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    The troublesome monkey is gone and Remi it shall be.
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    Lel thanks, though you can call me Remi now if it please~ The Monkey is dead.
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    oh man, lot to read also remind someone did like this too XD
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    Tool Screenshot catpure to Rm2k Games:
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    Correct. I don't have much reason to be troublesome these days~! Not as HUGE an update as last time, but I did get four more events done (that I can't even test yet) marking Planet Haven complete with the exception of a Surreal Difficulty boss-fight which will be handled later. While making these I made some gorgeous pictures to support the scenes. Of 180 events, only 47 remain. I intend to get another eight completed over the next couple days or so. My focus now shifts to Planet Zirkov and Planet Postmartia, completing those will also complete the Turquoise System To clarify, I'll be skipping the last two Postmartian events until I get around to focusing on boss fights and hectic events like that. In the spirit of such progression, I went ahead and made a bunch more placeholders, including some brand new designs. The Zirkovians Floating lifeforms who once had an empire, they were brought low by the Galaxions. Now a handful remains under the shelter of Saarkrell's generosity and bravery. These are made in MSpaint, because it's quick and easy for me to do. Mal Morris Mal Morris joined the Polaris Federation and sought to become a hacker of justice, but ultimately was lead to just being a hacker in corporate pockets. He'll be a comical antagonist to serve as a contradiction to Shadow Dude's profile, who is someone governments expressly fear!.
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    Diddily darn I got no one to reply to or give feedback on but the thread is gonna die again if i don't keep it going so here's an absolute SLEW of stuff i got done in the last 11 days or so! I've made some big progress on the Road map I've posted around the place but maybe not here...? Done 13 events over 11 days which is over one event per day. Not as fast as I'd like... But I might get more productive as time goes on, but so long as it doesn't dip, we'll still make it by 12/22/22 which is one of two intended release dates. Updated roadmap: Green Boxes Mean Completion! With 51 Events to go when you consider I started with about 100 on my plate last month, it really does seem like I'll make the December 2022 release date! It's more or less down to my artists... For the second Esperia event, I decided it was about time Esperia's current portraits got updated and that I add another eight of them to round out her character more. Oh, and while we're on the subject of portraits and my artists! Pjcr Got me the first two of eight Xeltara portraits, finally his net and power have somewhat stabilized. Xiie Is likely to be back around mid November. Meaning we should have a LOOOOT less placeholder sprites in the game than we do presently. Now... to the media. So I realized I was not only missing the second Esperia event, but also the first one! Well, this has been corrected, both these scenes and more updated with her new faces. Recovery of the Frostqueen Family of ZERO BLOOD (This is the events actual name, forgive the out of date banner.) And now, for some planetary event previews! Byteopia There's more events done but I've only done videos of these two. Draik An event for Kira at last, and there's one missing where Xaela introduces her bad self again. These events are unlocked by Kara's Optional event chain. Xeltara and Xaramitsi get to have some fun with good ol' fashioned MURDER! (or torture but who's really gonna try correcting them...) While I've started on the Haven Quests, I'm not even up to a point where I can test them due to restarting from scratch on a new save to ensure against game-breakers and soft-locks.
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    Getting $game_player.x and y in that plan will not work if the map is larger than the screen size. And pictures will move with the map so not sure if those things will affect what you are trying to do. You are also showing the picture at 0% width and height there as well as a few other things that would make it not work. Try something like this: screen.pictures[1].show("walkable.png", 1, $game_player.screen_x, $game_player.screen_y + 32, 100, 100, 255, 0) What each part means: screen.pictures[id].show("Image Name", position topleft (0) or center (1), screen x, screen y, width %, height%, opacity (0-255), blend type (0-2))
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