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    Hmm... as far as the damage formula suggested above goes, I think, that b.state(ID) ? 1 : dmg_formula would be enough. That [1, 1].min part is interesting - intriguing is what you said, although .min returns the lowest value, so putting two the same values doesn't have any real usage and the actual output from there will be 1 as if it was typed like I suggested. I think I get your idea, but throwing [1, 1].min will not bypass damage variance, nor further modifications (crit, damage resistances etc.), so it still can return a value other than 1 in specific circumstances, if multipliers in total will exceed 100% (because I believe the dmg is rounded down, judging by the fact it uses .to_i at the end of calculations). Putting, for example, b.hp -= 1; 0 in the damage formula will always deal one point of damage, but it is rather a direct subtract than dealing actual damage. It will skip the further multipliers, but the battle system will most likely not register the "damage" and the hp will be subtracted silently without popups --- or the popups will say 0 / NULL, while actually subtracting that 1 HP (eventually killing). Aaaaaanyway, modifying damage formulas all over the place to support just one status effect is rather inconvenient I'd say. What I'd do is to adjust how the damage is calculated in the scripts themselves. For example, pasting the following right below materials; class Game_Battler < Game_BattlerBase #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- # * Calculate Damage #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- def make_damage_value(user, item) value = item.damage.eval(user, self, $game_variables) value *= item_element_rate(user, item) value *= pdr if item.physical? value *= mdr if item.magical? value *= rec if item.damage.recover? value = apply_critical(value) if @result.critical value = apply_variance(value, item.damage.variance) value = apply_guard(value) #------------------------------------------------ if item.damage.to_hp? && state?(29) && !item.note.include?("<penetrate>") value = [value, 1].min # min in case the initial damage would be 0 or sth end #------------------------------------------------ @result.make_damage(value.to_i, item) end end would add a check, that if the item/skill has damage type set as HP damage AND target has a state with ID:29 AND the used skill doesn't have <penetrate> in its note, the damage will be lowered to 1 (after all multipliers, so it should always be a solid 1 or lower, if initially the damage would be nulled/blocked or sth). So basically, if enemy would have a state with ID:29, ALL the damage he'd receive would be lowered to 1, UNLESS it would be hit with a skill, that would contain the <penetrate> tag in the notes, in which case it would normally deal damage from the formula. This of course could be modified further to support more circumstances and whatsoever. PS I did want to alias the method, but looks like aliasing methods doesn't pass local variables, so it wasn't possible to work with "value" anymore. Couldn't figure out how to get that to work from the top of my head. I might be missing something, it's been a rather long while now since I worked with Ruby/Ace.
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    Re-Breeze, RMMV Tiles Set.

    Hello! In this thread I'll be sharing resources I create for practice. These are all free to use unless stated otherwise. Comments are welcome! I take commissions and request btw This set is inspired by Greenraven's Breeze Revolution Tilesets from back in the day (RMXP), I absolutely loved those and didn't see anything similar in RMMV so I decided to create them. By inspired, I simply mean used similar color palettes as that was what made Breeze special for me. Also tried to make a map mixing in some RTP stuff, and whaddaya know, the RTP house work beautifully with this tileset! Some of the vegetation too actually ♥ ('tis just a test, I'm no mapper obviously lol) And here's the Tileset : 28/07/2019: ADD ON Doodads Preview with everything included: (you have to place them on the tilesets yourself since these don't make up a whole tileset obviously) TILED: For those interested, here's the autotiles in TILED format: I hope you like them! If you have any criticism, please don't hesitate to share! I'm new to the tileset making business ahah. RULES for using: - If you use any of this, please credit me as : Oozarts. - If you use these, please send me a link (via this post or PMs) to your project, even if it isn't released yet (if and when you chose to present your project to the community), this is mainly because I'd really like what you make of it! xD
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    Honestly I always thought the way people talk about refactoring was a little weird in general, but honestly I have only ever programmed on my own and it's probably a lot different the more people are involved.
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    I did quick tests and it seemed to work, but yeah, check it out yourself as I tend to overlook things. You're welcome. c: If by normal attacks you mean the default attack, then yes, the default attack is actually just a skill from the database (the first one by default) and therefore it works like any other skill. If the default attack in database won't have the <penetrate> tag (you can rename the tag if you wish ofc) in notes, it will deal 1 damage to enemies with that state. And yes, the damage modification I've added is at the end of calculations, so even if the result is a critical and will have the damage multiplied, it will be set to solid 1 (or less) at the end if the conditions regarding the hardened state will be met. I'd also like to remind, to put that piece of code above any other 3rd party scripts that have anything to do with battles (putting right below materials would be okay), as I overwrote the default damage calculation method, which may result in incompatibilities with other scripts if put below them.
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    That is exactly what I was trying to figure out, maybe was thinking way to complex for it, but I will give this a shot and will let you know if it works for me, thank you all for your opinions already, didn't expect it to be that fast :). Just one more thing, does this also count for normal attacks since they are never allowed to deal more than 1 dmg on an enemy with that state, not even with a critical?
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    Disable Scripts

    Introduction After finding the excellent Script Disabler (http://forums.rpgmakerweb.com/index.php?/topic/3687-script-disabler/) by TDS, I wrote my own version that handles my needs slightly better - as you can disable random single scripts a lot easier. Simply place this script above all your own scripts (it can't interfere with anything accidentally), and then any scripts you want to disable simply put a # in front of the script name (you know - like a Ruby comment ). The position for the script still exists, but the script content itself is blank - this means you can still debug other scripts properly, and it only needs a single character change to enable them again. http://pastebin.com/bH3hLEMw Screenshot
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    Hey Everyone, Here are this week’s new MP3 music tracks for your projects. 100% free to use with attribution: On my Action 4 page: ENDLESS CYBER RUNNER 2 – (Looping) https://soundimage.org/action-4/ On my Drama 3 page: HUNTING FOR CLUES – (Looping) https://soundimage.org/drama-3/ 2 tracks on my Funny 7 page: QUIRKY ISLAND – (Looping) THE FLEA CARNIVAL – (Looping) https://soundimage.org/funny-7/ And on my Sci-Fi 9 page: TROUBLE IN SKY CITY – (Looping) https://soundimage.org/sci-fi-9/ Please consider making a small donation on my site to help support my efforts if you can. Stay healthy and safe!
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    See, this is one reason I am always going on about how people tell each other stories about world that aren't necessarily true. It's actually shockingly easy to see things like this and get tricked into believing a story that isn't necessarily true.
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    I think it should be noted that you really are simplifying quite a bit by viewing the problem as only one of productivity via a harvester analogy. The problem is really a lot more complected because adding features is not exactly like chopping trees. It's more like... juggling more things maybe? Maybe adding a new gear to a machine? Point is, every one you add makes the whole thing more and more complicated and messy. Eventually your probably gonna have to stop and figure out a better way to juggle everything or a better way to arrange the gears, but that involves lots of complected thinking and takes time away you could be juggling/using the machine.
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    Partly good. You still need to specify the damage for 1 at the end. and you can just say 1 in the formula. b.state?(X) ? dam = 1 : dam = full damage formula; dam or you could do and if statement if b.state?(X) then 1 else formula end It depends on how elaborate you have your formula. I also have used a kernel call I got from the forums. Kernel.eval($data_skills[ID of the skill that this is put in].note.scan(/<\s*formula\s*:\s*((\s|\S)+)>/)[0][0]) then in your note box you would put <formula: if b.state?(X) ; 1 ; else ; formula ; end> This lets you write out long damage formulas if they were to have multiple checks or cause states to be added, etc. Forcing a minimum, I have a script that does that, but the 1 should give 1 damage when evaluated true.
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    Happy December everyone, I just uploaded some new alien skin textures…I’m sure they could be used for other things as well. Feel free to change their color or edit as needed. You’ll find them here: https://soundimage.org/txr-alien-skins/ NEWS If anyone is interested in listening to playlists of my free music tracks on Youtube, here’s the link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6mnTEE6xP74YcZDpkKGy-A I also post new tracks throughout the week on my Facebook page. Here’s the link: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100017638394276 If you find my work helpful, please consider making a small donation on my website to help support my efforts. Stay safe and keep being creative!
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    I'm Rob. I'm a writer, musician and RPG Maker enthusiast since the first days of RPG Maker. Nice to meet you.
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    My photography

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    My photography

    Ooh, that first one...it definitely captures the mindset of horror scenes.
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    Nope, I don't have any Roland gear (yet.) I really want the Phantom 8 workstation, but I need to finish paying off my other synths first. :-) Hello Fellow Creatives, I hope all my friends in the U.S. had a good (and safe) Thanksgiving. I can’t believe November is almost over. Anyhow, here are some brand new free MP3 music tracks for your projects: On my Chiptunes 3 page: FAR OUT PONG-HEADS – (Looping) https://soundimage.org/chiptunes-3/ On my Funny 7 page: THE SEWER MONSTERS DANCE PARTY – (Looping) https://soundimage.org/funny-7/ And on my Sci-Fi 9 page: DRIZZLING IN DYSTOPIA – (Looping) https://soundimage.org/sci-fi-9/ Please consider making a small donation on my site to help support my efforts if you can. Stay safe and keep being creative!
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    Perceiving Shapes

    Thank you so much, Saireu! ^_^ :D
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    ~The Anime Sprite Resource Well~

    ~Welcome to my... No Generator Parts, No RTP edits... just your plain old favorite anime characters ^~^ Show your Support Announcements: CLOSED Introduction: Overview/Statistics: TOTAL RESOURCES: (Found in this Resource Well) Requested Custom Sprites: 2 VX Sprites: 113 !!NEW!! LATEST SPRITE: K-On CAST and KUZE HIBIKI Facesets: 14 Others: 17 Why did I make these sprites? Terms of Use: NOTE: I do not own any animes they currently belong to except for some original sprites. Changelog: ~I support the following~ Can`t find the anime sprite you need? Or you want your own customized sprites? Visit my commission Shop ^~^ And Thanks to ♥Otaku♥-kun for formating my sprites into GIFs so I could use them ^~^
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    Vincent Michels

    Throw Items away

    Throw Items away v1.0 by Claimh translated and edited by Albic Introduction This script allows you to throw items away by pressing "A" in the Item Menu Features - You can throw items away Screenshots Don't be angry, cause' of the german Names... How to Use - Paste the script above main Script Credit - Albic Terms of use - You are not allowed to post this script at any other forum without my AND Claimh's permission - You have to credit me and Claimh as well! - You have to have a link to Code Crush; http://www4.plala.or...dias/codecrush/
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    Throw Items away

    Ya it would be nice, I can't stand that so many scripts use A(x) for things and you can't customize their keys. Using another script I have to alter input controls though you could change the Input.trigger?(:X) part of the script I suppose. I totally agree, and let that be a lesson to other scriptwriters lol.