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    Example HUD created using Pictures and Common Events. The HUD BACKGROUND is ONE Image. The SLIDERS make up THREE different Images. The HUD FOREGROUND is ONE Image. I realize, there is a Tutorial already written about creating a HUD using Common Events. It's a fantastic Tutorial that gives you a general idea of what you need to do, but it uses too many images and would only work if your Player took damage in multiples of 10s. I wanted a simple way to display actual percentage values instead of set numbers. As such, this Tutorial was born. CONCLUSION You can use the same process described in the [HUD] Common Event to create a Slider for MP or even EXP. The possibilities are endless. You can even use Pictures to show numerical values of HP, MP, EXP, etc (as shown in the Example Image at the start of this Tutorial) This will require a lot more planning and a little more work, but it can be done. There are more advanced ways to display this data using a Script, but that's a Tutorial for another time. With a little patience, you can easily create your own HUD designed specifically for your Game.
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    Vectra's bag of feelings I want all my friends to know that I love you all. On this forum, I can be very immature without being judged. I look forward to this forum everyday. I feel accepted and understood. Even on my roughest days, you guys make me smile. You guys make my most stressful days, stress-less. Love you all and don't you forget it. Here's two sayings I've made... "To deny feelings is to deny existence; to deny existence is to deny life. If you deny life, why are you living" - Vectra "A person with no feelings is like sand with no rocks. What is sand with no rocks? What is a person with no feelings?" - Vectra "Don't trap all your feelings in a box. They will rebel and escape. When that happens, it'll hurt in the long run." - Vectra Had to break this saying up so it's easier to follow "No light means no darkness. No darkness means no light. Behind light, there is a shadow. To make a shadow, you need light. You can't have good memories with no bad memories. If bad memories didn't exist, what would define good? That is like feelings. If bad feelings didn't exist, how would people know what's good if it has no opposite? Some say we can learn it. Some say we can find it. How can a word exist when it has no opposite to give it meaning?" - Vectra
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    Welcome, Welcome everyone to my little diary~! ^-^ Now what is this little new entry about? Well for those who know, I had a blog earlier about some little features I was going to have for the Touhou Project. But thing is, everything there was really outdated (since I was constantly changing my style and certain things). and let's be honest, nobody likes information in the past right? So to put everyone's mind at rest; I deleted the blog, and right now I'm willing to start things fresh~ with this new little diary of every Touhou adventure I've come through~ xD Now enough about that and let's get to the page 1 of my diary shall we? Let's start with a little music to get into the mood~ (Trust me it's better with music on~!! xD) I joined this forum on the very late days of Feb 2014, and at that point I had nothing to give but my sense of me lurking around~ xD I bought RPG Maker VX Ace on Steam a very few weeks before I joined the forums and at that time, I had no idea how to use the game editor in my life, yup my very very first time... :c Close to the days of March to April, I started to show my little self around the forums a bit, but still not keen on what was I was going to expect~ :3 Trust me, what I am today is not what I was a year ago hehehe~ xD I was completely clueless as to what RPG Maker was. The only thing I did at that time was getting to know the experts and people I meet everyday~ :3 About close to the start of Spring... I delve myself into getting to know the game editor... and it's people. At that point I didn't have an idea of whether I wanted to show a game out to the whole audience I was aiming for, so very much it was just me experimenting everything alone... :c At that time I was introduce to a whole bunch of resources RPG Maker had to offer... Tilesets, Scripts, Audio and Music, etc. That point I started to learn bit by bit what each are capable of, but I was still not ready to showcase anything~ xD Close to the summer time, I decided to start my new project with the gathering but still pending knowledge I picked up from the forums and other tutorials alike, and of course; this was the start of the Touhou fanmade project~ yaaaaaaay~ ^-^ However, at that time I still was learning new things everyday and everything was so ummm... basic back then~ xD Trust me you guys, The Touhou project did not look anything I have right now. In fact I still have screenies of the very earliest stages of the Touhou Project. and to be honest, I have no shame in showing it to you guys since it was me just fooling around with RPG Maker while I created the Touhou project~ :3 I'll post them at the end of this entry. Anyway, August 20, 2014 was the day I showed my little project from what I've learned so far, and with the many positive reviews I had, I was really keen on releasing the demo earlier on. But at that time as well I was exploring around the forums and other sister forums, just to get me comfortable with what I'm dealing with. But as I was reading and studying, I realize there were so many other awesome projects around and not to mention the audience I was looking at too~ There were articles that talk about the things in RPG Maker you have to be careful about... and that point, something sparked and clicked in my mind. Whenever I look at other works, a flow of inspiration comes into me and I'm like "I can do something so much better right now!!" So around December to the present is the days I revamp my project into something more colourful than what it was at the day I officially showcased it~ ^-^ So I made a bunch of excuses saying I'm going to delay my project and the demo for whatever reasons, but it was me saying "I'm going to do better guys, so I hope you'll wait~ :3" and here we go~! I decided to get my hands on the more advance stuff like designing and parallax mapping (which I was grateful I did~) I'll post screenies of what my project is now. Compare both the outdated and the future screenies and you'll notice that I've come a long way~! xD Like a reeeaaaallly long way~ Anywho, that is very much my timeline of events from the beginning to what I am now~ This is more than just a project right now and I'm determined to get a first great demo out there for everyone enjoy, even though it's just a fanmade Touhou project. The workload is huge but I'm willing to get the impossible into possible! Alrighty, here are the screenies for the oudated alpha, I warn you that they are nothing like today~ xD So be careful!!! and now to what it is today~ hehehe~ ^-^ So that's it for this entry~! This was very much shows how much inspiration can do to people like me, maybe not a lot but at least some right? I've come a long way so I'm not going to stop there. I hope to get a great demo out there and if not, oh well at least I tried.. :3 Next entry will talk about the things you'll expect in the demo, So be ready for that and I'll see you in the next entry~ (^-~)
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    I am SO sick of encountering people who think "Derp dee dur! Rpg Maker looks simple! I'mma make a GREAT game and make a ton of money with minimal work! News flash! It doesn't work that way. Trust me, I wish it did but it doesn't! I have encountered several people who thought of Rpg Maker as a "Get Rich Quick Scheme" and thought that they were going to make the BEST game that they will EVER make, first time around and make tons of money off of it. Then, when they realize that Rpg Maker still requires a decent amount of WORK, they whine, cry, throw a fit, slip into a depressive state and give up. This is the issue with this generation! Too many tit in mouth, hand fed children who are used to getting everything the easy way! Its the same thing for people who want original resources for their games. I understand that many people are making non-commercial games and can't afford to pay for resources. I completely understand that and I also understand that many of these people have every right to request things for free on here, because this is a great community and we help each other out as much as we can (to an extent.) But if you're working on a commercial game, which means that YOU will be making money off of it in the end, why the hell should your resource creators give you things for free!? Its a "This for That" situation in the world of business. That's just the way it is. That's why its called BUSINESS and not SHARING. So ok, you decide that you're willing to pay for resources but you're cutting costs as much as you can because either 01: you can't afford it or 02: you're cheap as all hell! I can understand the first but You can't expect artists, who devote literally hours of time to a single piece of art or a scripter who devotes hours to writing lines of code, to practically GIVE their work away to you! If you want a good budget game, then have a good budget. That's what things like Kickstarter and Indiegogo are for! In the end, accept the fact that life is difficult and I don't mean that in a pessimistic way, its just the truth. If you want to achieve ANYTHING in this world then you're going to have to WORK for it. You aren't good at whatever it is that you want to do or be? Then there's a little thing called PRACTICE. Imagine if everyone in this world just sat down and quit every time life threw them a curve ball or their profession was too hard for them to achieve. NOTHING WOULD EXIST. We'd still be bashing rocks against each other in hopes of making fire! What I'm trying to say is that Game Design is a HARD JOB. It doesn't matter if you're using Unity, Blender, Game Maker or Rpg Maker. Game Design is HARD and TIME CONSUMING and requires SKILL. Now stop bitching and go make something of yourself. You whiny, lazy little tuat!
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    I decided to release a small demo/base/thing for my modifications of Saba Kan's random dungeon scripts. Attached here is a very striped down demo, but hopefully some people will find it useful as a base or something. dungeondemo.zip Included are seven different maps that hopefully show off some examples of different types of levels. Look in the map properties notes for some of the different options. There is only one type of enemy and a dummy chest item for examples in each map for now, and some maps have traps. There are things I wrote that I didn't include here like dungeon enemy level scaling and randomly choosing items for the chest just to simplify stuff. (Made some basic documentation here.) Edit: Updated to make traps work right, and added the blank tileset for dummy map. Edit 2: Few more bugs due to left over code fixed. Edit 3: Added code to randomize rect devision more, and to subdevide blocks more. Updated the sample dungeons to reflect this (mostly Dark Place, it's insanly cramped and maze like now). Also traps shouldn't spawn on top of other traps anymore, and the entity placement may be faster. Edit 4: Fixed a big bug related to room lights not being disposed and makeing games not save right. Edit 5: Added code to make paths across map edges for wraping maps. Edit 6: Small fix for using this with the new version of my Cache Back script. Edit 7: Fixed shops and added the missing script to fix the debug shop work.
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    I'm so happy I ran across a contest in one of the other RPGmaker forums, where they asked you to draw your character as they are now, and 10 years older! This is perfect for my Sci-Fi game (which I'v been mostly keeping quite and under the rug) and it also gives me a chance to talk a bit about the game no one ever hears about, and to give you a little intro to the two main characters!!! Keep in mind, ALL of the names are subject to change, as well as anything I say, since it's a work in progress They are copilots for a two man race-ship. Their skills will gain them more then fame, for the competition they're taking part in determines which planetary nation takes the head in Humanity's Grand Council. They fight, along with many other girls, for their nation, in a race which ever 5 years determines the course Humanity will take. Circe, who in the younger version is 16 (Her age when the story begins.) who's name is up in the air And her copilot, who's name got scrapped so I can't call her anything at the moment ><;;; I'm going to do all of the main leading characters in this style, because I'm a huge fan of it! I might open up an 'in-development- thread for this game... and I'm considering recruiting some people to help with the team, however I'm a little wary of sharing my ideas ;P
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    For the four of you (well, three, by the time this paragraph is done) who are wondering where I've been, recently I've gotten a part-time job as a manager for a little sales outlet at a certain major installment of my country. Anything more than that said, and I'm breaching my company confidentiality clause, so unfortunately this'll have to do for now. Owing to the fact that shifts are about 12-13 hours long, I've had almost no time at all to return, much less do up pretty art. Thankfully, though, there is some progress. A few small updates, though: I've dropped the dreadknight. Too much work involved to get his particle effects in place. Each character will have two variations, one with and without the helmet. Each character will have a bust and a portrait, derived from the bust. Each character will have two sprite styles, one for Ace (32 x 32) and one for Mack (32 x 64). What you see above is the almost* finished final product for the resource pack. Obviously, as my schedule is a bit more hectic now, there'll be one main change to how the next few resource packs play out - it'll be bi-monthly instead of monthly. The last resource pack I will release will appear in September, just before I complete my disappearing act. *Subject to Spectre's schedule. Terms and conditions apply. In the meantime, here's a small progress update for the next few days, and feel free to vote on Theme #2 in the comments below!
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    Aaand the vote results are in, ladies and gents... and one or two people pretending to be undead folk. I know who you are. Your titanium white makeup and lack of baths for three days don't fool me. We've got a metric ****-ton of folk voting for "buff guys with fantasy swords", "knights" and "rugged knights", so the theme of the April-May release is, quite simply, Knights of the Non-Existent Table. As there are a few sporadic votes as well, I'll list out the two runners-up for themes: Sci-Fi/Futuristic RPG Ladies/Femknights As for the rejected themes, well, here's a quick explanation: Goblins or Owlbears. Sorry Brackev, but I'm kinda racist against Goblins ever since one ripped me off at a bar. I'll consider for next month's release if the votes are good, though. Elementals: Well, technically, knights are... metal... elementals? Sexy-Alien Nurses: Just... no Anyway, this release will have a total of 4 characters - each with their own face and bust graphics, and battlers. For each character, there'll be two different styles - one with, and one without, a helmet. For the techknight, unfortunately I don't feel like drawing his face, but rest assured you're not losing out, as he has both an alternate helmet and heavy armor variant. As you can see above, everyone has a dynamic pose, i.e. no standing straight and rigid like a guard with polio. That's the sign of assurance that Spectre Studios will not, under any means, release boring, run-of-the-mill battlers that look terrible (citation needed). Unfortunately, I won't have the time to do up face variations, and obviously whatever I'm releasing isn't RTP (except sprites. Those will be made for Ace). Hope you like, and I'll be releasing more concept progress on the blog, and completed, unwatermarked images on the Resource Forum come May. In the meantime, feel free to comment with any major changes or modifications you'd like to see (within reason), before I begin on the official linework. P.S. The resources above are incomplete, and as such, are not intended for public use in commercial or non-commercial projects, or for any other form of display or educational purposes. They are solely demonstrations of concept work, and property of Spectre Studios. Plagiarists, use at your own risk. P.P.S. Seriously, don't try to plagiarize from me. I have mod friends. You're fighting a very, very losing battle if you attempt to claim these works as yours. Peace out.
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    Since some people wanted it, here is a list of links to most of the scripts I have scattered around the site I don't think I have actually released that much of note, but hopefuly some people might be interested! Important scripts - These are the scripts I think every project can probably benefit from: Word Wrapping Script - Makes stuff in message boxes and item descriptions (and anything else that uses draw_text_ex) automatically start a new line if the line is too long to fit. Cache Back - Improves the RPG Maker VX Ace cache system so that games should run faster and use less memory. Note Field Hash - The script I use to load note tags for most of the scripts I make that need it. Other finished scripts - Scripts with complete documentation and usable features that I think are suitable for release: NEW! - Crossfade script - Script to change the fades to use fancy crossades like battle transitions do. Unfinished, undocumented, and/or scrap scripts - These are mostly experimental ones I haven't gotten around to formally finishing: Simple Database - A fixed up version of my old NPC Database script. Alternitive Antilag - A possibly more compatible variant of Theo's new antilag script that also may be faster in maps with few events. Doesn't include the optimization for large numbers of events yet though. Frame Buffer Battle Swirl - An effect when entering battle sort of like the whoosh found in Final Fantasy 7 and other psx era RPGs. (Undocumented, but should just work without any fiddling, may update and formally release soon.) Free Party Turn Order - Changes battles so party members can act in any order. (Unfinished and undocumented, may be buggy.) Accent Generator - An attempt to do something like Chrono Cross's where each party member can say a piece of generic dialogue differently (Undocumented, some of the functions are kinda obscure) Icon Event - Short script to make an event look like an icon. (Undocumented, uses the note field hash script with the :icon_index key.) Custom Item Menu Scripts - Some scripts to change how item menus work, requires some other scripts. (Unfinished, undocumented) Final Fantasy 2/SaGa Series Inspired Stat Leveling System - A experimental stat leveling system that tallys stats when they are used and randomly levels them up individually after battle. Script demos/collections - Tech demos and/or base games for more complex collections of interconnected scripts: Super Dungeon Demo - Everything related to my modification of Saba Kan's Random Dungeon Generator. Adds a lot of new features and rewrites a lot of the old ones. Also includes my modifications and add-ons to Khas Awesome Light Effects, my old Event Battler script (which was released independently but seems to have vanished from the site for some reason), my autotile update script (which I wrote for this) and lots of other stuff, most of which isn't really that useful on it's own. Lots of documentation available here. Super Skill System - Based mostly around extensions and modifications to the Graphnode Install script and my own custom skill system to create a modular system to add extra effects to skills. No documentation yet. Feel free to play around with these and use my code if you think you can do something interesting with it! I like to fiddle around with other people's scripts too so it's only fair.
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    Hello everyone!~ Welcome to a small Developer's blog of the Touhou Project!~ I won't say much since it is very explanatory but there are some key points (well one point in this entry) I'm willing to go with this project. :3 So let's start shall we? It's probably a long time anyone has seen anything moving in my project hehe~ So here we go!~ So like I said in my project post or anywhere it matters, this game will be a little heavy on story wise so the eventing here is a little bit important. I'm taking my time on writing out the events in a more specific fashion... Here I'll include a little sample video of a little event in the demo as of now. This is just me messing around- okay more like experimenting a little feature that I want to try out. You see, I like to make everything almost as custom as possible, which also includes the message dialogue boxes. Some of you seen it in some of the project screenies where you have the character bust, but also a custom design background. Most scripts like Galv's Bust and Message background will do the trick to make your dialogues look more appealing. But for me, it was still not what I was looking for because it was a little buggy when I tried them... T-T So here I am thinking how can I have the message boxes the way I like them to be So that is when a thought came to my mind and it sparked. :3 I was tinkering with the event commands a little bit and I found out that you can do something with those message boxes with a little bit of pictures... It's probably done already but trying this myself without looking at any references; you have to give me credit though no? ^-^ But that will be a later entry (maybe by demand~ xD) on how I do it, so it's all secretive here ahaha~ ^-^ So sadly, that's all I have to say but this little video will show the feature I'm trying to do. So to summarize, the custom message dialogue boxes is done using common events with pictures and whatnot. So below is the video of the small results I had from that little eventing so I hope you enjoy!~ I'm still learning these concepts so if there is anything you like to say, please do~ (Uh-oh I made a spelling mistake... T-T I must fix it!! xD) I'll probably explain how to do this in a tutorial, but be warned that it's a tad complicated than what it sounds, but if you're really up for this style; then maybe I can show you the secret plans. But for now, that's it for this little small entry and I'll see you in the next status update~ ^-^
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    Hello Hello Everyone~! ^-^ Welcome to another entry of the Touhou Diary~ My quill will be writing about some plans and features that I'll might be implementing into the upcoming demo. I'm planning to have my demo somewhere around the Summer time, or at the end of August; I know you have to wait for a while but I said this before and a major amount of times; I'm being really careful at what I put things~ (My first entry will talk about why). There are some features that I'm currently try to test out too so that is another delay~ :3 Anyway,this entry will be a little up to date to what I have in store for the Touhou Project than the entries I had waaaaay before. Alrighty, without further delays, here are some features that I'm going to plan to put into the demo~ Here is a little music or the game soundtrack just to get into the setting. :3 The Story - This project will be a little heavily on story wise because there are many things that the player will need to understand. Even for those who don't know Touhou at all, I will be putting things such as character introductions and a little History of the places you will be in, etc. just to get an idea of what Touhou is, so don't worry if you're not a Touhou person at all ahaha~ As you know in my Project that my storyline is a little vague; I hardly mention what is about. That's because everything; from what the incident is, to how everything started started in the first place (even the history) is all spoilers and build-ups to the main storyline, which is remain confidential~ It's a little hard to explain what this kind of storyline falls into, but in the future, I'll probably show you my story scripts I wrote in my notebook just to give you a detailed (let's say book) of what my project is about. Like my Title sort of gives it away, but question is, do you know what it is? That's for you to find out ahaha~ The World of Gensokyo - The living world as I'll call it will be the place where the incident will mostly happen. But of course this is one of the areas that the player will explore. Here is a little default look of what Gensokyo looks like as of now. Unfortunately, I will be putting a quick map travel kind of world for now until I have the creativity to parallax a large 200 x 200 map ahaha~ xD For now I know it looks small. but however, this isn't the only realm the player will explore. In fact, the little "incident" will affect 5 realms which the 5th one will be a secret and will be featured at the very end of the project~ Yup, the Touhou world (exluding the 5th realm) has 4 main areas the player can explore and do whatever they like. I'll give them a brief introduction on the following points below but what they hold though is for you to find out~ :3 Gensokyo (Overworld) - The main world, and to where I'll introduce to you the characters, the locations and whatnot. The Underworld (Hell) - This realm actually has 2 parts, The Former Hell where certain characters live in and the actual Hell itself, the place where you don't want to stay for too long... xD The Heaven Realm - The upper world above Gensokyo; not much as it sounds, but there is only one place you have to go to to access the Heaven Realm~ Makai (The Demon World) - Where every light, there is a shadow, and this place certainly is all about shadows... Sorry If I didn't tell you a lot about the main areas, but they too are confidential. You see, every location is unique in Gensokyo and they do hold something special for the player to find out. What is in this project is not the kind you see in an RPG game in general (such as the random forests and villages people create everyday). So for now, The locations will be kept secret for now hehe~ I'll touch more about it later in another entry about what these locations are... The Battle System - So out of the many screenies that I posted in this forums, they don't actually tell everything about the plans I have in mind for the battle system. :3 I'm always constantly changing it to make it unique and a hopefully fun experience for the player. Even though most of you guys have experience with RPG Maker battle systems, there a lot of things that I want to do to make my battle system unique, despite with me using the common scripts for battle systems. But of course, I have never posted anything related to my battle system though, since I tend to solve my problems first before asking questions~ Even the videos I have in my project is but a fragment of the what I'm trying to do... Anyway, I did have a little Theory and Dev a while back about some aspects that I like to do and I want to hear about some opinions. So here are the things that I might be changing: First off, I was thinking of removing defense permanently in my project. Because, what I like to do is to get rid of overpowered situations in battles (not eventual overpowered situations though). I like the idea that no matter where you are and no matter what battle you're in, you'll always be in danger of wiping out. So in other words, I like to balance both the enemy party and the party of your characters. So even if you're like 5 levels higher than the enemy party, you'll still be hit for the same amount of damage, the only thing that differs you from them is the Life you have (HP), your attack power, and your strategy~ So with that in mind, I do plan to make the battles as hard as possible (but not too hard) because I want to add a little realism into the game (which I'll touch on in a later entry). And I'm sorry to those who like fast battles, but thing is, Fast battles aren't just right and they do take some of the game away. Plus Touhou is not meant to be easy~ Even though my project is not a complete danmaku game, there still has to be some things in the game that defines Touhou. :3 Crowd Control - Since I have an Active Time Battle, I was thinking of adding this concept in my project~ Crowd Control is a term to describe skills or attacks that push, pull, knockback, or knockdown. Another factor is that, this will interrupt anything on the target, whether they are casting a spell, tossing an item, etc. Certain Spell cards/Skill cards of certain characters , will have the ability to control their enemy and interrupting their actions. But be warned, enemies will do this to you too so be careful~!! Study your enemies before you attack them ahaha~ Unique Sprites - So one thing I'm really looking forward to is the sprites that will be in the project. What I want to do is to make the events in this project a little more indulging than the kinds where you just see them in one place with switching dialogues. For my first RPG Maker project, I want to avoid that little turnover and here I am working on the events with a touch of storyline to it. You probably won't believe me but I have the whole storyline planned out by having a notebook with the dialogues hehe~ You see, I'm one of those people who likes to plan out everything first before doing it, so that's why I have a notebook, it helps me write down my thoughts and how the main storyline will go in the Touhou project. With that, I just need a few Touhou sprites to help make this come true, but sadly there weren't sprites around that could fulfil this concept. So that's when I met a person in the forums who wishes to do these sprites. It's still a long way, but I'm really happy that I met her, now I could make my events the way I like them too~ ^-^ and they really look very very beautiful~ and nope, it isn't the sprite on the screenie above this blog, it's something so lovely that it isn't worth it to see on the project yet ahaha~ xD I'm pretty everyone knows who I'm talking about right? Kotori-chan , I'm really happy and grateful for your sprites and I can't wait to use them in the project~ Words cannot express my emotions on the sprites you have right now~ <3 Unfortunately I'm out of time writing this entry and I only explained 4 points of what to expect in the demo, once I get home or a little later in the week, I'll post more key points in the demo in this entry or another entry depending on how this goes. So once again I hope everyone can wait and I hope to bring a really nice demo for everyone to experience. With that said, I'll see you in the next entry of my Diary~ ^-^
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    Well, it`s been a year and 17 days of my existence here in the forums and I am glad. Why? Since I joined, all of my questions about rpg making is answered, found a lot of good people around here, as well as managed to hone my sprite making skills. I`ve joined a lot of forums about rpg maker but this is the only site that is attached to my heart, not only because I see this forum as a beneficial factor for my game development and sprites, but as a warm and cozy home as well~ *sniff* I`m getting emotional again but I just wanted to thank a lot of people here as well as the existence of the forum itself. No I won`t be leaving if you guys are worried that I`m writing something like this xD I just compiled a list of the forum members that I personally gave an award in my mind ^~^ Okay... here`s my list~ (And if you are not in the list, you are still somewhere in my heart~ xD) Kotori-chan`s List :3 Hope you enjoyed my list~
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    It has sort of come to my attention that I'm a rather ungenerous, Scrooge-esque individual who's primarily interested in earning cash off of his art. That is entirely true. I'm not here to make a lame excuse for that - I love money, and I don't enjoy doing work knowing I may not get paid, much less appreciated. If you're good at something, don't do it for free. However, in light of recent events, I'd like to make two major announcements to the community. First of all, I'll be leaving in September. I'm currently involved in mooting for my local university before my first official year as a law undergraduate, and I foresee a veritable torrent of activity after September when my term begins. By extension, I'll be gone for a very extended period of time, possibly forever if my schedule doesn't let up - which is entirely possible and probable, given what the older students are going through. In other words, there is a good chance I will not return. Second, and this is a direct extension to the first, I will be releasing my own set of resources every month, on top of ReStaff contributions and miscellaneous bits I'm doing for Tsarmina's game Sugar Sweet. All resource releases will be completely free to use. No catches, no fine print. Use as you see fit. Be sure to credit me for the work. Obviously. Also, it's Spectre/Spectre Studios, not Sceptre. I'm looking at you, random dude with 5 posts. I will only be releasing Portraits, Busts, or Static Battlers due to time constraints. The catch is, since I've barely enough time to do up freebies, this is the only time you can request specific resources from me. All resource packs will be released at the end of every month in the Resources Forum, under Spectre's Freebies (month & year). How this works is fairly simple. Comment the types of resources you'd like to see from me, or their genres - sci fi, animals, robots, big armored guys with swords, big-chested ladies and skimpy attire etc. and I'll pick the most picked theme (within reason, and please make sure it's family friendly) and make freebies out of it. If the poll/comments are largely ignored, I'll select a theme on my own accord, but mind you I'll be fairly upset about it and release significantly less resources for that month. On top of that, please note the following: Obviously, no sexually explicit, offensive, or gory imagery. You will be reported. Please do not suggest a specific description of your original character. I'm trying to work around generic themes for everybody to use. Please do not ask me to draw My Little Pony. You will have your cookies and friends taken away from you. I will not entertain re-sketches of existing resources, recoloring or drawing over another's resources. If you want a tutorial or comments on your artwork, please PM me in private. So, exalt me, mortals, and comment with the top resources you'd like to see for this month. A few of you may be wondering about art quality - no, it's definitely not going to be similar to the doodle I did above. For those who have yet to see my works, or are unfamiliar with me, here is a link to my art thread. Expect to see quality similar to, if not identical, to the pieces displayed below: Now, it's open to you guys: ask away. I'll be publishing the first release for resources on 15th May, 2015, so vote away or suggest your favorite theme(s), and I'll churn out something that'll make unicorns go into depression for paling in comparison to what'll emerge from the dark bowels of my pen tablet.
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    Two months ago, I made a concept about my own grid battle system. But since I thought this would have a lot of work to do, I decided to take a long break before continuing the system And I only managed to make AoE selection testing Time passed, I almost completely forgot about this stuff. After did a long procrastinate during the day just to think what should I do, I remembered that I have this grid system. Then I take a look at the code and I completely have no idea what I've done. So many messed up script code everywhere. After did some clean up at the code, then I put a little stuff. Move character to another grid I know, it might be nothing special. I just celebrate it for myself lol. There're a lot of things to do such as limiting how far the character could move, spent the action point when move, etc. But at least, I made the base. As for the turn system. Free turn battle seems to be the good choice, ATB is the second one. But I have no idea how to use default turn system with this grid system together.
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    I don't know how many times I had looked for a monster editor/generator when I first got into RPG maker and found nothing, so I have decided that I will fill that need myself. Chimera is a drag and drop monster editor that will allow the user to create enemies from predefined parts. The user will load a base template (body) and then be able to load any number of parts to add to it. These will range from arms, legs, tails, wings, necks, eyes, mouths, etc... and will then be able to be exported to a .png file for in game usage. Not only will it have predefined parts but will also have an import function that will allow the user to add their own parts for future use. I will be providing as many parts as I can with what little resources that I available but I will gladly accept (and encourage) parts donations from fellow artists to be featured in the final version. Chimera will be free to use in any project. No payment is required (though donations will be gladly accepted.) If you wish to donate parts for Chimera, please ensure that the parts supplied will be able to mesh well with any or almost any template that may be available. Please ensure that the template bodies and parts are between 96x96 and 192x192 pixels. Larger bodies and parts will be accepted for "Monstrous" enemies but I will not be including many of these in the editor itself. Whether you donate parts or not, I hope that you will enjoy the editor once it has been completed. To donate part templates, please private message me with a link to your image files. Those who donate parts to the editor will obviously be included in the credits of Chimera. I thank you in advance for any help that you may offer and I will be sure to give you regular status updates once work on the editor itself has begun.
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    Just want to put teaser for my TSBS in game sequencer here. Enjoy
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    You know, in ED Skyward Temple, the only character that has no cutin portrait was Emille Lunar. And some people bugging me for the official portrait for Lunar as well. Well, since I'm going to update the game, I will also update the game contents. Let just skip that, here is the teaser for Emille Lunar artwork that will be included in next version of the game It also featuring how I did the shading. Yes, I'm mouse user. Actually, I have graphic tablet, but for some reasons I resist to use. Enjoy....
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    Ok, folks! I've made up my mind that I'm going to update my game, Skyward Temple. I'm aware it has a lot of design flaws ever since I watched most of people did Let's Play video. Some people complaint about the exploration, some didn't know some essential features like Free Turn Battle. They just command the actor without selecting who will gonna do the first action. First update list. This is my top priority An additional help window to show the skill details (and even for the normal attack). Some people I saw they didn't know what the skill element and type. Picking the right element to attack the enemy is important here. Second update list. A battle tip for Free Turn Battle Just added a little help tell you that you could select the actor which is going to do the first action. Some people really missed this feature. Ok, that's could partially my fault since I never told the player Third update list. Encounter rebalance Even I use evented encounter, there's a chance that you might be surprise attacked. When your party surprised, they could do one hit kill to your actor. In hard mode, you could instantly gameover without doing anything because the enemies were so overpowered. That's not fair, I'm aware. Now, I added a little bonus when your party surprised. They automatically switch to defend mode so they took a half damage while the enemies surprise them. Fair enough? Also, I saw some people were annoyed with the map encounters. They were so fast, hard to avoid, yet many. As the developer, I could escaped easily since I know well the dungeon map. But it isn't for the player. I decided to make them slower Fourth update list. TSBS version 1.4 stable update Yes, it will still be the sample game for my battle system. I will release the stable version of the TSBS together with the sample game. Though, this game won't do a showcase what's new in the newest version of TSBS (like battle camera or such). I just updated the battle system. That's all folks! P.S : - Lunar is a he, not a she - If you wonder why the Stella's hat looks like a mage hat, here is her full portrait
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    Hi, VXANetizen, today I just want to annouce one of my greatest evil plans ever. Most of you may want to see grid battle system script. Though there is no script for that. What is the grid system anyway? It's more like Megaman Battle Network if you ever played (I never played actually lol) I will take some references from these Eremidia: Dungeon! by richter_h Cruna Aktrid by wltr3565 New Batte Engine : Grid by Spectre Battle Formation by Punisher699 by ??? To make it to be a versatile battle system, I believe it could take one or two years of research, especially if you want it to be compatible with most of the scripts. That said, I will begin my experiment just like back then when I develop the Theolized SBS at the first time. Overwrite anything and ignore compatibility, because thinking of compatibility may inhibit you from many things. Now, I will start with my own idea of the grid system. Probably not the best concept. But at least this is what I have thought. Here are the mockups Party and Troop has its own grid field Just like Eremidia: Dungeon! where you can not move into enemy troop grid. It's make the scripting easier I guess than make it free movement. Grid position determine bonus Bonus yes, if you're behind the allies, you will get the defend bonus, or at least damage reduction. However, your attack may reduced. Targeting system This is the most tricky part. I don't like my grid system to be like Eremidia: Dungeon! where you have attack range and melee units can not attack the enemy that located far away and ended up just guarding all time (it's not fair!). Mine would have free targeting system just like Cruna. However, I came up into two ideas. I'm not sure which is the best You can only target the enemies in front of you, or at least in its lane. You can not target the battler that being covered by another battler unless you target them by ranged unit. You can target everyone, with the damage Bonus / Penalty. Explained in Melee and Ranged mechanic It's different if I want to make all the battlers can move everywhere just like Spectre's idea. I would implements attack range system. Though it's not an easy task. So, I will save it for later Melee and ranged mechanic There're two types of units. Melee and ranged. Imagine that here is the battlefield The damage flow goes something like this Ranged unit have advantage of attacking any enemies since it has no damage penalty However, if you attack the enemy in front of you using ranged skill, you will get the damage penalty. Or at least, you should behind any melee actor. Same goes with the covered unit. If covered unit use melee attack skill, it will get the attack penalty. It's not if it uses ranged skill. What if the enemy located on far away? Well, as long as the enemy is right in front of the melee unit, there is no damage penalty. As for enemy AI, I don't have any idea yet. It could be tricky part ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Progress so far. I only managed to set the grid coordinate position so far. There is no change position and targeting still use the default one.
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    ~KOTORI METHOD~ (Spriting) Hello everyone~ Welcome yet again to my humble blog Cat`s and Lolipops. This time we are now gonna venture deeply into my spriting method, the lazy style xD since I will be using a base I reduplicated from a base I made looooonnnggg before to preserve time ^~^ If you are wondering if I could sprite from scratch, the answer is yes but I do not often do it since it would be really tedious, us humans do alot of things to make things easier and faster xD If you need the template, I can PM a copy for you Okay... back to topic I will now explain everything and make it clear and informative as much us possible. And the whole process of spriting is tedious as well as making a tutorial on making a sprite so the tutorial will be divided into 2 parts: The Head and Hair, The Clothing and Accessories. ~TUTORIAL START: Patchouli Knowledge~ (Part 1 of 2) Before we properly start, I will now state the tools I will be using and also some alternative ones. Tools that I am using: -Paint Tool SAI -Google for references (Optional) -A good pair of well rested hands (A must need!) -Your eyes... (Seriously? xD) -A clicky responsive and cute mouse :3 -Must know the legendary "Copy Paste Technique" STEP 1: Search for References and Ideal Color Palettes The first thing I do when I sprite a famous character either from games or anime is to search images for reference. Sometimes I tend to "play" or "watch" them in their respective games or animes to get a better feel and motivation for them. And since we are gonna sprite Patchouli Knowledge, I searched 2 images for her, her full body anime art and as well as her pixel art from a Touhou game for her color palette. STEP 2: Open Paint Tool SAI~ Since we are gonna use a base, might as well use my previous set of Touhou Characters for a good template xD We will start to sprite on the bottom right corner. And make sure to know the program very well. I primarily use the "Binary" tool and the size is "1". STEP 3: Heads Up~ I always start on the head, hair and eyes. Even in my regular drawing on my good ol sketch pad. My style is kinda similar to drawing anime, I do the line art first. The line art will be the darkest shade on their respective color palette, for example, Patchy`s hair is kinda violet-ish so a dark shade of violet will be her hair`s line art. RESULT:
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    Hello, and welcome to the first post of my new blog: Writer's Resource. A blog where I will seek to provide both new and old writers alike with resources to help with the processes of character development and world building. (Apologies for the terrible punctuation.) For this first post I would like to introduce you to something that many people know about, but I still seem to find new people who have never heard of it before, so I figure it's as good a place as any to start the series. Here is a link to the Myers Briggs test. It is what we'll be covering today. What is the Myers Briggs test? Well it is a test developed to help define certain personality types commonly found in society. It was created in 1921 by Katharine Cook Briggs and Isabel Briggs Myers. And is actually officially called the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, but people tend to shorten it for obvious reasons. If you want to read more about it's history, then check out it's wiki page. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Myers%E2%80%93Briggs_Type_Indicator Now. What exactly is the test useful for? Well it's a good way of gauging how a character will generally act in everyday situations. Think of it as something to help set the foundation of a character, or how they will react to something when you're drawing a blank. What you do is you fill out the series of questions with either one thumb (agree/disagree) two thumbs (strongly agree/disagree) or three thumbs (completely agree/disagree) as your character would in the situations represented and you will get a general personality type of that character. Don't get hanged up on whether or not these situations would actually happen in your characters world, or time period. Just answer like they would if these did happen to them. It should be stressed that this is not something that will write the character for you, you still need to do that. Nor does the result your character gets from the test mean that they will never stray from that general personality throughout the entire story. How a character reacts depends on how they have changed over the course of a story, or what has recently been happening in the story. Well that's the first Writer's Resource. I plan to do this on a weekly, or bi-weekly basis. But for me to do that I'm gonna need help from you guys. If you know of articles, tests, other blogs or videos that you feel are helpful for writing characters, or worlds then please share them with me via PM saying why you think it is a good resource and I will post it either by itself or with another resource depending on how many resources people share with me. Anyway. I hope you all got something useful out of this, and I hope you all have a good day. -LS
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    Character Backgrounds of Mnemomancer Just here to give a small update on my project, because I realize I didn’t offer too much information about my characters. I decided to go with these three: the protagonist, and the supernatural pair that assists the protagonist for the dangerous journey ahead. Note that the protagonist himself doesn’t have a whole list of fixed traits – a good portion of his personality is determined in-game, but by default, Kyle is a person who speaks with the minimal amount of words required in a conversation, and is also fairly apathetic and sarcastic in nature. No, he’s not all dark and moody; he’s a person who likes to stick within his comfort zone, but he’s also quick to adapt, especially changes in his immediate environment requires him to do as such. _____________________ Courtesy of Makapri of Kingdom Rise and Fall To be honest, I could hardly give two fucks. This is the sort of job I happen to be good at.†Kyle: The eighteen-year-old protagonist and the titular mnemomancer, Kyle is the default/canon name of the character, which can be changed in the beginning of the game. Kyle was originally born to nameless parents in one of the more seedy locations of Grandmore, and he was later taken in by his “aunt†after a tragic incident that resulted in the loss of his parents. The aunt, a young woman named Adrianna who was barely out of her primary education, worked her best to support both Kyle and herself. From a young age, inklings of Kyle’s rare talents would pop out in the form of ghosts, invisible to everyone except the boy. People originally assumed that the “bookworm†simply had an introverted personality, but Kyle’s main source of company was that of eccentric geniuses and fallen war heroes, and if he wanted to gain context as to what they were talking about, he had to do the research on his own – after all, ghosts can’t see each other, but the fact that Kyle can see or hear them at all must’ve been a relief in itself, and the young boy wasn’t going to take that opportunity away from them. When Kyle turned twelve, people toted him as a genius, although it was more like he had very capable teachers who were there all day and night. He was given a scholarship to the most prestigious academy in Grandmore, an opportunity that he chose to take so that he could relieve Adrianna of him and give her time to live her life – after all, she had recently come across a new boyfriend. A few months into year, however, and Kyle had nobody to call a friend; the average student in Grandmore’s President Academy was from a more noble and affluent background, a trait that Kyle did not share with anyone. At the cost of being three years younger as well, people mostly avoided Kyle. However, rumors began to circulate about “the weird kid who likes to talk to skeletonsâ€. People initially laughed it off as the fact that Kyle was lonely to the point of desperation, but eventually, the pieces started to come together: the boy was terrible while sitting through class, yet he could do well on tests? He talked to skeletons, and yet, it seemed to be a real conversation rather than a product of his imagination? Eventually, people concluded Kyle was a necromancer, a communicator and manipulator of the dead. The talent itself was exceedingly rare, but it generated fear rather than excitement, for the practices of a necromancer are seen as blasphemous, and from that point on, Kyle was truly alone. He graduated the academy at fifteen years old, alongside the rest of his class, and the one person who was still willing to talk to him was a new teacher named Lisa Farrell, who came in as the homeroom teacher for the graduating class of that year – it didn’t matter much though, Kyle was more than happy to be out of the school. However, he returned home to find Adrianna had been murdered, and that the convicted killer was none other than her boyfriend. This was a shocking event for Kyle, and he simply secluded himself mentally, ignoring everyone around him as he walked the empty halls of the house he used to live in and the surrounding streets. Around a week later, Kyle finally snapped – a man who looked like Adrianna’s killer was walking the street, laughing with his group of friends, and such a sight caused an immense amount of anger to boil over; if Kyle had gotten another few hits in, the boy would’ve definitely been a murderer. He was initially sent to the delinquent institution, but it grew apparent extremely quickly that was a mistake. Kyle, who had never shown skills in larceny or burglary, somehow managed to break into the security room of the building, causing a mass riot of juvenile inmates who were all attempting to run outside to their freedom. Several more incidents, more severe than the last, began to pile up, culminating to when Kyle ended up assaulting one of the guards, nearly tearing out his throat savagely. He was finally sent to a high-security prison, where the inmates were put to work: their job was to maintain the population of invading Arisen, an umbrella term for all undead organisms. Prison violence was at an all-time low since the prisoners were given a target to vent out their violent urges, and officials would turn a blind eye as to what happened to the bodies of the Arisen. Kyle would spent the next two years living a lackadaisical life, going day-by-day with the single goal of completing his quota before dinner time. His once neatly-groomed hair became long and unkempt, and the boy’s once cheerful and bright face became dark and hollow – after all, Kyle had the face of an individual who had given up on a brighter future. ____________________ Courtesy of Archeia-Nessiah of Division-Heaven “What drives you, Mnemomancer? Sadness, anger, fear, or perhaps a combination of the three? What a trivial pursuit – emotions are the lies we give ourselves in order to cope with the terrible things we do. But there is no need to cope, because at the end of all things, you will find yourself accepting your own actions, without the justifications and the feelings. I await the day where all lives realize how worthless these fake motives are.†The Undertaker: An old woman who appeared to Kyle in a dream, she is in fact the original mnemomancer, and offered her existence to extend her abilities and talents to those who are born with a similar set of skills. Discarding everything, including her name, the Undertaker resides in a mystical graveyard that would hold different crypts based on the nature of her current client’s journey. One cannot fathom just how ancient she is, and there are no records of when mnemomancy first appeared, since the branch of necromancy is still unknown to almost everyone in the multi-verse. She seemingly has prophetic abilities, and is capable of seeing the different numerous outcomes of the journey based on Kyle’s decisions. She gives Kyle an iron bracelet with a cross hanging from the band, which serves two purposes – communication and binding, for each time Kyle will fall in battle before reaching a conclusion, she will simply reverse the events of his death and return him to the graveyard. Her motive for assisting people like Kyle is unknown; it seems that for all the abilities she’s able to use, there is a catch – for how much help she gives Kyle, she never reveals too much as to affect his decisions. For the Undertaker, the most important law regarding existence is that of consequence. She would never do anything to manipulate one’s actions towards an ending she prefers, but she is willing to manipulate time itself in order to prevent a premature finale. She has an uncanny fascination for body parts, and can actually re-create weapons and memories using random appendages and limbs. The Undertaker is also the one entity capable of healing Phantoms, the products of a mnemomancer’s rituals – it would appear that miracles from the Heavens and sorcery from the Burning Plains are incapable of doing such a feat, which offers more questions as to how powerful the Undertaker truly is. Due to her ability to re-create weapons and other equipment, she is also the only being capable of restoring legendary and unique items. Despite all the mysteries that surround her, the Undertaker has made it clear that her only interest is in making sure the current mnemomancer reaches the end of his or her journey, and that she’ll accept the results as long as the mnemomancer accepts the consequences of his or her decisions along the way. ____________________ Courtesy of Venere & Marte “You seem to not understand the nature of curiosity, Mnemomancer. Yes, there are no such thing as a ‘dumb question’, when asked for the pursuit of a worthwhile goal, whether it be the amassing of knowledge or solving the puzzles of the High Rulers. However, if the question is directed more towards the knowledge of other people, especially those who have nothing to offer you for the journey ahead, well, those are the thoughts of an idiot. It’s all context.†Maiden Torri: A tall woman with long, chestnut hair and blue eyes, Maiden Torri is the assistant to the Undertaker. Her face is expressionless – beyond that of a poker face, it seems that she is incapable of displaying any emotions on her face, and supposedly it is incredibly rare to even see her blink. One must wonder whether or not she actually purged the idea of emotions from her very self when she came to serve the Undertaker, who has an open hatred for the idea of feelings. Maiden Torri is responsible for communication between the graveyard and Kyle – her face is what appears in the center of the cross attached to Kyle’s iron bracelet. While the Undertaker performs services such as healing for the Phantoms and the restoration of equipment and items, Maiden Torri provides battle information for Kyle, which is delivered mentally, privy to Kyle’s knowledge alone. Maiden Torri is also responsible for assisting Kyle in the ritual of creating a Phantom through a vessel and a memory core, as she is the one that holds all the keys into the numerous tombs located in the graveyard. Why Maiden Torri refers to herself and insists to be called as such is the biggest mystery surrounding her; her reasons for working in the graveyard alongside the Undertaker are also unknown, as while Maiden Torri seems to have knowledge on mnemomancy, she herself is actually not a mnemomancer, and does not display any ability to utilize necromancy in general. She only hints of a past where she was once a companion of a heroic and powerful figure. It seems the mention of the events of her past is the only way to illicit a reaction from Maiden Torri, but she comes across as somebody not to cross.
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    One thing I am almost entirely sure of, is that "copyright", as we know it anyway, is going to mostly or totally go away... eventually. Don't get me wrong, it's not going to go away anytime soon or without a hard fight, but after a while it's just going to be impractical. It may take a while but the signs are already here, happening now as we speak. What signs am I talking about? Well here are a few: Linux won. Oh yeah yeah, I know the majority of desktop users probably still use windows. Doesn't matter. Linux is used for practically everything else. Servers? Mostly Linux. Smart Phones? A good number of them are Android which is a version of Linux. Most embedded devices? You guessed it, Linux. And let's face it, desktops are mostly dieing anyway, even businesses are starting to do "Bring Your Own Device" more and more. Even Steam is embracing Linux, so windows gaming may end up being a thing of the past soon too. And of course because of this, The idea of "Free Software" is winning too. Big business is becoming a look more open to practical collaborative methods of programing. Google for example, are a big big pusher of open source. It's just an easier and simpler way of doing things. This has spilled into games too, but not as much as other areas. Most every application you can think of though has a free version, and most of them are just as good. Do you really want to pay $600+ for photoshop when gimp is offered for free with just about as many features? But this doesn't only apply to software because, Creative Commons licenses allow the same type of freedom outside software. Wikipedia already uses it for most of it's content, and there are lots of places that use it to make free art, sounds, and music. Nowadays it's actually not that hard to look online and find sites dedicated to royalty free artwork, sound, or music. Some of it is made just for games even. But even without this type of thing, People ignore copyright anyway. For most people I would guess, copyright is an afterthought, if they think about it at all. There is the matter of out and out piracy of course where people just copy things anyway, copyright laws or no. Not all of them even think about it, just copying a song or two out of habit. But that's not all there is to it. There are also remixes and fanfiction, works of art made from or based on other works of art. But how would people make money off of this all you ask if they don't have control over copying? Well, People don't have to make money just of selling copies of something. Let's face it, half the Internet runs on ads anyway, and even if I don't particularly like that fact and block them on every opportunity, they still make money. People now can raise money for projects by themselves, and donate to a person they think is worth it. These aren't all viable all the time I know, but the point is alternative ways of making money exists. Even if it didn't there is still the fact that, People hate Copyright more and more each day. Let's face it. Every time you hear about Youtube pulling some Content ID crap, every time you hear about one more unreleased game from Japan or old game that has been abandoned by publishers who hoard the rights but never do anything with them, every time some asshole makes a DMCA strike on something you like, every time the government caves in to lobbyists and makes a bill like SOPA and PIPA, someone gets even more fed up with all this bullshit. It's only a matter of time before the dam breaks. I am not saying everything is going to change right away, I am just saying I wouldn't be surprised if within at longest the next hundred years the idea of copyright as we knowing slowly gets widdled down to nothing. And good riddance. But I kinda think it's worth thinking about at least. That's not all, The Singularity (the point where technology can recursively improve it's self on it's own and we all likely either die off or become cybergods) I heard may happen as soon as 2045. Will we even need copyright if, say, we are all connected as a super AI network?
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    I thought I would say a few things about this. Not everything need a ton of switches and conditional branches and variables. Some things are simple. I take whatever the thing I'm eventing and I try to simplify it so that it's easier for others to do it. Being a Master Eventor does not equate to "make everything that's eventing as long and hard as possible". I simplify it so that it's less of a headache. Eventing isn't hard unless you make it hard. I showed people how to event many things. Here's the list... Event a missile launcher outside of battle: http://www.rpgmakervxace.net/topic/28438-missile-launcher-out-of-battle/ Event a crafting system(simple): http://www.rpgmakervxace.net/topic/27997-crafting-system-from-events/ Event a upgrade system(simple): http://www.rpgmakervxace.net/topic/28002-actors-as-weapons/ Event a daily quest hub thing(Advanced): http://www.rpgmakervxace.net/topic/29205-random-multi-level-daily-quests/ Event a city building system(Advanced): http://www.rpgmakervxace.net/topic/29999-event-a-city-building-system/#entry206460 I've been given a request to show an event system where you can detect the range of objects from the player. I know how to do this and I will post it today or tomorrow. As you see from the links above, some are simple and some are advanced. There is no need to make the simple more advanced and there's no need to make the advanced more advanced. No need to add unnecessary stuff when it can be so simple as a conditional branch or a few switches.
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    Playing in Support of: Members of the forum! I want YOUR games! xD As part of my 25hr livestream tomorrow I will be LP'ing and reviewing a selection of RPG Maker Games! For your joy and amusement! I will take any game whether it is comedy, Final Fantasy Clone or a Horror Game! I will give my raw unedited opinion of your games (sorry in advanced..) whilst playing them. It'll give you a chance to see what's to come from reviews like me in the future! If you want your game reviewed, here's what you do! Reply in the comments below a link to your game thread, and a short explanation! PLEASE give a proper explanation and not just PLAY MAI GAYMMEEE cause I won't play it. Put some effort in and you'll get it played Please note that I will be streaming your game only if it comes on this thread, or sent to me via PM! So do remember that! I will play demo's as well if you so wish! Please remember to donate on my Extra Life Page as there will be Steam Key Rewards and free resource packs for top donators!!