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    I was looking for side doors and i didn't find any, so i made them. Here they are, free to use. (Only credit Enterbrain because i don't want any trouble). Find Them Here and for XP. Opening Preview: They are in both left and right sides. Plus Sprites With Shadows RPG Maker VX ACE - XP Animated Side Doors.rar
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    I was able to fix the editor. I went into the Data Folder and hit the restore button on the files it was having trouble with. So that's lucky. I still have to add a bit of my progress but at least I didn't lose everything.
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    OK, so doing the same as what yanfly does, put the condition for the note tag in each class. (actpr, class, RPG::EquipItem, skills, states) This will make a record of everything that has the note tag. Then you will want to use a Game_Interpreter method to do a call to another method in Game_Party. In Game_Party you can do the repeative check in many ways, but usually it would be something like def (method to use) $game_party.members.each do |act| act.skills.each do |s| code # if s.note.include?("notetag"); stuff; end end act.states.each do |st| code end act.note.include?("notetag") code end cl = act.class # this may require a bit of testing to get the class $data_classes[cl].note.include?("notetag") code end act.equips.note.include?("notetag") code end end end Now that's off the top of my head, but the actual code that will work could be very different.
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    My first question is, how does a feature have a note tag? States, skills, items etc can have note tags. but a feature is placed in the object. The object can have note tags, not the feature. Apart from that, you need to decide where to check for the note tag. @item.notetag = true ( if you set up the database to include that notetag variable) for example #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- # new method: load_notetags_jp #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- def self.load_notetags_jp groups = [$data_actors, $data_classes, $data_weapons, $data_armors, $data_states, $data_enemies, $data_items, $data_skills] for group in groups for obj in group next if obj.nil? obj.load_notetags_jp end end end end # DataManager #============================================================================== # ■ RPG::BaseItem #============================================================================== class RPG::BaseItem #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- # public instance variables #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- attr_accessor :jp_rate #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- # common cache: load_notetags_jp #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- def load_notetags_jp @jp_rate = 1.0 #--- self.note.split(/[\r\n]+/).each { |line| case line #--- when YEA::REGEXP::BASEITEM::JP_RATE @jp_rate = $1.to_i * 0.01 #--- end } # self.note.split
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    I use this in my Ace project. Works great. Looks like it can go anywhere above main. Scripts never go below main because they don't run if you put them below, at least not until the game closes.
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    That first F12 fix is filled with problems really, and personally I don't like using DLLs if I can help it. I managed to create an almost perfect f12 fix myself: class Scene_Base #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- # * Main #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- def main start begin post_start rescue RGSSReset @reset_presssed = true retry end until scene_changing? begin update SceneManager.goto(SceneManager.first_scene_class) if @reset_presssed rescue RGSSReset @reset_presssed = true retry end end begin pre_terminate rescue RGSSReset @reset_presssed = true retry end terminate end end Almost perfect because you can still screw up script loading by pressing F12 as the game loads. I coded a way to detect that but it's another thing. My advice: If you do use the dll, put the script before the default scripts so to stop F12 as scripts are loaded.
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    Hey Folks, Another crazy-busy week, but I did manage to create a couple of new music tracks. Free as always to use with attribution. They are: On my Funny 8 page: "DOCTOR X AND HIS LABORATORY" https://soundimage.org/funny-8/ And on my Sci-Fi 11 page: "SINISTER CYBORG ACTIVITY " https://soundimage.org/sci-fi-11/ CUSTOM MUSIC Need some custom music created? Give me a shout! In the meantime, please stay safe and keep being creative. Creativity is good!
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    For the console Window it's the option under the prgram menu. Game -> show console. For the F12 reset issue, the best F12 fix is by Chainsawkitten. Here #============================================================================== # Chainsawkitten's Disable F1, Alt+Enter, F12 v1.1 #------------------------------------------------------------------------------ # Disable the use of F1, Alt+Enter and F12 by registering a hook which consumes # keypress events as well as setting the keyboard state. #============================================================================== module CskDisable # Whether to disable F1. 0 = enable, 1 = disable. DISABLE_F1 = 0 # Whether to disable F12. 0 = enable, 1 = disable. DISABLE_F12 = 1 # Whether to disable Alt+Enter. 0 = enable, 1 = disable. DISABLE_ALT_ENTER = 1 end Win32API.new("System/F1AltEnterF12", "hook", "III", "").call( CskDisable::DISABLE_F1, CskDisable::DISABLE_F12, CskDisable::DISABLE_ALT_ENTER) F1AltEnterF12.zip place the dll in the project folder\system
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    Nope, nil just sets the graphic to nothing and omitting isn't allowed.
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    The Script: Can someone please make a demo on how to use this? ty! *It requires the Basic Module Script.
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    Hello! Ever want to use an icon in a event as sprite/character? I recently found a script that does that automatic for each on you want, But if you need them for any reason just as sprites, Here they are! Free to use (Only credit Enterbrain). Download Rar File RPG Maker VX ACE Icons as Sprites.rar or Save from uploaded pictures. Do not remove the $ in front of the pic names.
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    Greetings Fellow Creatives, This week’s brand new free-to-use-with-attribution music tracks are: On my Dark/Ominous 2 page: “CONFRONTATION” https://soundimage.org/dark-ominous-2/ On my Horror 2 page: “FORTRESS OF DOOM” https://soundimage.org/horror-2/ And on my Sci-Fi 11 page: “STRANGE THINGS INDEED” https://soundimage.org/sci-fi-11/ I sincerely hope some of my tracks are helpful in your projects...enjoy!
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    Hey Everyone, I have bunch of brand new tracks to share. Free to use, as always, with attribution. They are: On my Sci-Fi 11 page: "CYBER SIDEWALKS " https://soundimage.org/sci-fi-11/ On my Puzzle Music 7 page: "PUZZLE MEDITATION" https://soundimage.org/puzzle-music-7/ On my Chiptunes 5 page: "MAIN STREET PIXELVILLE_v001" https://soundimage.org/chiptunes-5/ And on my Sound Effects - Weather page: "THUNDER_6-13-22" https://soundimage.org/sfx-weather/ Please don't forget to check out my Ogg music packs and tracks. Ogg tracks tend to loop better in game engines plus they sound fantastic...almost as good as my original Wav recordings...and they're much smaller in file size. Enjoy, stay safe and keep creating!
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    'Sci-Fi Weapon Sound Effects' is the latest release from Bluezone Corporation. With 127 sounds available in high resolution, this next-generation sound library offers innovative material for game developers, filmmakers, movie trailer editors, YouTubers and any independent creators looking to expand their arsenal. Indispensable for action scenes in futuristic worlds, including fantasy and cyberpunk themes, this state-of-the-art weapon sound pack will fit into any fictional universe. Technical specifications Editor : Bluezone SKU : BC0295 Delivery : Download link Download size : 313 MB Extracted size : 370 MB Format : WAV Resolution : 24 Bit / 96 kHz Channel : Stereo Total files : 172 Total sounds : 127 Metadata : No Track list : Yes Price : 14.95€ More information : Sci Fi Weapon Sound Effects
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    Advanced Game Time v1.2 By V.M. of D.T. Introduction The Advanced version of the Game Time script. This version features customizable time increments, seconds, minutes, hours, days, weekdays, months, years, you can set them all however you want. As well as a new tinting system, no more taking control of the built in tint, this one uses it's own and comes with support for Khas's lighting effects script (since that's a big deal). And last but not least, message codes to include time variations in your messages! Features - Customizable time increments - Customizable tints - Message codes! Screenshots None at the moment How to Use Plug and play and customize if needed. Script Click here for the handy pastebin! Want to go the extra mile? Click here instead! Some extra custom times I threw together for fun: Harvest Moon-esque Olden times RPG thingy (kinda?) FAQ None yet. Credit and Thanks - By V.M. of D.T. - Free to use in any non commercial and commercial project. Author's Notes This script hasn't been thoroughly tested but works for the most part. I'm sure there are some bugs remaining. Give it time. Donations always accepted and appreciated through Paypal: sumptuaryspade@live.ca History V1.2 - Fixed KHAS no tint bug - Multi-line custom clocks! - Changed the way notint maps work (notetags instead of an array now) V1.1 - Save/load time - Custom clock setups - Year post (AD/BC/etc...) - Fixed KHAS bug - Allow use of tint in battle - no tint maps actually no tint - Clock in the Menu - Map Note tag to stop time - Option to sync with PC time Want a feature that you don't see here put in? Feel free to comment and I'll see what I can do!
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    Happy Friday Everyone! I have some brand new texture images to share...as always, they are 100% free to use with attribution. Commercial usage is fine, too, so no worries. You can download them from these pages: VEGETATION - Artistic (Tile-able) WOOD - Artistic (Tile-able) https://soundimage.org/images-home-page/ For those of you using my music and sounds, please don't forget about my Ogg music tracks and packs. Have a good weekend!
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    I am currently drawing and adding custom generator parts from Kuroinu. These include Front Hair, Back Hair, Clothing such as Armor, Sorceress, etc. Accessories such as the Princess Knights Tiarat and capes for Chloe or Olga the Dark Elves. I am going all of that and adding all of that in the generator parts including sprites. My workload is insanely high right now so I'd like to ask for help from those who want to join me since I intend to make it public once I am done with this. Below is a generic character to show what I am working on.
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    nah im not eight years old what you detect is Touhou i make a mean bullethell so does this gal, Mad E. Lin, a short-statured shadow pixie who hates chores
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    Does anyone need some custom music created? Feel free to contact me...I'd love to help out! https://soundimage.org/custom-work/ That said, this week's new free tracks are on my Urban Ambience page: STREET AMBIENCE 6-6-22 – (Evening) LIGHT RAIL TRAIN LIGHT RAIL TRAIN 2 https://soundimage.org/amb-urban-ambience/ Enjoy...and keep creating!
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    I recently began playing with beloved classic from my first encounter with the RM franchise. Whilst toying with it, I set out to tackle the notoriously limiting, unsatisfactory mapping engine. I resolved to make a full scale town for my players to explore and adopt as a permanent base of operations, similar to Old Tristram in Diablo 1, and other games with central safe zone locations. I was so impressed with what I got done, I wanted to share this treat to remind everyone of how magical mapping is. More in next post.
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    ♦ Alternative Menu Screen Author: minth Credits to: YesImAaron and Glasses Link to their script: https://www.rpgmakercentral.com/topic/30246-witchs-house-menu/ https://www.rpgmakercentral.com/topic/13167-simple-menu/ Features: - It has a simple design; - All the RPG commands (Item, Formation, Equip, etc., removable); - Background (removable). My script: #=============================================================================== # Alternative Menu Screen. # By: minth. # Credits to: YesImAaron and Glasses. #=============================================================================== # My script make an alternative screen. I utilized the YesImAaron and Glasses' # scripts as support for my script. # My script have all the menu options. You can delete the options that you # don´t want. # You have permission to change my script. # My script is working in 640x480 resolution. The resolution script: # # Graphics.resize_screen(640, 480). (put it in "Main") # # Don't use it if you don't want this (but you will need change some position # and size configurations). #=============================================================================== #=============================================================================== # * Changing window position #=============================================================================== module New_Menu # command window XPOS = 100 # position YPOS = 250 # position WIDTH = 450 # size end #=============================================================================== # * Creating the alternative window #=============================================================================== class Window_new_Menu < Window_HorzCommand #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- # * Object Initialization #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- def initialize(x, y, width) @window_width = width super(x, y) end #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- # * Get Window Width #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- def window_width @window_width end #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- # * Get Digit Count (commands) #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- def col_max return 4 # if you delete some options, change that number end #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- # * Create Command List #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- def make_command_list # you can change the order of the commands if you want add_command(Vocab::item, :item) add_command(Vocab::formation, :formation, formation_enabled) add_command(Vocab::skill, :skill) add_command(Vocab::equip, :equip) add_command(Vocab::status, :status) add_command(Vocab::save, :save, save_enabled) add_command(Vocab::game_end, :game_end) end #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- # * Get Activation State of Save #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- def save_enabled !$game_system.save_disabled end #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- # * Get Activation State of Formation #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- def formation_enabled $game_party.members.size >= 2 && !$game_system.formation_disabled end end class Scene_new_Menu < Scene_MenuBase #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- # * Start Processing -> Create the command window #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- def start super create_command_window create_gold_window create_status_window # character window end #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- # * Create Commands #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- def create_command_window @command_window = Window_new_Menu.new(New_Menu::XPOS,New_Menu::YPOS,New_Menu::WIDTH) @command_window.set_handler(:item, method(:command_item)) @command_window.set_handler(:formation, method(:command_formation)) @command_window.set_handler(:skill, method(:command_personal)) @command_window.set_handler(:equip, method(:command_personal)) @command_window.set_handler(:status, method(:command_personal)) @command_window.set_handler(:save, method(:command_save)) @command_window.set_handler(:game_end, method(:command_game_end)) @command_window.set_handler(:cancel, method(:return_scene)) end #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- # * Create Gold Window #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- def create_gold_window @gold_window = Window_Gold.new @gold_window.x = 250 # position @gold_window.y = (Graphics.height - @gold_window.height)/ 1.45 # position end #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- # * Create Status Window (Characters) #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- def create_status_window @status_window = Window_MenuStatus.new(65, 120) # position end #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- # * [Item] Command #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- def command_item SceneManager.call(Scene_Item) end #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- # * [Skill], [Equipment] and [Status] Commands #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- def command_personal @status_window.select_last @status_window.activate @status_window.set_handler(:ok, method(:on_personal_ok)) @status_window.set_handler(:cancel, method(:on_personal_cancel)) end #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- # * [Formation] Command #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- def command_formation @status_window.select_last @status_window.activate @status_window.set_handler(:ok, method(:on_formation_ok)) @status_window.set_handler(:cancel, method(:on_formation_cancel)) end #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- # * [Save] Command #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- def command_save SceneManager.call(Scene_Save) end #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- # * [Exit Game] Command #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- def command_game_end SceneManager.call(Scene_End) end #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- # * [OK] Personal Command #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- def on_personal_ok case @command_window.current_symbol when :skill SceneManager.call(Scene_Skill) when :equip SceneManager.call(Scene_Equip) when :status SceneManager.call(Scene_Status) end end #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- # * [Cancel] Personal Command #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- def on_personal_cancel @status_window.unselect @command_window.activate end #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- # * Formation [OK] #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- def on_formation_ok if @status_window.pending_index >= 0 $game_party.swap_order(@status_window.index, @status_window.pending_index) @status_window.pending_index = -1 @status_window.redraw_item(@status_window.index) else @status_window.pending_index = @status_window.index end @status_window.activate end #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- # * Formation [Cancel] #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- def on_formation_cancel if @status_window.pending_index >= 0 @status_window.pending_index = -1 @status_window.activate else @status_window.unselect @command_window.activate end end #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- # * Return to Calling Scene #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- def return_scene SceneManager.call(Scene_Map) end end class Scene_Map < Scene_Base #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- # * Call Menu Screen in the Game #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- alias :new_call_menu call_menu def call_menu new_call_menu Sound.play_ok SceneManager.call(Scene_new_Menu) Window_MenuCommand::init_command_position end end #============================================================================== # * Status Window Configurations #============================================================================== class Window_MenuStatus < Window_Selectable #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- # * Window Width #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- def window_width Graphics.width - 128 # size end #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- # * Window Height #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- def window_height 96 + standard_padding * 2 # size end #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- # * Get Digit Count (formation) #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- def col_max return 4 end #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- # * Informations #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- def draw_item(index) actor = $game_party.members[index] enabled = $game_party.battle_members.include?(actor) rect = item_rect(index) draw_item_background(index) draw_actor_face(actor, rect.x + 1, rect.y + 1, enabled) end #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- # * Get Rectangle for Drawing Items (Selectable window) #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- def item_rect(index) rect = Rect.new rect.width = item_width rect.height = item_height + 72 # selectable window height rect.x = index % col_max * (item_width + spacing) rect.y = index / col_max * item_height rect end end #=============================================================================== # * Create a background for menu (it will also create a background for the # save screen. If you don't want background, delete it.) #=============================================================================== class Scene_MenuBase < Scene_Base #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- # * Creating a Background #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- def create_background @background_sprite = Sprite.new @background_sprite.bitmap = Cache.picture("Menu Background") # Put your background here end #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- # * Termination Processing #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- def terminate super dispose_background end #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- # * Free Background #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- def dispose_background @background_sprite.dispose end end Screenshots: When you utilize my script, Give Credits!!
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    Introduction The base for a gardening/ farming system. Features - Plant seeds anywhere or specify where they can be planted with terrain tags. - Fertilize seeds - Water seeds - Cyclic plant behavior - Harvesting - Use skills to plant seeds - Plants can have up to 1 million growth stages - Erosion Screenshots How to Use Everything is explained in the documentation and the demo. This explains how to set up a very simple plant (for the full features you'll need to read the documentation or look at the demo) Script + Demo Get it from this site so I don't have to run around updating links everywhere when I'm fixing bugs. Credit and Thanks - Tsukihime - Celianna Author's Notes
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    May I suggest that Rains would allow the Planets to grow? or maybe a climate system that farms?
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