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    Corruption of Laetitia

    I'm playing the original release, so some of these may be patched already: -sometimes Apocalypse just doesn't trigger correctly. Either the graphics don't play and it skips to the damage resolution step, or the whole thing just fails including the damage/status step. -trying to get spells to play nice with the ability to act twice is hard. Leech in particular tends to end your turn if it's the first spell. Might be because of the party heal effect it causes. -I killed the slime queen and went back to the tower, walked down the left side of the portal room, event didn't fire properly and I got stuck facing the portal after Gaia finishes her initial conversation. Reloaded, went back, walked down the right side, and the event fired, moving the supposedly-dead slime queen into the tower. Possibly a good thing she's there, since asking for slime status prompted her to upgrade my class to abyss oracle, which seemed a bit of a non-sequiteur. -the right-side cupboard/shelf in Malayna's kitchen shows a blonde portrait when interacted with despite me being still all demonic-like -after a suicide bomber took out the bridge, returning to the bridge tries to play the same scene and then locks the game once you fly into the water -I tried to use a Girtablilu's poison attack directly from the Ability menu during the first large battle, and it crashed the game -on the road to the capital, the insulated robe is called 'insulated cloak' when you take it from the chest -dead slime queen showed up and supplied troops at the second battle planning meeting Great game, though, bugs aside.
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    my room's practically been under quarantine for two days due to termites but i'm back and they're gone still not letting my guard down tho
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    That One NPC

    Male Folder V1

    To make things a little easier, I just zipped up my entire Male folder. Male.zip There may be some loose, rando bits here and there i'm not the most organized person when I'm working in strange territory, lol. (Not really a graphics guy.) You'll notice a few base files, but they were my first crack at skin tones. The 'Male Generator' pnd (if you have Paint.net) has 7 skin tones I made recently. Some aren't great, but, it was a work in progress. The 'Workshop' pnd is where I worked don all of my edits, and there should be an incomplete project underway. I was exploring the viability of adding a quiver and bow option.
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    Corruption of Laetitia

    Oh my, You found a lot of problems indeed, many of which I had thought I had solved already (Some of which I fixed in the last patch last night, luckily) I didn't tie a title reward to that, but the achievement is indeed unobtainable. As for "pure dead" For some reason I forgot to actually set the title reward... Both should be fixed in the next patch! For the romance scenes, I had intended for more, But since I don't have a dedicated artist yet (Working on that) I can't go as all-out as I'd wish.. The next game I make will definitely be of less great a scope since something as complex as this just results in too many issues way too easily, I should have fixed these bugs as I speak though, Just need to test the game from start to finish again to confirm~ ...In the new "Hellish Yard" difficulty. Edit: One update further and all these bugs are (Probably) fixed. The ones that remain are the ones that only happen in very specific circumstances... When the RM engine has a weird hiccup. https://kayakoamaya.itch.io/corruption-of-laetitia