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    Holders Animated Battlers

    Holders Animated Battlers Terms of Use VIEW ALL HOLDERS ANIMATED BATTLERS HERE Each animated battler has numerous colour variations and they're available at Holders Animated Battlers Blog and it also contains links for which scripts are already made for you to use these with whatever RPG Maker engine you use. AZero Bat1 (7 colours available) Bat2 (7 colours available) Dragonfly (7 colours available) Elemental Crystal (7 colours available) Fairy (7 colours available) Genie (7 colours available) Lantern (7 colours available) 1st Generation Endorsements
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    Hi everyone, I've been building a library of images that you are welcome to use in your projects. They are all original...all my own work. I think a lot of them could be made into cool textures for games. All I ask is to be attributed as indicated on my homepage: http://soundimage.org/ The images are on my "TXR" pages. I'm adding new ones all the time, so be sure to check back often. I sincerely hope that some of them are useful. Any and all constructive feedback is welcome and always appreciated. :-) All the best, Eric
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    I'm not in the proper state of mind to be a contributing member of a board right now. Before I take my leave from the community, I just want to apologize to anyone I may have upset or offended. I'm not one for excuses, but given my recent temperament, you need to know I'm not usually an abrasive dickhead. 2019 has done everything in its power to destroy me. From losing my job when the company I worked for shut down facing a management scandal, to my dad's lungs failing him slowly, to my mom being diagnosed with not one, but two forms of cancer, it has just been riding my case. Like an old Chevy, I'm beaten up and worn down, but all I can do is keep going. My mother is the strongest woman on the planet, always has been. Met my father serving in the Canadian Armed Forces. G.I. Jo (Joanna). Seeing her so skinny and weak she can barely leave her bed to use the washroom, well, it just takes the wind out of my sails. Anyway. I'm out. Sorry for being a dick. I'm old enough to know better, just stopped caring for a while there.
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    I am a fan of Final Fantasy games and I also like the RPG Maker MV engine. That's why I decided to import Final Fantasy Brave Exvius battlers to RPG Maker MV with the help of Yami Sideview plugin. I did this to see how would "our heroes" look in this engine and to deepen my knowledge on action sequences. I have made several videos until now (and I am planning to do more), which you can view here. Any opinion is appreciated. Thank you!
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    my room's practically been under quarantine for two days due to termites but i'm back and they're gone still not letting my guard down tho
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    That One NPC

    Male Folder V1

    To make things a little easier, I just zipped up my entire Male folder. Male.zip There may be some loose, rando bits here and there i'm not the most organized person when I'm working in strange territory, lol. (Not really a graphics guy.) You'll notice a few base files, but they were my first crack at skin tones. The 'Male Generator' pnd (if you have Paint.net) has 7 skin tones I made recently. Some aren't great, but, it was a work in progress. The 'Workshop' pnd is where I worked don all of my edits, and there should be an incomplete project underway. I was exploring the viability of adding a quiver and bow option.
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    That One NPC

    More Edits

    Since I had competed these, I might as well share 'em. I cleared the shadowed skin from around each of the hair and bang layers. This was done for layers of headgear, and different skin shades. I may double back and mae those skin pixels transparent to maintain shadowing over darker skin tones, but I didn't think of that until I had cleaned them up. 01a Hair.zip 01b Bangs.zip Chainmail A high collar shirt option. A sword that rests at the waist rather than on the back. An edit of the helmet I did to match an Ace generator part I have. Male slippers (perfect for monks or fighters).
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    These are lyrics I relate to. The artist is amazing to boot. "...You can't understand unless you've walked in my shoes..." ♫There's an outcast in everybody's life, and I am her (I am her)...♫ ♫There's a shadow in everybody's front door, and I am her (I am her)...♫ ♫There's a dark cloud in everybody's sunlight, and I am her (I am her)...♫ ♫Oh no, I am her...♫ I'm no stranger to being an outcast, that's what makes me unique, partially. I don't follow the path someone else takes, and I revoke rebuttal when I know that the rebuttal is pure nonsense. I don't care what anyone else says or thinks. I may be a pessimist, but I didn't choose to be. Just like I didn't choose to be imprisoned inside of mortal flesh. There are times when things unexplained, uncontrollable with outcome, can't be seen with foresight or circumvented, happen. That type of nonsense though, has happened to me without my consent or my say, far many more times than fair or balanced. I do fine without your interference, thanks. Leave me be, that's all I require. Don't screw with me, don't promise me things you've no intention on delivering, don't say nice things to me, and go behind my back and rebuke them, and in general, don't be stupid, because one come a time, you're gonna come to me asking for something, or perhaps begging and pleading, and I'm going to say NO. You've burdened me with your misconduct, allowing me to take the fall too many times, and I won't have anymore. No, this is not aimed at anyone in particular, but those who know they've screwed with me in this way, know that I've been wronged by them. Whether or not they care, that's not on me.
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    Hi everyone, I've got a site up with about 1500 tracks of free music that you can use in your games. It's all original...all my own work. All I ask is to be credited as indicated on my homepage: http://soundimage.org/ I sincerely hope my tracks are helpful. Any and all comments are welcome and always appreciated. All the best, Eric
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    I sat down and made a few of my FF characters using the DIY Loose Leaf generator, and after successfully completing Stryker, Casius, and Cideon, I finally managed to complete the perfect (or close to, at least) Loose Leaf sprite for Seto. I'm pretty excited about how well all four came out. I attempted some generated faces, but the only decent one is Seto's. Seto Stryker Casius Cid This is more or less how the characters were created to look and dress. As close as I was going to get any sprite without commissioning work. I can't wait to make Ana, Marrick, Lilly, Biggs, and all of the others. I also did adult sprites for the Earthbound characters, just having some fun. Ness Paula Jeff Poo
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    That One NPC

    Final Fantasy Sprites V1

    That's because they are original characters I created for my FF Tribute world. There should be no way you recognize any of them, unless you read the RPs years ago. Unlike most people, when I sit down to express my love for something, I don't straight up rip it off. It has to be my own. Over and above being a creative person, I have respect for copyright laws (something most RM users need a stern lesson in).
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    Many of you probably noticed that I did a bit of re-branding over the weekend. Loco Choco Games was going to be the name I released everything under. I never intended to give myself any form of credit, at any point, for anything. It was just going to be, L.C.G., those involved, and credits for materials used. I came to the harsh, soul crushing realization that I'm not ready to put out any form of game yet. I may have been messing with RM titles since '95 for the Playstation, but messing, flirting, toying around with, are the key words. Most of my story ideas ended up in RP format, where you can flesh everything out that much more from moment to moment. The structure changes in game format almost completely. It's totally different context compared to literature. Despite all my romancing with these programs, I never completed a game...nowhere even remotely close, lol. I never had enough time as a youngster, even a young adult. I actually have less going on at 33 than I did at 23. That being said, I figured I'd just get something done, because how hard can it be, right? The editor does roughly 70% of the actual work, outside of mapping, so how hard, can it really be? When you care about quality and integrity as much as I do, it's practically impossible with my skillset. I could make a game with a great story line and great characters, but it's for shit if the game is fundamentally imbalanced, or buggy. It's difficult for me to keep up with today's hyper-informed experts on everything technical, who will rip a game to pieces based on specs alone, not even based on game play or story line. So I've decided to toss such notions aside. I never thought I would be that super star who does everything by themselves, that's just not how game development of any kind works. We can look at the pros and realize this pretty quickly. Those who take 5-10 years to develop a game alone, were still foolish to have done so, they just got lucky. But now I'm faced with the reality that, everyone is doing their own thing, hoping to be that next self-made, independent super star developer. All you keep hearing is, "Group projects are a total mess." Well no, actually. Logic tells us group projects are the best, because that's how professional games are made. You have an expert do a single job, because they specialize in it... They just do it better than you. So it must be the RM user, on average, who is a total mess. As someone looking to make serious, serious games that do more than say I did, because I could, this is very disheartening. For now I will figure out what to do, if anything. My fate may be a simple story writer, who writes stories for other people. Only time will tell, I suppose.
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    Happy Monday everyone (if that’s even possible.) Anyhow, here are some new seamless textures that might come in handy in you projects. Feel free to modify as needed: TXR – BRICK - Seamless https://soundimage.org/txr-brick-seamless/ TXR – CONCRETE / PAVEMENT – Seamless https://soundimage.org/txr-concrete-pavement-seamless/ TXR – ROCK / STONE 2 https://soundimage.org/txr-rockstone-2/ I’m releasing new music tracks on Wednesday and some cool nighttime urban backgrounds that might look nice in visual novels and such. Those should be ready by Friday. Have a good week!
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    Eric! The tester of many games...
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    Final Fantasy Sprites V1

    Sharp as in...less pixelated. lolz The only character I know by name is Cid, but since there's a Cid in every FF entry... But I see. Again, having nothing to do with the MK character, but yeah, lol
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    Final Fantasy Sprites V1

    I don't know those FF characters at all. I do know the name Stryker, though from a completely different game series... I do like the Earthbound character sprites though, they're really sharp.
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    I was like to myself "r18+ huh? How adult could it be? Oh yeah this story sounds really cool, can do a lot with it since it's a simple RPG concept." Then I went to the screenies and was like whoa heck that's wild. Has some really nice artwork and a really nice premise, I'm sure hentai lovers will really dig this. Good luck completing it
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    As long as these resources are used for free projects, I don't think Square Enix will bother us.
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    That looks amazing! Though squareenix may disagree. They don't like people using their stuff...
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    Corruption of Laetitia

    This is literally in my top 4 RPG Maker games of all time! It has everything I look for in a good game: great aesthetic, a great beginning with instantly recognizable characters; entertaining and well written dialogue, fast paced, engaging combat; awesome atmosphere that makes the game world feel alive, an overworld you can actually interact with, hilarious references..."I've discovered a new recipe~!" I've been playing for 4+ hours and it''s literally 1am now! This game's great, but sadly not perfect. There's always room for improvement (although, frankly, I haven't much to complain about... maybe you could add some more custom animations for skills and like) All in all, you did a great job KayakoChan. I look forward to playing the full game, and whatever else comes after.
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    testing; don't mind that status

    testing; don't mind that status
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    Those are interesting, nice work! Since your resources can be used by others in their projects, I've moved this thread to Resource Center -> 2D Resources. =)
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    These are very beautiful I looked at your bgs's too! Thanks for sharing!! <3
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    Well, damn...this sucks... RIP Richard Anthony Monsour, aka Dick Dale... He passed away on March 16, this year. One of the guitar greats, sorely missed, one I'll never get to meet. As a tribute, I'm sharing Misirlou. May the Divines guide you to peace, great patron of the musical arts...
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    I̭͙̰͉̞͈ͩͣͥ̏ͬͥ̑͜'͙̥͓̈́̒̿̎m̡̗̦͙̹̣̣̟͐ͥ͌͒͗̓̇͗͟ ̓͑̓̉͏̻͇̱̬͞͡n̄̔̓̎̔͏̢͍̱o̸̰̠͚̟͋͞t̩̺́̔ ͖̝̝̜̣̬̀ͮ̔ͫͩ̿ͣ̚͘ͅf̷͖͉̯̬̞̗͕͋͂̈̓ͪ͆͡͞ͅę͚̦̪̲̝̰͛̏ͤͫ͌̇͢e̢̝̿ͩ̕l̃́̒ͮ̓̾̓̊͏̵̠̞̲̲̬̭̳͚͢í̢̲̞̰̪̟̠̤ͧ̿̿͡n͔͔͎̘͖̬̳̻̑̾̓͢͡ͅğ̶̩̠̖͖͓̜ͩ̋͗ͣ̀ ̧͔͉͉̣̠̉̆ͨͫ̏͜͠s̶͛͒̈́͠͏͇͉̼o̥͔̞ͬ̄̋̾͗̃̓͘͠͞ ̙͎̰ͬ͐͑̇͞w̌͆ͪͮ́̆͏̷̣e͕̥͙̰͇̥̣͓ͩͥ͐̋͜l͇̞̦͉̼͒̓͑̇̚̕l̵͓̩̺̗ͦͨͯ̾͊̿͑̐͝ ̛̀ͯ̀͋̎̓̅ͭ҉̬̦t͋̓͋̿̎̓͏̻̰͓̰͘oͣͮ̾ͦ̏ͫ̅̈̚͏̸͚̙͉̳̲d̼̯̥͖̠̦̽ͤͬͦͩ͟ͅa̢̯̱̟̞̱̤̣͈ͨ̚͡ͅy̦̹̜̪͇͑,̴͓̪͉̣͎ͣͨ͌̽̚ ̙̥̥̄̌͟c̰͎̪ͥͯ̒́ą̪̽͠͠ͅn̢̪̖̙͇͚̹ͯ͋͝'̷͎̙͖͙̆͗̆ͬͪ̃͌̈́͌ț̯̤͖̖̩ͫ̿̽̈́̒͘ ̤̼̇͜͞y̹̗̿ͣ̍̈́̓ͬ̂o̰͖̺̩ͤ̍͌̾̔̎͂ù̄҉̗͓̯ ͗͏̢̲̹̜̙̗͈̣t̺̗͎͚͈̖̣̀͂̓̈́ͨe̩̲̬̜̤̰̳͐̎͐̓̐̇̂ͫ̉ͅl̰̲̜ͧ́͒ͮ̀͜l̴̡̖̮̻͓̫̮̫͒ͩ̐́͘?̸̖̦̜͇͎̇ͤͣ̈́͊̂̍́͡ ̡̱̣̮̪͚̙̻̙̠̎̅ͥͦͪ̏͂͟͠l̷̸̟̮͙̣̘̪ͨ̿̉͑o̶̶̮̖͔ͧ̎̉ͪl̤̲̒̇͊ͧͥ̋̅̈̐̀z̖̰̦̭͖̰ͫ̑͐̄̿͐ͤ͛̍ͅ