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    Utopia VII - Pixel Perfekt+

    The great Vitrolic Virtue studio and its gracious director Alan Smithee presents. Utopia VII - Pixel Perfekt We at the VV studio hope you will have fun playing this game. [Short Synopsis] Utopia is a special place where technology and magic coexist together, can its newest citizen become a hero and save this city? [Introductory text ripped out from the game] [Goals] Play as the newest citizen of Utopia and save the city from destruction. But can you save the city from the greatest evil? The Perfekt Pixel. [Credits] Game Director: Alan Smithee Main Artist: Allen Smithee Main Peon: Vodun Secondary Peon: Vaskamos Tertiary Peon: Airsaber [Download] Mediafire Download Itcho.io game page rpgmaker.net page [Last Few Words] Big thanks to loved ones, haters, and loyal fans of: Utopia I: The Lost City Utopia II: Forgotten World Utopia III: Journey to Eden Utopia IV: Perfekted World Utopia V: City Divided Utopia VI: Last Eden Special Thank you to our GamePaid donors: - Airsaber - ??? - Profit - Drago5k - Thanatos - Karrmel/DisFunctional - Alistair Smitee - GNDAM - Neomi - PunkX121 - Lisa You are the best! For the game to work install fonts, VT323-Regular and VL-Gothic-Regular, located in Font folder. If you have any problems, commentary and suggestions. Please send an email to vitrolicvirtue.studio@gmail.com (Plus in the name of the game refers to game jam on itch.io, igmc2017. Game was meant to be an entry there but was released with a big bug and had to be taken down. Now years later, the game returns) [ScreenShots]
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    Hi everyone, I've been building a library of images that you are welcome to freely use in your projects. They are all original...all my own work. I think a lot of them could be made into cool textures for games. All I ask is to be attributed as indicated on my homepage: http://soundimage.org/ The images are on my "TXR" pages. I'm adding new ones all the time, so be sure to check back often. I sincerely hope that some of them are useful. Any and all constructive feedback is welcome and always appreciated. All the best, Eric
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    What's up everyone? I just uploaded some new free texture images for your projects. They are on these pages on my website: BARK (Artistic) BRICK (Artistic) Access the from here: https://soundimage.org/images-home-page/ OTHER NEWS If you happen to need some free Funny/Quirky/Weird music, higher-quality Ogg tracks are now available on my Funny pages 1-3 (as well as Funny 7 and 8.) I'm working to make them available on all of my Funny pages. In the meantime, if you think my free assets are helpful, please consider making a small donation on my site to help support my efforts. Thanks in advance! https://soundimage.org/
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    Can I ask a minor change? He should only have the scales on one side of his face and no facial hair. He's 1/16 dragon, and the markings on his face are actually the bits of scales that come through. Still pretty darn good, though!
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    Jack is his name, and revenge is his game. I drafted a Loose Leaf for Jack based on the beautiful art by nass1c. I hope this is acceptable for what you're seeking. The one notable aspect he is missing is the spurs on his boots. I had held out to try that later, provided you feel you can use the style, or would like more samples of the title characters and some NPCS. I will work on the other characters, but Jack turned out so good imo, I wanted to share him to touch base with some progress.
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    Jack's Revenge -A Wild West RPG-

    cool game! keep up the good work!
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    Wow, I can't believe we're half way through September already. After a long summer, I'm really looking forward to some cooler weather. So let's see... More progress with my new Rock page. We have: "HOMETOWN NOSTALGIA" "SASSY COUNTRY GIRLS" https://soundimage.org/rock/ And higher quality Ogg versions of my tracks are now available on my Funny 2 page. https://soundimage.org/funny-2/ As always, my music is 100% free to use with attribution. Enjoy...stay safe...and please share my site!
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    Western character sets needed

    Those all look amazing! I could see the First Nation warrior could probably make a few different parts I need with few modifications. Green skin and a little fang on the mouth and suddenly it's an Orcish Tribal from my game! Since you're working for free, should we take this part of the discussion to the forum for free resources? The Mods here seem really laid back, but I don't want to be disrespectful and get us in trouble.
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    Greetings Fellow Creatives, Brand new seamless images are ready on these pages on my site: STONE (Artistic) WOOD (Artistic) You can access them from here: https://soundimage.org/images-home-page/ Enjoy and please share my site!
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    Hey Everyone, I have a couple of cool new tracks for you: On my Chiptunes 5 page: CYBERPUNK ARCADE 2 https://soundimage.org/chiptunes-5/ And on my Sci-Fi 10 page: CYBERPUNK BARS https://soundimage.org/sci-fi-10/ No, I’m not obsessed with cyberpunk music….well…yeah I am…sort of…lol. Anyhow, enjoy (and please consider donating to support my efforts if you can.)
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    Western character sets needed

    Could you make cowboys and/or native americans riding horses that will fit the format? I could see that being useful for any Wild West game. Edit: Another thought I had is if you can use the format for "Large Monsters" or "Gates" in order to put them in at a size that more accurately represents how tall they'd be.
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    I'm feeling mentally exhausted and it's really keeping me from really working on the game. There's still so much to do, but every time I look at it I don't really know where to start. Hopefully I can get past this and get back to work soon. It shouldn't be taking me this long with nothing to show for it!
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    Western character sets needed

    Thanks! That was very helpful, particularly with the visual thrown in. So, these could probably fit fine, but they'd stand out. This would be fine for main characters I'd think as it's natural to have them stand out. If we can still get some generics made, that would be even better as it will allow people to make entire games with them. Edit: new info: Found an artist which is willing to do super cheap headshots. Currently waiting to see how they'll respond to the large scale orders in the format I want. If so, I'll post them here for artists who want to do the pixel art for them.
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    Utopia VII - Pixel Perfekt+

    I do hope Chuck had some fun playing Utopia VII -------------------- Long time no post/action, yes? Sadly crippling depression and pandemic could really hurt the productivity. Despite that Vitriolic Virtue studio tries to work its hardest, we'll try to update more frequently in the future about possible improvements and next games in this series. In the meantime we present to you Utopia VII let's play done by youtuber Lily Mai! Utopia Let's Play, part 1 We at the VV studios are eternally grateful for all the hard work put into it. Until next time!
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    Happy September, everyone! I have some new seamless images for your projects on these pages: FUR / CARPET ORGANIC GROUND You can access them, as well as my 4000+ other images, from here: https://soundimage.org/images-home-page/ TEXTURE MAPS If anyone needs texture maps (like normal, specular, etc.,) just let me know. Enjoy and please stay safe.
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    Western character sets needed

    So, I'm not sure what it means to have "loose leaf" sprites. I've googled it, but it didn't really clarify it for me. If it's a different art style, is it different enough to stand out to much against normal character sets when walking around near NPCs in towns? Will it work in Ace? If it won't stand out in a bad way, I'd be happy to show you what I'm working with so far and see what you can do. As for generator parts, I've been trying to find anything western to no avail. What's worse, a lot of the links I've tried to follow for resources are broken now because Ace is rather old. If you know of a good site for such resources I'd be eternally grateful! If I could make these myself with a generator, I'd love it. I even gave in and went looking to buy official packs, but all that's available is samurai or modern stuff. Pictures of my characters are being made as we speak, but I'm also hoping to create a set of generic western characters for NPCs as well. My artist is working on the second to last character and should be done with him in a day or two based on her usual pace. Actually, I'm constantly surprised at how fast she churns out the sketches and such that she makes, and the work is great! Personally, I love to give credit even when it's not strictly necessary, mainly because I believe that good work should be recognized! That being said, if you actively don't want to be credited, that's your prerogative.
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    That One NPC

    Western character sets needed

    I recommend having busts of your designs commissioned first, then have someone sprite up the character sets to match the bust and face materials flawlessly. You may not be having busts done, but I'd still have the faces finished first. Dig around old ReStaffs and project-friendly resources for hats and other sprite apparel you can add to your generator library, or edit to suit your needs. I am decent with RPT edits, but not much beyond that, unless you are wiling to use Loose Leaf sprites. If LLs are on the table, contact me to see some example work at no cost or obligation (I love making LL sprites, and care little about credit, only people's projects).
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    Hey Creatives, Well, I can’t believe August is almost over. Soon Fall will be here (my favorite time of the year.) Anyhow, this week’s new free MP3 music tracks are: On my new Rock page: ROCK DRAMA ’80s SUMMERTIME https://soundimage.org/rock/ Please don’t forget about my higher-quality Ogg music tracks and packs. They sound great and are a cool way to support my efforts. See you in September!
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    Lots of stuff going on this week: THEMED MUSIC PACKS Themed music packs are on the way and will be available in higher-quality Ogg format. This should make the task of finding music for your projects a lot easier. NEW HIGHER-QUALITY OGG TRACKS My Funny/Quirky/Weird page now has higher-quality Ogg versions of the tracks on it. There are some seriously quirky tracks on that page…lol. I’m working on doing the same with my other funny pages. https://soundimage.org/funnyquirky/ That said, this week’s new free MP3 music tracks are: On my Chiptunes 5 page: BOARDWALK ARCADE 2 https://soundimage.org/chiptunes-5/ And on my Puzzle Music 7 page: COOL PUZZLE GROOVIN’ 2 https://soundimage.org/puzzle-music-7/ I sincerely hope some of my tracks are helpful. And, as always, feel free to share your projects if you wish…I love to see how creative people are using my music!
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    Evented Shapeshifting System

    Honestly, I didn't think you could change a party formation mid battle. Admittedly, I'm still pretty new to this, so I find myself learning new things all the time.
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    Finally starting to play with Scripts. I'm going to stick with Yanfly scripts for now since they're designed to work together and thus will cause less bugs. I wasn't really planning on doing scripts so soon, but need them in order to make my attacks do what I want. I'm still going to try to limit just how many I use, particularly since this is going to be a lengthy learning experience before I'm proficient in using them for what I want.
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    Hi everyone, New free texture images are ready on these pages: ROCK / STONE (Artistic) WOOD (Artistic) They can be accessed from here: https://soundimage.org/images-home-page/ THEMED MUSIC PACKS Themed music packs are on the way and will be available in higher-quality Ogg format. This should make the task of finding music for your projects a lot easier. In the meantime, you can still download packs containing all of my tracks to date for various genres, like: Action Fantasy Chiptunes Sci-Fi Dark/Ominous Horror/Surreal Puzzle Music You can access them here: https://soundimage.org/ogg-music-packs-2/ Links to the packs also appear at the top of my music pages. Enjoy and please stay healthy.
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    Making a Balanced Game

    Note: First off, this will be my first tutorial! Not to mention my first post! Also, I created this tutorial for two reasons, one, I was tired of not seeing a tutorial on balancing the game yet, and second, the guide I've been using is for RPG Maker VX. This guide was inspired, and re-written from an old guide I use, or used to use. I'm re-writing it as it doesn't fit in with all the new features of Ace. If you would like to check it out, here it is! http://www.rpgmakerv...showtopic=47252 Now that that has been said, I bring you... A guide to making a balanced game Table of Contents 1. EXP Curve 2. Parameter Curves 3. Creating Enemies - Basic Enemies - Bosses 4. Skills 5. Weapons, Armor, and Items 6. Money 7. Last Words EXP Curve This is pretty simple, what it does is change how fast, or slow you want your class to level up. What I normally do is leave this alone, but feel free to change it how you want! I'll do a little walk through of what each slider does. Base Value: It does what it says! It is the "base" number of EXP it will take to level up. Say you slide everything else down, and leave this one at 30. It will take 30 EXP to level up. Extra Value:This is basically just like the base value. What it does is just add on to what you have for your base value. Say again, we set the base value at 30, and the extra value at 10, it would then take 40 EXP to level up. It just adds it up. Acceleration A: This speeds up or slows down how much EXP it will take to level up. Acceleration B: Does the same thing as Acceleration A. Parameter Curves All these really do is change how much of a certain parameter to will have at a certain level. There are two main ways to change these. The first one is to just drag a line or curve you think is good, I don't recommend doing this. The second one is clicking on Generate Curve. Here is one rule I always use. For health, add two zeros on for level 99. For the rest only add one. I will walk you though all of them. MHP: (Max Health Points) This is how much health you will have in total at a certain level. Say you set your level one health to 57, set your level 99 to 5700. For this one you add two zeros. MMP: (Max Magic Points) This is how much magic you will have in total at a certain level. If you set your magic to 36 at level one, set your level 99 to 360. From here and the rest you add one zero. ATK: (Attack) This is how much physical damage you can do at a certain level. DEF: (Defense) This is how much physical damage you can take at a certain level. MAT: (Magic Attack) This is how much magical damage you can do at a certain level. MDF: (Magic Defence) This is how much magical damage you can take at a certain level. AGI: (Agility) This is how fast you are. It controls if you miss or not, and if you have certain scripts installed, how fast you attack. LUK: (Luck) This controls if you will contract a state or not. The higher your luck, the lower chance you have of getting a certain state, such as poison. Creating Enemies When making enemies, it's kind of hard to figure out how much health they will need so they won't be too easy or too hard to kill. It goes the same way for the rest of the stats. I'll give a quick walk through of what you can do to solve that problem! It is also hard to tell what level you are when you will need to kill them. So play every once in a while to tell. Remember to always check if the enemy is too strong with the Battle Test after. Also, when I make enemies, I don't just make them. I make them as I go in my game! If you make them right from the start, you don't know if they will be too strong, also you might not use most of them. Basic Enemies Normal Enemy MHP: Double the player's health. MMP: Depends on the skills the enemy has. If it's a magic user, like a mage, give the same amount or double the enemies health. If it isn't a magic user, I recommend either none, or half of the enemies health. ATK: Around 30% less than the player's attack if you are using low health and such as I am. (Using 15 health at level one.) If you are using stuff like 250 health at level one, keep it the same as the player's. If it is a magic user, I recommend half the player's attack. DEF: Same as the player. MAT: If it's a magic user, Around 30% less than the player's attack, or magic attack. (Which one is higher.) If it isn't, either none or half of the player's. MDF: Same as the player. AGI: I would recommend around one or two points higher than the player's agility. LUK: Same as players. Dungeon Enemy MHP: Triple the player's Health. MMP: Depends on the skills the enemy has. If it's a magic user, like a mage, give the same amount or double the enemies health. If it isn't a magic user, I recommend either none, or half of the enemies health. ATK: Same as the player, or one point higher. If it is a magic user, around 30% higher than the player's attack. DEF: Around 10% higher. MAT: If it's a magic user, the same as the player's attack, or magic attack. (Which one is higher.) If it isn't, either none or half of the player's. MDF: Around 10% higher. AGI: Same as the player's or one point less if you use certain scripts. LUK: Same or two points higher than the player's. Now, for making the experience they give you is kind of difficult. What I did was keep changing it until I found a decent amount. It depends on your EXP curve you set. I left mine how it was, so the first enemy I encountered has the EXP of 8. Then for the next enemy, you have to see what level you encounter it. Say I encounter the next enemy at a level of 3. I sat that enemies EXP to 14. For the gold, I use half the amount of the EXP. So for 14 EXP, I give 7 gold. Bosses For bosses it is pretty much the same as basic enemies, but with higher stats. For the experience, I give them a lot. Use the same technique as the one for basic enemies, but double the value of the experience. Then for the gold, give half of the amount from the experience. MHP: 5 times higher than the player's. For All the Rest: Times it by 1.5 higher (Or 150%) than the player's. Skills The skills are always one thing I've hated doing. Even after finding a clever way of doing the skills, I stikk hate doing it, but that is my opinion. You could love doing it! But either way, I'll share my technic of how to make the skills. The first thing you want to do, is decide how much Magic (Or Technical) Points you need it to be. To do that, decide how many skills you want the class to have. Say you want to have 20 skills. Use that, and divide it by 100, then you get 5. So that means, every 5 levels, that class will get a skill. So say your first skill will be at level 5. Go to the class and find out how many MMP you will have at level 5. Once you find out, divide it by 5. That is how much MP the skill will cost! Now we move on to the damage, the rest is pretty self explanatory. Type: Pretty easy, what does the spell do? Element: What element is it? Formula: This is wear the magic happens. Click on quick, for Base Value, set that as double of your ATK or MAT. (Depending on if it's a magic user or not.) Then for Physical and Magical it's pretty simple. If it is a physical skill, set the Physical to 100, if it is a magical skill, set the Magical at 100. Variance: This is the range of damage. Say you leave it at 20. It will do between 20% higher or lower of what you set as your formula. Critical: Does the skill have a chance to land a critical? Weapons, Armor, and Items Alright, we've came a long way haven't we? Well we are almost done! Let's move on, first to weapons. If it is a one handed weapon, it should be half of the player's attack. So if a player has an attack of 18, the weapon should be 9. If it is a two handed weapon, it should be 75% of the player's attack. If it is a dual wield weapon, it should be around 30% of the player's attack. For armor, we have three parts. The body, head, and shield. All three pieces should offer a total of 50% defense. If your player doesn't want to use a shield, then take that off and have it offer a total of 35% defense to balance it out. The body armor should offer 25% defense, the head should offer 10%, and the shield should offer 15%. Now for items, for now, I will just explain a healing potion. Potions for HP, it is a good idea to have the potion heal a little more than what the player actually has, for other classes as well. You should also make a potion for around every ten levels. Now, lets say you were making a potion for a level 10 player, with the HP of 198. You want the potion to heal 20% more than what you have. So for that, 39.6 is 198 of 20%. So you use 198, and round that up to 40. Then you add it, to get a total of 238. That would be how much it would heal. Money Now we are moving on to money, how much will it cost to buy certain items? Will you have enough money at the time of the game? This is pretty simple. For weapons and armor, the price should be around 10 to 15 times the amount of stats they have. Say you have a sword with 16 ATK, 6 AGI, and 2 LUK. add that up to 24, and times it around 10 to 15. I will use 10, so the price would be 240. For weapons/armor that have states or resit elements and such, they amount of the item should increase by around 25%. For Inns, the should make the price of it fit in with the theme of the town/city. If it is a broken up town who just came out of a war, the price should be cheap. If it is the richest kingdom in the world, it should cost a lot. For items, I'll again use a HP potion for example. The price should be half of what the potion does. If you have a HP potion that heals 500 HP, it should cost 250. As for other items, such as those that remove poison, or stun, they should cost around how important the state is. Something that cures poison should be cheaper than something that cures stone, while something that cures stone, should be cheaper than something that revives a character from death. Last Words Now it is over! I really hope that this guide has helped. If you see any errors, or something that doesn't seem to be balanced to you let me know! I thank MrE for making the guide I used for more than a year now, and inspiring me to write an up-to-date one! Good luck on balancing your game, and have fun!
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    Centering Text

    Ahhhh, found it! If anyone is curious, it's: Window_Command.prototype.itemTextAlign = function() { return 'left'; //Change to 'center' }; Thanks for the help
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    Western character sets needed

    Update: I have someone working on the pixel art for my characters. It is gonna cost me $30 for each character sprite sheet, which will mean this part will be rather over budget. The artist will do work that would be available for commercial work for $40 per character sprite sheet. If anyone can beat the price, please let me know. The work will come slowly since I can't afford more than one per week.
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