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    Mmm... so, basically I redrew all of RPG Maker MV's female face generator parts (I'm working on the male version right now), and here are the results of hitting the Randomize button a few times. =D It was a total pain, but I'm happy with how it's turning out.

    © Amysaurus, 2016

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    a screenshot of my game. im working on the background and a few more stuff
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    this is too good so i had to upload it

    © zoekmath

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    The screenshot to show off my birthday resource 2016

    © Resources by Kadokawa and Avery

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    Here I present Shiggy :3

    © Shyguy belongs to Nintendo btw :3

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    One of the few Screens I made withing the last years and I am still proud of it, though of course there are some things I'd do different now ;3
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    A pixel bust for my vampire sprite, with some emotions

    © Amysaurus, 2016

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    A pixel bust for my waitress sprite, with some emotions

    © Amysaurus, 2016

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    Just done this for practice

    © zielach

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    So here is my first sprite set for Treilin! Let me know what you guys think! I'll try to have a finished version with all four directions posted up sometime within the next few days. Stay tuned! <3

    © Jeremy Basham 2016

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    Hello folks! This here is a specially drawn concept work for the main character of my game, Treilin. She belongs to an obscure race of humanoids known as Tidelings, who reside in the depths of the great Mariphic Ocean, tucked away from the surface world. In the story, she and her brothers are tasked to find a cure for the disease that plagues the last of their dying race, and the beginning of their journey brings them onto dry land where they face many unknown and frightening dangers. This piece is meant to represent her curiosity and lack of knowledge regarding the mysterious world above.

    © Jeremy Basham 2016

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    More of a style change than anything, here's a character (from a project of mine) that I've been wanting to redraw for a while now. You can see the original here, if you'd like to compare.
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    Yet another redraw of an old design - I think this one is my favorite so far! Here's the original, for reference:
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    Hiyo Folks! This is some concept art for my game, Cryptic's, mascot, which is called a "Fuiga" in the game's lore. Hopefully soon I'll have a fully colored version posted, but this is basically to advertise for my game. The Fuiga This creature is spoken of, in myth and folklore, among the tribes of Aultirre. The Fuiga is described as a small mammal with fur that reflects all of the colors of the wild, and meeting one is said to bring great luck and joy to you and your loved ones. A link to my gallery critique, where I post all the artwork for my game, can be found here <3 http://www.rpgmakercentral.com/topic/39276-cryptic-the-journey-to-a-wondrous-completed-masterpiece-of-modern-gaming/#entry276005
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    From the album: PONIES

    When Batman plays loud music from his batmobile.

    © The music you hear belongs to Batman. All lefts reserved.

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    The inside graphics of a 50's styled house.

    © Green With it

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    A very simple brick wall texture using two-tone dithering patterns. Free to use, just credit me.
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    From the album: kaz

    Evil Christmas competition entry
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    This is a piece of art my girlfriend made for me based on another ink drawing I did. The two characters in the picture are Ryan and Blake respectively.
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    Just another redesign of an old character. Here's a process pic: Spoiler ...and here's the original: Spoiler
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    will this even be approved kek where are the gallery rules

    © i don't think i need to for this one