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    Uuugh.... I was toiling over a error that made no sense for a good 15 minutes... then I realized I forgot to add 'def' in front of a method definition. >_> Even experienced programmers can still make noob mistakes sometimes!
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    You know, I am curious. What kind of magic does a vis mage do anyway?
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    "Where'd the meow-meow go?" my two year old cousin asked me where my cat wandered off to. Ohhhh, my heart melted.
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    Okay, I am trying to find a way to make Moghunters monogatari plugin With the functionality of Yanflys menu added mages such as job points, quest log, actor variables, profile pages in status, ect, but still with the 'look' apperance of the monogatari menu? Is there a way to add a page into the monogatari menu and copy and paste some of yanflys script to get it to work or combine scripts? I know nothing about scripting.
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    Good morning guys~ Any ideas on where someone begin to learn coding or how to modify codes? I want to combine Mv's moghunter monogatari but have yanflys actor variables page as well as a quest page and a skill tree page/ >w>
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    Corruption of Laetitia

    Warning: This story-driven RPG contains Yuri(Lesbian) undertones and mildly suggestive themes! Progress: New demo! released 28th of November 2018 Corruption of Laetitia - Demo 4C While old saves may not work, This demo has been optimized so that the saves should carry on flawlessly into the final release! Changelog since Demo 3B: Fixed some grammatical inconsistencies The fourth wall is still gone. Added small sprite animations in certain areas. The "Stairway to heaven" Quest line can now be finished to the end. Added some side-quests and recipes. Changed fast-travel method and added world maps. Attempted to prepare the demo for the final release. Also added a trailer! Additional Screenshots: Corruption of Laetitia imgur Library Downloads: Corruption of Laetitia - Demo 4C Old demos for preservation purposes: Demo 3 Demo 2
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    Lately I have got back into messing round with ZDoom. I used to be into it quite a bit back in the day... It's pretty nostalgic to play with it again. I got distracted reading though all my old posts in the ZDoom forum today. I wonder if I should try and get my account back there? Eh, it's been ages and I don't really have much to say there. Also, found out Randy Heit totally was a girl after all! I knew it! I remember specifically how I made a post somewhere playfully chastising people for assuming Randy's gender... to which Randy replied with only a simple knowing 'heh'. ...Anyway I have not given up on my RPG Maker game or anything, but I do kinda want to make a Doom mod again... Or a Heretic or Hexen mod more likely, I have always been a bit more fond of Raven's fantasy shooters then I have Doom. And Strife is pretty cool too!
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    Hello, I am Nirwanda, welcome to my pixel shop! I have been doing this for a while now, and am 100% committed to offering you a good service and do the best to satisfy your needs. I hope we can work together! Here's the general pricing list: Icons: starting at $1, varies by size Windowskin: $7 Rtp sized Character sheet: $10+$3 for additional poses Large characters sheet: $15+$5 for additional poses Portraits: $15+$5 per additional expression Busts: $20+$5 per additional expression/+$10 for additional pose Full character/ Static battlers: $35/+$12 for additional pose Animated battler:$35 Weapons for animated battlers: $10 Tileset/Animations/anything else: $15/hour
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    *reading a story about fairies and the MC and her fiance breaks 5 of the 8-or-so fairy rules of etiquette* I'm sorry MC-chan but at this point, you kinda deserve this.
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    Target selection in battle

    So - here's a point that came up on another website, regarding the battle system in my new project. To give some background info - it is absolutely critical that with most attacks, you can choose whether to target enemies or allies. The battle system is side-view, enemies on the left, allies on the right. So, initially, my thought was - have a dedicated button for changing target party, while the arrow keys (or dpad, on a gamepad) select a target within that party. But someone pointed out that they feel it'd be more natural to have left/right switch party, and up/down to select a target within the party. The issue I see here - what if we have, say, a formation of two enemies, one behind the other (but at the same Y coordinate). To me, it would feel weird to be using up and down. If it's a matter of "if you're already on the furthest right enemy, pressing right again will target allies, but otherwise it targets an enemy further to the right than the currently-selected one", that could work. The other question is how exactly to implement it. Yes, for a human, it's easy to see "I have this enemy selected and pushed this button, so now I should have this enemy selected instead". Implementing an algorithm for it... not so simple. This actually pushes me towards actually using the up/down thing, perhaps combined with just not creating formations that have enemies in a straight line horizontally so the oddity of using up/down to (visually) move left/right between targets never comes up. What's everyone else's thoughts on this?
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    Is that an inkling I see? Cuuuute! *snuggles*
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    YES!!! FINALLY GOT THE CHASE CODE WORKING! Now to wrap up the other 5% and Kamikakushi is 100% done.
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    Aaaah now that changes everything. Feedback is not disabled. I checked the permission settings and there was a derp in there. It was set to allow members create new threads, but not reply to existing ones - it should be the other way around and is now fixed. It may be my fault; There's a really LONG wall of sections, each having multiple boxes to tick - and each member group has the same wall set differently. It is simply confusing. It's not the first time where there was something wrong... and probably not the last, heh. Sorry for that. By the way I have clearly stated to comment in that thread when having any doubts or questions: I'm surprised, that nobody mentioned not being able to do so. The thread isn't locked after all. *ahem* Now it should be okay.
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    More new seamless cartoon-style images are ready and waiting here: TXR – BRICK - Cartoon https://soundimage.org/txr-brick-cartoon/ TXR – FABRIC – Cartoon https://soundimage.org/txr-fabric-cartoon/ New music will be posted on Wednesday. Until then… Happy Holidays!
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    Entry 005: New Project (not saying the name yet)

    Hehe.... Dernkeeper sounds fittingly mysterious don't you think?
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    Word Wrapping Message Boxes

    Has anyone ever found it annoying to manually break up text to fit in the message boxes, especially if you start tweaking with the game resolution or the text box sizes? Well, I sure have. It's rather annoying to me that simple word wrapping is beyond the capability of the vx ace engine... but no more for I bring ye, yonder script to solve yon problem! It also adds a few new escape sequences and a optional HTML-like whitespace mode that converts linebreaks to spaces. More features (like possibly a option to get rid of leading/trailing spaces for a line) may come in the future. Edit: Now up to version SEVEN! Six is afraid of it!)
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    2D Digital Artist

    Hi, I´m Ares and I´m a 2D artist specialized in designing original characters, environments, weapons and basically all kind of art a game may need. I´m open to a paid job positions for 2D in-develop games. Feel free to take a look at my portfolio at https://www.artstation.com/gedetorres where you will able to see my 2D art skills but please have into consideration that the style showcased on it is a sample of personal projects. I am a versatile artist and I adapt the style of my art to whatever requirements my customers may need. For additional info and job offers you can use my contact email gertorres.anton@gmail.com Have a nice day!
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    Cait's Graphical World

    It's been some time since I started this topic and I admit it has been a learning process, as I learn to organize everything in a manner that everyone can find. I hope to get everything moved and the topic prettied up in the next couple of days, though, shopping day is fast approaching (Thursday), so whatever I don't have done will have to wait until Saturday. I hope to get it done today and even more added, so let's hope. P.S. Let me know if these topic headers are too big, as this is the first time "I" created any. COMMON SENSE RULE: If you can't use something commercial, I will tell you that you can only use it in a free game. If the pattern or tile I use is only in rpg maker vx ace, you can only use it in rpg maker vx ace. Otherwise, all tiles have the ability to be used in a commercial or free game. I don't do this for money as it is something I enjoy, but if you do create a commercial game, could I have a free copy? Hey, I am a gamer and a girl, we look for bargains any place we can. ZIP FILE: https://www.dropbox.com/s/1qrr9hdga16r2v8/Caits%20Graphics.7z?dl=0 WALLS: Floor: TITLES 1 AND 2 Simple edits:
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    Corruption of Laetitia

    Add a hideyoshi inside
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    Corruption of Laetitia

    even in non-adult themed games, a little fanservice such as that is nothing. i mean, this is something i would expect to see in a T rated game. So I wouldn't worry about having it in the game. really though, even if there was nudity/partial nudity it could still maintain a T or M rating so long as the genitalia are not shown. (i was researching this for my own game) and for the loyalty system, how about adding in special skills that provide buffs to the actors in question when they reach certain levels of loyalty. for example, if Actor A has X amount of loyalty towards the main character, either one can use a skill that provides a temporary increase to stat Y for both Actors.
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    Corruption of Laetitia

    Thank you♥ I shall update the thread as more is being added, I am quite happy it got approved on such early notice too! I'll probably refine what I have some and release it as a playable demo sometime in the future. But that can wait~ Really, your support is so very appreciated! As for the fish, it's actually an item you throw at enemies! Monty Python references Ahoi! Her real trauma will probably come if I decided to put fishmen into the game.
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    Word Wrapping Message Boxes

    I knew that XD This guy is actually a prince in a fantasy setting so it's accurate XD And also children of both genders used to be called 'girls' when they were toddlers and 'boy' started as sort of a general word for young servant or scribe. Like you'd yell 'Boy!' if you wanted the waiter to serve you. Not sure how they got to where they are nowadays, but back then it was only men who were 'servants' as opposed to cleaners or nursemaids or other specialized jobs so it probably got a masculine association over time. The past is odd! (But yeah I'll shut up now cos I'm way offtopic XD)
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    Word Wrapping Message Boxes

    Fun fact: In the Victorian era, pink was for boys and blue was for girls. It's true! :3
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    Word Wrapping Message Boxes

    Definitely gonna try this out. I'll report back in once I've messed with it. Oh my god! This is insane! I can use default faces with this and not have messages cut off and have to be short, its all so orderly and refined. This is good, I mean, look at this. That never would have fit before, and to think all this time I could have been using Modern Algebra's Formatting instead of being a pedantic dumbass and asking someone to make a face window script.
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    Resolution Ace

    Alternatively, you can literally duplicate this script by using Graphics.resize_screen(width, height) in main. Because the menus, the map, the parallaxes refit by default.