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    Good day, everyone. I am Dark Paladin, and I am new in RPG Maker Central. Nice to meet you all.
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    I wanted to say hi. By the way, I find it curious that I had not been registered before. Perhaps I was just being lazy for a change. XD Yeah, I'm a scripter. I rarely make my custom sprites for stuff like buttons, but I'm no pro. Actually I can't even be considered an amateur spriter IMHO. =_=¡
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    So tell us about your game projects or ideas. What's your favorite engine?
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    Welcome to the land of the dead. Population: me, Kyonides, Rikifive and PhoenixSoul on occasion.
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    Hi For those who have played the original Romancing Walker, a popular game developed by Flare on Rpg Maker 2000. I received permission many years ago to make a sequel to the project, albeit at the time I lost focus and abandoned the project. This year I started work on the sequel to realise my dream of expanding on this games universe. The original game had a lot of charm and managed to produce a very playable game with interesting concepts. I introduce to you Romancing Walker II. Sixty years have passed since the end of the original game. Ryle Laster and his companions are remembered throughout Factoria as heroes for defeating Chaos. Although the world has been at peace for so long, Chaos has found a way to return. You set out as a part-elf part-human martial artist, his name is Ryu and he has chosen to move to East Factoria, Lavas Town (Previously known as Lavas Ville) where is grand father resides. He sets out on an adventure to experience Factorian culture, food, meet people and make friends. Along the way he may find something more than friendship or may find himself going it alone, it all depends on the player's actions. There are tons of easter eggs for fans of the original. TileSets are by Inquisitor of RPG Palace (With additions from myself) CharSets are a combination of RTP (used sparingly) and Sithjester (With modifications by myself) New orchestral mp3 quality music from the original Romancing Walker soundtrack and music by Tanner *Will add other credits when i build the list properly I will add and update information when appropriate. Please check out the screenshots. Let me know what you think, I'd love to hear from any fans of the original game. Thanks Latest screenshots (01/01/22) (New Romance system, Quest system, Lighting, detailing, new areas and customised battle system) Older screenshots
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    hey kyonides, Welcome to the forums, I hope you enjoy what's left of this little hamlet
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    Hello and welcome! Edit: I see you're working with Ace. Good, good.
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    Hello and welcome!
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    Hello everyone, this is very difficult for me (I only speak Spanish xD) But the forums I know of are dead, and I only see the English forums available to learn I bought the RPG Maker MV many years ago, but this year, I'm trying to make my first project. Dark Fantasy style I hope everything goes well and I'll be here until the end, although now I'll also have to strengthen my English XD
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    Hi hi! I'm Cyberweasel89, or sometimes called "Woozle" by my friends. Veteran denizen of the Internet and an extrovert forced to live like an introvert. XD I've been playing RPG Maker games since 2000. Even tried to make my own once, though it didn't get very far aside from early map and character designing. I'd say my favorite RPG Maker game from back in the day was Romancing Walker. I have lots of fond memories of that game and I think it might've helped shape me into the woman I am today. The Reality Breakdown trilogy was also a huge part of my teenager years and I regret not finishing "Shadows of Evil: The Wings of Time" before Kamain's World went kablooey. Most of my Internet work is in fanfiction, though. I'm on the team of six known as the "Cross-Brain," who write the popular One Piece fanfic "This Bites!" I found this forum because of whispers of a potential sequel to Romancing Walker in the works with permission from FLARE. Just to be sure, I think I saw in another thread that there's a waiting period after my email activation is finished before I can edit my profile? I wanna look presentable, after all. XD
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    Hello and welcome! You should be able to customize your profile now.
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    Welcome to the forum. i loved playing Romancing Walker. Like you have been playing since the early days.
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    Hi there Sorry for the late reply, I hadn't been checking back here because of the low interest. It was a long time ago I was in touch with those who were responsible for the so bad its good translation work (2005 to be exact!) as I couldn't approach Flare directly due to language barriers and no contact info. I've been a fan of the game since the RM2k days. The project is still underway albeit I had taken a break to get better at pixel art, part of the original game I enjoyed was the original art so i hoped i could introduce some myself. As a native English speaker it's difficult for me to structure stuff in broken English, I do enjoy the comedic effect it brought but my experience and inspirations differ from the original authors so with my writing I write with structure and grammar, with serious tones but have comedic elements that I tend to lean towards (subtle ironic humour, slapstick, self-deprecation etc.) I really enjoyed the character chemistry in RW1 and the story although cliched had interesting elements to it. If you are still interested I was wondering if you would be up for a Q&A about what you enjoyed about the first game etc. It would be incredibly useful to me as I've not actually met another RW fan yet! Thanks, H3llb0und
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    Hello there. I am a big fan of the original Romancing Walker and I have just stumbled upon this post through random Google searching. Your project intrigues me, and I'd be curious to play it once it's complete. So am I to gather from your post that you have been in touch with the original author of Romancing Saga? If you don't mind saying, what are they like? I've always been quite curious about the development of the original game (which I consider to be one of my all-time-favorite RPG Maker games) and would have a handful of questions if you were in touch with them and they were happy to answer. Either way I hope you haven't abandoned the project or site entirely as it seems it's been quite a few months since you've last logged in and unfortunately nobody else really seems to be interested in a sequel to one of the greatest so-bad-it's-good JRPG games ever made. I am a huge fan of the original's terrible translation (seriously, I find it charming and it's not like I can't understand what's being said just because some of the spelling or grammar is a bit funky) and how basic, straightforward, and pure the original was in terms of JRPG mechanics and anime-inspired plot.
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    Looking to find someone who's familiar with either Mog's script that can help me make a animated title screen for my remake project on VXA. Trying to recreate the original Zelda title screen but 3D-ish for my 3D remake project. Could either use help making the art for it, or showing me how to use the script's functions to do it myself.
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    Try this script class Scene_Base def custom_fadeout @fading_out = true @fadeout_timer = 0 end alias fadeout_update update def update fadeout_update if @fading_out @fadeout_timer+=1 bgm = RPG::BGM.last bgm.volume -=1 if bgm.volume > 0 && @fadeout_timer%2 == 0 bgm.play if bgm.volume == 0 @fading_out = false RPG::BGM.stop end end end end bgm.volume -=1 if bgm.volume > 0 && @fadeout_timer%2 == 0 This line means the volume will decrease by one every 2 frames if you increase the number next to fadeout_timer,it will fade out more slowly if you increase the number next bgm.volume it will fade out more quickly Edit you active it with the following script command SceneManager.scene.custom_fadeout
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    This was tooken around christmas last year,sadly its the most normal picture of me I have...
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    Thanks for the welcome. So far, none I am still exploring ideas for game projects. If we are talking game engine generally, I say Unity Engine. In RPG Maker series is the RMMV.
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    Hello everypony! It's been a while, but the status screen is now ready! (Pinkie seems to be happy for that!) There players will be able to view all the parameters the characters have, duh! Everything about that screen in general is rather obvious, but you may be wondering why there is an option to skip animations. The thing is, that this screen is partially animated, including the pages themselves. The pages have slide-in animation, where tabs appear one by one when switching between these, so it is more than obvious, that some ponies will not like to wait a little bit longer for pages to appear every time they'll be wanting to view parameters, so this option is for skipping that. When enabled, all the tabs appear at once, for faster navigation. So while I offered a kind of a fancy thing, player experience is also important, so this choice will be entirely up to you, with that convenient setting available on the fly. You'll be able to see the animations at the end of the post. For now though, let's take a look at the pages. Page 1: Main Parameters The most important things are displayed there. Level, HP, MP; nothing fancy. The 5 icons with 0% represent elemental resistance. What elemental resistances exactly do however, will be explained when the right time comes. Below resistances you can view the base parameters, with the main stats attached to them. "LP" stands for Learning Points. These points will be used to learn and improve skills/spells, probably even raise parameters a little. For that, there will be a skill tree, where you'll be following paths. Ponies will have abilities they'll be improving along with progress. The damage will be scaled in percentage, so for example, a magic projectile spell will deal 120% of magical damage, so no matter how far you'll go, it will be always scaled to your parameters, thus will catch up to your level. There may be various improvements, such as more damage, additional projectiles, longer duration etc. etc.. The saddlebag bar represents the space of pony's inventory, as it will be limited. Page 2: Detailed Parameters There you'll find various details. If the pony will have a certain bonus to something, that won't be displayed in the first page, it will appear here. So for example, let's assume you equipped something, that increases the exp rate, the tab with that information will appear here. Or perhaps having a defense boost when on low life? It will also appear here. Everything will be shown before players, so that they'll know what exactly do they have, rather than wondering if something actually works or not. To be honest there's not enough of these to fill the whole screen yet, but I do have that possibility in mind so I've prepared the concept for handling that: Hmm... Perhaps an achievement for managing to fill it that way? Page 3: Character Information Probably the most useless page, but may be somewhat helpful for newcomers. It's just a typical little biography page. The information here will be updating along with progress, so if the plot will suddenly get too complex making the ponies flip upside down and you won't be able to keep track of something, perhaps you'll find it there. Consider that as minimalist wikia page in-game. ... Because why not! I consider that menu as done, though adjustments of course may be made along with development progress. Below you can view the in-game recording, showing the animations I've mentioned before. /!\ Note: Due to large filesize, I'm unable to put preview here in the post, so I'll leave a direct link to it. The file behind the link is in .gifv format and thanks to filesize, it may take a little moment to load or perhaps it even might not display at all on some devices. The original file size of that .gif file is 47,5 MB; where the .gifv in preview shows 9,60 MB. CLICK HERE FOR IN-GAME PREVIEW On a side note, I plan to support multilanguage, so everything is made having that in mind. All the text is stored in external .ini files, which will allow 3rd party ponies to translate the game, if anypony would be willing to do so, that is. Since Polish is my native language, I'm going to include that language 'by default'. And since Applejack didn't appear in this post yet, there's an image with her. ~where PN stands for Punkty Nauki. That's all for now! Thank you for visiting!
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