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    Too much info

    Look, I think we can all agree: - @Kayzee can be a little abrasive all the time sometimes - @That One NPC took a wrong left turn, and like a proud father didn't want to stop and ask for directions - @Rikifive is a whimsical equine creature who was just trying to help - @PhoenixSoul just wants people to know their demo is up on itch.io, and that it's ok to go try it out - @Lord Vectra is dark and mysterious, and apparently good with complex events - @Arrpeegeemaker is a kitty cat inside of a man's body operating him with controls - 5th Avenue Bars are way better than Butterfingers - Instant Ramen is better when you boil the water separately instead of pouring water in with the soup and microwaving it - Every Cable TV station doesn't need their own streaming service - You should be allowed to hit your kids - I should be allowed to hit your kids - @Doomboxx1134 is probably very confused right now
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    Too much info

    It's really not the amount of info that's the real problem, it's how it's presented to the player. It's too easy to fall into what I call Proper Noun Syndrome, where the player is just constantly peppered with bad exposition about things they don't care about. Like when you have those big open text crawls that go something like "On the world of Zig, between the Mushi and Holorin empires, lay the small kingdom of Gerglebutt, where King Snifflepinkle rules with a kind just hand, blah blah blah blah..." That's classic Proper Noun Syndrome. When something has no real context or build up, and instead it's just like "OPEN UP, I AM ABOUT TO FEED YOU A BIG 'O HELPING OF PROPER NOUNS AND EXPOSITION, AND YOU BETTER SWALLOW EVERY DROP YOU DISGUSTING LOREPIG!!!! SQUEAL FOR ME!!!" Now don't get me wrong, I love me a big helping of juicy exposition\lore sometimes... if it's actually written well and interesting. I mean I like Homestuck for goodness sake. Homestuck has pages and pages and pages of silly proper nouns and exposition... Though it helps that Homestuck is well aware how ridiculous it can be and is partly a huge parody of that type of thing... And yet still better at it then 99% of fiction. I seriously think a lot about proper worldbuilding can be learned thanks to Homestuck. It probobly helps that most of the exposition is explained by actual characters, talking in a natural and flowing way and it mostly introduces concepts and shows just enough to keep the reader interested before it actually fully explains anything.
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    Disable Scripts

    Introduction After finding the excellent Script Disabler (http://forums.rpgmakerweb.com/index.php?/topic/3687-script-disabler/) by TDS, I wrote my own version that handles my needs slightly better - as you can disable random single scripts a lot easier. Simply place this script above all your own scripts (it can't interfere with anything accidentally), and then any scripts you want to disable simply put a # in front of the script name (you know - like a Ruby comment ). The position for the script still exists, but the script content itself is blank - this means you can still debug other scripts properly, and it only needs a single character change to enable them again. http://pastebin.com/bH3hLEMw Screenshot
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    What, no mention of donation systems like patreon? Honestly if you ask me either something like patreon or commissions is the only real 'fair' way for money to get involved, or at least the only real practical way I can think of that doesn't end up seeming kinda dubious in my eyes. Mostly the problem is in how much finagling that has to be done with the terms of use. I won't really get into the numerous ways 'copyright' as a whole has been systematically abused, and honestly I don't really think I need to at this point. It should be pretty obvious at this point to most people how broken the whole copyright system is. It long ago got to the point where I have gotten pretty cynical about the whole concept of copyright. But even if you believe copyright should exist in some form, the current way it's done often just seems like it has waaaay too many gotchas and vaugeness and generally the exactly way it works for any given resource can be all over the place. I mean, not gonna lie, even base RPG Maker it's self I see as sort of dubious in this way and I rather it would be funded first on kickstarter/patreon and released as free and open source software, but I am willing to put that aside and see the way it is packaged and sold as a 'necessary evil', maybe even big professionally done content packs if I am feeling generous, but at some level it just becomes tedious to deal with all of it.
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    There is a repository of all Tsukihime's scripts, just didn't save the location. If I find it I'll look. Enemy Exp Nevermind, forgot I had the files uploaded already. Just don't remember where I posted the link. http://www.mediafire.com/file/xs492unumanqnrb/TsukiHime.rar/file
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    Hi everyone

    Hi! I'm new to this community/forum (i dunno which is what) and I'm actually here to get some ideas from you guys for a game I was thinking about. I'm not actually old enough or allowed to make games yet (by my parents) or to learn coding since I still study high school atm. Maybe if I get old enough to chase my dreams as a game dev I can get some help from you guys. I'm looking forward to meet new friends who can help and share ideas with each other, that's all. (I'm Filipino btw, so I dunno if my English is good?)
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    Re-Breeze, RMMV Tiles Set.

    Hello! In this thread I'll be sharing resources I create for practice. These are all free to use unless stated otherwise. Comments are welcome! I take commissions and request btw This set is inspired by Greenraven's Breeze Revolution Tilesets from back in the day (RMXP), I absolutely loved those and didn't see anything similar in RMMV so I decided to create them. By inspired, I simply mean used similar color palettes as that was what made Breeze special for me. Also tried to make a map mixing in some RTP stuff, and whaddaya know, the RTP house work beautifully with this tileset! Some of the vegetation too actually ♥ ('tis just a test, I'm no mapper obviously lol) And here's the Tileset : 28/07/2019: ADD ON Doodads Preview with everything included: (you have to place them on the tilesets yourself since these don't make up a whole tileset obviously) TILED: For those interested, here's the autotiles in TILED format: I hope you like them! If you have any criticism, please don't hesitate to share! I'm new to the tileset making business ahah. RULES for using: - If you use any of this, please credit me as : Oozarts. - If you use these, please send me a link (via this post or PMs) to your project, even if it isn't released yet (if and when you chose to present your project to the community), this is mainly because I'd really like what you make of it! xD
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    Then resource makers really need to work very hard on their resource quality and supports, and persuading those who have money to really donate. I personally like the donation business model, and wish those having money to be even more generous :)
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    I for one advocate for free resources, simply because I have 0 income & can't afford to keep throwing money at this flawed as hell engine. I'm already miffed that MZ requires Windows 8.1 or better, giving the finger to anyone still using Windows 7, the best version ever made before Microsoft sold out to the NSA's mass surveillance BS. I also still feel like MZ really is just a properly upgraded MV, offering new features that Kadokawa should've already thought of & implemented a long time ago. I also agree that Donations are the best way to raise money for further developments. It allows those who have money to throw around to help fund further developments for plugins, graphics & music, while keeping it free & available for those who can't afford it, especially considering several people have lost jobs & income due to the Covid-19 pandemic.
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    Chaos Krux

    Advanced Confusion State?

    Hey, look at that, you were right~ Again~ I just tried changing the scope all the abilities that were breaking so that they are now not set to "none". I originally set them to none because they were running common events and have no effect on the actors or enemies themselves. Turns out, that was the problem. The abilities all seem to work just fine again now, so thanks a bunch~ I imagine it probably broke since DoubleX's script affects battle targets for abilities, so abilities that are set to none might interfere with that somehow? Either way, your assistance is appreciated, everybody. As a side note, this doesn't affect me since I don't use it, but since DoubleX is here I might as well bring it up. The "Ignore Self" command seems to crash the game if the victim of the status effect is the only target available. I had it happen once where a party member tried to use a damaging ability on its allies while all its allies were dead, which caused the game to softlock. As I said, it doesn't really bother me, and it's entirely possible it's just something to do with the other scripts I have, and/or even just me being dumb again in some way. Still, I thought I'd mention it.
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    Advanced Confusion State?

    I wonder if those common events would run if the battle was over? This is something I noticed from the menu. Some items that I have common events running on, will only take effect when exiting the menu and going to the map. To work around this I put in Hime's Scene Interpreter script. Added the comment on the common event and presto, all good again.
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    Chaos Krux

    Advanced Confusion State?

    I'm actually not using a script for my summoning system, it's all done through common events and troop scene events. I'm far better at using common events than coding, you see. I am unfortunately unable to provide a copy of my game since the laptop I'm currently using is unable to condense it. My apologies for the inconvenience, but the best I would be able to do is provide a list of all the scripts I have in my project. I realise this may not be particularly efficient, but I really have no better alternative at this time. I imagine a majority of these scripts will have absolutely no impact on yours whatsoever, but I just wanted to be safe and list them all. I apologise again for it being so much at once. I should also say I didn't mean to cause any offence. I'm sure this issue has less to do with your script and more to do with something else.
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    Happy quarantine everyone

    Hehe, that trailer looks pretty cute... Nice way to use the quarantine! Even if you can't go outside and play much, you can always make a game world and play there right? :3
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    Maybe add in if condition def make_item_list if skill = $game_party.members.any? { |actor| actor.skills.include?($data_skills[9]) } @data = $game_party.all_items.select {|item| include?(item) } @data << $data_skills[9] if @category == :item @data.push(nil) if include?(nil) else @data = $game_party.all_items.select {|item| include?(item) } @data.push(nil) if include?(nil) end end
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    Amy's Artwork

    Ahhh, gotcha. I started the year by getting diagnosed with panic disorder, being pretty much back to normal by mid-February, then having it steadily get worse since March. Medication has either not really helped or put me in a lot of pain, so I'm just trying to take it one day at a time. Anyways, here's quick drawing/painting from earlier today:
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    I remember someone asking me about this in a pm not to long ago... I don't know if they ever got their game working again. Anyway here is a slightly condensed/edited version of what I told them: ... How long was a while back? Have you done much with the computer since then? Sometimes checking the disk for errors will be able to fix some files for you. You can do this (in windows) by right clicking a hard drive in 'my computer', then choosing properties, then click on the tools tab thing and the first option should be error checking. Problem is sometimes data might be in places that are incorrectly marked as free, so the computer might overwrite them if you don't check right away. Not sure how common this is though. Be careful though, you might want to make a back up on another disk just in case it screws something up and makes it worse. It's also a good idea to take another backup after the error checking just in case. Okay now we come to the more tricky part: Now, go into your game's data directory, and have a look at all the file sizes. Using View -> Details is helpful here. Anyway, you are looking to see if any files are size zero. If so: Make a new project in RPG Maker and save it. For every file of size zero in your data directory: If it is a map (Mapxxx.rvdata where xxx is the map number), replace it with a copy of the Map001.rvdata from the new project's data directory. If it is not a map, replace it with a copy of the file with the same name from the new project's data directory. Then when you replaced all the size zero files, if any, try and load the project in the editor and/or test it. If it works, great that's this step done! Skip everything else bellow. If it doesn't, now we need to do some grunt work. Make another new project . Yes another one. Now follow these steps: Close the second new project if it's open in RPG Maker. Replace one of the non-map files that you haven't replaced yet in the data directory of the second new project with one from your project. Try opening the second new project in the editor/testing the game. If it gives an error (other then missing images or such) replace the same file with a copy from the first new project. Repeat above until all non-map files are replaced. Close your project if it's open in RPG Maker. Replace all non-map files in the data directory of your project with ones from the second new project. Try opening the your project in the editor/testing the game. If it gives an error, it's probobly something that only a professional data recovery expert can help you with, if anyone can at all. This won't always recover everything, but it's a start!
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    Pathway: Desire Resources

    Probably because it's been four years and the resources are no longer online. ...Kinda like the image in your signature. :P
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    Thanks. Here's the fix class Game_Character < Game_CharacterBase alias r2_set_char_ve_dir set_char def set_char(name,index,pattern,direction) r2_set_char_ve_dir(name,index,pattern,direction) set_direction(direction) end end put in a new script entry below galv's Also your demo suggest to me that you are not putting your scripts in properly. It should look like this
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    If you have kids (or know someone who does) I’ve created a website for my free video learning series, “Dune’s Island.” You can access all of the episodes and support documentaries as well as tie-in curriculum written by a team of science teachers. I’ll be expanding it with all kinds of cool activities and more fun documentaries, but I think it’s a good start. I hope the site is helpful. Please feel free to share it with anyone who might find it helpful…and encourage them to share it as well. https://www.dunesisland.org/
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    yes it's Mhin ra. here's the page https://forums.rpgmakerweb.com/index.php?threads/how-does-vx-ace-limit-frame-rate.113973/post-1007433
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    $game_troop.turn_count - will return the turn count of the current battle.
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    Too much info

    Though if you are a player who wants to play and not read for a half a damn hour, I am not sure if the kind of games most people make with RPG Maker are always all that appealing. :P I for one don't really have a problem with reading a lot of text. I sometimes even like visual novels, which are basically all text and pictures! But yeah, how the text is presented matters. The problem with Simon's Quest was the ridiculously slow text speed, not that it threw an unending stream of text your way. There is also the common problem of not having a chance to save after a big dramatic cutscene before you face a boss and so have to watch the same scene again and again. Also it really doesn't help that the text box can only really hold a few lines of text at a time, so when you have streams and streams of it and no real good way of breaking it up it can be pretty tedious. In the game I am working on I have a looooot of dialogue that explains this or that. Most of it is completely optional though and is only given to the player if they actually ask for info about something. It helped that I scripted something I could use to make adventure game style dialogue trees with topics you can ask about which can unlock more topics to ask about. I try to write most of it in a more natural casual way, as if I am actually talking to someone, with appropriate pauses and breaks to try not to just pile text on the player without giving them the space to take any of it in. Putting \. in a few places and breaking text across multiple message box commands can really help with flow if you do it right! In short, I try to write the text as if I am actually holding a conversation with the player. And, well, since the main NPC you talk to in the game is, in fact, me, I kinda am. :P
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    Yay! *sprinkles fairy dust around*
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