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    Hi everyone! Long time no see
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    It's been a while since it was out, so here goes a gameplay of Shattered Harmony, which includes all the "secrets" and stuff.
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    Kodots Games & Eureka Presents MARGO - On the Brink MARGO - On the Brink (Working Title) is a surreal adventure/RPG with a traditional turn-based combat. You play as a nameless girl with no recollection of the past trapped inside the depth of the crumbling realities called the "The Brink". You must guide her in her quest to find what has been lost and restore the shattered world. It will not be an easy journey as the hostile entities called "The Watchers" are patrolling the ground. Draw strength from the benevolent entities called the "Whispers" to stand up against the Watchers and climb your way up to escape the broken world. The Game MARGO is developed as an adventure RPG with a slow-paced deliberate combat-system that requires no grinding. The game features no random encounter. The enemy placement is fixed and they will not respawn after being defeated. Inspired by the table-top board games/card games, MARGO combat is slow-paced and each and every action must be taken deliberately to survive. This unique battle system is custom-made and we are currently developing it from the ground up. (Still a long way to go:kaodes:) The Characters Screenshots Team SomaelCK HaruAkira Edgeklinge Many thanks for reading through this thread. Would appreciate hearing your thoughts! Credits
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    Thanks Natsuki Follow the main thread for the main updates. And thanks Roninator, I was thinking 500 x 500 would be a reasonable cap. But this thread has actually become moot. I gutted the code today. I won't get too technical, but if anyone else is looking to create a custom tile editor, just use Unity's in built Tilemap system. Now I'm making maps as large as 2000 x 2000 and PC isn't even breaking a sweat. Loading is still very much a chore, especially when every tile is used on every layer but anything below 250 x 250 is pretty much instantaneous and 500 x 500 taking about 30 seconds or so. If you can tolerate the 15 min load for a 2000 x 2000 map, once it is loaded, you can easily edit with no lag at all. Basically, any limitation now is down to user hardware, and Unity. One of the things I'm 100% adding when I get to coding the Runtime side of things is a 2D version of ambient occlusion, which is when it only renders the tiles the camera can see. That way I'll never need more tiles than what I can fit within the screen, so the load times will always be tiny regardless of map size. I might actually achieve my goal of maps large enough to create open word games. Screenshot from when I was stress testing a 1000 x 1000 map.
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    Most maps in my project are 100x100 with some smaller than that, but my world map is 400x500 I have large maps because I'm doing a large project. And I'm expecting to need a lot of maps so I combined most together to save on files. So a house map will actually have 4-10 houses in it spaced apart so you would not see the other house when your inside one.
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    Hey Folks, I had another very busy week, but I did manage to create a new track for everyone: ACOUSTIC ROCK DRAMA – (Looping) 100% free to use with attribution, it's on my new Rock page...here's the link: https://soundimage.org/rock/ If you can, please consider making a small donation on my site...they really help a lot. Enjoy!
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    Ah got it now. I like a lot your idea Well, so as I said before. The max size I have worked on is 120 x 120. Maybe a little more, like 130 x 130, is the biggest I have ever needed. Don't think I may need more, at least that's my case.
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    Hi everyone, I've redesigned my images homepage to make it easier to find what you need (and to make it more visual, too.) Give it a look! https://soundimage.org/images-home-page/ That said, you'll find brand new texture images on these pages: CONCRETE - Artistic (Tile-able) FUR / CARPET - Artistic (Tile-able) Enjoy!
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    Thanks for the reply Natsuki. I'm not actually making a game, but a tool for making an RPG in Unity.... Essentially, RPG Maker for Unity. I've posted about the project here. Haven't updated the thread recently, but I have essentially completed the database part of the project and I'm now working on the Map Editor. I've continued testing since I made the OP and I can support up to 150 x 150, but things will get laggy. Don't know how much you know about Unity, but it uses a thing called a GameObject. Currently, every tile is it's own GameObject, so with a 150 x 150 map, that's 22, 500 GameObjects. Then on top of that, there are 4 layers, so that's 90,000 GameObjects... annnddd this is why Unity is getting laggy. The solution I have come up with, is to remove the 4 layers, and just have a single layer of GameObjects, with 4 separate sprites per GameObject, and just set their order using Unity's Sorting Layer on the SpriteRenderers. I don't feel like 150 x 150 is large enough but if I move things to a single layer, this is going to cause it's own set of problems and requires A LOT of re-writing. Still, if it requires re-writing, better do it now than later... so need to know what kind of map sizes they'd be happy with. I've attached a screenshot of the WIP on the Map Editor.
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    Thank you! We will be updating about the game regularly so please tune in for more
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    I've been gone for a long time due to busy work. so didn't answer and i just came back hey guys I tried it and my bet Going out to gamble, players will not win easily. Because I set the probability variable of probability very low, out of 100 trials, I was lucky with only 8. to win this game besides the players There really is nothing to do in my game Players can't open saves, they have to complete their difficult levels before they can save the game. That looks like a waste of time I've calculated this.
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    Dusk concepts I & II Ovara III Sorrow aside a pregnant Vetrise. In her gratitude for taking her in, much less giving her her name, Sorrow would watch over the unfortunate child from afar until the day they would meet face-to-face. Viktoria III (Act II) Viktoria II (Act III)
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    Happy 2022! A big THANK YOU to those of you who supported my efforts in 2021...this wouldn't be possible without you. You rock! That said, here's some brand new free music to start off the new year: On my Fantasy 12 page, we have: "ANCIENT GAME MENU" https://soundimage.org/fantasy-12/ And on my Puzzle Music 7 page: "MIND BENDER 2" https://soundimage.org/puzzle-music-7/ Enjoy, stay safe and keep creating!
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    New member here. I'm bad with introductions but hi. I'm a musician/game dev from Canada who's been a fan of RPG Maker stuff for years but has only recently gotten into the process of working on a true and good game. I joined this forum mainly for help and to show off my stuff but I hope I can meet new friends too. Looking forward to meeting you all
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    Lauro I Though he would not play his role on the stage of the world as of yet, his happenstance of being raised among those he did would lay the foundation for his and Nuefraust's future. If any of her demi knights known she had raised such an unassuming and coddled child, they'd bock with the contrast of her rigid training. Transient Ebersuil ~With mask version~ Transient Ebersuil, the assassin professing in silencing of Isalme's threats and those posing jeopardy toward the Cinqe Cattedra or Amaudio's interests. Not even he can see through the void in which he travels among the shadows, and so alongside Leien's training, his armour is enchanted to enhance the sensitivity of his nervous system. With this, he can feel out his environment better than with sight as well as project through the shadows, causing temporary paralysis. Viktoria~ Lingerie Lingerie was not typical in such times, yet one of the few instances Viktoria dared use the skills taught her by her mother, she boosted her appeal with such invention. Ovara III Sorrow aside a pregnant Vetrise. In her gratitude for taking her in, much less giving her her name, Sorrow would watch over the unfortunate child from afar until the day they would meet face-to-face.
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    Happy New Year, Fellow Creatives! To kick off 2022, we have some brand new free textures on these pages on my site: BARK - Artistic (Tile-able) BRICK - Artistic (Tile-able) As always, feel free to edit them, mash them, use parts of them, combine them with other images or anything you like. You can access them from here: https://soundimage.org/images-home-page/ Enjoy!
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    ...And a Happy New Year!
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    Super cool to see them all complete and together. I also put Jack on Panda Maru's MV horse to see what it would look like. Love me a good western.
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    You too! Greetings Everyone! I have some new music to share...free, as always, to use with attribution: On my Chiptunes 5 page: ARCADE ADVENTURES 3 – (Looping) – This one might sound cool in a fast-paced arcade-style space game…or perhaps something else. https://soundimage.org/chiptunes-5/ And on my Sci-Fi 11 page: CYBERPUNK HEROES – (Looping) – Superheroes of the future? https://soundimage.org/sci-fi-11/ Enjoy!
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    Hello Makers! The latest update, version 2.1.5, is available! Thank you for using VXA-OS. As always, we appreciate your support! We hope you are enjoying it so far. Download link Log: Website with account registration, password change, level ranking, store etc. added; Background image of character creation other than character selection; Level requirement added to skills; Added scrollbar movement of windows via mouse scroll button; Added error message display when connecting incorrectly to database; Chat text font configuration added to Configs script; Server scripts rearranged into folders; Added protection against excessive buffer RAM memory; Bug in guild member list icons fixed. How to update your project(s): Create a backup of your project Copy your project's client Audio and Graphics folders and paste into the client folder of the latest VXA-OS update Copy the files from the Data folder, except the file Scripts.rvdata2, and paste into the latest VXA-OS update client folder
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    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to the RPG Maker Central community!! Also, here is an extra piece of illustration of a game called A Short Hike:
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    Here I'll start by sharing some of my RPG Maker community-related works. Below is a portrait I did for @Archeia: The first picture below is @TheoAllen's character, Nella Shadowind, from Journey to Skynesia:
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    Honestly, so far I like the original Clarence with the hat best. I felt like that one looks perfect even without the ribbons (when is the character sprite ever THAT perfectly detailed anyway, right?) I love that I can see Roy's badge peaking out from the coat! It's a little detail, but it tickles me that it stands out! Nice work on making that detail pop! Not sure how I feel about the poncho on Gustave. I feel like it kinda makes the bandolier hard to see when he's facing the camera.
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    Been quite some time since I last logged in here... An unexpected post on my art thread at RMN kind of got me to share more of my work. Here are some more RPG Maker community-related artwork I did months ago: This is something I did for @Galv of galvs-scripts.com months ago. ^^ This is a portrait I did for @Kayzee (KilloZapit). This is a portrait for Milennin, who made the BETA, FADE, and RTP games. A marker doodle of the character, Ellemine, from @Starmage11's game, Rave Heart.
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