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    I'm not in the proper state of mind to be a contributing member of a board right now. Before I take my leave from the community, I just want to apologize to anyone I may have upset or offended. I'm not one for excuses, but given my recent temperament, you need to know I'm not usually an abrasive dickhead. 2019 has done everything in its power to destroy me. From losing my job when the company I worked for shut down facing a management scandal, to my dad's lungs failing him slowly, to my mom being diagnosed with not one, but two forms of cancer, it has just been riding my case. Like an old Chevy, I'm beaten up and worn down, but all I can do is keep going. My mother is the strongest woman on the planet, always has been. Met my father serving in the Canadian Armed Forces. G.I. Jo (Joanna). Seeing her so skinny and weak she can barely leave her bed to use the washroom, well, it just takes the wind out of my sails. Anyway. I'm out. Sorry for being a dick. I'm old enough to know better, just stopped caring for a while there.
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    Hehe, I made a game.bmp for my game today! For if I upload it to the steam workshop. (That's me looking though the D! :3 )
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    I just thought of a joke: How many Buddhists does it take to change a light bulb? Zero. ...Mind you I am not sure what school of Buddhism would fit that joke best. Zen?
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    I've been away for a long time. Two people who wanted music both messaged me in the span of a week, so I need to update my workshop details.
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    You know what's kinda awesome to think about? What happens when two really good song mages battle each other with their music. Because think about it. They often can't just both sing their own songs at each other. That doesn't tend to work very well. Instead, they are better off trying to improvise off each other in such a way that they can twist the music into the theme they want while the other mage loses track of what they are doing. Basically, they fight with jazz. :3
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    I did it! I finally got my silhouette things to look like I want it too! Phew, I just hope it's fast enough to be practical. I basically coded a method to return a list of rects covering a tile's transparent areas which I can be used to trim away parts of the shadow not covering the tile.
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    Phew, I just made something that I am sure 99% of people would find completely useless: A script that lets me set font sizes in VX Ace based on the size of a font's 'M' character. Why bother? Well first of all it seemed to me like different fonts with the same size can look radically different and this way it's a bit more uniform, and also mkxp has some buggy font rendering code (Or VX Ace does, one of the two) and this way I can make my game's fonts about the same look about the same size in mkxp.
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    my room's practically been under quarantine for two days due to termites but i'm back and they're gone still not letting my guard down tho
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    These are lyrics I relate to. The artist is amazing to boot. "...You can't understand unless you've walked in my shoes..." ♫There's an outcast in everybody's life, and I am her (I am her)...♫ ♫There's a shadow in everybody's front door, and I am her (I am her)...♫ ♫There's a dark cloud in everybody's sunlight, and I am her (I am her)...♫ ♫Oh no, I am her...♫ I'm no stranger to being an outcast, that's what makes me unique, partially. I don't follow the path someone else takes, and I revoke rebuttal when I know that the rebuttal is pure nonsense. I don't care what anyone else says or thinks. I may be a pessimist, but I didn't choose to be. Just like I didn't choose to be imprisoned inside of mortal flesh. There are times when things unexplained, uncontrollable with outcome, can't be seen with foresight or circumvented, happen. That type of nonsense though, has happened to me without my consent or my say, far many more times than fair or balanced. I do fine without your interference, thanks. Leave me be, that's all I require. Don't screw with me, don't promise me things you've no intention on delivering, don't say nice things to me, and go behind my back and rebuke them, and in general, don't be stupid, because one come a time, you're gonna come to me asking for something, or perhaps begging and pleading, and I'm going to say NO. You've burdened me with your misconduct, allowing me to take the fall too many times, and I won't have anymore. No, this is not aimed at anyone in particular, but those who know they've screwed with me in this way, know that I've been wronged by them. Whether or not they care, that's not on me.
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    Many of you probably noticed that I did a bit of re-branding over the weekend. Loco Choco Games was going to be the name I released everything under. I never intended to give myself any form of credit, at any point, for anything. It was just going to be, L.C.G., those involved, and credits for materials used. I came to the harsh, soul crushing realization that I'm not ready to put out any form of game yet. I may have been messing with RM titles since '95 for the Playstation, but messing, flirting, toying around with, are the key words. Most of my story ideas ended up in RP format, where you can flesh everything out that much more from moment to moment. The structure changes in game format almost completely. It's totally different context compared to literature. Despite all my romancing with these programs, I never completed a game...nowhere even remotely close, lol. I never had enough time as a youngster, even a young adult. I actually have less going on at 33 than I did at 23. That being said, I figured I'd just get something done, because how hard can it be, right? The editor does roughly 70% of the actual work, outside of mapping, so how hard, can it really be? When you care about quality and integrity as much as I do, it's practically impossible with my skillset. I could make a game with a great story line and great characters, but it's for shit if the game is fundamentally imbalanced, or buggy. It's difficult for me to keep up with today's hyper-informed experts on everything technical, who will rip a game to pieces based on specs alone, not even based on game play or story line. So I've decided to toss such notions aside. I never thought I would be that super star who does everything by themselves, that's just not how game development of any kind works. We can look at the pros and realize this pretty quickly. Those who take 5-10 years to develop a game alone, were still foolish to have done so, they just got lucky. But now I'm faced with the reality that, everyone is doing their own thing, hoping to be that next self-made, independent super star developer. All you keep hearing is, "Group projects are a total mess." Well no, actually. Logic tells us group projects are the best, because that's how professional games are made. You have an expert do a single job, because they specialize in it... They just do it better than you. So it must be the RM user, on average, who is a total mess. As someone looking to make serious, serious games that do more than say I did, because I could, this is very disheartening. For now I will figure out what to do, if anything. My fate may be a simple story writer, who writes stories for other people. Only time will tell, I suppose.
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    Eric! The tester of many games...
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    Since you have been making me think of SaGa Frontier, it reminded me of a old idea I had for a SaGa Frontier-like game myself, one that was harder scifi then SaGa Frontier was. I kinda thought it would be neat to do a game involving actual space travel, but at a more realistic scale then a lot of scifi does. So the basic idea I came up with basically can be summed up as: "What if there was a solar system much like ours, only instead of just one planet where life evolved it was two?" Maybe one slightly further away from the sun as Venus causing it to be more tropical, and one slightly closer to the sun then Mars, causing it to be more frigid. I think it would be interesting to think about how things might be different... What if people from both planets spent most of their history looking up at each other and wondering? What if they excitedly observed each other for hundreds of years, maybe one day established basic radio contact near the dawn of both planet's industrial revolution? What if the technological development of space technology was pushed forward on both sides out of a dream of one day making contact? What if that dream one day happens? Then what if one day space travel becomes common place, and space stations and outposts are built near or on many nearby planets or moons? And maybe... What if both races inexplicably look a lot a like in many ways? What if they both have ruins depicting similar dragon-like creatures? What if both races can use something like 'magic', but it's slightly different? And those who live in space can't use magic at all (because 'mana' is produced by the planets), but may develop a form of 'phionics' instead? Hehe, I had all sorts of wacky ideas... I didn't end up doing anything with it though.
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    Today I figured out my gui/'hud' thing was being refreshed every frame and that's why I had framerate troubles in the dungeons! I thought it was just VX Ace being slow at rendering my lights... I could only imagine how laggy it could be if I didn't use optimized font rendering... Also made it so enemies/events would give up trying to pathfind to a place after three attempts, because there were times where they would try going someplace they couldn't over and over and slow the game down as a result. Because of these things I get 60 fps in dungeons! I thought for sure VX Ace would have a bit more trouble with my lighting effects but apparently not! Edit: Okay it turns out it's more 47 - 59, but still better then I expected.
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    Not RPG related necessarily, but I know I can't be the only retro gaming junkie here. If you're ever in the west side of the Denver Metro Area and are in the hunt for a new-old game... There's a place called Game Fortress.
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    Hehe, I totally reworked my passability types system the other day. See, I had it so some events and/or enemies could swim in water or fly over some terrain, sorta like if they were a boat or airship. Ghost enemies can even move though walls! I expanded it so it could apply to all characters, and what's more feature objects such as equipment and status effects can change passability type! This means I finally made Fairy Dust have a use in my game... Using it will let you fly around for a bit! I even tried to make sure that if you have a status effect that grants you special passability, it won't go away till you are over normal ground. Though equipment and other stuff might be an issue. I will have to see If I can make a special case where it will teleport you to a random spot on the map if you get stuck or something. That's usually how the Mystery Dungeon games handle it I think. Or I could be really nasty and just instakill ya I guess. I also added a cool animation for flying characters where they bob up and down with a little shadow... Though I kinda had to go around and edit a lot of my sprites to not have shadows already. I was thinking of adding a bit of an animation for swimming too, but I havn't yet. I think I have a pretty good set of little splash graphics to use though.
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    ... I think that someday... I'll have a better grasp on all this... Until then... ...That wall is begging me to bang my head against it...
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    Made some 'older' Ness sprites with Loose Leaf parts. I thought the batting glove was a nice touch.
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    testing; don't mind that status

    testing; don't mind that status
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    its nice to see some old faces from when I used to dwell in these caves. Hey all you familiar folks! Hello to you new ones, too! wasssssup?
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    I love this community and miss how active it used to be...https://imgur.com/w1pEVGX
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    Well, damn...this sucks... RIP Richard Anthony Monsour, aka Dick Dale... He passed away on March 16, this year. One of the guitar greats, sorely missed, one I'll never get to meet. As a tribute, I'm sharing Misirlou. May the Divines guide you to peace, great patron of the musical arts...
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    I̭͙̰͉̞͈ͩͣͥ̏ͬͥ̑͜'͙̥͓̈́̒̿̎m̡̗̦͙̹̣̣̟͐ͥ͌͒͗̓̇͗͟ ̓͑̓̉͏̻͇̱̬͞͡n̄̔̓̎̔͏̢͍̱o̸̰̠͚̟͋͞t̩̺́̔ ͖̝̝̜̣̬̀ͮ̔ͫͩ̿ͣ̚͘ͅf̷͖͉̯̬̞̗͕͋͂̈̓ͪ͆͡͞ͅę͚̦̪̲̝̰͛̏ͤͫ͌̇͢e̢̝̿ͩ̕l̃́̒ͮ̓̾̓̊͏̵̠̞̲̲̬̭̳͚͢í̢̲̞̰̪̟̠̤ͧ̿̿͡n͔͔͎̘͖̬̳̻̑̾̓͢͡ͅğ̶̩̠̖͖͓̜ͩ̋͗ͣ̀ ̧͔͉͉̣̠̉̆ͨͫ̏͜͠s̶͛͒̈́͠͏͇͉̼o̥͔̞ͬ̄̋̾͗̃̓͘͠͞ ̙͎̰ͬ͐͑̇͞w̌͆ͪͮ́̆͏̷̣e͕̥͙̰͇̥̣͓ͩͥ͐̋͜l͇̞̦͉̼͒̓͑̇̚̕l̵͓̩̺̗ͦͨͯ̾͊̿͑̐͝ ̛̀ͯ̀͋̎̓̅ͭ҉̬̦t͋̓͋̿̎̓͏̻̰͓̰͘oͣͮ̾ͦ̏ͫ̅̈̚͏̸͚̙͉̳̲d̼̯̥͖̠̦̽ͤͬͦͩ͟ͅa̢̯̱̟̞̱̤̣͈ͨ̚͡ͅy̦̹̜̪͇͑,̴͓̪͉̣͎ͣͨ͌̽̚ ̙̥̥̄̌͟c̰͎̪ͥͯ̒́ą̪̽͠͠ͅn̢̪̖̙͇͚̹ͯ͋͝'̷͎̙͖͙̆͗̆ͬͪ̃͌̈́͌ț̯̤͖̖̩ͫ̿̽̈́̒͘ ̤̼̇͜͞y̹̗̿ͣ̍̈́̓ͬ̂o̰͖̺̩ͤ̍͌̾̔̎͂ù̄҉̗͓̯ ͗͏̢̲̹̜̙̗͈̣t̺̗͎͚͈̖̣̀͂̓̈́ͨe̩̲̬̜̤̰̳͐̎͐̓̐̇̂ͫ̉ͅl̰̲̜ͧ́͒ͮ̀͜l̴̡̖̮̻͓̫̮̫͒ͩ̐́͘?̸̖̦̜͇͎̇ͤͣ̈́͊̂̍́͡ ̡̱̣̮̪͚̙̻̙̠̎̅ͥͦͪ̏͂͟͠l̷̸̟̮͙̣̘̪ͨ̿̉͑o̶̶̮̖͔ͧ̎̉ͪl̤̲̒̇͊ͧͥ̋̅̈̐̀z̖̰̦̭͖̰ͫ̑͐̄̿͐ͤ͛̍ͅ