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    I thought of a fun plot twist: What if there was a character who said they didn't know who they are, so everyone assumes they lost their memories, but they didn't and never actually said that. They instead decided to throw away their old identity because they ended up not liking who they became. They knew who they were, just not who they are. Doubt I will ever use this in anything though.
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    Yay, I got my replacement power adapter! I am back! :3
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    So, even the paywall hype train has hit the RM community. I mean, the patreon garbage kind of paywall. Yanfly, you've really sunk down to the levels of the likes of dirty devs and asset flippers, but I guess it doesn't surprise me. It's either money or nothing. You know what that actually is? Greed. You could of put your plugins on Steam or somewhere where purchase would be much easier, but no, you gave the underprivileged the finger instead with sleazy Patreon. The Orwellian nightmare continues...
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    I decided to put some music I made for my game up on Soundcloud. I have used it before to share a track or two to people privately but I put a bunch of stuff as public today. I just figured since I haven't been working on my game much lately I might as well upload some of the music that I feel kinda proud of, just so something I have been working on is out there somewhere.
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    That's pretty awesome kek

    That's pretty awesome kek
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    Thanks to everyone's help I re-edit the cover art. Is this one better?
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    I'm working on art for the cover and poster but, I can't decide which one is better.
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    Sick to death of scurrying around like an adolescent rodent, frantically searching for some crumb of sustenance with this RM thing. I have a ton of game ideas, and I work on them all, because an idea neglected is an idea wasted. You've got to flesh out an idea, even if you don't throw everything behind it until it's done. I have vaults full of ideas and stories from my role playing days, not counting the things I've created for RM. But there is one story that stands tall above the others. Around eight years ago I went back to my roots as a story teller. I came up with a tribute to Squaresoft and Final Fantasy. An epic, emotional odyssey that embodies my love and admiration for that brand of story telling and world creation that defined the greatest decade of the genre. It's now or never, because this RM is a black hole that devours people's time giving nothing back to show for it. And I'm so over it.
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    Looking for ant scripts or plugins that use my Animated Battlers.
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    When it comes down to it, it seems that MV has a lot more reliance on the Workshop for completeness. The Add-On pack should also be reduced permanently to $10.
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    No, I don't observe/celebrate this upcoming 'holiday'; since when is a day about mindless eating considered some sort of celebration!? Isn't a feast supposed to be PART OF A CELEBRATION, NOT THE CELEBRATION ITSELF!? I mean, I get the milktoast premise of it being about a day where you reflect on what you're thankful for, but again, why on this specific day!? It could be any given day, any given time. Well...I'm not going to elaborate on why, because it would go into an essay long thing, and I'm not feeling up to it. I feel bloated as is just thinking about it, and we're having ham, not turkey. The turkey we were going to have, was improperly handled, and had to be tossed out. I'll spare the details. I'm still bloated. I'd be okay with just baking the ham, and placing it between two slices of bread later.
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    It's been a while since I toyed with music. That sudden motivation though, heh.
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    Wine is one of the healthiest drinks there is. It's true. That said, improperly fermented and/or aged wine, is nothing but bad. Usually pretty nasty, to boot. Also, never more than one glass with a meal, and avoid highly strenuous tasks afterward. #randomhealthtip
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    Hello! I just overanalyzed Eddsworld for the 9999999999999999999999999999999th time. https://eddsworld-late.tumblr.com/post/189258164679/eddsworld-and-subtle-storytelling
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    I was an admin on a Facebook group a little while back, and I took a non-power trip, fair, honest, assertive and good listener approach, which while it did well to keep me honest, it also made me a target for the other admins who wanted me to conform to whatever BS standards they wanted, which wasn't going to happen, at all. The whole 'shoot first, ask questions later if ever' mentality, is the kind of crap that gets people in trouble offline, and it most certainly makes all who go that way look like an absolute jerkwad. There is no reward for honesty except everyone makes you their patsy, that's how this society is. Meh.
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    Phew! I am feeling much better the last few days. No more annoying distracting music in my ears! Yay! Though I have been pretty sleepy and still have some sinus problems, but I think my new sinus med is helping!
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    When I started Memory of the Fallen Leaves, I was confident I could finish a large-scale project with just a two person team. Now that I'm older and wiser, I realize just how foolish that was. Neither my girlfriend and I had any idea how to code anything super complex and story-wise, a lot of things didn't make sense. At first, I took a break from it to work on smaller scale projects when I came to realize working on smaller scale projects is much more fun and easier to do then blindly jumping in headfirst into a large-scale project. So it is with a heavy heart I must say that Memory of the Fallen Leaves will be placed on a semi-permanent hiatus. The story needs serious rewriting and revising before I can work on it again. I'm not sure how long that'll take us, though.
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    Hehe, I was working on my game today! I decided to implement friendly 'enemies' that can help you out! I already coded some of it because I had a 'charm' status effect, but there was lots of special case logic to get that to work. Now it's a lot more flexible. Hmmm, I wonder if I should have full on Doom-style monster infighting? Though often in Mystery Dungeon-style roguelikes like mine, you really don't want eneimes to kill each other because it causes the killer to level/rank up. If I was really mean I would do both. XD
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    Making progress!

    Making progress!
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    In light of the recent Ion Fury and HEARTBEAT controversy, we'd like to remind you all that we do not condone homophobia/transphobia/racism or hate of ANY kind. Honestly, it's hateful devs like these that give studios like our ObakeNekoWorks a bad name...
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    My second project is chugging along well, Hope it will turn out cute! I'd love to put more work into my first but still waiting for my artist there~
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    Cute things to do with your datemate: Trade library card information and order books/movies/cds/etc. that you think the other would like on their card.
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    I created a background and redid all the assets from mjshi's minigame plugin.
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    While I work on the races for Stranded In Space, I am working on an actual project in MV and LibreOffice. I was inspired by those r/nosleep stories and my own nightmares, so I decided to make a horror. I will make a post about the main characters and brief overlook shortly.
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    I wish I could read these scary stories, but my knowledge of Japanese is at a grade school level. I was hoping to find some more juicy inspiration for 72 Youkai Anthology.