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    Actually, no... I think the weapons array only returns weapons, so 0 will be the first weapon no matter where it's slot is. But you may have to try it and see!
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    Well the methods are quite short so it could probobly all be rewritten to be pasted in an event script command, but using methods like that is handy. I might have over complicated things a bit really. If you wanted to do it in the simplest way possible all you would need to do is this to get the four nearby region_ids in an array is: x = $game_player.x y = $game_player.y [region_id(x + 1, y), region_id(x - 1, y), region_id(x, y + 1), region_id(x, y - 1)] Or you could put them all in different variables or something. It's just adding and subtracting 1 form the x and y really. Anyway, as for your other question: Assuming 'actor' is the actor you want to check, you can use this in an if statement or a conditional branch script call I think: actor.weapons[1] && (actor.weapons[0] == actor.weapons[1]) Not sure what actor you intend on checking or where you want to use this so I can't exactly give you anything more exact.
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