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    Re-Breeze, RMMV Tiles Set.

    Hello! In this thread I'll be sharing resources I create for practice. These are all free to use unless stated otherwise. Comments are welcome! I take commissions and request btw This set is inspired by Greenraven's Breeze Revolution Tilesets from back in the day (RMXP), I absolutely loved those and didn't see anything similar in RMMV so I decided to create them. By inspired, I simply mean used similar color palettes as that was what made Breeze special for me. Also tried to make a map mixing in some RTP stuff, and whaddaya know, the RTP house work beautifully with this tileset! Some of the vegetation too actually ♥ ('tis just a test, I'm no mapper obviously lol) And here's the Tileset : 28/07/2019: ADD ON Doodads Preview with everything included: (you have to place them on the tilesets yourself since these don't make up a whole tileset obviously) TILED: For those interested, here's the autotiles in TILED format: I hope you like them! If you have any criticism, please don't hesitate to share! I'm new to the tileset making business ahah. RULES for using: - If you use any of this, please credit me as : Oozarts. - If you use these, please send me a link (via this post or PMs) to your project, even if it isn't released yet (if and when you chose to present your project to the community), this is mainly because I'd really like what you make of it! xD
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    I'm so happy to have a demo of my game out for people to play, after all this time. It's gone through so much beta testing to get to this point. Not that it's perfect, but I feel like I'm almost ready to finish this project once and for all. I've got to let it go and let it be what it is.
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    I am adding additional slots to the default VX Ace engine past 4. My new equip slot numbers will be 5 and 6. So my equip_slots currently look like this [2,1,3,4,5,6,0]. I am achieving this with Yanfly Ace Equip Engine script. I am wanting to use the additional equip slot 5 and 6 to add consumable items for my actors to carry in battle and be used with the Actor Inventory script. Currently, I can do this with only equip_slot[4] and want to extend this out to equip_slot[5] and equip_slot[6]. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Yanfly Engine Ace - Ace Equip Engine Link: https://github.com/Archeia/YEARepo/blob/master/Gameplay/Ace_Equip_Engine.rb Kread-EX - Actor Inventory: Link: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/Archeia/RMVXA-Script-Repository/master/Kread-Ex/RGSS3 Scripts/Gameplay Scripts/Actor_Inventory.rb *Yes I could just make my equip_slots [2,1,3,4,5,6,0] to [2,1,3,4,4,4,0] instead, but I have some other logic going on with some scripts hence why I need the slots to have different ID's. or Is there a way to duplicate the equip_slots[4] to represent different slot names instead of going after an .id. So, my example is currently... Extra: Potion Extra: Water Extra: Hi-Potion I want it to look like the below as an example. A way to distinguish the slots from each other (Different slot names). Extra: Potion Extra 1: Water Extra 2: Hi-Potion Edit 2: I have resolved the issue "technically". Due to other scripts with Kread-EX Actor Inventory, my consumption of items were not being removed from the slot. It was just showing disabled after usage. Same went for item charges from Selchar Item Charges. I dug through the ruby code for removing equipment and found "discard_equip" command and my solution is below. This is under the "use_item" in Scene_Battle. But, I am still needing a way of identifying if any items are attached to the accessory slots... because I want to disable the party command in battle for the actor items if nothing is attached. But, since the accessory equip slot is #4... it will only read one slot as 4 and the other two as blank.
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    My wife just doesn't understand me. When I say I wanna meld, I don't mean like, you know, do the thing. I mean that I want us to liquify and join together, creating some kind of mid-game boss-type monstrosity. Then people would like, try to get past us. You know? Some early 2k end of disc 2 s***. Marriage is complicated.
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    Remaking classic JRPGs like Chrono Trigger? A tremendous feat that would be to be done with an engine like RM. Would be no less of an undertaking than that of Daggerfall Unity, or FFVI Brave New World...
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    I found a really annoying bug in the custom battle system I wrote for my game that I can't track down. It seems to sometimes randomly skip the player's turn or something. No idea why. It's pretty discouraging. :(
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    I gotta face that I'm really not cut out for gamedev. I am just too lazy and unmodivated. But that's okay! I still can help other people once and a while, and who knows maybe someday I will actually finish a thing of my own!
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    I have been manually deleting my twitch stream status posts that don't have replies to avoid accidentally creating a wall of stream links here in the status updates.
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    Alright, just want to make one thing clear. This is sort of an underground translation; I don't have official permission from the author to translate it. I have sent her an email, but that was two weeks ago and I've still receied no reply. I'm going ahead with releasing this, but if she were to request me to take it down, I will. The original site this tool is from is Katty Script, and the author calls herself katty. I did not make this tool, I merely translated it and edited the GUI to make it look better. Now that we're clear on that, let me introduce you to a scripting tool called the Extender tool. It's a little tough for a non-scripter like myself to explain what it does, but the gist of it is that it lets you create an XML file with a GUI, then automatically creates .rvdata2 files from that XML file and generates a script for you in your RMVXA project (It's compatible with RMVX as well). I've included two documents in the zip file, one explaining what it does and another with a short tutorial on making your own table. For those of you who're firmly in the camp of 'No pics no clix', here's a screenshot: Now, the translation might not be perfect since I have little scripting knowledge and sometimes you need context (Especially with the Japanese language). Please report any translation issues to me so I can fix them. This tool comes with a sample project for RMVXA that aims to remake the system from the SaGa games, also made by katty and translated by me. There is the Flash/Inspiration skill learning system, a Life Point system, a sideview battle system and a unique way of discovering locations on the world map. Be sure to check it out to see how you can use the tool. You can report bugs if you want, but since I didn't code the thing I will have NO idea how to fix it. Hopefully someone else can. With all that out of the way, here's the download link: Dropbox MediaFire Credits Katty Script - For making the tool and the sample project. Kirin - Me, for translating it. It was NOT easy, I had to decompile the program and edit the strings from within its core parts, then recompile it back into a working EXE. Fun though. Nelderson - For encouraging me in my translation. IceDragon - For helping out with some basic decompiling issues. Tensei - For helping me out with basic decompiling issues and translations. P.S.: I'm posting this in the Complete RGSS3 Scripts forum since it's a tool much like SwapXT. If the staff thinks this belongs, elsewhere, please feel free to move it.
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    Similarly to how Ace has one, feel free to use this thread for simpler questions you may have regarding JavaScript within MV.
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    Help with mathematical formula

    Yeah it might be a better option. I was hoping to save myself from that level of data entry on something, but it would definitely work better setting the value for each level on each curve.
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    Help with mathematical formula

    Maybe the formula is just wrong then? If you have a list of EXP values, you might be better off using a table/array rather then a formula.
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    Perceiving Shapes

    Every time I see those pixel assets, I'm thinking about making a game with them. :) I don't know, I really like them. And you have used them well!
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    Help with mathematical formula

    It is a formula that exists in a game already that I was trying to convert to RMMV, so it'd have to stay. Anyway, I got it to require about 11 million EXP to get to level 99 by changing it up a little, which is good enough for now, haha.
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    Alternate MP X v1.05 [DEMO NOW HERE!]

    Alternate MP X (Resource System) v1.05 GET IT HERE DEMO Features: Customizable resources (Such as Rage) Support for multiple Resources per actor Many Customizable properties (such a regen) Credits: If you use this script, you must credit me. Must receive permission of use for commercial games. Note: Not all Features in the comments have been translated from RGSS2 to RGSS3.
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    Dies Irae: Phantatiom Elements

    SYNOPSIS: PLOT: HEROES: VILLAINS: SCREENSHOTS: FEATURES: TEAM: Lead Writer: Jeremiah Caudle Lead Eventer: Jeremiah Caudle Lead Programmer: Frank Nieuland Lead Artist: M. Beatriz García Lead Spriter: Low (Robert Pinero) Lead Battler Artist: Low (Robert Pinero) Lead GUI Designers: M. Beatriz Garcia / Lazcht Lead Music Composer: Jamaal 'KeyJay' Ephriam RECRUITMENT: We are looking for help in any way that someone might want to provide it. If you are interested in helping this project succeed, give me a shout! Especially if you are a programmer. My lead programmer has been quite busy recently and it has held me up from making any real progress. So even if its more simple things, any help at all in the programming area would greatly help drive this project forward! For more info, follow us on facebook! https://www.facebook.com/diesiraegame/
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    Rave Heart

    Definitely wishlisted. Steam wallet funds at the present are currently drained, and I see that not changing for the indefinite future due to unending financial strain. Still, I like the premise, definitely think the game shows polish.
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    Galv's Message Busts MZ

    Message Busts RPG Maker MZ Plugin Galv Introduction Bust images over message boxes. Features This plugin can show a bust image based on the face image that was chosen in a ‘Show Text’ event command. Settings are included to choose where busts will display (busts can be set to show over, under or above the text box.). Plugin commands allow you to move the bust right/left, mirror it or disable it to show face graphics. The bust image displayed can also be changed during a message using a text command. How to Use - Copy the "GALV_MessageBustsMZ.js" file into your project's /js/plugins/ folder. - Activate plugin using the 'Plugin Manager' - Read the 'HELP' documentation (also found in plugin manager) for more details and try the demo if you don't understand. Plugin Get it here Credit and Thanks - Galv Terms Free to use in any RPG Maker MZ project including commercial. Please credit "Galv".
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    ~The Anime Sprite Resource Well~

    ~Welcome to my... No Generator Parts, No RTP edits... just your plain old favorite anime characters ^~^ Show your Support Announcements: CLOSED Introduction: Overview/Statistics: TOTAL RESOURCES: (Found in this Resource Well) Requested Custom Sprites: 2 VX Sprites: 113 !!NEW!! LATEST SPRITE: K-On CAST and KUZE HIBIKI Facesets: 14 Others: 17 Why did I make these sprites? Terms of Use: NOTE: I do not own any animes they currently belong to except for some original sprites. Changelog: ~I support the following~ Can`t find the anime sprite you need? Or you want your own customized sprites? Visit my commission Shop ^~^ And Thanks to ♥Otaku♥-kun for formating my sprites into GIFs so I could use them ^~^
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    Music Software Tools

    About VST and VSTi, there's absolutely awesome website, which should be informed: VST4FREE is full of nice instruments and audio mastering/mixing tools. ALL is freeware. Just amazing site
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    I'm afraid that I don't have the time or skill to make a video, so I'm going to have to decline. It's honestly not that complicated once you start using it -- there's an example in one of the first post's spoiler tags, and most of it ends up being pretty intuitive. If you have specific problems I'd be happy to help, but a video guide just isn't something that I can accomodate right now. Absolutely! You can change the language as many times as you want mid-game if you're using the MultiLang addon. The addon provides a scene that allows the user to change the language to any of the other languages provided by the developer. Instructions are in the header! Edit: Looks like the first post's formatting got messed up a bit, which hid the sample text. Fixed that -- it's now one of the three options in the main spoiler.
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    Alternate MP X v1.05 [DEMO NOW HERE!]

    #======================# # Z-Systems by: Zetu # #===========================#======================#===========================# # * * * Alternate MP X v3.01 * * * # #------------------------------------------------------------------------------# # Will Overwrite Draw Functions for MP. # #------------------------------------------------------------------------------# # Known Compatable Battle Systems: # # • Tankentai # #------------------------------------------------------------------------------# # Version History # # 3.01 ALPHA # #=#==========================================================================#=# # You may need slight scripting knowledge of working with arrays (but # # not a whole lot!). # #--------------------------------------------------------------------------# # * * Anything in "< >" means replace with the described contents. * * # # REQUIRED PARAMETERS (Any resource without it will cause an error) # # :name, <name of resource> # # :abbv, <1 or 2 character abbv. of resource> # # :color, <color 1>, <color 2> # # * These color attributes are indexes of the window skin # # OPTIONAL PARAMETERS # # Resource Regen for each turn: # # :regen, <type>, <base> # # type can be :maxmp, :atk, :def, :spi, :agi, :set # # base is number multiplied by type (:set is considered 1) # # Resource Regen on Damage # # :regenondamage, <type>, <base> # # type can be :damage, :maxmp, :set, :percentdmg # # base in number multipled by type (:set is considered 1) # # (:percentdmg is ratio of maxmp and damage) # # :regenelemental, <element_id>, <type>, <base> # # same as :regenondamage, except on elemental damage (of # # element_ids) (may place more than 1 id) # # Resource Change Out of Battle: # # :depleteoob (Set to 0) # # :regenoob (Set to Max) # # Resource Inversion # # :invert # # this allows the resource to Add instead of Subtract for its cost # # and disallows skill use if cost will exceed the maxmp # #==========================================================================# module Z11 RESOURCES = [ :regen, :maxmp, 0.05, :name, "Mana", :abbv, "M", :color, 23, 22 ],[ :depleteoob, :regenondamage, :percentdmg, 1.2, :max, 100, :name, "Rage", :abbv, "R", :color, 10, 2 ],[ :regenoob, :regen, :set, 20, :max, 100, :name, "Energy", :abbv, "E", :color, 6, 14 ],[ :regenoob, :regen, :set, 30, :regenondamage, :percent, -1.5, :max, 100, :name, "Focus", :abbv, "F", :color, 3, 11 ],[ :invert, :depleteoob, :regenelemental, 9, :percent, 2, :regenelemental, 10, 12, :percent, -1, :regen, :set, -30, :max, 150, :name, "Heat", :abbv, "H", :color, 2, 10 ] # If set to false, use RESBYCLASS's indexes as Actor IDs instead of Class IDs BIND_TO_CLASS = true # <Class ID> => <Array of Resources by :name parameter> # Recommended max is 2 RESBYCLASS = { 1 => ["Mana", "Energy"], 11 => ["Mana", "Energy"], 12 => ["Heat", "Rage"], 13 => ["Rage"] } # Default value if not in RESBYCLASS hash. DEF_RES = "Mana" #=========================================================================# # Note Tags: To be used in notebox # #=========================================================================# #Skill Notes #States what Resource Skill uses. Use :name parameter (case insensitive) #If tag does not exist, will default to actor's primary resource RESOURCECOSTTYPE = /<ampx[: ]+(.*)>/i #========#======================#====#================================#========# #--------# #----# DO NOT EDIT PAST THIS POINT!!! #--------# #--------# End of Customization #----# Editing will cause death by #--------# #--------# #----# brain asplosions. #--------# #========#======================#====#================================#========# def self.get_resource_index(type) for array in RESOURCES if array[array.index(:name)+1].upcase == type.upcase return RESOURCES.index(array) end end return -1 end end class Game_Resources attr_reader :name, :abbv, :color1, :color2, :value, :regenelemental, :regentype, :regenbase, :regenodtype, :regenodbase, :tags attr_accessor :max def initialize(type, actor) @index = Z11::get_resource_index(type) @actor = actor scan_object_variables(type) end def scan_object_variables(type) i = 0 array=Z11::RESOURCES[@index] @tags = [] @max = @actor.maxmp @value = @max @maxdefault = true @regenelemental = {} while (i < array.size) case array[i] when :name; @name = array[i+1]; i+=1 when :abbv; @abbv = array[i+1]; i+=1 when :color; @color1 = array[i+1]; @color2 = array[i+2]; i+=2 when :regen; @regentype = array[i+1]; @regenbase = array[i+2]; i+=2 when :regenondamage @regenodtype = array[i+1] @regenodbase = array[i+2] i+=2 when :regenelemental i+=1 id = [] while (array[i].is_a?(Integer)) id.push(array[i]) i+=1 end for n in id @regenelemental[n]= array[i], array[i+1] end i+=1 when :max @max = array[i+1] i+=1 @value = [@max, @value].min @maxdefault = false when :depleteoob; @tags.push(:depleteoob); @value = 0 when :regenoob; @tags.push(:regenoob) when :invert; @tags.push(:invert) end i+=1 end end def value=(new_value) @value = [[new_value, 0].max, @max].min end end class Game_Actor < Game_Battler alias ampx_setup setup def setup(actor_id) ampx_setup(actor_id) @ampx = [] for resource in self.resources @ampx.push(Game_Resources.new(resource,self)) end end def resources if Z11::BIND_TO_CLASS result = Z11::RESBYCLASS[self.class_id] else result = Z11::RESBYCLASS[self.actor_id] end return result.nil? ? [Z11::DEF_RES] : result end alias z11ed execute_damage unless $@ def execute_damage(user) z11ed(user) ampx_on_hit(@hp_damage) self.mp -= @mp_damage#### if @absorbed user.mp += @mp_damage#### end end def resourcenameof(skill) skill.note.scan(Z11::RESOURCECOSTTYPE){ return $1.upcase } return self.ampx[0].name.upcase end end class Game_Enemy < Game_Battler#### alias ampx_initialize initialize def initialize(index, enemy_id) ampx_initialize(index, enemy_id) @ampx = [Game_Resources.new(Z11::DEF_RES,self)] end def resources return [Z11::DEF_RES] end def resourcenameof(skill) return Z11::DEF_RES end end class Game_Battler attr_reader :ampx def skill_can_use?(skill) return false unless skill.is_a?(RPG::Skill) return false unless movable? return false if silent? and skill.spi_f > 0 resource = skill.resourceof(self) return false unless self.ampx.include?(resource) if resource.tags.include?(:invert) return false if calc_mp_cost(skill) + resource.value > resource.max else return false if calc_mp_cost(skill) > resource.value end if $game_temp.in_battle return skill.battle_ok? else return skill.menu_ok? end end alias z11ed execute_damage unless $@ def execute_damage(user) z11ed(user) ampx_on_hit(@hp_damage) self.mp -= @mp_damage#### if @absorbed user.mp += @mp_damage#### end end def ampx_on_hit(damage) return unless damage > 0 for resource in @ampx next if resource.regenodtype.nil? value = resource.regenodbase case resource.regenodtype when :damage value *= damage when :maxmp value *= resource.max when :percentdmg value *= 100*damage/resource.max end resource.value += value.to_i next if @obj.nil? total = 0 value = 0 for i in @obj.element_set if resource.regenelemental.key?(i) value = resource.regenelemental[i][1] case resource.regenelemental[i][0] when :damage; value *= damage when :maxmp; value *= resource.max when :percentdmg; value *= 100*damage/resource.max end total+=1 end end resource.value += (value/total).to_i if total != 0 end end def recover_all @hp = maxhp return if @ampx.nil? for resource in @ampx unless resource.tags.include?(:depleteoob) resource.value = resource.max end end for i in @states.clone remove_state(i) end end alias z11modv make_obj_damage_value unless $@ def make_obj_damage_value(user, obj) @obj = obj z11modv(user,obj) end alias z11madv make_attack_damage_value def make_attack_damage_value(attacker) @obj = nil z11madv(attacker) end end class Scene_Base alias old_main main unless $@ def main old_main refresh_zsr end def refresh_zsr for actor in $game_party.members for resource in actor.ampx if resource.tags.include?(:regenoob) resource.value=resource.max elsif resource.tags.include?(:depleteoob) resource.value=0 end end end end end class Scene_Battle < Scene_Base def regen_ampx(actor) return if actor.dead? for resource in actor.ampx next if resource.regentype.nil? value = resource.regenbase case resource.regentype when :maxmp; value *= resource.max when :atk; value *= actor.atk when :def; value *= actor.def when :spi; value *= actor.spi when :agi; value *= actor.agi end resource.value += value.to_i end @status_window.refresh end def refresh_zsr for actor in $game_party.members for resource in actor.ampx if resource.tags.include?(:regenoob) resource.value = resource.max elsif resource.tags.include?(:depleteoob) resource.value = 0 end end end end end class Scene_Skill < Scene_Base def use_skill_nontarget # OVERWRITE Sound.play_use_skill resource = @skill.resourceof(@actor) if resource.tags.include?(:invert) resource.value += @actor.calc_mp_cost(@skill) else resource.value -= @actor.calc_mp_cost(@skill) end @status_window.refresh @skill_window.refresh @target_window.refresh if $game_party.all_dead? $scene = Scene_Gameover.new elsif @skill.common_event_id > 0 $game_temp.common_event_id = @skill.common_event_id $scene = Scene_Map.new end end end class Scene_Item < Scene_Base def use_item_nontarget # OVERWRITE Sound.play_use_item $game_party.consume_item(@item) @item_window.draw_item(@item_window.index) @target_window.refresh if $game_party.all_dead? $scene = Scene_Gameover.new elsif @item.common_event_id > 0 $game_temp.common_event_id = @item.common_event_id $scene = Scene_Map.new end end end class RPG::Skill < RPG::UsableItem def resourceof(actor) unless actor.actor? return actor.ampx[0] end name = actor.resourcenameof(self) for resource in actor.ampx if resource.name.upcase==name return resource end end print "Error: def resourceof(#{actor.name}) for skill #{self.name} returned nil, type #{name}" end end class Window_Base < Window def draw_actor_mp(actor, x, y, width = 120) # OVERWRITE width = width/actor.ampx.size offset = width if actor.ampx.size != 1 offset += 1 width -= 1 end for i in 0...actor.ampx.size draw_actor_ampx(actor.ampx[i], x+i*offset,y,width) end end def draw_actor_ampx(resource, x, y, width = 120) draw_actor_ampx_gauge(resource, x, y, width) self.contents.font.color = system_color self.contents.draw_text(x, y, 30, WLH, resource.abbv) self.contents.font.color = text_color(resource.color1) last_font_size = self.contents.font.size xr = x + width if width < 120 self.contents.draw_text(xr - 44, y, 44, WLH, resource.value, 2) else self.contents.draw_text(xr - 99, y, 44, WLH, resource.value, 2) self.contents.font.color = normal_color self.contents.draw_text(xr - 55, y, 11, WLH, "/", 2) self.contents.font.color = text_color(resource.color1) self.contents.draw_text(xr - 44, y, 44, WLH, resource.max, 2) end end def draw_actor_ampx_gauge(resource, x, y, width = 120) gw = width * resource.value / [resource.max, 1].max gc1 = text_color(resource.color1) gc2 = text_color(resource.color2) self.contents.fill_rect(x, y + WLH - 8, width, 6, gauge_back_color) self.contents.gradient_fill_rect(x, y + WLH - 8, gw, 6, gc1, gc2) end end class Window_BattleStatus < Window_Selectable def draw_item(index) rect = item_rect(index) rect.x += 4 rect.width -= 8 self.contents.clear_rect(rect) self.contents.font.color = normal_color actor = $game_party.members[index] draw_actor_state(actor, 114, rect.y, 48) draw_actor_name(actor, 4, rect.y) draw_actor_hp(actor, 124, rect.y, 120) draw_actor_mp(actor, 260, rect.y, 120) end end #BS class Scene_Battle < Scene_Base def display_mp_damage(target, obj = nil) #OVERWRITE return if target.dead? return if target.mp_damage == 0 type = obj.regresource.name if target.absorbed fmt = target.actor? ? Vocab::ActorDrain : Vocab::EnemyDrain text = sprintf(fmt, target.name, type, target.mp_damage) elsif target.mp_damage > 0 fmt = target.actor? ? Vocab::ActorLoss : Vocab::EnemyLoss text = sprintf(fmt, target.name, type, target.mp_damage) else fmt = target.actor? ? Vocab::ActorRecovery : Vocab::EnemyRecovery text = sprintf(fmt, target.name, type, -target.mp_damage) Sound.play_recovery end @message_window.add_instant_text(text) wait(30) end def execute_action_skill #OVERWRITE skill = @active_battler.action.skill text = @active_battler.name + skill.message1 resource = skill.resourceof(@active_battler) @message_window.add_instant_text(text) unless skill.message2.empty? wait(10) @message_window.add_instant_text(skill.message2) end targets = @active_battler.action.make_targets display_animation(targets, skill.animation_id) if resource.tags.include?(:invert) resource.value += @active_battler.calc_mp_cost(skill) else resource.value -= @active_battler.calc_mp_cost(skill) end $game_temp.common_event_id = skill.common_event_id for target in targets target.skill_effect(@active_battler, skill) display_action_effects(target, skill) end end alias old_battle_end battle_end unless $@ def battle_end(result) old_battle_end(result) refresh_zsr end alias res_turn_end turn_end unless $@ def turn_end(actor = nil) if actor.nil? res_turn_end for actor in $game_party.members regen_ampx(actor) end else res_turn_end(actor) regen_ampx(actor) end end end
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    Music Software Tools

    I'm surprised nobody has brought up Famitracker yet. Famitracker is a music sequencer that lets you make NES-style tracks with a little bit of practice. Also, it's freeeee~ Here's the website - http://www.famitracker.com/ If you want an example of what it can do, look up "famitracker" and almost any pop song on YouTube. Anamanaguchi's album Dawn Metropolis used it quite heavily as well. Hope this helps!
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    Vincent Michels

    Throw Items away

    Throw Items away v1.0 by Claimh translated and edited by Albic Introduction This script allows you to throw items away by pressing "A" in the Item Menu Features - You can throw items away Screenshots Don't be angry, cause' of the german Names... How to Use - Paste the script above main Script Credit - Albic Terms of use - You are not allowed to post this script at any other forum without my AND Claimh's permission - You have to credit me and Claimh as well! - You have to have a link to Code Crush; http://www4.plala.or...dias/codecrush/
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    Michael Ponder Jr

    Music Software Tools

    I know one. SynthFont http://www.synthfont.com/ It let's you take midis, and apply a sound font to each track, and you can use multiple fonts and more, even use an instrument from different sound fonts for each track in the midi. Totally free! I been using it to remix old sega music to sound more like they were done on the snes. *laughs*