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    Hello, I'm a game maker from Thailand. Nice to meet you
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    Here's a thought: A boss that has infinite transformations which are procedurally generated. Player has to pay attention to dialogue to figure out that there is a way to stop them from transforming for a time so that they can finish them off. Each time the boss gets low it says "This isn't even my final form!" What's even more fun is that eventually such a boss will spawn some challenges to see how many bosses one can get through before finally dying.
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    this is probs the closest i'll get to making an anime, at least for a while ahaha
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    Just declined the renewal of the contract of the job(because I foresee that the situation will probably go from very nice to really tough soon) and ended the current one several days ago, all after working there for 2 years, and I hope that it means I'll have enough time and motivation to work on RMMZ again
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    swiggity swoggity embeds are no longer my property! pervasive be this ruse of riddle and rhyme, doubtless it will age poorly with time! But let it be known through succor and sorrow~ 'Twas I who waded through the bleak to reach the morrow! But yeah to cut one incredibly ingratiating poem short, embeds be broken, yo! You needn't worry, I've already submitted a report and literally all the admins are online, it should be fixed 'ere long!
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    If I suddenly vanish completely or for a long time, the landlord is to blame; violating the Fair Housing Act is something that this greedy, avaricious piece of crap is good at doing and getting away with. I happen to be the landlord's next victim, and if it comes to it, well, I hope to see ya at the edge of the Great Black River; I'll even pay your fare to cross.
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