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    Uuugh.... I was toiling over a error that made no sense for a good 15 minutes... then I realized I forgot to add 'def' in front of a method definition. >_> Even experienced programmers can still make noob mistakes sometimes!
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    You know, I am curious. What kind of magic does a vis mage do anyway?
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    "Where'd the meow-meow go?" my two year old cousin asked me where my cat wandered off to. Ohhhh, my heart melted.
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    Okay, I am trying to find a way to make Moghunters monogatari plugin With the functionality of Yanflys menu added mages such as job points, quest log, actor variables, profile pages in status, ect, but still with the 'look' apperance of the monogatari menu? Is there a way to add a page into the monogatari menu and copy and paste some of yanflys script to get it to work or combine scripts? I know nothing about scripting.
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    Good morning guys~ Any ideas on where someone begin to learn coding or how to modify codes? I want to combine Mv's moghunter monogatari but have yanflys actor variables page as well as a quest page and a skill tree page/ >w>
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    Long time no see everyone, it's been about a year. Since I've vanished for so long and stopped working on my game due to health reasons and i was making too big a project for my first round, i am now working on a smaller project, featuring some of these characters and more! They are all from a Dungeons and Dragons Podcast I'm in, Tales of swordfall! Definitely listen if you have the chance. I know it's rude to ask a question so soon, but I am trying out moghunters menu currently, and I have the Scene_Item_back and Scene_Status_back Scene_Save_Back with the other options as well as Scene_Menu_back it looks like all the backgrounds show up, except the menu. it's very odd. Any suggestions? Also, I'm glad to be back, I wasn't here long but I I'm glad to be back. Werble-2F8B87EE3.MOV
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    So, I'm not dead. At least last time I checked.
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    After battling a cold and art block, I managed to get some progress done on Kamikakushi. It was a bit jarring for Yasu to not have face graphics in the True End, so I fixed that. (Not perfect, but what can you do) I still have about 4-3% more to finish? I should think about how to combine one idea I had with an idea a playtester suggested to me...
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    I'm just here with some gamedev inspiring music. Or, this here is a version made from the voice of one YouTuber...
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    Also, I forgot to say before but it may be worth mentioning to anyone who is a fan of Super Metroid and Zelda: Link to the Past. I found out today that someone made a hack/randomizer that sorta stitches both games together into one game. Seriously, the time and dedication needed to pull that off... Even if it was kind of a lucky break that the two roms apparently use different chunks of addresses for most of their code. Trust me, I used to be huge into SNES game modification back in the day. Knew ASM well enough that if I took the time and effort, I might have even been able to pull the stitching the games together trick myself. That's not a dismissive statement btw. That's just informing everyone that when I say it needed some serious time and dedication I know what I am talking about. Heres the thing. ASM knowledge is only the basic starting point. You also need to know the game's code inside and out. I am not even sure if Super Metroid or LttP have the kind of insane documentation that Super Mario World (the game I am most familiar with) has. Super Mario World has basically been investigated and dissembled to the point that you can reprogram the whole game with nothing but controller inputs. LttP and Super Metroid though? Well I know there have been people picking away at them for a while at least, but even if the games are known inside and out to that level, to actually do something like this is still crazy impressive.
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    Holy crap... OpenMPT now has native FM Synth support! I have been using a vsti plugin for it or recording it to samples. It's amazing. I knew old s3m modules supported adlib stuff, but I never expected OpenMPT to support them! And they can use instrument envelopes too? And proper panning? Super neato! I can't wait to play with it! Edit: Awww, you can only do hard panning with it. I guess I could make two channels but I am disappointed. I like to use the pitch/pan separation feature, which lets different notes automatically pan based on the note, kinda like you would hear on a piano. Maybe I could get it to work with macros...
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    Lately I have got back into messing round with ZDoom. I used to be into it quite a bit back in the day... It's pretty nostalgic to play with it again. I got distracted reading though all my old posts in the ZDoom forum today. I wonder if I should try and get my account back there? Eh, it's been ages and I don't really have much to say there. Also, found out Randy Heit totally was a girl after all! I knew it! I remember specifically how I made a post somewhere playfully chastising people for assuming Randy's gender... to which Randy replied with only a simple knowing 'heh'. ...Anyway I have not given up on my RPG Maker game or anything, but I do kinda want to make a Doom mod again... Or a Heretic or Hexen mod more likely, I have always been a bit more fond of Raven's fantasy shooters then I have Doom. And Strife is pretty cool too!
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    I thought of the punny name 'Nekonomicon' a few minutes ago. I knew I couldn't be the first one, it's way too easy. Google proved me right! Oh well, it still sounds like a magic book I would want to get my hands on. Imagine a spell book all about cats and catgirls! It sounds so much fun~!
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    *reading a story about fairies and the MC and her fiance breaks 5 of the 8-or-so fairy rules of etiquette* I'm sorry MC-chan but at this point, you kinda deserve this.
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    Is that an inkling I see? Cuuuute! *snuggles*
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    YES!!! FINALLY GOT THE CHASE CODE WORKING! Now to wrap up the other 5% and Kamikakushi is 100% done.
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    Goodness, the fae folk are terrifying. There's a lot of potential for horror games there in those stories...
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    Urg, scriiiiipts

    Urg, scriiiiipts
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    I wonder how many people would take part if I did another contest. Hmmmm....
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    Boog... I'm drawing a blank when it comes to how to revise one doll puzzle in game. I don't want to axe it, but I can't think of any ideas that hasn't been done before or make sense with the setting (1940's Japan) and fit the whole Japanese mythology theme.