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    So it's probably been at least a month or two since I worked on my last project, my first and only attempt at actually making a game with some other people, and I realized I never really talked about it with much of anyone outside the project besides one or two vague hints or did any blogs about it or anything. So why not do this now? It all started in October where, despite being possessed by a vile being of vile darkness that I of course opposed, RavenBlueIndigo decided to hold a contest. My friend Nya wanted to be in a team so I decided to contact her and see if I could help, despite being a bit nervous about working with other people. Anyway, long story short, she didn't have a game idea in mind, so I came up with the idea of a fantasy RPG based around the idea of a pre-christian Halloween holiday and the myths and legends surrounding it. Brank also joined in and was mostly responsible for finding a good tileset and doing all the maps. I named Samhain as an example though I wasn't necessarily committed to a historically correct representation of Gaelic culture or mythology, though Nya seemed very inspired by it and it seemed a lot of the monsters she wanted to add were from that origin, which was fitting since a huge inspiration for wanting to work on a Halloween themed fantasy RPG in the first place was Quest for Glory: Shadows of Darkness which in addition to all sorts of classic Halloween tropes and monsters (as well as more then a touch of Lovecraft) was very much influenced by mythology and culture (Slavic mythology and culture to be exact, actually all the Quest for Glory games have a huge focus on various real world mythologies and cultures). The basic plot, as it was, was that every year the barrier between worlds grows weaker, and people more or less make a big holiday/festival to keep everyones spirits up or else combined negative emotional energy can cause dangerous things to start leaking in from the spirit world in some places. The player plays a member of a secret order of hunters who's job it is to safeguard a town and keep the townspeople safe from any spirits that show up, and to keep them from panicking or even noticing anything is wrong. Though there may or may not have been some other force at work. Most of the gameplay was going to involve going around the town when a spirit/monster shows up and taking care of it, preferably quietly and cleanly without anyone even knowing it is around. Most people can't see them but their presence can still be noticed, especially by superstitious townspeople who know all about the legends of strange spirits or creatures. There was going to be a "mood meter" of some sort which was effected by how well you did at containing the spirits without the towns people noticing, as well as other things like being positively effected if you did sidequests to help with the festival, and negatively effected if to many towns people are injured/killed, if you act hostile or use too much magic in public, and so on. The mood meter mostly effects what kinds of and how many spirits show up. Sort of like how Undertale has it's Fight or Mercy options, taking care of the spirits usually meant either violently "killing" it (which doesn't always stick and just makes the spirit mad when it comes back, in addition to making a lot of noise), capturing it (which means you need to worry about how to contain it and keep it from escaping or keeping anyone from noticing it's there, but you can sometimes use captured spirits to cast/learn magic), or pacifying it (which just convinces the spirit to leave or become benign, but can be hard or flat out impossible to do i the spirit is too "evil", though those spirits will only show up if you are to negligent so panic or negative feelings spread too much). I think the over all design was a bit too ambitious, even if I purposely limited the size of the world to just one town and some surrounding areas, using a quicktravel-like menu instead of a world map. I think I may have done the most work on it, but most of it was just coding lots and lots of weird subsystems that were probably mostly unnecessary. I had the idea of NPC events that were stored in one map and could be loaded into any map dynamically, then I made some complicated scheduling and conditionals and lots of hacks with additional event pages so that NPCs (and spirits, though they were just NPCs too) could kinda move around between maps when you did. I used my old "Event Battler" script for spirits so they could be NPCs too, and made "negotiation skills" that could call different event pages of a spirit's NPC event in battle. But by the time I had accomplished most of this, the contest that this game was going to be for was already over. We all decided to keep working on it for a while, but Nya eventually had other things going on in her life she needed to focus on and I kinda never heard that much from Brank. I kinda lost most of my motivation to work on it anyway, so the project is kinda dead. I still like the idea, and some of the scripting work I did was kinda neat (if sloppy), but I donno when or if I will pick it up again at this point. Anyway MV is already out. I haven't gotten it yet and probably never will unless it goes for like 90% off on some steam sale sometime (because seriously, I don't care how good a piece of software is, I am never gonna pay more then $20 for anything, and if I had my way I wouldn't even pay that because screw proprietary software), but that doesn't change the fact that I am behind the times and the world has moved on and I am stuck in the past. Honestly I am not sure if I will ever work on anything with RPG Maker again, but I probably will. Ether way, I am gonna stick around this community a while I think. :3
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