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    [ I feel so bad I keep reading the rules carefully and I think thoroughly before I post a thread or in a topic and make sure it's the right place to put it, and I still end up putting it in the wrong category. I feel really bad for all the mods cleaning up after me T____T I really am trying to be carefull...I will just have to be more cautious. Sorry for being so annoying >x<;; ]
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    I love this community! Everyone is so nice and supportive. What projects is everyone working on?
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    spent almost a full night just designing these damned protagonists for IGMC project. still not completed o_o'
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    working on something that'll appear soon~ here's a sneak peak of the characters
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    Only a day left until IGMC ends and I'm still doing the dungeons ;w; STAY STRONG... at least I'm TRYING
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    You know what? I am bored being the good guy every year! I AM GONNA EMBRACE THE DARKNESS! MUHAHAHAHAHAHA!
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    Things are happening at work... Apparently I'm done with night shifts. Along with new tasks I'll get, I was moved to the morning shift (6:30 AM - 14:30 AM). No idea how things will look like, but I'm afraid I'll not like the changes, starting from 10% lower monthly salary, probably more stress at work and the fact, that I'm not a fan of waking up early! Let's see what will happen..., though I hope it all will be actually better than I expect it to be. Eventually I'll abandon ship and become jobless, thus have more of free time! YAY!
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    After much thought on the matter - I think I can safely admit that I am the worlds best procrastinator.
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    Hey! Look! Listen! I got myself a new laptop, and while it was a pretty penny to get, it's a 15.6 inch touch screen with 12 GB of RAM. With 1 Terrabyte of storage, I shall.... Still be working on my games XD
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    My birthday is tomorrow! Hehe, gonna be 38! I know, I know, it's young for a fairy, but then again I never said it was 38 years.
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    My profile pic at work is Charizard once again. Now I feel whole =D
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    I see why your spoilers didn't work. You put < instead of [ <spoiler> Doesn't work </spoiler>
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    I'm thinking of designing a robot girl for a game. Maybe she could have twindrills that are actual drills!
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    Bug-fixing is like fighting a hydra: you squash one bug and about a thousand more crop up.
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    Me and my luck: I posted to a couple of old posts, but oh well! On to my actual status of the day, I'm working on the god of Death, Deiroace, as this goes up. Hopefully I can get the picture up and have a sprite sheet done for those to look at and watch a battle test when it comes down to it. Here's to the hope of finishing!
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    Oh! I actually found out about a astrological event before it's too late to see it? Put on your Pink Floyd kids, it's eclipse time later!
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    happy independence day to our country ^^
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    Me in the middle of the day... I couldn't fall asleep last night and that's what happens... Pretty much ironic, heh...
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    There's a night background now? Me like!
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    YAY! The return of Status Updates!
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