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    Character select script?

    Thanks for the support, but I've already figured out my own way of a character select system. I'm good now
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    There is a new River City Ransom/Kunio-Kun game that was released last week!? By Wayforward?!? STARING MISAKO AND KYOKO!?!?!? *stares and drops her jaw, before desperately flinging money at the screen* WANT WANT WANT!!!!!
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    Anemones are also sea creatures, often living on coral reefs in tandem with clownfish. I'm sure you knew that already though, lolz
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    Kokoro Reflections Free RPG Maker Resources Please check out or terms of use here: https://kokororeflections.com/terms-use/ Free Grand Staircase Shown with our Tuscan Seaside tileset which can be found on our website or on Itch.io. Shown with our Trees and Foliage Super Pack which can be found on our website or on Itch.io. Free Large Bird Cage Shown with our Tuscan Seaside tileset which can be found on our website or on Itch.io. Shown with our Trees and Foliage Super Pack which can be found on our website or on Itch.io. Free Fancy Door Shown with our Urban Modern tileset which can be found on our website or on Itch.io. Free Large Jeweled Clock Shown with our Elemental Dungeon tileset which can be found on our website or on Itch.io. Free Eagle Statue Shown with our Urban Modern tileset which can be found on our website or on Itch.io. Free Elemental Jewel Tree Shown with our Elemental Dungeon tileset which can be found on our website or on Itch.io. Free Large Trees for RPG Maker Shown with our Tuscan Seaside tileset which can be found on our website or on Itch.io. Shown with our Trees and Foliage Super Pack which can be found on our website or on Itch.io. Free Animated Gem Statues Shown with our Elemental Dungeon tileset which can be found on our website or on Itch.io. Free Natural Rock Swimming Pool Shown with our Tuscan Seaside tileset which can be found on our website or on Itch.io. Shown with our Trees and Foliage Super Pack which can be found on our website or on Itch.io. Free Angel Statue Shown with our Tuscan Seaside tileset which can be found on our website or on Itch.io. Shown with our Trees and Foliage Super Pack which can be found on our website or on Itch.io. Free Warrior Statues Shown with our Tuscan Seaside tileset which can be found on our website or on Itch.io. Free Tuscan Windows Shown with our Tuscan Seaside tileset which can be found on our website or on Itch.io. Free Seashell Bridges Shown with our Deep Ocean tileset which can be found on our website or on Itch.io. Animated Garage Doors Shown with our Urban Modern tileset which can be found on our website or on Itch.io. Animated Toll Gate Shown with our Urban Modern tileset which can be found on our website or on Itch.io. Seashell Houses Shown with our Deep Ocean tileset which can be found on our website or on Itch.io. Trees Shown with our Tuscan Seaside tileset which can be found on our website or on Itch.io. Animated Cars and Trucks Shown with our Urban Modern tileset which can be found on our website or on Itch.io. Stained Glass Autotile 2 Shown with our Tuscan Seaside tileset which can be found on our website or on Itch.io. Stained Glass Medallion Window Shown with our Tuscan Seaside tileset which can be found on our website or on Itch.io. Stained Glass Autotile Windows Shown with our Tuscan Seaside tileset which can be found on our website or on Itch.io. Fairy Tale Clock Tree Animated Bubble Events Tall Orb Statue Fairy Tale Lantern Tree...thing #2 Fairy Tale Lantern Tree...thing Fish Statues MV Autotile Windows (be sure to read instructions) Animated Orb Statues MV Beds Multicolored Autotile Walls for MV Parallax Ship Sky Backgrounds for various purposes
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    Hehe, the maids in my game now will properly put items away! :3 They could pick up items off the floor before, but now I properly have chests that they can put stuff in! Edit: Also, I just realized it's been a little over a year since I started my game project! I know because I have been keeping lotsa backups, and my oldest one for the current project is in August of 2018. Though parts of the project are much older then that since my current game project is partly a successor to my old test project, but a lot of things were also scrapped and thrown out and I never really had that solid of an idea about my test project anyway. It was mostly just a project to try out scripts and stuff with.
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    Experience has taught me that the vast majority of you will be too young or uninformed to understand, but I'm going to try anyway. The blatant shenanigans have gone on for far too long, and someone has to say something. I play a TPS MMO for 360 called Defiance. I don't play often anymore, but I maintain an account and a Leadership role within my respective clan. Earlier this month someone had the audacity to call me a "noob" because I don't have (or need) a supreme shield. After humiliating him not once, but twice through dueling, I proceeded to educate him in front of the entire North American server in Zone Chat. Noob is a term we frequently hear thrown around in cheap. And if you've ever taken or plan to take the time to call someone a noob, you're going to want to pay real close attention. The correct spelling is Newb. Newb as in newly registered, new to the way things work, new account, and so on. I mean after all, we'd never say, "What are you, noo?" Because that would make us look like a total foot sandwich, right? Noob, or the even rarer, more idiotic n00b, is what newbs say when they're trying to be cool. So what went wrong? An entire generation of newbs grew up, and noob became the norm... I mean, look, Donald Trump was elected President of the United States of America... It's just the age we live in, folks. Someone had to say something, because again, the shenanigans have gone on for far too long.
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    what's some good mapping advice y'all have? I feel like making maps is one of my weaker points with rpg maker.
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    Final Fantasy Styled Battle Log v3.06 By William Couillard Introduction This script changes the default behavior and aesthetics of Window_BattleLog to resemble the way the Battle Log window would look in a Final Fantasy game. Features - 1.00: Customizable opacity for the Battle Log window. - 1.00: Define skills that will not show up in the Battle Log window (i.e. normal attacks, defending, etc.). - 1.01: Updated to include options to change the Battle Log window width and alignment. - 1.01: Updated to include option to show Actor/Enemy names prior to skill message or not. - 1:02: Bugfixes. - 1.03: Bugfixes. - 1.04: Updated to allow different windowskins for actor and enemy attacks. - 2.00: Rewrote script. Needless features removed. Icons in skill and item names showing now. Possible to use different fonts for enemy and ally skills. - 2.01: Forgot to include an overwritten method in v2.00. Updated to reflect that change (this should also stop the 'blank window' issue). - 2.02: Fixed a bug where changing the Y offset would only move the window's position, and not the skill/item icon and text. - 2.03: Fixed a bug where default battle sounds like recovery and evasion weren't playing with skills or items. - 2.04: Bugfix for default battle system, correcting an error where enemies wouldn't collapse when they die. - 3.00: Complete overhaul, which now allows users of the default battle system to control which messages in the Battle Log will display, as well as compatibility with various popular battle scripts such as VE Animated Battle, VE Damage Popup, Yanfly Engine Ace, Fomar's ATB, and Tankentai SBS. This version of the script is still in development for compatibility so PLEASE REPORT ANY ISSUES. In addition, more options have been added, such as setting an X offset to the Battle Log window, and text alignment options for default Battle Log messages and custom skill messages. - 3.01: Bugfixes. - 3.02: Compatibility for CP Damage Popup - 3.03: Code cleanup - 3.04: Streamlined compatibility for scripts using $imported. Users no longer have to identify the scripts they are using within the module, except in the case of Fomar's ATB which does not use $imported. - 3.05: Aliased the use_item method from Scene_Battle to support compatibility with many scripts. Unfortunately, compatibility with Tankentai SBS is no longer included. - 3.06: Streamlined the ignored skills code to automatically omit any skills that do not contain a "use" message. Different font option added for actor/enemy skill/item usage. Screenshots How to Use Simply paste the script ABOVE Main and BELOW "Materials" section. It is a good idea to post this script BELOW any scripts which have had compatibility patches added. Make sure you set any included patches you need to true! Compatibility This script almost completely rewrites the way Window_BattleLog functions, so it's a good idea to place this script BELOW any script which also overwrites methods from Window_BattleLog. Script Pastebin Link: http://pastebin.com/i1uXe2NN Credit and Thanks - Swish, for the idea. - Keith Brewer, for some coding help. - KilloZapIt, for some coding help. - AlliedG, for testing. - Punisher667, for testing. - Daniel Babineau, for providing bug reports for Tankentai SBS. - GreeNRM, for providing bug reports and testing for CP Battle Engine/CP Damage Popup.
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    SYNOPSIS The world has become ravaged by a dark and hateful evil. It is spreading across the lands, turning old allies against one another, destroying once noble kingdoms, and corrupting the great spirits that watch over all life. Our hero ends up thrust on a quest to uncover the source of this dark force, and restore the Great Spirits to their former selves. He must do this while also racing to prevent a war from breaking out, as the princess of the Kingdom of Meridia prepares to avenge the death of her father, killed under mysterious circumstances. FEATURES - Travel across an open world on foot or on horseback. - Day/night cycle combined with dynamic weather will make for an immersive experience. - Push, pull, climb, and swim! There are many options to engage with your environment. - Discover a multitude of secrets—hidden caves and dungeons provide rare rewards. - Mini-games and side quests. - Custom inventory. PROJECT INFO Naima's Melody is being developed in RPG Maker MV. The game has been in development for 4 months so far and features a ton of custom resources and scripts. We are two developers that are very passionate about this project and especially excited to develop something that most believe is too difficult if not impossible in RPG Maker. If you like what you see here please follow our game studio's twitter to keep updated on the development progress: Twitter SCREENSHOTS VIDEOS CREDITS We plan to keep post updated with current developments, thanks for stopping by!
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    It would probably make an okay option to add remembering pitch and volume, I just wouldn't make it the default.
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    I mean I wasn't sure if you could changing the sample rate without resampling, but looks like you can from a track's little pull down menu! Neat! I think just changing the sample rate and the project sample rate will make it basically use the same data, so the loop points would still be valid and it won't take up more space. Well how precise samples are depends on the sound file's sampling rate you know and you can always resample to a higher sampling rate, but I don't think not having enough precision Is really the problem very often. The problem I have most often is just finding the exact right loop points.
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    That's alright. thanks anyway, I'll use the squared one. No worries ^^ Meanwhile.... I have some other questions... sorry for hijacking (:´D) EDIT: I've managed to do this one width the help of AMN DQ Battle Addon script and some editing ^^ I've created my own window in Scene_Battle to appear when Skill_list is opened. In that window I've managed to display current in action actor HP/MP when I'm selecting skills.. But I wanted to display MP_Cost when the cursor is on skill. (see image bellow for future reference) Alsooooo, Is there any way to make Critical Hits animation depending on the weapon ? If I remember right, some years ago when I started my first project there was one, I think it was named Golden Sun Critical hits or something related to Golden Sun, but, sadly is gone. For reference: - If Emerald Sword is equipped then Critical Hit animation is Flash. - if current weapon is Daggers of doom then the critical Hit animation is Meteor. Thank youuu ~~
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    Huh, I was looking at the "WOLF RPG editor"... It actually looks pretty neat! It doesn't have scripting, but instead basically uses common events for everything, including things like the menu and combat! I personally prefer scripting in Ruby, but for those who like using events more or don't understand scripting very well it looks like it has tons of customization options without any need to script. Also: The Graphics that come with it and it's generator are cuuuuuute!
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    Actually it's pretty easy in audacity to find loop point numbers, you just need to set the selection position display to do "start and length of selection" and to display in samples, but yeah it's still a bit of a pain in the ass. I find that I actually don't actually have to use them very often, but I make my own music for my game and a lot of my music is structured to avoid loop points. Of course, you could just change the sound file's sampling rate which would change the pitch without changing the loop points or the file size, but I don't think audacity really has that option. I think you can use the Change Speed effect and then resample but I am not sure about the math on that and I am not sure I trust how exact it would be. But if you are just going to use one pitch per sound file anyway, I think I will try and mode the jukebox for you anyway sometime soon, and just have it remember the v volume/pitch settings of the first time it's played. Don't think this is a good general solution though. The other option I guess would maybe be to put the pitch change you want in the .OGG metadata and figure out how to read .OGG metadata in ruby.
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    Sure I guess if you assumed each bit of music and/or sound would always be played with one and only one pitch, but you know what they say about assuming things right? :P See, here is the thing: The volume and pitch setting can be set differently every time the song is played, and are kinda intended as special effects. I suppose it could create a new jukebox track for each track/pitch combo it encountered, but what would it call them? The other way is to have a giant cumbersome list of what the correct pitches are for each track to play at. None of these solutions are very satisfactory. Though there is a pretty simple way to solve this problem... One which requires no scripting what so ever! Just get Audacity (which you probobly already have anyway) and use the Change Speed effect to make all the tracks sound just the way you want them to normally sound. You can set the volume and do other things too! It makes everything so much simpler that way I think. :3 All that being said, it might be neat to have a volume and pitch slider for the jukebox that can be used to play tracks in different ways, just for fun.
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    Character select script?

    You may also be looking for a player reserve party script.
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    Greetings fellow creatives, If anyone is interested, I was recently asked to do an interview for a website called Exilian. Hopefully my answers were entertaining and (somewhat) intelligent…lol. Here’s a link if anyone wants to check it out: https://exilian.co.uk/articles.php That said, this week’s cool new textures are on the following pages: TXR – BRICK - Seamless Some really interesting brick textures. https://soundimage.org/txr-brick-seamless/ TXR – ROCK/STONE – Seamless Some new stone textures that could be used for old roads, paths, castles, etc. Some have grass between the stones, too. https://soundimage.org/txr-rockstone-seamless/ More music is on its way as well as some cool new city ambience sounds. Keep being creative!
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    Hi William, Nice script, very customisable, I appreciate the existence of the Enemy Window. Is it possible to make the window appear just for 1 or 2 seconds for skills ? For now, the Window remains until the end of the animation and that's disturbing for long animations (I have super attacks that last almost 200 frames ^^). I tried to add "Wait" several times and "Clear" in your script and it works, but it freezes the battle until the Window is cleared. I tried to modify the "MESSAGE_SPEED" too but it doesn't affect that duration at all. Maybe I have missed something ?
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    I did something to help myself. I suk so bad, that I even need to cheat in my own games. jk, jk, that stuff is just handy, because I can adjust stats / test things on the fly, without having to change the code all over the place and keep restarting the game, you know how it goes.
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    Nope, only one. Doing this for every other number to check for x and exactly x results isn't nearly as useful as you might think.. Plus, if they wrote a method for every number, that would be a lot of methods! :3 If you want to check for an exact number, you are better off using "return a.count" to just get the number of matches. Hehe, I was using Khas Awesome Light Effects at one point, but I was never really happy with it's terms of service and I ended up needing to heavily modify it so much to get it to work the way I wanted anyway, so I eventually scraped the whole thing and wrote my own lighting/effect script from scratch. XD Only thing missing is the real time shadow effects Khas Awesome Light Effects has, which are honestly slow as heck and don't look all that great, so no big loss in my eyes. I also use the same script for a fog effect in one area. Not sure if it looks that great, as is though: Edit: Oh also, for reference, most of my dungeon areas also are covered by a 'fog of war' effect which hides unexplored tiles in addition to lighting. Here is a shot of my foresty area with the lighting script disabled:
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    Noob vs Newb And Why it Matters

    I don't really want to be needlessly contrary again so soon, but I am going to have to bring up the old "prescriptionist vs descriptionist" debate. You may believe that newb or newbie is more 'correct' then noob, but the problem with this kind of logic is that language is kind of alive. Words change and mutate over the years, new ones are born and old ones die off. In short, like it or not you could say language is really nothing more then a collection of dank memes. :P This is not a new thing either. For example, did you know that it is believed 'ok' started as a kind of tongue in cheek abbreviation for a deliberate misspelling of 'all correct' ('oll korrect') that was popular in the 1830s? If you want to go even further back, it's kind of silly to talk about correct English when half of the words in Modern English actually come from French. I can't help but mourn a little when I think about what English could have been like if the whole Norman invasion thing never really happened, but I am rather fond of the language we got anyway. Though correct or not, I think noob has a slightly different shading to it then newb or newbie and is still rather insulting. I have heard it described like this: A newbie is simply someone who is new. A newb is someone who is new and as a result doesn't know what they are doing. A noob is someone who doesn't know what they are doing and never learns and thus is doomed to be a noob forever even if they have been around a while. And a n00b is a noob who thinks they are '1337' because they can replace letters with numbers. :3 Sidenote: When it comes to "alternative facts", I will just say I think a lot of people underestimate just how easy it is to fall into that kind of thinking. I honestly don't believe that people are as dumb as some people seem to think, it's just that the truth is actually a really tricky thing to get a handle on and people are often just caught up in their own little lives and don't bother trying. And I don't think that's a new thing either.
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    Noob vs Newb And Why it Matters

    It's actually newbie, not noob or newb. I'm old school and always talk and write in proper English. This is just a personal preference. This generation has a major cultural problem in education such as "alternative facts" (lies) and refusing the truth. It's not about a person getting a PHD. It's about today's people just ignore facts to please their personal beliefs. This topic reminds me of when I first started playing Cardfight!! Vanguard. I was called a newb because it was my first experience playing, but I already knew the rules from watching the show. I crushed all of the experienced players.
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    As I said in a status update, today I added a second actor who was intended for puzzles and special dungeons. I wanted to talk a bit more about my ideas behind them and how they will work, but didn't want to ramble on my status for 50 pages like I often end up doing so... Hey, I haven't made a blog post thing in a while, here is a good excuse to! I have said before, but Dwimmerdelve is based a lot on the Mystery Dungeon series of Japanese roguelikes or other games in the same style. While I do plan to do my own little twists on the formula, I want to implement as many features from the series as I can. I think at this point most of the basic stuff has already been done, but I still have a ways to go. Anyway, a common feature of the series is to have a little puzzle/tutorial mode with hand designed puzzle maps, and special dungeons that the player basically need to complete from a fresh character (if the whole game isn't that way already). Both require the ability to "reset" the character. Now originally I had the game do this anyway after every death anyway except for any items the player kept in storage, which is the way Shiren the Wanderer handles things. But I decided that although all your carried items should still be lost and all the player's progress toward your next level, it was better to allow the player to keep their current level and skills and make level 1 challenge modes/dungeons for those who want a more classic hardcore experience. So I needed to think about how best to let the player keep their progress mostly safe even if their character is reset. I found it the easiest (for now anyway) to just have a second actor who more or less is an identical copy of the first who's status can be discarded and reset at the start of a run. I did come up with a kind of neat idea for how that would work in lore actually. I decided to make puzzles and such take place in a special dream world under my control, hence why the player can't bring anything and the player's character reverts to their 'natural' state. It's not really their body, but a 'dream pawn'. As a bonus it also gave me a more direct way to play with the player! After all, I abducted them to play, but I mostly ended up standing around in my house in game not doing much. Not anymore! Now I can play in their dreams! Even added a little cutscene that shows me casting a sleepy spell on them, and they wake up in bed after. That also gave me idea of calling the special level 1 dungeons "Nightmare Dungeons". I haven't made any yet, though I have a bunch of old bonus dungeon maps I made ages ago before I really started working on my game properly that might make some good ones. One of them was eventually changed into a normal dungeon, but some of them are a bit too weird to really fit in anywhere. Such as one being a sort of half lava cave half swamp and another being a sort of bathhouse with elevated walkways. Not sure if I should go with my original idea for them though. The way I designed them originally was they were all parts of one big dungeon, and one of the dungeon maps was a kind of 'hub' map with like 5 different exit teleporter places of different colors, each which would take you to a different map next floor, which would have an exit back to the hub. Each map had a completely different look and feel, but one thing they all shared was wrapping borders which could be disorienting unless you were looking at the minimap (wonder if I could make the minimap kinda scroll centered around the player and wrap around too, but eh, maybe later). Anyway, still have lots to do before i quite have everything working the way I want it too, but the basic idea seems to work pretty well!
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    ~The Seventh Warrior~

    Diggin' that battle system! :D
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    Face Edits are awesome. My only say on the sprites is to add armor to their torso, I disagree with their exposed torso - Out of preference. It follows that Armor Bikini Trope, where if a guy were to wear an armor - it's a full on plate armor that covers everything. But if a woman were to wear that same armor, it's just a (harsh-looking) steel bikini. I hope games would stop (over) sexualing women and treating them like items, it's a real shame. That's just my opinion, good job.