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    Yay, I made a sprite... of a sprite! You see, sprites are fairy-like nature spirits. This one is a cute nature spirit of autumn! Edit: Better side animation, no ember things.
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    YouTube Link embeds borked

    Yeah, I know this place is dead. This borked feature will make it even more dead. Fix please. I'd tell ya exactly what the dumb error code is, but it won't let me copy and paste it (goes away when I move the mouse).
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    I think I'm gonna have to take a deepdive into my database one of these days and come up with better items/weapons/armor. I feel like I don't have enough and a lot of them don't quite fit the fairyland theme I am going for. I have added some weapons that do fit the theme, but the problem is they are basically all replicas of unique legendary weapons like Caladbolg or Gáe Bulg. I probobly need to come up with more generic weapons. Also still kinda wanna turn potions into mushrooms or something and turn scrolls into something else (not sure what, maybe some kinda of tarot card).
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    You know, I think I have been in a weird grumpy mood lately for some reason and am probobly starting too many arguments. So... Sorry everyone! I don't mind having an argument or two but I think I may have gotten a bit out of hand.
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    People disappear all the time. People reappear all the time. But disappearing and reappearing without much fanfare, the situations and circumstances often being all hush-hush, and with new, deadly looking wounds and scars, often after your supposed death, is something rarely heard of. In fact, outside of Revenant, Oregon, where I now live, I had never come across anything like it. I first noticed it when I moved here, and a man by the name of Jacob disappeared. No investigation was made. The higher ups at the company he worked for paid off the local law enforcement. The second weird thing was how a few days later, people saw him walking the streets at night. He supposedly showed up in a blurry security camera image outside of a morgue. Some people claimed they could made out a Y-incision on his bare chest and stomach, clearly from an autopsy, or a dissection, or a vivisection, or something to that effect. As soon as any of this was brought up though, it was drowned out by other things, and it seemed all too purposeful. It seemed too much like it was being covered up. This pattern kept popping up. People would go missing, or have all the evidence lead to their death, only for them to reappear at night, in graveyards, in morgues, in hospitals, on grainy CCTV footage, in blurry pictures. But all evidence that they reappeared would disappear. In one case I remember, one girl’s entire existence was completely erased. Most of the people have forgotten about her, and her family refuses to acknowledge she ever existed. Her name was Marina Northwood. I can’t even search for her on the internet, and she was a moderately known social media influencer. Every trace of her has been wiped clean, except for what people remember of her, and one blurry picture of her standing in a graveyard. Marina’s girlfriend, Eleanor, reportedly killed herself a year after her girlfriend’s disappearance. Police found the knife, and the blood and fingerprints were her own, but they never found a body. A few days later, somebody saw her in an alley between some houses, late one night. That person has since withdrawn the statement, but I refuse to believe that they lied. This wasn’t the first time, and it most certainly wasn’t the last. The next one I remember is a guy I want to say was named Tyrone, but I can’t remember exactly. His best friends confessed to getting into a drunken fight with him, and murdering him. The body was never found. The friends swore they never hid the body. In fact, one of them claimed that his dead friend got up, and attempted to smash his head open on a desk. He certainly had the injuries to prove it, but he later withdrew the statement. I normally wouldn’t go anywhere with this story, I would just keep it to myself, but I turned the news on tonight, and lo and behold, another disappearance. A young woman, Monica Brian, age 21. Her blood, hair, fingernails, a tooth, and some ripped up fabric were found near a dumpster in an alley. Her body was nowhere to be found. Nobody has seen or heard from her in three days. Has anyone else witnessed anything like this? Have you come into contact with anyone who has disappeared like this, only to reappear much later? Have you disappeared like this, only to reappear much later? If you know anything about this, please let me know. I have to know. I have to know what is going on here.
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    Added Discord Rich Presence For now, as can be seen, it displays current location, level and HP. I may add more details in the future, as there's still some room for more features, like changing the game icon during game and such.
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    Display image in Status screen

    I don't thing drawing images is that much more complicated, but I guess it could be depending. Maybe this might help? class Window_Base < Window def draw_picture(picture_name, x, y, enabled = true) bitmap = Cache.picture(picture_name) contents.blt(x, y, bitmap, bitmap.rect, enabled ? 255 : translucent_alpha) bitmap.dispose end end It just adds a method to all windows to draw a whole picture image into the window. It's pretty straightforward I think. You could take the method and add it to just whatever window class you are working with too. I never heard that called 'paper dolls' before, but okay.
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    Theo - Interact Hover Notification Version : 1.1 Type : Graphics addons Original Post : Theolized RGSS3 Introduction : This script simply displays interact notification text over event Features : Set interact notif for each event Only triggered if event in front of player, has action button as trigger, and it isn't blank or erased Screenshots : Scripts : Grab on Github Terms of Use : Credit me, TheoAllen. You are free to edit this script by your own. As long as you don't claim it yours. For commercial purpose, don't forget to give me a free copy of the game.
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    just found out if I wanna make a cool opening movie for my game i gotta draw it myself, animate it myself and then render it so it fits the tiny af vx ace resolution
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    I beat the remake of Link's Awakening today... I almost feel bad about doing it given what happened during the ending, but that kind of thing happens. Heck It happens nearly every time I wake up! But it's just as the Wing Fish says. As long as you remember... And you better believe I did it with a 0 death save game for the short post credits scene! It's not as hard as it sounds, just load if you die. It's worth it!
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    Edits and Mack Rips

    If there is/was any documentation about that, it has been pretty much lost to the void of the internet.
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    Double dammit. Two maybe three days ago, I had finished off the last few bites of someone else's late night snack (something I usually do), only to find out after the fact that they were unwell at the time, and now I've got it; started feeling the symptoms about seven hours ago, and yeah, this is going to suck. I had to cancel one appointment (gonna be a nightmare to reschedule just because of the specialist having a lot of days off in the coming months ahead), and if it gets very bad, might have to cancel the other one more than a week from now. Sweet Mercy.
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    That One NPC

    RPG Maker Offline Builds

    Yeah, RM isn't the sort of thing I'd be comfortable with having tied up under Steam's control. It's the sort of program you want to have total access to and control over.
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    YouTube Link embeds borked

    Was waiting for such thread to appear. I'm aware of the issue and have reported that to system admin, it's been like this for about 2 days. Embeds in general are borken, not only youtube, you can't even paste images from URL. ... and there's something else broken as well.... Sorry for the inconvenience. :c
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    That One NPC

    RPG Maker Offline Builds

    Steam. Now I get it. What you need is the hard pc version.
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    People just inexplicably going missing and seeming to vanish into nothing is, believe it or not, actually kinda normal. You would think in today's always connected world that would be nearly impossible. Not so. It's quite easy in fact. Sometimes you can go for a walk for example without telling anyone where you are and leave your phone off or at home. You might just walk for hours and hours on backroads or following trails and might wind up in another country if that part of the border isn't secured very well. You could even do this in the middle of the day and be seen by lots of people and chances are most of them will just not remember you. Sometimes people get up one day and just... leave. Sometimes they committed a crime they are running from, sometimes they just feel like they need a new life, some times they never meant to be away that long but one thing lead to another and they are gone for years. And sometimes they never left at all you just hadn't happened to have seen them. These things happen. For all that people like to keep track of other people, sometimes they slip through the cracks. Maybe they could have been found if someone put in a little more effort, but people tend to be lazy if they can help it. Sometimes they suddenly show up years later without an offered explanation. Sometimes people don't even bother to ask. And who knows, perhaps every once and a while someone might be walking through the woods or a park they think they know well and hear giggling in the trees. Maybe they ignore it and continue on, maybe they get scared and get out of there and later convince themselves they imagined it. But maybe, just maybe, they get a little too curious and hear the giggle again deeper in the woods. And well, people like that if they get seen again don't tend to be seen for a long time and often have been marked by the experience, for better or for worst. Not only that, but as PS implies, people's memories can be unreliable. A false memory is easy to implant with the right story... Perhaps it might be not too much harder to tell someone a story that they start to believe over their own memories. If someone is skilled enough, perhaps they could mold a susceptible person's while memory to their whim. Post people might not even say anything about it if they start remembering something different or if they do they don't push it for fear that one of them might be crazy. Well of course they are! They both have the delusion that the world has to be an ordered rational place where things always make sense. It's okay though all you poor foolish souls... I am here to try and free you all from the terrible shackles you call 'sanity'! <3
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    I purchased an RPG Maker bundle from Humble Bundle in November and I have a lot of stuff I don't use. Is there any way of getting rid of or trade them in?
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    I can’t believe 2019 is almost over! Finishing out the year, I have a bunch of new music tracks for you: On my Chiptunes 3 page: “Arcade Stories” “Arcade Stories” (Looping) On my Events / Travel 2 page: “Skies are Clearing” On my Positive / Upbeat page: “Fun Times” “Fun Times” (Looping) On my Puzzle Music 5 page: “Ancient Puzzles” (Looping) And on my Sci-Fi 8 page: “Restricted Cyber Zone” (Looping) “Retro Space Hero” (Looping) Don’t forget my premium Ogg files…they sound great and are a cool way to support my work and my site. Enjoy…and have a happy (and safe) holiday! Eric soundimage.org
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    Made my own discord server for Animated battlers stuff and help. discord.gg/4fu9kP for anyone that would like to join
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    Huh, it works for me... as long as the graphic is actually set to something already anyway. Maybe that was a change I made and forgot about, but for me the current graphic is always part of the list. The no text menu thing does indeed happen for me if it's a layer that is completely blank though, but there is nothing to really recolor there in any case and the option really shouldn't show up at all. A quick and dirty solution for you might be to add a "None" option to all those layer's GUI_LISTS. Like: GUI_LISTS ={ ... :socks => ["None"], :legs => ["None"], :bra => ["None"], :top] => ["None"], :cape => ["None"], ... } Not sure how well that will work, but give it a try!
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    FALALALALALALALALALALA- (there's a song here that expresses my exact feelings about Christmas)
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    Oh yes, chiptunes are awesome! There's that unique feeling in them. Nice, nice.
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    Hello everyone, Today I made a small change, or rather fixed something. So far if you typed stuff like :) c: D: etc. the text editor was automatically turning these into emoticons, which made it potentially frustrating to ones, who prefer to use the text emoticons, rather than these fancy smiles. For example, if someone wanted to put :) , the text editor was like "NO, use instead, no need to thank " and then, that someone could be like "NU I WANT [ :) ], u have a problem with that boi?! " and enter an eternal struggle with the editor. I set that to OFF in the first place, but looks like something glitched and it kept doing this anyway, so I went to ACP with my and fixed that. So yeah, if someone notices, that c: or :) will no longer be automatically turned into emoticons, blame me. To answer potential questions: You can still bring emoticons by typing their names, like: :smile: - will turn that into . Typing " : " and two letters will begin search, where that fancy window with emoticons opens below your text cursor. I only disabled these short codes like :) c: :D. Also: Yes, I know that emoticon search tends to glitch along with mentioning. It's not our fault, it's a global bug within forum soft, to put that in a simple way. Not much I can do about that.
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    I was kinda disheartened when I was looking for some female soldiers and commanders graphics. Most of the RTP style things out there (save for personal characters made for people's specific games) are your stereotypical women graphics. Decided to make/edit some myself! All are edited forms of the base RTP graphics. Edit: Made some battlers to go along with the pics. They're based off the VX battlers. Edit: Made a few more faces. No character sprites attached to this, you'll have to make your own. I made little stories attached to each one as I was making 'em. (top row, left to right: Elise, Rhiannon, Lian bottom row, left to right: Dalia, Astrid, Johanna) Elise - A novice red mage who just recently earned her certificate of mastery. She's calm and laid back. Rhiannon - Legendary martial arts master who was recently called out of retirement. Most underestimate her because of her age and sex. Lian - Engineer in charge of the flagship of the airship fleet. She often has her head in the guts of the engines trying to modify them. Dalia - A woman of few words who is well known in the fighting circuit. Astrid - A new appointee to the royal guard who is eager to prove herself. Johanna - A paladin of an ancient order who is still striving to right the world, even as she's getting up there in years. Edit: Female faces of color! Older ladies! Eeeeevil Women! Feel free to use my edits in your own projects, just credit me (and post in this topic that you're using it) Any sort of feedback is welcome.