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    Dabbled in making 3D models after being addicted to Skyrim again, and I wanted to make some mods. So I learned Blender (somewhat) and then thought "man, my life dream has always been to make my own AAA quality 3D action adventure RPG game. I should totally learn Unreal Engine." I thought, hey, it has blueprints, so that's already sort of like RPG Maker, but for 3D, right? Well after two weeks of hell, with every solution I find for a problem coming up with 3 more issues, I have decided not to go down the 3D game development route.
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    I used to have a really cool sprite of a tall MV skeleton rising from the ground. If only I could remember where I got it for the new PC...
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    you ever just catch yourself speaking dialogue aloud but never actually write it
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    What are your experience on trying to boost a MV project on an Android 7+ phone to a constant 60 fps? It's very hard for me(mine is 720x1440 px with Octa-core 1.8 GHz Cortex-A53 and Adreno 506), especially with an ATB system plugin. The best minimum I can get is 30+ fps :)
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    Good news and bad news about the new PC. Good news: this thing runs beautifully, I'm not gonna lie. Bad news: the keyboard that came with it is not programmer-friendly. RPG Maker hotkeys? Gone. Impossible. I've switched back to my old keyboard for convenience's sake.
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    New PC! This puppy should be able to run all my games and stuff without tanking my memory, no prob.
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    right ok I don't care I'm making that pride drawing I'll jUST SOMEHOW INCLUDE THE CHARACTERS' NAMES
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    > haven't drawn or posted any official concepts for my game characters > wanted to post a pride month drawing for said characters after I introduced them > pride month ends next week
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    I've listened to 'lifelight' so many times while writing my game that I don't even associate it with smash bros anymore. it's my game's theme now lol
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    Tried making a chase scene, ended up breaking the entire chapter. How did THAT happen?!