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    New quarantine challenge: Come up with the weirdest parody restaurant you can. For mine, I made Borger Kitt, a cat-themed version of Burger King.
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    My brother startled me the other morning by saying he wanted to try AC:NH. His reasoning? "This game (DOOM Eternal)'s too stressful." So I did him a solid and made him a profile on my AC:NH game. He's now an official member of Hanashima.
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    I was just thinking... People like comedy right? And some of the most famous people who make comedy are stand-up comedians. But people also like horror, so why aren't there any famous stand-up horrorians?
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    everyone: don't you think you're a little too attached to dezel from tales of zestiria me, halfway done making his hat in animal crossing: no clue what you're talking about
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    Thinkin of getting a buzzcut so I stop moving my hair out of my face and therefore stop touching my face