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    Hello, I'm obviously new here.^^ I was semicative in RPGmakerWeb for a while (not with this name), more reading than writing. But the forum was just not my cup of tea. Thats why Im looking around for other nice communitys. I had my active time in the past in another forum which died years ago, never got really into other forums after. Im currently planning to get into forumlife again. Want to try to be more active and also finally releasing stuff. Which I never did before and I'm using the Maker since years, but I'm never satisfied with my projects. So Im working on my projects mostly for myself, it's therapeutic somehow, I guess. But my current could reach demo status and I probably will release it then. If anyone has questions I will answer, if I can.
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    Hi AVGB, cool to meet you. Do you find yourself applying anarchist ideals to your games? There's a lot of games I've enjoyed that would totallly compromise my ideals in the name of play. I've already found loads of ideas (especially the maps screen shots) going through the threads. I need to play some of the members games.
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    Hello there! After probably two(maybe three) years of lurking around these forums and 2,000 hours of working on random VX Ace projects, I finally decided to become a member!(Never too late, right??) Well, that's about it for my introduction. Glad to be a part of this community!
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    I said I would type out a lengthy blog post about what happened. Well, this is it. Sort of. As I type this now, I'm still in limbo on several fronts, but am in a position where I can start with relative comfort. Thing is, where this really begins, and where I start sharing from, is a bit ambiguous. However, I can say with absolute certainty that me going homeless was something I should of been able to predict, mayhaps not down to precise timing, but looking back, things were going downhill for a while, and simultaneously, too much weird shit had been happening. I'll start with the flux line cross date when things began to shift towards a total downfall. "What is a flux line cross date?" It's quantum mechanics stuffs, nothing I can explain concisely. Basically, it details a shift in expectancies. Anyway, without further ado, the flux line cross date is not a specific D/M/Y/H/M/S point, but is specific to when these tend to occur most often, and that is where I'll start. Early-Mid Spring, 2022; specifically April Yeah; I'll never forget how weird I felt about the sudden shift in basically everything. It's likely an after effect of Coriolis, but it still weirds me out even now. There was a cold blast that lasted for a while, then it shifted to heavy rain, and severe storms, almost instantly. At the time, I lived in Haysville, which is south of Wichita, and southwest of Andover. Yeah; if you're aware of the atmospheric events of that particular Spring, you'll know that I'm talking about this. Fact is, the storm that produced it developed right overhead in Haysville. Eerie as fuck, knowing that it could of developed just a stone's throw south by southwest and it would of been a Haysville tornado. This event was the culmination of the shift in question, because everyone around suddenly changed in ways that most wouldn't notice, but I did. I knew by that summer, that something really bad was incoming, but I wasn't prepared because I had no way to be. August, 2022; Landlord's illicit and illegal Greed and Avarice It was close to time to renew the lease, so we got documents that stated such. Okay, fine, just some signatures, done, blah, blah, blah. Then, a couple days later, we got another batch of documents of similar nature. I almost tossed them thinking they had sent an extra copy, but I opened the envelope just to be sure it wasn't something else first. Inside was the worst thing that could happen to a severely disabled and crippled living unit, a notice of lease termination. Yep, we could of fought it, but they knew that we hadn't the resources to, and we're not their first victims either. Simple fact is, we had to find a place to move to, and get help with the process. Okay, easy enough, right? WRONG. The one who was the worst crippled went into a major health crisis, and that basically destroyed any progress towards anything. It wouldn't be until October before we had a place to temporarily move our belongings to, and even then, there was too much that we couldn't move on our own, so, the lease days expired before we could be completely done, and the only reason I wasn't served for vagrancy, was because the landlord showed a tiny bit of mercy, just enough to allow us a few more days to get everything, but, even then, it was not all good; it was close to the end of October that I walked to the overpass bridge and was going to jump from it. In short, it's fenced off, and I hadn't the strength to climb the fence. To this moment, I still think about it. I still wonder if I should of jumped. It doesn't matter now, so much, but still. November 5, 2022; Facing Death Head-on Basically, at that point, I knew that any error could lead to my demise. But, for a short time, I still had someone I could sort of depend on. I still had access to a means of transportation, so maybe it wasn't all for naught, or so I had set in mind. I later realized that things were worse than ever, as the one who controlled my finances was down and out, soon to be gone completely, and Social Security did nothing about it. Yup, things were that bad. I had savings, but I really did not want to use them. So, when the path to housing got washed out by red tape, I took the option of attempting to gain resources through a feigned mental health crisis. It worked, except, I wasn't housed, I was placed in a shelter, or more rather, that's where I ended up, and worse, it was in a place I knew nothing about, so any time I went anywhere, if I didn't know where I was going, I had help. I was fortunate to not have to go anywhere if I didn't need to, but still, from December through mid-March, I eked out a sorrowful existence, and I was constantly facing fatal peril, including two different occurrences of stage 1 hypothermia. Winter was bad, and Yule was absolutely awful. I also learned that because the one who controlled my finances had passed on, my disability funding was suspended, and yeah, that's bad. VERY. My savings would be gone in a matter of weeks. With March would also come the point in which I would be left alone; my travelling companion and helpful resource would leave for Colorado, taking Charlie with him. Ah, yeah; Charlie is a pretty orange tabby, who was named 'Angus' originally. What kind of a name is 'Angus', for a cat!?? (paraphrasing Mr. Ed here but yeah) April, 2023; Start of an Upturn...? I finally managed to get EBT. Means I didn't have to scrounge for food like a wild animal, as long as I didn't spend it needlessly. But my problems were still massive, and one of them would be the storage unit, that hadn't been paid since February, and that would be in fact, a massive burden on me as time went on. I still was without funding, unless I got lucky with finding bits here and there, and my savings was gone long by this point, so I still had struggles many. One of the worst struggles was being relegated to a shelter for the masculine, and worse, one with strong religious affiliations. It was awful. I soon would manage to get a phone, but then it would end up stolen, because that's the type of place I was at. Staying there, was like living in a damn zoo. I managed to not get booted and also had managed to pass the colder days off before having to leave, because it was one of those 30-day places. Yeah, I managed to get extensions, but... End May, Begin June, 2023; Completely losing it I was out on the streets, and by this point I had learned enough to figure out how to get around, and keep occupied in relative comfort. But, the resources that allow this, were limited; the bus has a limited schedule on Saturdays, and doesn't run at all on Sundays or specific holidays. It was on a Sunday, that I had taken on too much stress, too much sun exposure, and that set me off. I was barely able to control myself enough to go to the crisis center for aid, and that was when... June, 2023; Enter: Shelter Plus Care (housing voucher) I ended up at this psychiactric facility called Prairie View, in a small town north of Wichita, called Newton. Initially, I didn't wish to stay, but I did end up staying after realizing that it would be better suited for medication stabilization, and of course, I was decently supported there as well. I was there for about eleven days. Thing is, after discharging, if it hadn't been for some ridiculous luck, I'd of been back in the exact same problematic situation, but... Mid June, 2023; Salvation Army, a shelter designed around feeling more like a home (RIP) On the same day I was discharged, I managed to get to the SA Emergency Lodge, in time for intake. After that, I was finally in a place where I could relax, and best part was/is, that I didn't have to take all my belongings with me whenever I left for whatever reason. I could finally focus more on things that mattered, like the storage unit. Yup, part of my mission was keeping in consistent contact and making sure that they knew that I'm doing my best to get them paid. Of course, this was contingent on them keeping my belongings in place, because if they hadn't, I wouldn't of paid them. I also filled out and sent in documents for various things, and I eventually would get another phone (it's shite but whatever), but for the first time in too long, I felt somewhat better, more stable. But then... July, 2023; Emergency Lodge has no monies; closing down and what comes of that Yup, I wasn't there for very long before hearing about this. Like, seriously, why. Well, it's all politics and nothing more. Politicians fucking with people's lives like a cursed game of Chess. I also learned of someone, or someones, cutting off the locks to my storage unit and breaking in. As far as I can tell, my TV is gone, and all three of my suitcases as well as both my larger PC towers (including my main project PC where a lot og my creative stuffs are stored) being missing. They could be gone too for all I know, and if that is the case, then, I might not be able to continue work on my main game dev project, unless someone has downloaded the bugtest project I had uploaded to MEGA as a semi-backup. Anyway, the Emergency Lodge was to shut down the eleventh of August, and it meant that I soon would find myself in a bad situation, even worse than when I had went off the rails. Summer was, and still is...sweet fucking mercy...the heat is unbearable to even reminisce on. By this time I had managed to get a payee, but even then, it would be way too long before I'd get my funding restored. August, 2023; Shelter Plus Care approved, found housing, but more waiting Indeed, once I got into the SPC program, finding housing was quick and almost effortless, but the one place I did manage to get wouldn't be ready for some time. At this point, Social Security had managed to cough up some of what they owe me, and it helped significantly. My storage finally got paid off, and is now easier on my mind. I had spare money again, but it didn't last. I tried but, it just wasn't happening. Staying in a motel was the ideal option but a fruitless endeavor, so... August 11; back to that derelict place up north Yeah, the 'zoo', of sorts, but even then, the place had changed, because they were tightening their 'standards' (by limiting their capacity and getting rid of vital necessities like a medical team-typical of politics). It wasn't much better, and the quality of the food was way worse, but with fewer people, meant that it was easier to manage. I knew that I'd eventually be housed, so I afforded out some patience. September 1; Moving in, casting out some worry and anxiety Not much more to say; I am sleeping on the floor and until recently, also did all my computing stuffs on the floor (much pain!!). My EBT benefits were lowered too much, so I don't have a fridge full of food, and I still need many things that my $31 will absolutely not procure. But, that said, despite every single last perilous thing that has come my way, I fought imminent fatal peril, and I won. For now. Forward Plans? If I'm able to, I'm most certainly getting back into game dev, with Ramsey at the forefront. Of course, she'll be around regardless; after all, I couldn't just let her fade away. Beyond that, I dunno; maybe gather those I've befriended for some kind of bash or something. There's some things I didn't talk about. This is likely going to have a second part, so, don't fret.
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    Do you have a twitch.io address? Do you play guitar? I use Rocksmith https://store.steampowered.com/app/221680/Rocksmith_2014_Edition__Remastered/ It's amazing, but my guitar playinjg isn't
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    Ah, it appears video embedding has been fixed. Jolly good! And it seems my game's thread was posted, too! Delightful! Now the countdown begins to when something breaks again~! But for now, we gucci!
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    So I was thinking about an old project that I had worked on and trying to remember why I stopped. It was called Temptation Seed. I realized as I looked at it that I'd done a lot of work on the game, but that I had stopped because I couldn't figure out how to implement certain systems that I've since learned how to do (it mostly just required the use of common variables which I wasn't great at using before another project that forced me to learn fast). I'm wanting to update it to MZ because it's just easier in so many ways, but the task is daunting! It's probably gonna take me hours to redo everything! That being said, I think it can be done and done well!
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    Meanwhile I've figured out the ideal PVP for this type of world. I call it the secondary mechanic and I've seen it in Far Cry 6 and No Mans sky. The secondary mechanic is more like resource managment or crafting and is similar in abstract concept to text adventures or Oregan trail. As your Player progress, they acrue NPCs that they can send out on "expeditions", similar in theme to the misisons done by the player. You never see the mission in action, only the results the next day. So as this world is very faction based, a player may or may not be in a faction, they also may or may not, lead their own sub-faction. These sub-factions can be min/maxed and maybe even have different builds for different kinds of missions allowing for strategy (without the PVP being inside the server-realtime-runtime.) It limits the damage a player can do to another and prevents toxic behaviour. It limits the damage to strategic and narative based. It encourages team work to create defences against these attacks The PVP does not get in the way of the RPG narative Waddya think?
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    ๐Ÿ‘Got it. Will check them out. Looking forward to them.
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    To prototype this MVP, I've created 16 missions. I still have to fill out some of the textboxes and select the NPCs (via dropdowns). But I'll have that done tomorrow. Next step is to have the server runtime: Read in this mission data and when the player enters the correct room(gridmap) that has an NPC with missions attached to it , setup the NPC mission handler and the NPC mission mark. This could take me weeks, (I try to get 2 hours of dev a day- but that often means less than 30 minutes coding etc). I think 16 missions is enough to test the system at quantity without going overboard. Individual missions can remain unpublished until ready. Note: to complete a mission the player clicks on the mark npc with the quest item in inventory. There is no option to hand over item or engage in dialogue. Once you click on the mark, the inventory is updated, the mission status is updated and the mark gives its dialogue (A textbox I forgot to add to the mission content item). I posit that this is the minimum required to build a coherent online world. The PVE, crafting, resource managment etc are dealt with elsewhere but are used to serve the above main game mechanic. After that I reckon I'd start expanding the dialogue system and adding more options to the mission building system and allowing for the mission system to avail of the dialogue system. I'll report back when I've tied the server runtime to this mission content creator.
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    I mean I don't think thats really what this thread is for but it was funny! They should call it Guitar Heroless am I right? It's been a while since i posted a Flavortasia, but this clip was too fun to just let it rot! I did some more work on flight, and now have a recording ready of the entire third Phase of the Mad E. Lin fight as well as the resolution.
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    Here is my MVP* for online RPGmaker style multiplayer missions. (Given: there are zombies patrolling the various areas to provide basic PVE. ) Creating a mission consists of: Select a handler NPC to provide the mission stage and give handler dialogue. Based on having a prereqisite item the player is immediately given the reward. (This is now the prerequisite for the next mission stage. ) Select another NPC as a mark and place the mark in a game area. If it is the first mission stage there will be no preqrequiisite only the reward. If it is the last mission stage there will be no mark only the rward. Otherwise each stage is identical. There can be as many or as little stages as the games master wants for this partlicular mission or side mission. Here *MVP or Minimal Viable Product is part of a design philosophy of providing the very bare bones of a product that can be expanded upon iteratively. The point being the above would be the least amount of design required to create an online multiplayer mission input system and it points in the direction of improvements that can be added without requiring a rewrite of the code. With the simple idea of providing the item (that could be unique) as a prerequisite for the next stage removes the need for things like player levels, attributes, keys and locks etc, but keeping the option to add these at a later date. Since the code remains online, players don't have to update anything when patches or new content is released.
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    I took a break from making games, but I'm back now. Got a fun little project comin up that I'm workin on with a close friend of mine!
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    Post no longer necessary, as the thread in games in progress now exists!
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    Presently can't even post new threads in the games in progress board. Can't seem to embed videos, either. The former is usually error code 880 or something. While the latter is simply... This reductive horseshit which on top of being overly annoying, has the bonus effect of telling us nothing helpful whatsoever! The hosts of this website care even less about this place than the admins do. At least the admins try to fix shit when it occurs, often hampered by these two-piece garbage-meal bona-fide fuckups masquerading as website hosts. Forgive my flagrant language.
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    Greetings Everyone! Brand new texture images are ready on my Wood - Artistic page. They are 100% free to use with attribution, like my thousands of other images. https://soundimage.org/images-home-page/ I hope some of my images are helpful! ๐Ÿ™‚
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    I'm in my apartment now, but I'm on the floor. That really sucks. ... I also don't know if my primary project PC is still in my storage unit. If it is, I'll have to get it at some point because that's where my project files for Ramsey are (I seriously need to upgrade the internal storage capacity for this Windows 10 LTSC PC). ... I did upload a test project to MEGA, for some people to look at, but I don't remember my login info for that MEGA account. If anyone has that test project, I'd greatly appreciate having that back at least. I don't know how much progress I'd be losing, but...
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    Necroposting is ok (any posting is ok โ€œsarcasm โ€œ given how quiet this place is). In this case it has bought some lively discussion Remi was allowed to stay because after a few years hiatus promised to be a reformed character. So okay play nice Remi ๐Ÿ˜€ Welcome to the site@techbot
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    Happy September Everyone! This week's new free music tracks are on my Dark/Ominous page: "THE ISLAND OF DR. SINISTER"_LoFi "MORE FREAKY THINGS THIS WAY COME"_LoFi https://soundimage.org/dark-ominous/ Muah-hah-hahhh! CUSTOM WORK Need some custom music created special? I'd love to help out! My contact information is here: https://soundimage.org/custom-work/ Have a good week! ๐Ÿ™‚
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    I have MV, VX Ace and XP but I only got them for reference. I am using my own code and specific transport, physics and graphics libraries. It's the storytelling aspect of RPG maker that I'm most interested in. How to turn a story into a game.
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    how am I considered an advanced member ive made little more than 100 posts and at least 50% of those were shitposts, me trolling kyonides or exposing stuff / bitching about people from rpgmakerwebs
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    https://steamcommunity.com/app/1810220/discussions/0/3492006430696446617/ Head to the Steam Page & check the game/discussion board news, I've returned to continue Act 2, I'm planning on using AI/OpenArt & ChatGPT to help code/write/art. They new tools sound perfect for streamlining game development & will let me remaster most of ACT 1's graphics/code & whatnot while giving new ideas for quests/story plots for ACT 2, check the (Fiverr Link on the Steam Page) to donate & help fund the project.
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    IMPORTANT NOTICE, FUND-RAISING. I've decided to move onto a new Project. This game will become free to play once it hits $500 on steam, current only 88$ has been made, alongside that change my base source code to the data/maps will be added so you can all modify the game as you see fit for personal usage. This requires owning RPG MAKER ACE. I might later release ACT 2, which shall still be paid DLC content, & will be used as a way to donate to my other projects.
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    Wrote one on that right here: http://forums.rpgmakerweb.com/index.php?/topic/57179-how-to-port-rpg-maker-mv-rtpresources-to-vx-ace/
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    Here is a conversion of the battlebacks, characters, facesets, tilesets, titles, and system graphics of the MV RTP (that are of known use and utility for VX Ace) for use in Vx Ace by anyone who would like to use the MV RTP graphics in VX Ace. This resource pack may be downloaded from the below GitHub link and requires the user have a legal license to RPG Makers MV and VX Ace, copyright to Kadokawa and Enterbrain respectively. I need no credit for this, but I would appreciate any feedback. https://github.com/Arcane21/MVToAceRTP