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    When ever I see this image in my desktop wallpaper rotation I just gotta click the witch's nose and go "boop". :3
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    Trying to balance out damage formulas is really tough work...
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    I had the sudden idea of trying to make a 'truce' function, and it's not going well. Dammit, Undertale...lolz
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    Just joined

    Hey folks! just got up on the forum here, but just wanted to say: I hope we can collab and help eachother alot in the future! I already posted a question that I had, and will be glad to have some help if I need anything else, or to provide help if I can ^^ see you soon!
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    Awesome resource! Thanks for this, will definitely keep you in mind
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    Happy Friday! You’ll find brand new free seamless texture images on these pages on my website: CONCRETE (Artistic) GROUND (Artistic) METAL (Artistic) Access them here: https://soundimage.org/images-home-page/ OTHER NEWS In keeping with my mission to make good-sounding music available to anyone, I’ve priced my genre music packs very low…they are about the same as an average donation. It’s like donating to support my efforts and getting something really cool in return…check them out!
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    First timer

    Hey there everyone! I've had RPG Maker MV for a few years now, but never touched the program until yesterday. I feel pretty darn inspired to create and even be involved with some game projects, man the possibilities seem pretty endless from what I've been researching! I look forward to meeting some cool cats on here, as well as embarking on my RPG Maker journey! (I'm as new to this as new can be, wish me luck!) Drop in and say hello! I want to meet and get to know as many people as possible. Maybe in time we can work on something neat together.
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    Problems with time travel in story telling? It never holds up to even elementary questioning, because it's physically impossible. Time doesn't actually exist. The observable phenomenon we have dubbed time is a side effect of the degree with which space has been curved by the mass of an object suspended in it, or gravity. Nothing more. That's what relativity really is, not how gravity modifies the setting of how time passes by each celestial object. Not some time-space fabric or energy storing the memory of the past and computing the possibilities of the future. The only thing that has ever, or will ever exist, anywhere in the universe, is the present. Problems with these problems? I simply LOVE time travel in story telling. I mean it is so romantic, so adventurous, wonderous, mysterious. I can't leave it alone. I can't stop trying to make it work. Most recently it's forced me to take a long hard look at the nature of the Time Stream in my FF tribute lore, as well as the involvement of time travel and temporal mechanics within that canon.
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    Ver.A0.2 B0.0.2.4 (03.06.2021) - Fixed: Rewrote PLAYER COLLISION SYSTEM, fixing gamebreaking bugs the previous one had - Added: Error Codes & Crash Prevention for bugs related to PLAYER COLLISION Basically I fixed various teleporting glitches caused by specific scenarios. Now Twi can squeeze into tight passages without glitching out or getting stuck. Should she for some reason get stuck, she'll be slowly pushed upwards, instead of being yeeted somewhere or causing the game to freeze. Initially I didn't consider the possibility of getting stuck inside a wall, but during testing I realized, that things happen, you never know. 2021-06-03_04-21-27.mp4 The slopes add TONS of work in regards to collision, and tons of code too, due to many scenarios they add. When I handled one possibility (read: set of blocks' angles she was squeezing through), another one was causing troubles. I was toying and toying until I got them all "patched", so to speak... at least I think so. I guess time will tell.
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    Project FOSSIL: Use MV plugins in MZ

    Project FOSSIL By: Team Fossil FOSSIL (Fixing Old Stuff/ Software Interoperability Layer) is a plugin designed to make RPG Maker MV plugins function in RPG Maker MZ. Currently over 200 plugins have been tested as working (full list in the FOSSIL.js file), including most of the yanfly engine plugins. FOSSIL is currently expanding rapidly, and I hope that if you find a compatibility fix for a plugin that isn't listed (or test a plugin not on the list and find out it works with FOSSIL) that you'll post about it or file a github issue or something. Plugin Order There is only one plugin order possible: 1) FOSSIL.js 4) All other plugins Using Old Plugin Commands You have three ways of using plugin commands for MV projects A: use the built in plugin command from FOSSIL B: Use a script box, with oldCommand('your old plugin command') Copy and paste a MV map into MZ that has an MV plugin command. That command will keep working in the MZ editor, and you can copy and paste it around wherever you want. On some versions of MV and MZ you can just copy-paste the event between editors. It is a mystery why this works for some people and not others. Link: Here's the link to the github, where you can download FOSSIL: https://github.com/FossilMZ/fossil-MV-MZ And here's the main thread on rpgmakerweb: https://forums.rpgmakerweb.com/index.php?threads/135523/ Terms All unique code in FOSSIL is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. The remainder is taken from RPG Maker MV and RPG Maker MZ, and is covered under the appropriate licenses. No code from any existing plugin was used. Credit Restart, 'FOSSIL' or 'FOSSIL Team', and link back to the github or this forum thread.
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    Happy June Everyone, I have a couple of cool new tracks for you: On my Funny 8 page, we have... "THE GREAT COOKIE TRAIN ROBBERY" https://soundimage.org/funny-8/ And on my Chiptunes 4 page... "MORE COIN-OP CHAOS" https://soundimage.org/chiptunes-4/ Don't forget about my Ogg music packs that let you to download all of my tracks at once by genre. They're super affordable and a cool way to support my efforts. Plus Ogg tracks tend to loop better in game engines. And if anyone needs some custom music /sound fx created, I'm around to help with that too...just let me know.
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    Hello content creators, game designers, and other creatives, I am here to offer original, FREE TO USE music. The music I post here is completely free to use, with attribution to Everyday Bard. Check it out on Youtube: youtube.com/channel/UCCeBAHoYQyjTSpCrpjvuHyg/playlists Or download directly on Soundcloud: soundcloud.com/lets-be-irreverent I create music DAILY for this purpose. This effort is supported by Patreon. If you use my music, please consider becoming a patron of Free-to-Use music (which can also grant you access to exclusive music). I compose in many genres: piano, orchestral, electronic, chiptune, jazz, rock, dance, etc. PATREON patreon.com/everydaybard In addition, I produce music with an electronic-minimalist band known as Rise Wander Dream. We allow our music to be used Royalty-Free in your content. Rise Wander Dream risewanderdream.bandcamp.com/releases
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    Just read some of my game codes written by myself 4 years ago, and now I don't understand them at all lol
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    Bit more progress on my RTP gun edits has been made.
  15. 1 point - A0.2 - 24.05.2021 made some sounds in famitracker music is a placeholder- don't mind that, just wanted to put something, so I've put an old track I've made There's still many things that need to be improved, so yeah, don't mind their stupid AI and stuff
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    What can I say? I mean, did you really think I'd leave Knights of the Round out of my summon pantheon? #TwelveBecomeFifteen
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    Greetings Artists and Creatives, Brand new seamless texture images are waiting for you on these pages on my website: ROCK/STONE (Artistic) WOOD (Artistic) VEGETATION (Artistic) https://soundimage.org/images-home-page/ If you happen to be using my music in your projects, don’t forget about my Puzzle Music pages. You’ll find over 120 cool tracks that can be used in all kinds of things…not just puzzle games. Enjoy…and have a great weekend!
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    Angry Choco's lesson of the day? Never mess with a Dragoon Princess!
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    Hi Everyone, This week’s new free music tracks are: On my Fantasy 12 page: “FLIGHTS OF FANTASY” https://soundimage.org/fantasy-12/ On my Puzzle Music 6 page: “DANCE OF THE SNOWFLAKES” https://soundimage.org/puzzle-music-6/ And on my Sci-Fi 10 page: “FUTURE CLOCK CHIME” https://soundimage.org/sci-fi-10/ Enjoy…and keep on creating!
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    I found it! An old storage dump for drafted scenes from my 8th FF story.
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    Hey Fellow Artists, You’ll find this week’s new seamless texture images are on these pages on my site: GROUND (Artistic) METAL (Artistic) ORGANIC (Artistic) https://soundimage.org/images-home-page/ NEWS It’s great to see that people are starting to use my Ogg music packs…I’m glad they’re helpful! SOUND EFFECTS PACKS? Is anyone interested in sound effects packs? Just an idea I’m thinking about. OGG MUSIC PACKS I’ve also created a page where all my Ogg music packs live together. It’s here: https://soundimage.org/ogg-music-packs-2/ Enjoy...and please stay healthy.
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    I was mostly just teasing you with the grumpy gus thing you know. :3 Though one thing does kinda bug me. Rather then just dislike it, you said it was "badly designed". Now design can be all kinds of subjective for sure, but when I think of bad design I usually think of something that is more objectively functionally broken somehow or has horrible clashing colors or something and I just don't see that in the night theme. I think it's perfectly well designed for what it's going for, even if what it's going for isn't something you appreciate.
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    [Demo avaiable] Heroes of Time

    NEW RELEASE!!! Game from beginning to the end https://metthink.itch.io/heroes-of-time
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    Pokemon essentials for VX Ace

    I a making a project Pokémon for VX Ace, kind of a continuation from CrystalNoel Pokémon for Ace. I am planning on making a Pokémon fan game which will be a continuation from the project titled "Pokémon Soul & Spirit" (title is subject to change). I know that besides the Pokémon essentials on XP no other Project have been made (or was made but abandoned for multiple reasons) and I wanted to do it for years now, so when the opportunity came I decided to go for it. SYNOPSIS 1. Pokémon Battle System (Front - Back System), not Pokémon Aside Trainer Battles 2. 900+ Pokémon (Animated) including Mega Forms, Alt. Forms, Primal Forms, etc. 3. Mega Stones (Of course), Z - Crystals 4. HD Move Animations. 5. Z - Moves (if possible) 6. All Items seen till Sword and Shield 7. Pokémon Tilesets, and Pre-made Maps. 8. Pokémon : Cries, Battle Music, Title Screen, etc. 9. Pokémon Style Experience System (Types: Slow, Medium Slow, Medium Fast, Fast, Erratic, Fluctuating, etc. 10. 18 Elements (But there is room for more) 11. Berry growth System, Mulch included. 12. Based on CrystalNoel, I made everything from scratch but copied most of the skills from him (up to Gen 6) IMAGES/SCREENSHOTS Soon CHARACTERS Face and Sprite sheets of Characters up to gen 8 included Several other Resources (Separate link coming soon) STORYLINE/PLOT Storyline is as Normal Pokémon Games you have to choose 1 of the 21 starter Pokémon and then the story began But it's all up to you as it's an Pokémon Game Maker Project like the Essentials so you can Edit each and every part. SETTING AND WORLD DEVELOPMENT Pokémon Style games Credits Tab - Title Menu Background Video in Title Menu Real size Monsters (New) Disclaimer: All rights reserved to Nintendo & GameFreak, this reference picture is not an Asset nor associated with the Project in any manner. And is totally Separate and Optional. DOWNLOAD LINK Coming Soon TO-DO List Color Code: Red -> No or very less work done, Yellow -> Work in Progress, may be halted due to some issues, Green -> 100% Completed. New Logo..............................Uploaded (will probably redo it) Title Movies..............................Pending Pocket Monsters Cries................90% (only up to Gen 7) Other Audio....................................30% Face Art..........................................50% Actors Database............................5% Classes Database.........................10% (only Gen 1 so far) Enemy Database.............................1% Animated Enemies...........Not Ready Animated Actors..............Not Ready Scripts.....................Work in Progress Skills.........Designing Resources Rotomdex................................Pending (Probably won't be included) Move Animation ..............................85% Type System................................Undone HD Tilesets....................................50% Maps.........................................3 (10%) Icon set.............................Only Pokémon Sprites left VX Ace custom Icons.................Included Wait for more JOIN US If you want to help me in the project and want to be a part of a great team, all contributors will be credited: So far, I've been working alone on the project and it's time consuming. Between work and my little child I don't have much time. It's been quite some time since I've started the project which is slowly progressing.
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    Paracreat demo

    A new Trailer, and many updates: here you can play the demo: https://planettzero.itch.io/paracreat
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