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    Since it's Lesbian Visibility Day, let me get this out of the way: I'm a lesbian game developer with my lovely girlfriend. After helping each other with our projects, we formed ObakeNeko Works, an indie doujin circle of like-minded yuri and game-lovers. I couldn't have asked for a better girl by my side. Thank you all for supporting us this far.
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    I got Dark Souls for my switch because I never got around to playing it before. Honestly it's kind of silly how unforgiving it can be. I mean, I get you wanna be hard game, but do you really have to let me dive right off into a pit if I am slightly at the wrong angle? You know in so called 'real life' people usually instinctively stop themselves from walking over edges. Just walking over one without thinking is something that mostly only happens in video games.
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    Starting a new project. The previous one just got to the point of overcomplicated to fix, especially since I know not what is in error. So, this new one is going to be less complex, I hope... (my super-charged creativity makes 'simple' impossible)
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    I was feeling kinda sick yesterday for some reason, which is too bad because it was May Day... Feel lots better now though!
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    you ever find new scripts for rpg maker and go "YOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO"
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    Phew... Back from Singapore. Didn't have a camera, but I might be able to share some photos others took later. :3
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    Aaaaaaaaa, all those Pokemon were so cuuuuute. Translation: Got back from Detective Pikachu with my mom and younger brother. I'm still reeling from excitement.
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    Yes, people. I'm aware Kamikakushi sucks. We can't all defend our first piece of creative writing/gaming. (Even though, technically it's not my first game) Besides, the game is loosely based off an actual horror story out there. One I didn't write. I am planning on cranking out an update that fixes all the errors and revises the dialogue, so I beg of you: Please. Stop. Telling me. That I suck. Or you won't get anymore games from me.
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    So many ideas, but none fit yet... I've been reading a bunch of horror stories to try and inspire me. Protip: do NOT look up Korean urban legends. I consider myself an avid horror fan, but this gets a hard "NOPE" from me.
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    South Central Kansas has some strong storms going on, like as I type this. Two of these storms have been tornadic, and both storms are likely headed in my general direction. I already hear rumbles of thunder in the distance. There is no tornado/fallout shelter within a hundred foot sprint short of any of the houses across the street (unlikely shelter), so if the worst comes to worst, this may very well be my last post because these apartment buildings won't withstand tornadic winds, and even if I survive, my equipment will likely be damaged or taken by the storm. I mean, if I do survive, it'll be a LONG F*CKING TIME before I have internet access let alone hardware of my own. That's what happens when you're on disability payments. So, anyway, it's been fun.
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    Hi everyone! Since I'm new i think that the better way to let you know me a bit is with my project! I'll share it soon!
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    Finally got some progress done on Kamikakushi 2.0. (Thanks to my GF for helping me fight through depression) So... What did I change? -Revised dialogue - Ramped difficulty for the chase scenes/music box puzzle - temporarily removed the doll puzzle (blame the depression) - added some flashbacks that further explain Hisame and Shin's backstory - replaced face graphics and sprites for Ueno and Yamazawa. - replaced the sprite for short-haired Yasu - added a book in the Omake Room that helps explain some mythos that wasn't clear. ^ attempted to sprite graphics for Hisame in some cutscenes using a base. More to come... - fixed up all of the face graphics - added a bit of developer's foresight in the True End route that some players could abuse in 1.0. Attempting to backtrack after the final chase scene will now net you an INSTANT Bad End. That's how I roll, kiddos. So what's next after Kamikakushi 2.0? Maybe helping my GF with her project? Or maybe I could try working on my other small-scale projects? Who knows.
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    Phew, I was at a big Indian-style wedding today. To much formality for my tastes, and all the people around made me sort of nervous. But it was still quite the sight to see!
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    Hell. Yes. This is why I love Loose Leaf sprites. I was worried about Loose Leaf hair parts not being enough to sprite generated faces, but a lot of chibi bangs can be used. They aren't perfect, but they work.
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    Where have you been? :O

    Where have you been? :O