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    Making progress!

    Making progress!
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    In light of the recent Ion Fury and HEARTBEAT controversy, we'd like to remind you all that we do not condone homophobia/transphobia/racism or hate of ANY kind. Honestly, it's hateful devs like these that give studios like our ObakeNekoWorks a bad name...
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    I have been playing a lot of this one RPG Maker game lately (well two, the VX Ace original and a little of the unfinished MV remake) with a really interesting super minimalist kind of interface art. Take a look at this screen shot: It mostly plays more like a text adventure with lots of cut-in graphics, but most of the navigation is done by moving a glowing square around a grid of solid color tiles and abstract icons for events, and it actually feels a lot to me like a old DOS game. (It's also very very NSFW, but let's not talk about that)
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    I am messing around in MV to learn it a little first. I will then resize my resources so I can use them there.
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    This is absolutely beautiful music. I could listen on loop potentially endlessly. Guess that makes me an audiophile, huh? lolz
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    Hello~ I know it's been a long since I posted on here but, I have new music! I want it to make music for a chase so here it is! Free to use as long as you credit me (Rail M.) https://railroadstudio.itch.io/royalty-free-music-for-video-games-and-animation And listen here:
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    I'm proud of myself. My forest with a waterfall map is looking good. I just need to set the Boss battle for the area.
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    I may make a full novel with my ideas and dreams.
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    If I knew more about how Ruby worked, I could probably figure out how to implement the features to the Materia script that I thought it could of used, but I really don't, so I've really just decided to put that part on hold. I have this issue with getting stuck on something and not being able to figure out how to get unstuck. If it's a game, I can usually cheat in some fashion but this, this I cannot, lolz
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    I may post more short horror if I get more ideas I can finish.
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    Is there a way to convert Ace assets to MV? I have MV but do not have anything for it. Also, where might I find good free MV assets, as I am no longer receiving the money I once was and can no longer buy the official ones?
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    I just got an idea! A magical girl team who have their transformation objects as fidget toys! Maybe they are all autistic like me?
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    this took most my day up lol
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    https://sandstone-studios.itch.io/kalvgv this one is in ruby :)
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    I wish you luck on your projects as well!
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    tfw you come back to ask for help
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    Looks like the forums have some troubles, please stay patient.
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    Me: I should really work on the big update for Kamikakushi... Also me: SCREW THAT LET'S GO WORK ON OUR ECCHI COMEDY GAME DO EET DO EET DO EET
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    Wow, River City Girls did not end how I expected it to! Poor Misako and Kyoko, I was really rooting for them! I guess it was pretty funny though. I still need to do the super secret ending, so maybe that will go better for the girls. I have a feeling I know who was really behind it all... Okay okay, and I also was spoiled to who the secret final bosses are. But come on, you just KNOW those two are behind it all. The game does it's best to make sure you don't like them from the moment they show up.
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    My second project is chugging along well, Hope it will turn out cute! I'd love to put more work into my first but still waiting for my artist there~