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    I moved over from RPG Maker to Unity a few years back, but, I've always missed the simplicity of RPG Maker and always wanted an all-in-one system that would turn Unity into something like RPG Maker. There are plenty of RPG makers for Unity, for sure, but none that would handle everything. I decided to use my time in lockdown productivity and worked on a prototype for a game idea I have. I wanted to make some custom Unity windows to help speed things up. I created a side project and experimented. Before long, I had a working database. I also needed a map editor, so I created that next and after I had those two tools, I realized I basically had the RPG Maker-like system I always wanted. I just needed something to handle Events. So... I created my own visual scripting tool. However, since going back to work I've had very little time to work on the project. Details and Features: Still a lot of work needs to be done. I need to finish off the 3 core tools then need to code the runtime engine so it actually uses the data to create a game. I'm thinking of getting a basic runtime engine up and running so I can do a complete start-to-finish demo, or I may just finish off the tools and demo them one by one as development continues. To help speed up development I've created a Kickstarter to help fund a year of full-time development, which should be all I need. However so far it's not gone very well and I'm not hopeful that it's going to get successfully funded so currently working on a Plan B roadmap. If anyone could help spread worth of mouth by posting about the project on any other forums, social media or Discords they're on that would be a mahoosive help. Personally, I'm kind of out of the loop with the RPG Maker community and so far have only posted here. I tried to join some Facebook groups and got in trouble for self promotion... I've tried spending money on advertising, but that hasn't reaped the attention I wanted. I've had 250,000 people look at my website with no one going through to the Kickstarter page... The marketing plan I had has kind of failed so I need to target people that would specifically be interested in this project. Regardless of whether or not I can get the Kickstarter funded, I do plan to continue development but it's just going to take much... much longer as I work it around my full time job. If I can gain enough interest, I will start a Discord server and will be adding a developer blog to the website at some point. If anyone has any questions on UR-RPG or the project in general feel free to DM me here, or on Twitter. Also, for more info check out my website: https://primepixelgames.com/ultimate-retro-rpg/
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    Okay... It's way past time for me to step out of the shadows and officially announce my game project. So... Ahem... Let me introduce you all to: Are you bored? I know I am! And when fairies get bored we tend to get mischievous! So why not join me (Kayzee) for a trip to fairyland where we can play all day! Who knows maybe some other fairies and fairy-like critters will join us! Of course we will probably be playing rough, but it's all in good fun, honest! Yes you will probably die over and over, but don't worry we can bring you back again! Explore all kinds of places! Find all sorts of fun items to play with! Each time you try the places you explore and the things you find will be a little bit different! Can you make it to the end? I wanna see you try! Download the demo/beta here! Not convinced? Maybe some more screen shots will help: Credits: Phew~! Is that enough?
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    Advanced Game Time v1.2 By V.M. of D.T. Introduction The Advanced version of the Game Time script. This version features customizable time increments, seconds, minutes, hours, days, weekdays, months, years, you can set them all however you want. As well as a new tinting system, no more taking control of the built in tint, this one uses it's own and comes with support for Khas's lighting effects script (since that's a big deal). And last but not least, message codes to include time variations in your messages! Features - Customizable time increments - Customizable tints - Message codes! Screenshots None at the moment How to Use Plug and play and customize if needed. Script Click here for the handy pastebin! Want to go the extra mile? Click here instead! Some extra custom times I threw together for fun: Harvest Moon-esque Olden times RPG thingy (kinda?) FAQ None yet. Credit and Thanks - By V.M. of D.T. - Free to use in any non commercial and commercial project. Author's Notes This script hasn't been thoroughly tested but works for the most part. I'm sure there are some bugs remaining. Give it time. Donations always accepted and appreciated through Paypal: sumptuaryspade@live.ca History V1.2 - Fixed KHAS no tint bug - Multi-line custom clocks! - Changed the way notint maps work (notetags instead of an array now) V1.1 - Save/load time - Custom clock setups - Year post (AD/BC/etc...) - Fixed KHAS bug - Allow use of tint in battle - no tint maps actually no tint - Clock in the Menu - Map Note tag to stop time - Option to sync with PC time Want a feature that you don't see here put in? Feel free to comment and I'll see what I can do!
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    Here I'll start by sharing some of my RPG Maker community-related works. Below is a portrait I did for @Archeia: The first picture below is @TheoAllen's character, Nella Shadowind, from Journey to Skynesia:
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    I personally like using location variables The last page is not used but you could change the conditions so that once the object is on the switch that the object does not move again and then the switch can be set to the last page so that it does not run in parallel. The self switch command for event 5 is the door that opens. Then when you pass the door, you could do this
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    Good news update: I want to keep this short so I'll save you the details. TLDR version: Started week off with a broken project (Unity's fault), and a broken spirit. The last back up I had was before I had recorded the previous video so that back up didn't have the Mob/Troop tab. On top of that, I only had Wednesday and Thursday off to focus on the project BUT... during those two days I've been able to: Rebuild the entire project from a new, non-broken, Unity project. Refactor the Visual Editor script so it no longer requires it's own separate window and created the Global Event tab. Finish off the Mob/Troop window, including optimizing it so it no longer lags and added it's own Visual Script area for creating up to 20 battle events. Created the Types tab (Which I forgot about...). ALMOST finished the Tileset editing tab. Just need to code in the ability to set collision, counter, damage floor etc. Hoping to get that done this weekend at some point... Please pray to whatever deity you choose that we have no more issues
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    I don't believe I've uploaded these reworked portraits, it's been awhile and I've made changes to a number of them. Requiem Arcturus Sorrow Cardinal Charon Catheel Map Ys fanart- Adol Christin
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    To invalidate an entire script: __END__ at the top of any script. Make sure there is nothing else on the line and that there are no leading spaces. May that be useful in some way.
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    Hi, I'm a newbie on the page and on game development. I'm currently working on a project that I hope to have it done soon (not that soon but... as soon as possible is fine). I love games and pixel art. I'm more used to RPG Maker 2003 and RPG Maker VX Ace, however I'm still learning about coding stuff so maybe my first questions will be about 'how to do this with scripts' and stuff. Anyway, I hope I'm able to support and be supported whenever it can be. I'd love to help people improve their skills at any part of game development as much as I can (and also to improve my own skills too). I'm still improving english, but I think you got the idea .
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    You've inspired me and it produced another cool idea. We enter a fantasy world based on the premise of existing within an RPG video game, yet is living and breathing. In this world, instead of social or economic classes, there are role classes. Monsters, Bosses, Nameless NPCs, Major NPCs like plot characters and kings, and Player Characters, or Heroes. The world revolves around these heroes, but they are rare, having been "made" using a special artifact called the Protagonist Ring. Over the centuries, many Heroes were created and took part in many adventures and stories that helped define and give life to the world. But they became drunken with power and narcissism. One by one the Heroes perish and fall, their purpose of protecting the world having been lost in the throws of stardom. Present day Four Heroes remain, and travel the world trying to restore some order and peace. Cut: Small Town. We see a sleepy little town in black and white. It's cute, yet seems lifeless, almost as if stuck in slow motion. NPCs (including the future PC) very slowly roam about as NPCs do. Scrawl: Down to town gate. Four Heroes enter town, their sprites in full color. As they enter the view of the NPCs, color seeps into the entire frame. Our Heroes pass through town to a glorious welcome from the townsfolk as they cheer their passage toward the castle, perhaps some fireworks being set off as a grand horn section scores their triumphant return. As they pass, the color fades away once again to black and white. Navigate: To PC's sprite. Your NPC friend approaches, beginning a dialogue, neither having names. FRIEND: "Come on, buddy. We better find some loot for our household chests before the Heroes are unleashed upon the town." PLAYER: ". . ." FRIEND: "Don't tell me you actually sold your chest. You'll be the laughing stock of -insert town name-." PLAYER: "The Heroes never come to our little town. Besides, I needed the gold." FRIEND "At least help me find something good. I'd like for one of them to talk to me this time." PC and NPC friend navigate the outskirts of town to forage items, and FRIEND reminds him that monsters and bosses can't see NPCs, so they have nothing to fear. After they gather some materials and craft a potion, they return to their homes for the night. Not expecting the Heroes to search his home for loot, PC prepares to bed down for the night when Hero #1 busts into his door, wounded. PC is both flabbergasted and star struck, as well as embarrassed about his loot chest. PAYER: "I sold my loot chest yesterday-" HERO: "Please. . . There isn't much time. . ." PLAYER: "I would normally keep a tribute on hand, but the economy has been so rough-" HERO: "Keep your potions, good citizen, for my end draws near." PAYER: "Yeah, I'm not really the healer around here." HERO:" Please. . . You must take this." HERO lurches toward PC. Hero #1 gives PC the Protagonist Ring, explaining that the king has betrayed the Heroes, killing the others and becoming a Boss in the process. He tells him that he must use the ring to become the last Hero, and fix the damage and chaos the Heroes of old had allowed to take root, and defeat the evil Boss king. Using the power of the Protagonist Ring, the PC can recruit other NPCs, discovering what skills talents and perks they an grow to offer your party. Also, the PC can click a button to change from NPC to Hero in order to accomplish different ways of approaching situations and navigating different types of scenarios and actors/enemies within them.
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    I do think that the movie Free Guy have inspired you That might be interesting, If done with care and not making NPC just a hero but a side character like the NPCs are. The way I would do it.
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    woah thank you, i kinda had given up on it was having a hard time with the other way to do it lol really appreciate it
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    All items class Scene_Item < Scene_ItemBase def start super create_help_window create_item_window on_category_ok end def create_item_window wy = @help_window.y + @help_window.height wh = Graphics.height - wy @item_window = Window_ItemList.new(0, wy, Graphics.width, wh) @item_window.viewport = @viewport @item_window.help_window = @help_window @item_window.set_handler(:ok, method(:on_item_ok)) @item_window.set_handler(:cancel, method(:on_item_cancel)) end def on_item_cancel return_scene end end class Window_ItemList < Window_Selectable def initialize(x, y, width, height) super @category = :item @data = [] refresh end def include?(item) return true end end
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    Hello everyone, just remembered I had account here and decided to after several years to pay a visit to say hi.
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    To use conditional branch for checking amount of currency conditional branch => script => $game_party.currency[CurrencyID] >= X X being the amount you want to check Edit: Added a picture on a common event to auto convert currencies Edit 2: Made some modifications to script, letting everyone have. Window changes size depending on how many currencies you have. Can change Color of the title, and can change the name of the title if you so choose. ----> Pastebin <-----
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    Tutorial topic: How to show credits during gameplay. Brief description: Have you ever watched a movie and seen how the credits pop up as the opening action scene plays out? People are talking, fighting, doing all the movie things, but the credits appear and vanish along the way without disturbing the flow of action. It's become such a common thing that movie critics actually criticize films that don't do their opening credits in this way. This method will allow you to have that in your game without scripts or even a lot of special skill! Requirements: Obviously, you will need RPGMaker VX Ace (this should also work with everything but MZ as it only requires that you have access to the built in battle animations tab). Beyond that, you will need a simple photo editing software like Photoshop. I use GIMP because it's free and relatively simple to use. You can technically do this with paint, but if you do, you will need to use another service to make the background transparent. Before I discovered GIMP, I used lunapic as it's free and all online. This is inferior to GIMP in my opinion, but it has the advantage of not requiring the download of a frankly massive program. TL;DR: You need an RPGMaker that has the animation tab (so any except for MZ) and you need a way to edit pictures while keeping them transparent. Step 1; The Credit: To begin, we need to take a random base from the animations folder of the RTP. We're not actually going to change it, but rather, we're going to use it as a template. I used Thunder4 because it's one of the larger bases with room for 25 animation panels. I advise making a copy and pasting it into another folder, then working on the copy so that you don't accidentally overwrite the base picture. Once you have it loaded up in your editor, erase everything so that the only thing left is the transparent background, As shown here: Choose a small corner of the template then, and insert the text you want! Don't worry about it being more than one animation panel. It probably will be larger than one, depending on how much you have to type. For my test case, I used a simple "A Game By Aslanemperor" Save, export, or whatever you need to do. Take any extra steps you may need to make the image transparent. This is standard with GIMP, and I hear that Photoshop makes this pretty easy as well. Once this is done, simply import this into your game using the built in Resource manager in RPGMaker. Step Two; The Animation: This part can get a little time consuming, but is still VERY simple. My example took up two panels worth of room on the template (out of a max of 25). As such, I took those two panels, and set them side by side over where I wanted them to go. The animation system makes this very easy as everything is designed to lock neatly into place, so as long as you pay attention, it will be a simple matter to make everything look good. Now we figure how long you want your credit to show itself, and where you want it on the screen. For this example, I placed mine directly in the center. When you're putting together your frames, keep timing in mind. 1 second is equal to roughly 30 animation frames. Because of this, I set up the fade in to last through the first 26 frames, then had it hold solid for another 45, followed by a more rapid 15 frame fade out. I did this by right clicking each individual panel and adjusting the "Opacity" number. Because I wanted this to be close to a full second of fade in, I added 10 points to the value on every frame, making it go fully Opaque at frame 26, with a value of 255. This is why it can be a bit time consuming. Once you know what you're doing, however, it doesn't take long to put these together. It took me just over 5 minutes to put everything for this animation together. You'll notice that there's a box for the animation beyond just the scope of the target. That box represents your screen. Depending on where you want this to show up on the screen, that's where you'll place your animation box. For instance, if you align it with the top left of that box, it will show up on the top left corner of the screen. Step Three; Implementation: So, you've made your "Credits" animation, and you're ready to place it. The way I did it, was to have an event along the path the player has to follow, and when they walk over that area, it triggers the credit animation. I set the animation to be centered on the player. This way, it keeps on showing in the area I want as he walks: Don't forget when making your event that you want to set it to end after the player has walked past it. Also, DO NOT click for it to wait if you want your character to continue doing things while this shows. Conclusion: So, I found this entire process to be extremely easy, and can be done with things that anyone has access to (you can even manage this with just paint and a web browser). It's a unique way to put your credits into your game without a clunky opening video (which usually requires some sort of video editing software). If you have any questions, or you know an easier way to pull this off, I'm happy to hear it. I hope this helps someone!
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    Been quite some time since I last logged in here... An unexpected post on my art thread at RMN kind of got me to share more of my work. Here are some more RPG Maker community-related artwork I did months ago: This is something I did for @Galv of galvs-scripts.com months ago. ^^ This is a portrait I did for @Kayzee (KilloZapit). This is a portrait for Milennin, who made the BETA, FADE, and RTP games. A marker doodle of the character, Ellemine, from @Starmage11's game, Rave Heart.
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    It's been some time since I started this topic and I admit it has been a learning process, as I learn to organize everything in a manner that everyone can find. I hope to get everything moved and the topic prettied up in the next couple of days, though, shopping day is fast approaching (Thursday), so whatever I don't have done will have to wait until Saturday. I hope to get it done today and even more added, so let's hope. P.S. Let me know if these topic headers are too big, as this is the first time "I" created any. COMMON SENSE RULE: If you can't use something commercial, I will tell you that you can only use it in a free game. If the pattern or tile I use is only in rpg maker vx ace, you can only use it in rpg maker vx ace. Otherwise, all tiles have the ability to be used in a commercial or free game. I don't do this for money as it is something I enjoy, but if you do create a commercial game, could I have a free copy? Hey, I am a gamer and a girl, we look for bargains any place we can. ZIP FILE: https://www.dropbox.com/s/1qrr9hdga16r2v8/Caits%20Graphics.7z?dl=0 WALLS: Floor: TITLES 1 AND 2 Simple edits:
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    You too! Greetings Everyone! I have some new music to share...free, as always, to use with attribution: On my Chiptunes 5 page: ARCADE ADVENTURES 3 – (Looping) – This one might sound cool in a fast-paced arcade-style space game…or perhaps something else. https://soundimage.org/chiptunes-5/ And on my Sci-Fi 11 page: CYBERPUNK HEROES – (Looping) – Superheroes of the future? https://soundimage.org/sci-fi-11/ Enjoy!
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    Vladmir Blair~Classical I Vetrise Cardinal~ Classical I Viennrosa Rosalba Arcturus~ Classical I [There was a light that shown through his mother, a beacon to be said rightly. She possessed a vitality reflected through her continuing the work of eldermother Jeneva, whom likened his mother to the flora; Transformative, persevering through the bitterest of season, alluring beauty, yet as alway, with it's dangers. He could not disagree.] Lorde Draken Dianisia~ Classical I If there was ever one to be called kin of blood, a brother to the Arcturus, it would be Dianisia. Whatever virtue dwells in their blood, it has been a constant since the time of Calamus. This loyalty has not faded with Draken Dianisia, the current Old Lord and master of the house. One could say it has grown all the stronger even when it was believed the royal line had fallen with Lithavania. Immediately Draken and Engel became brethren and would he known their bond would cost him all, it would not be remiss to say he would hardly count himself one so worthy. Lady Prominette Dianisia~ Classical I What a gift it is to see behind the pale between the flesh and ethereal. For the eyes that see, their blood has been touched most of all to discern and navigate the abyss. What is seldom ventured in discussion over the Serpent's Eye, is the curse. Prominette is the first of those to understand the ominous extent of her abilities.
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    The way VX Ace loads things makes a proper loading bar is pretty much impossible. There are scripts that try and fake it, but it's just an animation and does nothing but waste time. If all you want is a animation of a bar filling up you could try this script, but like I said: it's just an animation and does nothing but waste time.
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    Hey Folks, More new seamless images are ready on these pages on my site: METAL (Artistic) ROCK/STONE (Artistic) Like my music and sounds, they are 100% free to use with attribution and can be accessed from here: https://soundimage.org/images-home-page/ Enjoy and please consider supporting my efforts if you can. http://soundimage.org/
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    Hi All, I just picked up RPG Maker VX Ace and started watching tutorials. Novem's Natural Roll had a link to this community and I thought I'd jump right in. I hope to learn a lot from all of you and perhaps I will, one day, have something of value to contribute. Best, tonbotonbo
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    Another month, another batch of music has been added. The collection is now at over 100 tracks!
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