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    I worked on my game today! Hurray! I really should do that more...
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    Been doing a fair amount of dev work over the past week and I will be moving my new project entirely to Godot. It's just over all better than what I can accomplish with RPG Maker and it's very python like in the language so coding is really simple to pick up on quickly, plus GD Script is a breeze to utilize. I'll still be doing some work and fun stuff around here as well :P
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    I just have an idea on combining DDR played with keyboard, and typing speed exercise. Basically, you need to type a document in English, but each character's typed with the timing in sync with the music used. Maybe with the aid of fast paced music, one's typing speed can reach unprecedented levels :) I'm gonna make a proof of concept when I've tons of free time :D
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    I have a plan to resurrect this site to it's heyday traffic. It involves baking cookies and using a fan to blow the cookie air toward people. It'll draw them in, we trap em, blah blah you get it.
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    Hehe, the other day I decided to do something I have been thinking about doing for a while and turn all my 'potion' items into mushrooms! I think it fits my fairy theme better. Makes me want to add a cameo of Marisa somewhere. Now I wonder what I should change scrolls to? I would say runes, but I am already using runes for something else.
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    Just a little fun with PyxelEdit before bed.
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    Making a sexy new plugin, my first ever public one. I never do public plugins, for a lot of reasons, but.....eh, I wanna do at least one, and so it's gotta be a big one! MV users will be the only beneficiaries, but maybe when I finally relearn Ruby (it's been years) I'll do it for ACE as well
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    Seems like VX Ace is coming back in style here! Neat!
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    I wish there was more time between now and the last time I pooped my pants.
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    Getting back into a little bit of pixel work and animation, a bit rusty but i gave myself 20 minutes to create and animate a simple slime to get the brain working. * You have to go to my profile to see the actual animation :D
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    Very few games can make me cry, and this is one of them: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JVywqFx0GdE
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    I guess in my hiatus it seems traffic here has really slowed. Also, wondering if I should upgrade from VX Ace.
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    Just found this: https://www.autohotkey.com/ I wonder if any programmer will be interested to that :)
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    *Drags himself out of a dark multi-year slumber and cracks knuckles*.....*sips coffee* I'm back and I guess I could get some work done. Only been a few years
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    Hehe, I saw a video today you might like...
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    Rest in Peace, Eddie Van Halen... ♫Shine on, Shine on...♫
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    I coded a spell that won't be used in game for lols and it's pretty funny lmao
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    posted some stuff for ace

    posted some stuff for ace
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    You know, I have been hardcoding a lot of text in my scripts so I bet my game would be a pain in the neck to translate to another language. Unlikely anyone would ever try even if I do finish it but something to think about. Then again, my game would probably be hard to translate even if I kept all the text in easy to change external files just because I have a habit of writing walls of text filled with puns, cultural references, and archaic language.
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    Still working on a lot of things. Nothing is close to done. Creative Drive stalled. I'm looking forward to when the stupidity of society drops to a tolerable level, and I don't care if it takes some cataclysm to achieve it!
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    And now I'm going to try and be more active on here. As much as a lack of internet allows
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    I actually have been working on my game a widdle bit! I was reworking the intro and stuff. Still not sure I am happy with the basic set up though. Partly because I keep wanting to write my own meta-commentary. XD
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    Sad to hear that yanfly's plugins are now paywalled, but I respect Yanfly's decision. We should really appreciate all of the content creators hardwork.
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    trying out new concept for a game
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    Don't read the spoiler; it's angry spew, but do fix the bugs so I can catch up, like NOW THANKS. ...... ......