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    Hehe I know, but I thought it was amusing anyway. One might say even memories can be erased/rewritten/forgotten as well. Some might even argue that writing something down makes something more real then just being in someone's head, because that way you have a paper trail. Isn't that the whole point of legal identity, to have a paper trail? Isn't that why you are supposed to keep a little piece of paper someone wrote for you when you were born somewhere as safe and secure as possible? Sure it's silly that a little bit of paper is needed to say that you are you, but really no more silly then anything else you could use to prove you are who you say you are. Perhaps the most foolproof method is blood, but of course you are not even using your original body are you? Also: As for what makes a hashtag fake, I do have an answer: A real hashtag is a feature of a site where something starting with # will turn into a link you can click that lets you search through messages that use the same tag. This site not do this, therefore it's a fake hashtag. But okay, maybe you can just say a hashtag is any bit of text that can be searched like a hashtag. However if you paste #LegalIdentityIsSuperficial into google the only results are from this very page. Therefore it's also completely pointless as a search term and therefore also a fake hashtag. QED.
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    You know, I read this before, but only just now do I notice you are using ana-kata as a pronoun. Sounds a bit like using left-right or up-down as a pronoun... which actually I guess makes as much sense as any gendered pronoun so... Also, you know if you don't like your legal identity you can usually change it? Also also, controversial opinion time: If you ask me all identity is superficial anyway. A person is too complex a thing to be summed up by a name and a pronoun. Also also also: Ugh why do you have to use fake hashtags? Then again why do I have to use so many alsos?
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    I didn't really mean to say it did, just that it's a word that doesn't really have much bite too it in my opinion.
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    When someone calls you a brat, they're more than likely bringing attention to qualities such as ignorant, headstrong, selfish, or the practice of unwittingly destructive behavior. It's not really something used to describe rebellious nature.
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