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    ES is like JS after it runs out of coffee. :P ... Okay really it's more like JS after it finally admits it's never actually liked coffee and decides to change it's name to avoid being associated with it. Close enough.
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    Bah, you and your doomsaying. You know in a way I kinda wish you were right. If the industry is going to crash, I wish it would hurry up and do so already. Same with the whole system. If everything falls apart this will be humanity's chance to stop propping up the stinking corpse of a system and actually start changing things. But I doubt anything big is going to happen. I have heard that promise before. Humans always are looking for some kind of big grand collapse, some fantastic disaster to save them from the chains they forged themselves. They look for one year after year, but year after year it fails to happen. Why? Because humans are cowards. I don't even blame them really, but it's still true. They fear change, but they also fear things staying the same. They run away, they deny, they build little cages for themselves and then rage at being contained in their own prisons. But if they are freed they can't handle it and scurry back into their nice safe shadows. That's what humanity has become. And the thing is, it's not even that complicated to fix all of this. It really isn't. All humans need is to understand one basic truth. Something they know as children but adults have done their best to make them forget. That none of it actually matters! Not one bit! It's all a game, it's all a dream, it's all just playtime after all! That doesn't mean it can't be wonderful, doesn't mean it can't be beautiful, doesn't mean it can't be meaningful to you. It's not even a bad thing to be afraid now and then, or to build your own protection from the outside world. But don't make it your prison, make it your fortress! Oh well, we will see what happens.
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    To be fair, Stadia failed partly because internet access is just not good enough for most people yet, and partly because there was never really any big name games to push sales. The idea is something that might still be doable some day. Pretty sure the idea of 'games as a service' is not going to go away completely, but it well have to change somehow. Also: Crashing and burning is basically the game industry's whole business plan at this point. The plan goes like this: Become CEO or other high position in a game company that pays big bucks. Milk that company's franchise into the ground until you have systematically destroyed any value the company has. As the place burns to the ground around you quietly walk off with billions. It isn't your problem anymore. Find another company, repeat.
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    Again, I'm not. Humans have also proven to often whine about things they don't like while at the same time helping to enable that thing to stay around. XD
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    Hi! I'm very sorry if this is in the wrong section. I was wondering if anyone had a copy of Yami's Charge Turn Battle Script: https://yamiworld.wordpress.com/rgss3/battle-scripts/yeas-add-on/pctb/ Their dropbox link is down, thus it's impossible to get it here. I also can't seem to find it on their github. Does anyone perhaps have a copy that they are willing to share? I would love to use it for my current project. Thank you in advance!
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    Ah, thank you so much! You really saved my bacon! I suppose this is solved now, then! Thanks!
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    With ES6 classes, trying to extend the parent class in plugins can lead to its children still using the old parent codes. For instance, you can place this in a JavaScript sandbox and verify the console output yourselves: So normally, you'll still have to directly type prototypes: But I wanted to offer an alternative for those not being familiar with ES5 or avoiding prototypes like a plague despite the fact that many RMMZ codes are written that way, and this is what I've come up with: I've tested that it works for adding new instance variables and prototype methods in base classes, and extending and overriding existing prototype methods there(you can place the linked snippet into a JavaScript sandbox and verify the console output yourselves). While I failed to inherit the changes in the static functions of the base classes from plugins as well, this can be easily mitigated by using BaseClass.staticFunc.call(this) instead of super.staticFunc(). Basically, the essence of the issue when aliasing ES6 class inheritance without direct prototyping is this: 1. The original child class inherits the original base class 2. A plugin extends the original base class to alias some of its prototype methods 3. The child class still inherits the original base class So to solve this, simply store the linkage between the child class and the base class right after creating that child class, then points the parent of the child class to the extended base class right after extending it. As for the static functions in classes, while I tried to use the linkage to let the exiting children class use the new static functions from the extended parent class, I failed to cover the case for aliasing existing parent class static functions, because it's just impossible: 1. The super in the static functions of the child class always points to the original parent class 2. The super in the static functions of the extened parent class always points to the original parent class 3. The super in the static functions of the child class's supposed to always point to the extended parent class Clearly, combining 1 and 2 will contradict with 3, which is the goal I've trying to achieve. For those not being familiar with ES5 or avoiding prototypes like a plague, I hope using ExtendedClassAlias won't be too demanding for you, as all you need to do is sticking to these: /* * Do these 2 additional things when using ES6 class inheritance aliasing * without directly typing prototypes: * 1. Add the following code right below a new class inheriting another one: * - ExtendedClassAlias.inherit(Klass); * Where Klass is the new class inheriting another one * 2. Add the following code right below extending an existing class as a way * to alias its methods: * - ExtendedClassAlias.updateClass(Klass); * Where Klass is the existing class being extended as a way to alias its * methods * Right now it doesn't work well with inheriting static functions in classes, * so those in children classes should use ParentClass.staticFunc.call(this) * instead of super.staticFunc() */ P.S.: I've spent almost 24 hours on this and I enjoyed the process a lot, even though this might not be practical enough to be used in MZ :)
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    I'm not about to stop calling you out like this you know. If the end comes I will be right there partying and laughing as it all burns down, but until then no matches for you. I'm not going to let anyone start the fire until I am good and ready, thank you very much! It isn't time yet... We can't rush the grand finale, that's a classic mistake authors make. What satisfaction would there be in ending it before all the twists are even revealed and the true plot is laid bare? No. Not yet. Maybe I will change my mind by the end of the year but I doubt it.
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    Yes, I have PCTB and CATB (I believe you're looking for the former of the two). You're welcome. Yami-PCTB.rb Yami-CATB.rb
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    (prepares for the party she's throwing when it all happens) You were saying?
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    You're right about that, unfortunately, but I'm not talking about the companies crashing, I mean the entire industry. It'll coincide with the collapse of the USD. Expect that to happen very soon. Might even be by the end of the year...
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    [+18 Fantasy RPG] Lewd New World ~ DevLog

    I enjoy world-building a ton too! I think games are much better at 'building a world' then 'telling a story' anyway, though both often go hand in hand. Be careful though! I think it's hard for a lot of writers to make interesting lore. In a fantasy world with gods and paladins I for one would like to see some real thought put into the mechanics of how everything works and the history of how everything got to this point. Like for paladins for example, not many fantasy stories/games really go into that much detail about what paladins actually are and how they came to be. For example take a look at this video about the origin of the word 'paladin' and the historical inspirations behind paladins in fantasy. I find that kind of stuff really interesting! Or maybe I am just a fantasy nerd. :3
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    > At OP's request, this thread is closed, as it served its purpose.
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    Thank you! It works great now.
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    Hello there...

    I'm new to making games via programming, but I have been making up games since I was a kid. Now I am a father of two and we make games together. I've been playing D&D and other games like it for a long time, and recently (last year some time) came across rpgmaker. I downloaded the vx ace lite trial version and started learning and making. My friends who I played collaborative story driven games with for years all seemed excited by my interest, and recently decided to all pitch in so I could get the full version. I tried to protest and ask them to try out what I had made so far before they put real money into it; they told me it wasn't an investment in what I had made, it was rather an investment in me because they all believed in me and my ability to create good stories... Then I think it rained inside my house for a bit... So, here I am, with lots of ideas and even more questions. My first project is attempting to create something I already am familiar with: a D&D style game using the open license mechanics and rules from 5e. Any help or ideas would be welcomed. Thanks, - John
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    They may be making money now. Now. It's going to crash/burst eventually, and likely sooner than most would think. Remember Stadia? That was a flop even before it launched. Games as a service is going to end and those invested in it are going to crash and burn. Google knows this and that's why they abandoned Stadia. Also, because they're greedy, avaricious wankers, lolz
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    How to Create your own MV Tool

    This article was originally posted on HimeWorks and may not be completely up-to-date. For more articles or plugins, consider visiting my website. You can also follow me on Twitter @HimeWorks for the latest updates. In the previous article, I went over the basics of MV tools. In this article, I’ll be going over the process of creating your own MV Tools. Why Create Your Own? MV Tools add extra shortcuts to the editor, and will pass the current project's path to the application that the user launches. The application could be a GUI application, or it could be a console-based application that simply performs some data processing using the current project's information. It's mostly for user convenience, but it also makes your tool feel more official since it actually appears in the editor! Anyways, let's go through the process to creating your own MV Tool. MV Tool Anatomy MV Tools are actually quite simple: There’s an exe file There’s an “identification” folder. And that’s really all there is to it. Executable Application This is the executable that will be launched when you press the icon in the editor. It can’t be any name though; it must be one of the following: WindowBuilder.exe TilesetBuilder.exe SceneBuilder.exe This is hardcoded into the editor, so it only expects one of these filenames. You can see it in the RPGMV.exe Anyways for testing purposes, simply create a blank text file and rename it “WindowBuilder.exe”. Identification This what the editor uses to get information about your MV Tool. In this folder, there’s a file called “app” (no extension) and a folder called “toolbar” which basically holds a 32×32 pixel icon that will be displayed in the editor. The “app” file is just a text file that has three lines of text: NAME VERSION DESCRIPTION Anyways so let’s set up a sample “app” file and add an icon to the toolbar folder. You can just use notepad to create the “app” file, but make sure you have file extensions enabled in your file explorer. Now, when you go and add it to the editor, it’ll find your tool with the details you entered And finally, once you confirm, it will appear in your editor, like the official MV tools! The hime app itself does nothing because it’s just an empty file called “WindowBuilder.exe”, but you can actually add any executable app to RPG Maker MV as long as it has the identification folder, and the exe is a valid name For example, I went and added notepad++ to it, which is my text editor of choice that I use for all my MV plugin development and other programming When you click on the notepad++ icon, the editor will launch notepad++, and it will actually open something This is the Game.rpgproject file which sits in the base directory of your project folder! So basically RPG Maker MV sends the path to your project file to the application, which you can use to automatically load some data in the project for example. Some Thoughts So now you’ve learned how to create your own MV Tools. What can you do with it? Anything really. It’s just a regular application, so you can do whatever you can think of. Of course, your application ideally should be able to run externally, but integrating it with the editor means that users who may not be as tech-savvy will be able to run your tool on their current project without having to go and open it from outside of the editor, which might not seem like that big of a deal but could be useful.
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    Oh, I'm very impressed by how often players will say "NO I HATE THIS GAME F THE COMPANY!!!!" and then go right back to playing it.
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    [+18 Fantasy RPG] Lewd New World ~ DevLog

    Yay for lewdness! So is 'The Goddess Lust' a goddess of lust or a goddess named 'Lust'? Is this a polytheistic 'church' we are talking about here? I seems to me like most fantasy worlds with a polytheistic religion have a bunch of individual temples/cults for each god/goddess rather then a unified church. Actually that's how a lot of polytheistic religions tend to work really, it's more like a loosely connected group of individual cults with some overlap in members.
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    I'm not. Humans have proven way to easy to dupe. There is nothing impressive about taking candy from a baby. That said, I for one kinda like the idea of 'software as service'... In theory. At least makes more sense to me then the legal fiction of treating software as if it was a physical good instead of the endlessly copyable collection of abstract data it actually is. Yeah, it isn't really useful for every type of software/game, but the logic behind it is sound for a lot of stuff. Too bad so many game companies are blatantly abusing it. More and more games require a bigger and bigger investment while the gameplay suffers to fuel the game's monetization strategy. It's not really something that can be maintained long term, but then again since when do corporate types care about that? It's all about riding the company into the ground while making as much short term gain as possible.
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    ~The Seventh Warrior~

    @Gagz9k Thank you very much! Glad you like it! :D Such nice words are always boosting my motivation xD Also thanks! Any support for this project is very much appreciated and really helps the game grow and become better :)
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    CSCA Encyclopedia w/ Bestiary

    This is different that what I was saying. Sorry having enemies counted when killed is part of the script, but That's the hard part. You're using a script that changes how the enemies are created. I don't have the knowledge of how to make it work with an ABS script. I had thought that if the enemies were events then you would use *eventing to control what happens when the enemy is killed and put the script call in the event to add to the count when the enemy is killed, but I'm not familiar with Falco's ABS (and I don't like this type of game)
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    Welcome to the inactive, misfit fam.
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    Hello and welcome!