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    Yay, I got my replacement power adapter! I am back! :3
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    So, even the paywall hype train has hit the RM community. I mean, the patreon garbage kind of paywall. Yanfly, you've really sunk down to the levels of the likes of dirty devs and asset flippers, but I guess it doesn't surprise me. It's either money or nothing. You know what that actually is? Greed. You could of put your plugins on Steam or somewhere where purchase would be much easier, but no, you gave the underprivileged the finger instead with sleazy Patreon. The Orwellian nightmare continues...
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    I decided to put some music I made for my game up on Soundcloud. I have used it before to share a track or two to people privately but I put a bunch of stuff as public today. I just figured since I haven't been working on my game much lately I might as well upload some of the music that I feel kinda proud of, just so something I have been working on is out there somewhere.
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    Since it's Lesbian Visibility Day, let me get this out of the way: I'm a lesbian game developer with my lovely girlfriend. After helping each other with our projects, we formed ObakeNeko Works, an indie doujin circle of like-minded yuri and game-lovers. I couldn't have asked for a better girl by my side. Thank you all for supporting us this far.
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    Phew! I am feeling much better the last few days. No more annoying distracting music in my ears! Yay! Though I have been pretty sleepy and still have some sinus problems, but I think my new sinus med is helping!
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    When I started Memory of the Fallen Leaves, I was confident I could finish a large-scale project with just a two person team. Now that I'm older and wiser, I realize just how foolish that was. Neither my girlfriend and I had any idea how to code anything super complex and story-wise, a lot of things didn't make sense. At first, I took a break from it to work on smaller scale projects when I came to realize working on smaller scale projects is much more fun and easier to do then blindly jumping in headfirst into a large-scale project. So it is with a heavy heart I must say that Memory of the Fallen Leaves will be placed on a semi-permanent hiatus. The story needs serious rewriting and revising before I can work on it again. I'm not sure how long that'll take us, though.
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    Hehe, I was working on my game today! I decided to implement friendly 'enemies' that can help you out! I already coded some of it because I had a 'charm' status effect, but there was lots of special case logic to get that to work. Now it's a lot more flexible. Hmmm, I wonder if I should have full on Doom-style monster infighting? Though often in Mystery Dungeon-style roguelikes like mine, you really don't want eneimes to kill each other because it causes the killer to level/rank up. If I was really mean I would do both. XD
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    Making progress!

    Making progress!
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    In light of the recent Ion Fury and HEARTBEAT controversy, we'd like to remind you all that we do not condone homophobia/transphobia/racism or hate of ANY kind. Honestly, it's hateful devs like these that give studios like our ObakeNekoWorks a bad name...
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    My second project is chugging along well, Hope it will turn out cute! I'd love to put more work into my first but still waiting for my artist there~
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    I got a Hat in Time not too long ago on steam. My lappytoppy can't play it all that well unless I really put it on minimal settings but it's still cute as heck and tons of fun! I would have waited till it was ported to the switch, but I wanted to play with the new DLC and all the mods too. While I was at it, I also decided to start Super Mario Odyssey as well (I have had it for a while, but always put off playing it). It's super fun too! It isn't quite as cute though. It's still cute, but not little girl with a big top hat cute, ya know? Other then that it's striking how similar the two games are. I think my favorite '3D platformer' of all time might still be Brave Fencer Musashi, although Brave Fencer Musashi definitely follows it's own kind of formula and leans more in the direction of Zelda then Mario sometimes, so it might not be a fair comparison.
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    Took one playtester's advice and started recoloring Hisame's sprites to match his face graphics. An abysmally slow process, but it's getting somewhere...
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    I think I am gonna add some difficulty options to my game or something. Before I kinda wanted to do old school roguelike full permadeath and still kinda want that to be an option, but i have played played dark souls a bunch recently and I like how it handles progression and death. So I was thinking maybe it would be better to just have you lose your items and progress to the next level instead of reseting your level completely... We will see!
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    I got Dark Souls for my switch because I never got around to playing it before. Honestly it's kind of silly how unforgiving it can be. I mean, I get you wanna be hard game, but do you really have to let me dive right off into a pit if I am slightly at the wrong angle? You know in so called 'real life' people usually instinctively stop themselves from walking over edges. Just walking over one without thinking is something that mostly only happens in video games.
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    Starting a new project. The previous one just got to the point of overcomplicated to fix, especially since I know not what is in error. So, this new one is going to be less complex, I hope... (my super-charged creativity makes 'simple' impossible)
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    I was feeling kinda sick yesterday for some reason, which is too bad because it was May Day... Feel lots better now though!
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    you ever find new scripts for rpg maker and go "YOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO"
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    Phew... Back from Singapore. Didn't have a camera, but I might be able to share some photos others took later. :3
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    I wonder if Minerva and Kotori still stay in touch. They were a pretty active duo back in the day
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    Hell. Yes. This is why I love Loose Leaf sprites. I was worried about Loose Leaf hair parts not being enough to sprite generated faces, but a lot of chibi bangs can be used. They aren't perfect, but they work.
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    I have realized that I am a demon. I am the demon Gaz. That isn't my real name, but I like it.
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    I have been playing a lot of this one RPG Maker game lately (well two, the VX Ace original and a little of the unfinished MV remake) with a really interesting super minimalist kind of interface art. Take a look at this screen shot: It mostly plays more like a text adventure with lots of cut-in graphics, but most of the navigation is done by moving a glowing square around a grid of solid color tiles and abstract icons for events, and it actually feels a lot to me like a old DOS game. (It's also very very NSFW, but let's not talk about that)
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    It was the summer solstice yesterday! Hope everyone had fun!
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    Holy Moly! They are actually finally officially released a version of Seiken Densetsu 3/Secret of Mana 2 in English (called Trials of Mana now apparently)? What's next? An official English version of Mother 3? Who knows? I mean, now that Reggie has retired he isn't around to throw fireballs at people for asking. Too bad everyone who cared probobly already played the unofficial version to death and moved on. Maybe I will pick up the remake they are making? I would like to see if they fixed any of the many many issues the original game had! Can you imagine if they decided to remake Mother 3 like that? It would be funny given it was originally gonna be a 3D n64 game.
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    I'm extremely late with this, but happy birthday! I hope it was a great day for you.