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    Verdiløs Games

    Stranded in Space

    Stranded in Space is one of the games I'm making. I like to describe it as a story-based survival game. The goal of the game is to travel from planet to planet, ship to ship, station to station and survive in space with a minimal crew. Each location brings new surprises and adds to the story that keeps the crew going through the galaxy in hopes of finding someplace hospitable to live out the rest of their days. The premise is that a deadly virus spread across a colony ship. The ship's android managed to save two members of the population from faulty cryostasis pods by repairing them before the people within froze to death. Years later, after the virus finally died off, they decide to awaken the two people. Soon after, the ship is boarded by a crew of space pirates who abandon their leader and take off. Together, the four must survive and find somewhere to live. The game's main characters are as follows: NAME: RAI5 (Robotic Artificial Intelligence #5) POSITION: Technician SPECIES: Android PLACE OF ORIGIN: Jupiter GENDER: Agender (Feminine) PRONOUNS: They/them, she/her MENTAL HEALTH STATUS: Codependent, afraid of being alone FAVOURITE COLOUR: Red FAVOURITE ANIMAL: Solar phoenix FAVOURITE MUSIC GENRE: Ska FAVOURITE PLACE: Their personal quarters FAVOURITE ACTIVITY: Fixing things BIGGEST ASPIRATIONS: To see the universe, to befriend what's left of the crew NAME: Theodore "Teddy" Atkins POSITION: Chef SPECIES: Human PLACE OF ORIGIN: Earth GENDER: Male PRONOUNS: He/him MENTAL HEALTH STATUS: Autistic FAVOURITE COLOUR: Blue FAVOURITE ANIMAL: Cat FAVOURITE MUSIC GENRE: Rock FAVOURITE PLACE: Any kitchen FAVOURITE ACTIVITY: Cooking BIGGEST ASPIRATIONS: To learn every recipe in the galaxy NAME: Henrietta "Henri" Newman POSITION: Botanist SPECIES: Human PLACE OF ORIGIN: Earth GENDER: Female PRONOUNS: She/her MENTAL HEALTH STATUS: Anxiety FAVOURITE COLOUR: Purple FAVOURITE ANIMAL: Mouse FAVOURITE MUSIC GENRE: Electronica FAVOURITE PLACE: Gardens FAVOURITE ACTIVITY: Reading BIGGEST ASPIRATIONS: To have a nice house with a garden and a gazebo NAME: Vanity of He'El, House of Lero POSITION: Flight Officer, Space Pirate SPECIES: He'Elean PLACE OF ORIGIN: He'El GENDER: None, as PRONOUNS: Nov/novs MENTAL HEALTH STATUS: Codependent FAVOURITE COLOUR: Pink FAVOURITE ANIMAL: He'Elean faedeer FAVOURITE MUSIC GENRE: Rock FAVOURITE PLACE: Anywhere nova friends are FAVOURITE ACTIVITY: Dancing BIGGEST ASPIRATIONS: To become a well-loved person
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    THE STRANGEST THING HAPPENED LAST NIGHT... I have a window by my computer that I look out occasionally. I was working late last night, as you do, trying to get a few things done. At around 3 AM, I hear a strange noise outside it. Out of curiosity, I looked outside. There wasn’t anything out there, but the power flickered. I frantically tried to get my document back up, and as I got it back, I head the sound again. I looked out again. Still nothing. I went back to working. It was probably just some animal, after all. Those are common here, after all. A few minutes later, the noises got louder. A strange, scratching noise just outside the window. I sighed, and I looked out the window again. I saw a shadow quickly dart past the window the second I saw it. It was roughly the size of your average man, but it moved too fast for me to tell just what it was… At that point, or any point after. I couldn’t shake an uneasy feeling as I got back to my document, but I tried my best to ignore it. It was late, and I just wanted to finish this so I could go to bed and rest easy, knowing my work was done. A few minutes later, the noise came back at another window. I ignored it, and the noise kept going. The longer I left it, the louder it got until I had no choice but to go see what was making it. I saw the shadow dart past again. Soon, it was just outside the front of my house. Before I continue, I should mention that I live in a town with surrounding wooded areas. Most of the people here are hunters. Deer, birds, rabbits, fish, you name it. Birds, rabbits and even deer come into town all the time. I’ve seen and heard them. I’ve heard people complain about the deer and the rabbits eating their gardens. I looked out the window and saw what looked vaguely like a human figure, and what looked like what might be a deer, standing side by side. As my eyes adjusted and the two figures got closer to my window, I realized that those weren’t a deer and a human. His fingers were too long, his eyes were too big, and black like endless wells that burrowed deep into my soul and tickled my worst fears. His too wide mouth was curved into a horrifying grin of sharp teeth, and as he came closer, touching the window, he licked it with his long, thin tongue that was way too long to be in any human mouth. The thing that definitely wasn’t a deer… Anymore… was staring at me with soulless red eyes. Fur had been ripped off of it in patches… And no deer’s legs bent like that. I close my curtain and ran upstairs, grabbing my phone to call the police. I dialled, but nobody answered the phone. I didn’t hear the noises for the rest of the night, and I didn’t sleep at all. Today, I went into town. The conversations weren’t about the weather. They weren’t about gardens or what had been eating them. They were about missing pets, missing cows, missing horses, cats, dogs… And strange noises in the middle of the night.