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    [ I feel so bad I keep reading the rules carefully and I think thoroughly before I post a thread or in a topic and make sure it's the right place to put it, and I still end up putting it in the wrong category. I feel really bad for all the mods cleaning up after me T____T I really am trying to be carefull...I will just have to be more cautious. Sorry for being so annoying >x<;; ]
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    I love this community! Everyone is so nice and supportive. What projects is everyone working on?
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    spent almost a full night just designing these damned protagonists for IGMC project. still not completed o_o'
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    working on something that'll appear soon~ here's a sneak peak of the characters
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    You know what? I am bored being the good guy every year! I AM GONNA EMBRACE THE DARKNESS! MUHAHAHAHAHAHA!
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    Things are happening at work... Apparently I'm done with night shifts. Along with new tasks I'll get, I was moved to the morning shift (6:30 AM - 14:30 AM). No idea how things will look like, but I'm afraid I'll not like the changes, starting from 10% lower monthly salary, probably more stress at work and the fact, that I'm not a fan of waking up early! Let's see what will happen..., though I hope it all will be actually better than I expect it to be. Eventually I'll abandon ship and become jobless, thus have more of free time! YAY!
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    After much thought on the matter - I think I can safely admit that I am the worlds best procrastinator.
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    Hey! Look! Listen! I got myself a new laptop, and while it was a pretty penny to get, it's a 15.6 inch touch screen with 12 GB of RAM. With 1 Terrabyte of storage, I shall.... Still be working on my games XD
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    My birthday is tomorrow! Hehe, gonna be 38! I know, I know, it's young for a fairy, but then again I never said it was 38 years.
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    You're name is Blue Typhlosion, but your avatar doesn't look like any Typhlosion I've ever seen.
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    You guys want to watch/play a game that scares even me? I recommend Outlast. Not Outlast 2, but Outlast (and the Whistleblower DLC).
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    I've posted about this sale in a few select places on other sites and figured I should do the same here as it might help out members of the community in need of art for their games. I'm in the mood for line work right now so I've decided to run a sale on line art commissions. I'll be offering digital line art drawings, full body non-nude for $20 (normally $40) and full body pin-up or mature for $25 (normally $50). For right now I'm planning on opening at least 10 slots. I may open more once those are completed, but not entirely certain. Depends on schedule and my interest level. If you're interested in ordering a piece, feel free to contact me via PM here on the forums.
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    I have a box full of packet noodles. My kitten seems to enjoy sitting inside the box though. My noodle packets have kitten butt all over them now >.<
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    If nothing else, college has taught me that I love animating almost as much as I hate animating. ^^
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    Holy crap! O_O I've been gone for 2 months or so. Now I can't recognize the place. What the hell did you do? On a different note, how've you all been?
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    Me and my luck: I posted to a couple of old posts, but oh well! On to my actual status of the day, I'm working on the god of Death, Deiroace, as this goes up. Hopefully I can get the picture up and have a sprite sheet done for those to look at and watch a battle test when it comes down to it. Here's to the hope of finishing!
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    finally done arranging the tilesets. testing them out~
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    Oh! I actually found out about a astrological event before it's too late to see it? Put on your Pink Floyd kids, it's eclipse time later!
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    progressing a little bit on the small project~ (graphically only, though :x)
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    happy independence day to our country ^^
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    There's a night background now? Me like!
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    It's officially my birthday now! :3