoever would be guiding it is doing a piss-poor job of it. I want to speak with the manager.
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    Well male nipples can be pretty sexual too actually, and woman can sure look at a muscular male chest as a sex object too. Heck even bare feet can be sexual objects... they do contain a lot of nice sensitive nerve endings. You ever tried getting your feet rubbed or licked? It feels nice. <3 I mean just because liking a woman's breasts is a very common fetish doesn't mean it's not a fetish. If a pervert goes to the beach to check out and leer at woman's bare feet (and don't think for a second people don't) that is the pervert being a pervert, but a pervert going out and leering at a woman's bare breasts in a setting where it is normal for a woman to expose them is the woman's fault now? Not to mention how it's okay to have clothing that leaves the top of the breast and the cleavage uncovered and that's fine but uncovering the nipples is a no-no? To me this is just about silly social taboos and really doesn't matter much. Just let woman be topless if they want to be, not many of them are going to anyway and is it really hurting you any? Though heck, I would be okay with public nudity too I guess. If everyone did it, it would just be normal and no one would bat an eyelash. People are not hardwired machines that can'[t help but sexualize everything at the drop of a hat, it's a situational thing, and has a lot to do with social norms, customs, personal preference, and the situation at hand. As much as I am a fan of harmless perversion, if you really feel you can't control yourself or deal with it a think that is an indication of a real problem. There is plenty of harmless smut online so that you don't have to become obsessed with doing something harmful to other human beings. Liking something does not mean being exposed to it should automatically make you a monster. But the reverse is true too of course, people shouldn't assume that just because they think something is sexy automatically makes them a predator. That it's okay for someone to like something and that doesn't mean they are a bad person. I guess that's about my feelings on the subject. It's probably more complicated then I make it out to be sure, but I think if we want to live in a mature and enlightened society this is the way we will get there.
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    That's a thing? People actually do that? Has the human race really fallen that far? Ok, I give up on humanity, all humans who practice this can go screw a cactus. Goodbye.
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    You have a terrible habit of reading things where I haven't wrote them; where do I say that I condone the actions of the police in that video? Clearly, I discuss the police as an establishment in my post, and, as said, there are consequences for police who act incorrectly (just repeating 'shame no-one persecutes the cops', without evidence to support your claim, is both inane and inaccurate). I'd also like to point out, you say the neighbours called the cops, yet you put all the blame on the police. If it was just some drive-by on the cops part I'd be more inclined to agree with you, but, again, it sounds like they were just following orders. When people are saying you need a reality check they are in no way suggesting you're too moral act intelligently ('my heart is too big' or whatever), in fact its quite the reverse; you have a child's understanding of morality, where people are good or people are bad. People are people, and they're damn near all plagued by some unfortunate circumstance or another. And when you get out of your parent's house, get a job, and have a few people that you yourself are responsible for, then you'll see that 'society' is greatly illusionary and that it is still a dog-eat-dog world. Also, the whole gun in crowded area thing was just an example; but what I wrote earlier still applies. You have to remember that most of the police's day-to-day dutes are 'keeping the (so-called) peace'; in turn this means intervening in domestic disputes, quieting the drunk, because they are disturbing the neighbours, interrupting a drug deal, because its a drug deal. They can't be waiting for a court order for these flash in the pan, and largely trivial, occurences, regardless of if these things take place behind closed doors. However, what they cant do is harass someone for being x ethnicity in a 'nice neighbourhood', nor can they go "Well, he's x ethnciity, so he must have stolen that car". That kinda stuff is what costs them jobs, and they would probly only risk it if their higher-ups are breathng down their necks for 'accomplishing nothing' (ie. no arrests) for the last three months or whatever, meaning they are likely to lose their jobs anyway. So I reiterate, don't hate the player, hate the game.
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    "Which would you rather be chased by"? Sadly, there's no option for HOW ABOUT NONE OF THEM. Seriously, these all sound real scary. For some reason, I imagined all of these monsters like they were in Doom 2.
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    Absolutely awesome beyond belief - I love everything you do and it kinda makes me sad to think this might be some of the last of it. But of course though, we don't need to see the tech-knight's face, it's all the better the way it is.
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    Although i'm new to this community, it's sad to see an older member, who has contributed so much to the community, leave. I hope you're wrong about your predictions and that you're gonna be able to return, when the time comes. I'm sure many members will agree with that. Although i did not had the chance to know you better, i wish you the best for your future plans. Personally, i would be glad to see anything from you that comes as a 'freebie' to be released, but i cannot help it to be drawn more to SciFi themes. Anyway, good luck to you Spectre!
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    These are some good tips! Hope you don't mind if I add on to a few of them. Falling asleep is a great time to think about stories - that's when I get some of my best ideas. Another ideal time to think it over is while exercising, be it walking, going to the gym, or any other kind of physical activity. When we exercise, blood flow to the brain increases and the hippocampus becomes more active, so our brains get a boost! The type of music you listen to may also depend on what kind of scene you're trying to write. Listening to sad music could get you in the mood to write a sad scene, for example. It's best to select music without any words, though, so they lyrics don't distract you - that's another reason why classical is a good choice. Relaxing after you've written a first draft is a great idea not only because it's healthy for you, but also because it'll be easier to catch mistakes upon revision. When you've been staring at the same document for hours on end, your brain starts to "fill in the blanks" for you. You may think that what you've written sounds perfect, when it's actually confusing, repetitive, or full of typos. By putting your draft away for a few days and then coming back to it with fresh eyes, it's easier to spot errors. I'm looking forward to your tips for the social writer.
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    Mmm, there are elitists everywhere for everything though, and that includes spriters, mappers, composers, etc. Shucks, probly eventers too. Some people are arrogant, some people aren't. Some people are just misinterpreted as such. Either way, it won't matter so much in five minutes. I'm kind of inclined to agree with you to some capacity; while it is often harder to gain as good a result from an event as a script with enough work you can achieve a reasonable facsimile. But, while that dedication is admirable, should you really be congratulated for banging your head against the wall for longer and harder? As you've said scripters aren't some form of transcended being or higher evolutionary....so there's no reason you, as a fellow human, can't learn to script.
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    Aww, don't feel bad, hun! Believe me, just yesterday I felt like the biggest jerk on the planet for how I treated my friend. (Long story, won't post it here, but...yeah.) I think it happens to us all at a point. Friends will be there while you're learning, and that can create the circumstances that make or break relationships. The fact that you've even posted something like this says a lot; you've confirmed the #1 question that's the most difficult to answer over the Internet; the fact that you care about what you've done. When things happen online, it's hard to believe that the person who writes them give two cents about you; it's hard to believe they're red-blooded, because it's so easy to type a faceless reply and be done with it. But it's only when the writer acts as if it does't bother them that the doors begin to close for good. I mean, if someone hurts you and never, ever apologies, you take it as a sign they really don't care. Real life or otherwise. So I think you're a sweetie for stopping to acknowledge any faults at all; and you're brave for posting it. I'm sure you're a great friend, and I think you're well on your way to being a better one.
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    Thanks TheoAllen, I put a lot of effort into it. Will be released soon, available for everyone! BTW: Your combat system is a blast!
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    Um... no. Never, actually. FPSs and RPGs fulfill totally different needs. FPSs are all about finesse and competition. People like the thrill of winning, and honestly, RPGs probably won't ever be able to replicate that feeling. After all, winning against a random number generator is nowhere near as satisfying as winning against an actual human. FPSs also usually have a co-op element to them, which happily invites people like me who love having fun with their bros. RPGs, however, fill a need for immersion and/or progression. Everybody loses from time to time in FPSs. You can learn to play better, but then, so can your opponents. In RPGs, it's always the same systems, and the same familiar paths you're taking with few differences between playthroughs. The only real difference is the player's skill and understanding of the game's mechanics. RPGs also do things that FPSs can't do anywhere near as well, and that's storytelling and character development. RPGs are much more character and story focused than FPSs, which are almost entirely action focused. Both Western and Eastern style RPGs fill these needs just fine. Ultimately, it's not a matter of "Will one thing prevail over another thing?", because they both perform different roles in the gaming community. And yes, I watched the heck outta some Power Rangers. That was my jam, dawg.
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    I question how well an organization that has to remain secret can practically effect the real world though. If you start seeing Illuminati agents at every street corner, it's no longer a secret. If they remain practically invisible, no one has any reason to pay any attention or care about their ideas and goals. Either they guide everyone to do what they are already doing anyway, in which case they do nothing, or they try and guide people to do what they don't want to do but can't show themselves to visibly threaten or coerce them, in which case they don't end up really doing anything either. There might be a number of groups that THINK they are doing this at least, but they become, to quote dues ex, "A bunch of pretentious old men playing at running the world. But the world left them behind long ago." Freemasons for example, everyone thought they were a sinister organization bent on taking over the world, but really even at their worst periods they were more like what the Church of Scientology is today. Dangerous? Sure, maybe. Has a lot of influence? In some places. Actually capable of meaningful large scale political influence in secret? Heck no. The moment they tried to get away with something sinister the entire contrary knew instantly what they were up to and the backlash hit them so hard they never gained that level of control ever again, nor even want to anymore. And this was way before the Internet or any modern communication technology. As for non-human forces? They would run into the same problem. Even if they could directly control some human's thoughts, mind control at the scale we are talking about would be pretty noticeable wouldn't it? And what would be the point off doing it that way? The best way would probably be to just come in the open and show themselves as gods or beings beyond human understanding and start a religion around it and let humans worship them. If they are clever they might hide and demand their followers have "faith" sure, but then people would just have more reason to disregard the teachings and do their own thing. Anyway those religious organizations aren't exactly secret are they? They obviously want to control everyone, and despite trying so hard they haven't ended up taken over the world. No, this might be a threat for small communities or even individual nations, but not the world as a whole. Humanity is too chaotic and individualized to be taken over completely and controlled. And what use is a shadowy conspiracy if it simply doesn't effect you?
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    I've been tested once before, broke up then and there. Felt like my heart was being toyed with, It was....an unpleasant feeling. Just ask your partner directly, don't take the long way around. It'll hurt their feelings, and depending on the person, it will hurt a lot.
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    Lol, Kotorius xD Eh? What is this about me...? xD But it's true, I'm a real softy~ ^-^ It's not in my nature to yell or be rude at people. I tell you my honesty, but with a little love tap ahaha~ xDThe love tap is real xD