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    Chaos Krux

    Advanced Confusion State?

    I'm actually not using a script for my summoning system, it's all done through common events and troop scene events. I'm far better at using common events than coding, you see. I am unfortunately unable to provide a copy of my game since the laptop I'm currently using is unable to condense it. My apologies for the inconvenience, but the best I would be able to do is provide a list of all the scripts I have in my project. I realise this may not be particularly efficient, but I really have no better alternative at this time. I imagine a majority of these scripts will have absolutely no impact on yours whatsoever, but I just wanted to be safe and list them all. I apologise again for it being so much at once. I should also say I didn't mean to cause any offence. I'm sure this issue has less to do with your script and more to do with something else.
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    Booster Pack & Card Icons

    Awesome icons! Definitely glad to have stumbled across them.
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    Need help with a cutscene

    In the events tab, there's a Set Move Route option, and in that I would use the following: Move Forward 1 Step.
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    Advanced Confusion State?

    It seems to me that the key lies on those common events and troop scene events you've made to implement your summoning system. I guess that some screenshots showing those events can help here :)
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    Out of curiosity, is there anyone around the forums that currently accepts (fairly complex) MV Plugin commissions?