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    I worked on my game today! Hurray! I really should do that more...
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    I wrote lyrics today ! Hehehe.

    I wrote lyrics today! Hehehe.
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    I have a plan to resurrect this site to it's heyday traffic. It involves baking cookies and using a fan to blow the cookie air toward people. It'll draw them in, we trap em, blah blah you get it.
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    Hehe, the other day I decided to do something I have been thinking about doing for a while and turn all my 'potion' items into mushrooms! I think it fits my fairy theme better. Makes me want to add a cameo of Marisa somewhere. Now I wonder what I should change scrolls to? I would say runes, but I am already using runes for something else.
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    Just a little fun with PyxelEdit before bed.
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    Making a sexy new plugin, my first ever public one. I never do public plugins, for a lot of reasons, but.....eh, I wanna do at least one, and so it's gotta be a big one! MV users will be the only beneficiaries, but maybe when I finally relearn Ruby (it's been years) I'll do it for ACE as well
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    Been doing a fair amount of dev work over the past week and I will be moving my new project entirely to Godot. It's just over all better than what I can accomplish with RPG Maker and it's very python like in the language so coding is really simple to pick up on quickly, plus GD Script is a breeze to utilize. I'll still be doing some work and fun stuff around here as well :P