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    Example HUD created using Pictures and Common Events. The HUD BACKGROUND is ONE Image. The SLIDERS make up THREE different Images. The HUD FOREGROUND is ONE Image. I realize, there is a Tutorial already written about creating a HUD using Common Events. It's a fantastic Tutorial that gives you a general idea of what you need to do, but it uses too many images and would only work if your Player took damage in multiples of 10s. I wanted a simple way to display actual percentage values instead of set numbers. As such, this Tutorial was born. CONCLUSION You can use the same process described in the [HUD] Common Event to create a Slider for MP or even EXP. The possibilities are endless. You can even use Pictures to show numerical values of HP, MP, EXP, etc (as shown in the Example Image at the start of this Tutorial) This will require a lot more planning and a little more work, but it can be done. There are more advanced ways to display this data using a Script, but that's a Tutorial for another time. With a little patience, you can easily create your own HUD designed specifically for your Game.
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    My goodness, it has been a very long time I've came back here It's nice to see the familiar faces and new ones of this community~ To those who don't know me, I'm the Ghost Mistress of Hakugyokurou~ Alright... I'm LadyMinerva or Minerva for short x3 I've been a member of this community for almost 3 years~ (or longer) I'm experienced in designing and parallax mapping in the basic RM so far. I do have a current project here on the community that was a while back, but I've been on hiatus and a couple of life problems have happened so I needed some time away to regain my strength :3 Now I'm back and continuing where I left off and I hope to start a fresh new start with everyone here~ To be honest, from the very start; I have never made a formal introduction here so I'm like "why not? I got to start somewhere right?" xD Once again, it is nice to come back to the community and I hope everyone can accept a Ghostly Mistress here and again~
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    Here's the most recent picture of me I have. I took it a few days ago. Edit: Yes, that is an engagement ring y'all see...
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    Mmm... so, basically I redrew all of RPG Maker MV's female face generator parts (I'm working on the male version right now), and here are the results of hitting the Randomize button a few times. =D It was a total pain, but I'm happy with how it's turning out.

    © Amysaurus, 2016

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    Vectra's bag of feelings I want all my friends to know that I love you all. On this forum, I can be very immature without being judged. I look forward to this forum everyday. I feel accepted and understood. Even on my roughest days, you guys make me smile. You guys make my most stressful days, stress-less. Love you all and don't you forget it. Here's two sayings I've made... "To deny feelings is to deny existence; to deny existence is to deny life. If you deny life, why are you living" - Vectra "A person with no feelings is like sand with no rocks. What is sand with no rocks? What is a person with no feelings?" - Vectra "Don't trap all your feelings in a box. They will rebel and escape. When that happens, it'll hurt in the long run." - Vectra Had to break this saying up so it's easier to follow "No light means no darkness. No darkness means no light. Behind light, there is a shadow. To make a shadow, you need light. You can't have good memories with no bad memories. If bad memories didn't exist, what would define good? That is like feelings. If bad feelings didn't exist, how would people know what's good if it has no opposite? Some say we can learn it. Some say we can find it. How can a word exist when it has no opposite to give it meaning?" - Vectra
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    Welcome, Welcome everyone to my little diary~! ^-^ Now what is this little new entry about? Well for those who know, I had a blog earlier about some little features I was going to have for the Touhou Project. But thing is, everything there was really outdated (since I was constantly changing my style and certain things). and let's be honest, nobody likes information in the past right? So to put everyone's mind at rest; I deleted the blog, and right now I'm willing to start things fresh~ with this new little diary of every Touhou adventure I've come through~ xD Now enough about that and let's get to the page 1 of my diary shall we? Let's start with a little music to get into the mood~ (Trust me it's better with music on~!! xD) I joined this forum on the very late days of Feb 2014, and at that point I had nothing to give but my sense of me lurking around~ xD I bought RPG Maker VX Ace on Steam a very few weeks before I joined the forums and at that time, I had no idea how to use the game editor in my life, yup my very very first time... :c Close to the days of March to April, I started to show my little self around the forums a bit, but still not keen on what was I was going to expect~ :3 Trust me, what I am today is not what I was a year ago hehehe~ xD I was completely clueless as to what RPG Maker was. The only thing I did at that time was getting to know the experts and people I meet everyday~ :3 About close to the start of Spring... I delve myself into getting to know the game editor... and it's people. At that point I didn't have an idea of whether I wanted to show a game out to the whole audience I was aiming for, so very much it was just me experimenting everything alone... :c At that time I was introduce to a whole bunch of resources RPG Maker had to offer... Tilesets, Scripts, Audio and Music, etc. That point I started to learn bit by bit what each are capable of, but I was still not ready to showcase anything~ xD Close to the summer time, I decided to start my new project with the gathering but still pending knowledge I picked up from the forums and other tutorials alike, and of course; this was the start of the Touhou fanmade project~ yaaaaaaay~ ^-^ However, at that time I still was learning new things everyday and everything was so ummm... basic back then~ xD Trust me you guys, The Touhou project did not look anything I have right now. In fact I still have screenies of the very earliest stages of the Touhou Project. and to be honest, I have no shame in showing it to you guys since it was me just fooling around with RPG Maker while I created the Touhou project~ :3 I'll post them at the end of this entry. Anyway, August 20, 2014 was the day I showed my little project from what I've learned so far, and with the many positive reviews I had, I was really keen on releasing the demo earlier on. But at that time as well I was exploring around the forums and other sister forums, just to get me comfortable with what I'm dealing with. But as I was reading and studying, I realize there were so many other awesome projects around and not to mention the audience I was looking at too~ There were articles that talk about the things in RPG Maker you have to be careful about... and that point, something sparked and clicked in my mind. Whenever I look at other works, a flow of inspiration comes into me and I'm like "I can do something so much better right now!!" So around December to the present is the days I revamp my project into something more colourful than what it was at the day I officially showcased it~ ^-^ So I made a bunch of excuses saying I'm going to delay my project and the demo for whatever reasons, but it was me saying "I'm going to do better guys, so I hope you'll wait~ :3" and here we go~! I decided to get my hands on the more advance stuff like designing and parallax mapping (which I was grateful I did~) I'll post screenies of what my project is now. Compare both the outdated and the future screenies and you'll notice that I've come a long way~! xD Like a reeeaaaallly long way~ Anywho, that is very much my timeline of events from the beginning to what I am now~ This is more than just a project right now and I'm determined to get a first great demo out there for everyone enjoy, even though it's just a fanmade Touhou project. The workload is huge but I'm willing to get the impossible into possible! Alrighty, here are the screenies for the oudated alpha, I warn you that they are nothing like today~ xD So be careful!!! and now to what it is today~ hehehe~ ^-^ So that's it for this entry~! This was very much shows how much inspiration can do to people like me, maybe not a lot but at least some right? I've come a long way so I'm not going to stop there. I hope to get a great demo out there and if not, oh well at least I tried.. :3 Next entry will talk about the things you'll expect in the demo, So be ready for that and I'll see you in the next entry~ (^-~)
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    I am SO sick of encountering people who think "Derp dee dur! Rpg Maker looks simple! I'mma make a GREAT game and make a ton of money with minimal work! News flash! It doesn't work that way. Trust me, I wish it did but it doesn't! I have encountered several people who thought of Rpg Maker as a "Get Rich Quick Scheme" and thought that they were going to make the BEST game that they will EVER make, first time around and make tons of money off of it. Then, when they realize that Rpg Maker still requires a decent amount of WORK, they whine, cry, throw a fit, slip into a depressive state and give up. This is the issue with this generation! Too many tit in mouth, hand fed children who are used to getting everything the easy way! Its the same thing for people who want original resources for their games. I understand that many people are making non-commercial games and can't afford to pay for resources. I completely understand that and I also understand that many of these people have every right to request things for free on here, because this is a great community and we help each other out as much as we can (to an extent.) But if you're working on a commercial game, which means that YOU will be making money off of it in the end, why the hell should your resource creators give you things for free!? Its a "This for That" situation in the world of business. That's just the way it is. That's why its called BUSINESS and not SHARING. So ok, you decide that you're willing to pay for resources but you're cutting costs as much as you can because either 01: you can't afford it or 02: you're cheap as all hell! I can understand the first but You can't expect artists, who devote literally hours of time to a single piece of art or a scripter who devotes hours to writing lines of code, to practically GIVE their work away to you! If you want a good budget game, then have a good budget. That's what things like Kickstarter and Indiegogo are for! In the end, accept the fact that life is difficult and I don't mean that in a pessimistic way, its just the truth. If you want to achieve ANYTHING in this world then you're going to have to WORK for it. You aren't good at whatever it is that you want to do or be? Then there's a little thing called PRACTICE. Imagine if everyone in this world just sat down and quit every time life threw them a curve ball or their profession was too hard for them to achieve. NOTHING WOULD EXIST. We'd still be bashing rocks against each other in hopes of making fire! What I'm trying to say is that Game Design is a HARD JOB. It doesn't matter if you're using Unity, Blender, Game Maker or Rpg Maker. Game Design is HARD and TIME CONSUMING and requires SKILL. Now stop bitching and go make something of yourself. You whiny, lazy little tuat!
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    I decided to release a small demo/base/thing for my modifications of Saba Kan's random dungeon scripts. Attached here is a very striped down demo, but hopefully some people will find it useful as a base or something. dungeondemo.zip Included are seven different maps that hopefully show off some examples of different types of levels. Look in the map properties notes for some of the different options. There is only one type of enemy and a dummy chest item for examples in each map for now, and some maps have traps. There are things I wrote that I didn't include here like dungeon enemy level scaling and randomly choosing items for the chest just to simplify stuff. (Made some basic documentation here.) Edit: Updated to make traps work right, and added the blank tileset for dummy map. Edit 2: Few more bugs due to left over code fixed. Edit 3: Added code to randomize rect devision more, and to subdevide blocks more. Updated the sample dungeons to reflect this (mostly Dark Place, it's insanly cramped and maze like now). Also traps shouldn't spawn on top of other traps anymore, and the entity placement may be faster. Edit 4: Fixed a big bug related to room lights not being disposed and makeing games not save right. Edit 5: Added code to make paths across map edges for wraping maps. Edit 6: Small fix for using this with the new version of my Cache Back script. Edit 7: Fixed shops and added the missing script to fix the debug shop work.
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    My name is Amy, and I like dinosaurs.
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    I'm so happy I ran across a contest in one of the other RPGmaker forums, where they asked you to draw your character as they are now, and 10 years older! This is perfect for my Sci-Fi game (which I'v been mostly keeping quite and under the rug) and it also gives me a chance to talk a bit about the game no one ever hears about, and to give you a little intro to the two main characters!!! Keep in mind, ALL of the names are subject to change, as well as anything I say, since it's a work in progress They are copilots for a two man race-ship. Their skills will gain them more then fame, for the competition they're taking part in determines which planetary nation takes the head in Humanity's Grand Council. They fight, along with many other girls, for their nation, in a race which ever 5 years determines the course Humanity will take. Circe, who in the younger version is 16 (Her age when the story begins.) who's name is up in the air And her copilot, who's name got scrapped so I can't call her anything at the moment ><;;; I'm going to do all of the main leading characters in this style, because I'm a huge fan of it! I might open up an 'in-development- thread for this game... and I'm considering recruiting some people to help with the team, however I'm a little wary of sharing my ideas ;P
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    Overview: Engine: RPG Maker MV Genre: Mystery, side-scroller Recruitment: Pixel artists, menu designers Synopsis: Chance knew from the day he was born that he was bound for greatness. Unfortunately, Chance was horribly misguided in this assumption. In the far-away city of Los Cactus, there have been murders most foul. Monster-kind is being shunned from the streets, the blame for these murders falling on their shoulders. An election on the horizon threatens to jeopardize their position in the world even further! Just who will step up to save them? Unfortunately for the monsters, that person is Chance Thomson, a hopelessly errant detective who struggles to tie his own shoelaces! Monster-kind's only hope lies in he and his new partner, a mysterious lady named Grace. With her help, can Chance shape up and solve the mysteries surrounding Los Cactus? Play as Chance in a collection of mysteries against tricky foes and cunning set-ups! Piece together clues to discover the villain's narrative, and do your best not to nab the wrong guy! Meet a wide cast of colorful characters, from zombie waitresses to your very own Slime Friend™, and try to break a very inconvenient sleep cycle! Characters: Gameplay Features: Screenshots: Credits: Of course, this project wouldn’t be possible without the help from my wonderful team, and many of the generous contributors in this community: Want to show your support? Here's a banner!:
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    After being a moderator on our Discord Server for a quite long time now, today, @Nirwanda became a sectional staff (local mod) on the forums as well! Now he's a more important NPC and has tons of new quests to offer! You may find him in Creative Area and Off-Topic sections. Welcome to the herd, @Nirwanda!
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    Hi everyone :3 P.S. Ughh how do you even spoiler tag xD I forgot Edit: Ok wow, that`s new to me
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    For the four of you (well, three, by the time this paragraph is done) who are wondering where I've been, recently I've gotten a part-time job as a manager for a little sales outlet at a certain major installment of my country. Anything more than that said, and I'm breaching my company confidentiality clause, so unfortunately this'll have to do for now. Owing to the fact that shifts are about 12-13 hours long, I've had almost no time at all to return, much less do up pretty art. Thankfully, though, there is some progress. A few small updates, though: I've dropped the dreadknight. Too much work involved to get his particle effects in place. Each character will have two variations, one with and without the helmet. Each character will have a bust and a portrait, derived from the bust. Each character will have two sprite styles, one for Ace (32 x 32) and one for Mack (32 x 64). What you see above is the almost* finished final product for the resource pack. Obviously, as my schedule is a bit more hectic now, there'll be one main change to how the next few resource packs play out - it'll be bi-monthly instead of monthly. The last resource pack I will release will appear in September, just before I complete my disappearing act. *Subject to Spectre's schedule. Terms and conditions apply. In the meantime, here's a small progress update for the next few days, and feel free to vote on Theme #2 in the comments below!
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    The lack of features of the game maker is the reason why RPG maker is relatively cheap~ :3 Not everyone will agree on what features are to be implemented, some enjoy simple while other enjoy complex~ Some like FBS while others enjoy SBS. Anyway the whole point is, the way the maker is designed is meant to serve as a base where you can add anything without complications. If you add stuff like the Luna Menu, then scripters will have to deal with methods that might be incompatible for example. Remember everyone have different tastes in game making so that's the reason there are multiple scripts out there~ There are some decent tutorials on scripting on Youtube and some external references about scripting in this forum or others for example, I'm sorry they don't give instant results but it's best to learn one thing at a time. Scripting is not exactly an easy thing to do~
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