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    Unbelievably enough, it actually is that simple! You can also use "return a.none?" to make it require that you not have any of the item IDs and "return a.one?" to make it require that you have exactly one and only one of the item ids, but I don't think they are as useful as any? and all? really. Also if you use "return a.select" instead of giving you a true or false answer for if you have the ids, it will give you an array of the ids that match what you have which can be handy in some situations. Unfortunately, there is really no easy way to make masks in VX Ace. I managed to make some mask-like effects using subtractive and addictive blending, but it pretty much only works in some situations.
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    Well, sorta... you could call it like hasitem?(*(20..30)) to 'splat' the range in as arguments (this is just like how *args 'splats' the arguments to an array), but I think it's more flexible to use this: class Game_Interpreter def hasitem?(*args) a = [] args.each do |arg| if arg.is_a?(Enumerable) a |= arg.to_a else a.push(arg) end end return a.any? {|id| $game_party.has_item?($data_items[id], false)} end end # Game_Interpreter It's more complex , but it lets you use hasitem?(1..6, 8, 20..30) or whatever. There might be an easier way to do this, not sure.
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    Hehe, I like to help people when I can! :3 *sprinkles fairy dust on you*
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    Nope, only one. Doing this for every other number to check for x and exactly x results isn't nearly as useful as you might think.. Plus, if they wrote a method for every number, that would be a lot of methods! :3 If you want to check for an exact number, you are better off using "return a.count" to just get the number of matches. Hehe, I was using Khas Awesome Light Effects at one point, but I was never really happy with it's terms of service and I ended up needing to heavily modify it so much to get it to work the way I wanted anyway, so I eventually scraped the whole thing and wrote my own lighting/effect script from scratch. XD Only thing missing is the real time shadow effects Khas Awesome Light Effects has, which are honestly slow as heck and don't look all that great, so no big loss in my eyes. I also use the same script for a fog effect in one area. Not sure if it looks that great, as is though: Edit: Oh also, for reference, most of my dungeon areas also are covered by a 'fog of war' effect which hides unexplored tiles in addition to lighting. Here is a shot of my foresty area with the lighting script disabled:
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    Lori's Light [RM2K3]

    LORI'S LIGHT Lori's Light is a game in progress about a brave knight named Lori from another universe that falls from the sky, having no memory of where she came from, but is imbued with powers that can both mend by healing, or smite with ice. She doesn't even know how she got her powers, or that she ever had them. Three strangers see her fall, and rush to help her. Lori wakes up in a house, where she finds her mom and dad; the only people she can recall. She travels to Quetanis City, and meets the vampress Queen Tarathena, who tells her there is evil that is slowly taking over the lands of Sekoriah. At all costs, it must be fought. Lori, Pughie, Bjorn, and Zeraphi see a plateau up ahead, and decide that turning back now. would be a fruitless expedition. However, just as before, ice spawns to a degree that covers every inch of ground in a glassy haze of frost. An angel approaches her, and something incredible happens to young Lori as the rest can only gaze in awe... WHERE CREDIT IS DUE: Music: Aaron Krogh, YouFulca (Wingless_Seraph), David Vitas, RoleMusic Sound FX: Juhani Junkala, YouFulca (Wingless_Seraph) Charsets: Aethiriat Games, RPG Maker 2003 RTP Battlechars: Aethiriat Games Battleweapons: DoomAttacker, Byrd Brayn Monsters: Joseph Seraph, RPG Maker 2003 RTP Windows: Secret Box Facesets: Aethiriat Games, RPG Maker 2003 RTP Screens: Rod Lazo, RedFox Demo link: Lori's Light Demo
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    Yeah I figured that is what you meant. :3 I just mean you can't easily just make an image to use as a mask because you can't copy channels form one image to another. You would either have to clear the transparent bits line per line, or do tricks with additive blending. Here look I made this thing to show you what I mean: This is the only good way I have found to do masks in VX Ace. Oh oops. I was saying addictive instead of additive... Silly Kayzee they aren't the same word at all! I mean a sprite with a blend_type of 1 okay? >w< Er, anyway, I am not exactly sure how that minimap script works and most of the links on that page are dead, so I don't think I can help code it right now, but the basic idea is something I have done before. For example, the glow effects on my title sequence near the start of this video (after I am done talking about 21 seconds in) Is done by hiding a repeating plane behind a mask and additivly blending the background on top of it (uses quite a bit of subtractive blending too). Never tried it on a ui element though. :O
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    Hi there, thank you for your response..I don't know if I am making sense. D: so is it impossible to make this: into this?
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    ALSO. :D Is it as simple as replacing "return a.any?" with "return a.all?" to make it require all IDs being called? (Nothing's ever simple, is it?)
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    Hi guys, I’m in the middle of a big project, but I managed to get some new free textures done for everyone. They are on the following pages: TXR – BRICK - Seamless Some new fantasy cobblestone images. Maybe useful for paths and roads in fantasy-based games? https://soundimage.org/txr-brick-seamless/ TXR - ABSTRACT Some new abstract textures. Maybe for sci-fi projects? https://soundimage.org/txr-abstract/ Enjoy!
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    Thanks, Kayzee! Could I pass a range into this? Check for ID's 20..30 for example?
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    Uh, you can't use || that way. If you wanted to check multiple things you would need to do the full check, not just the id. Like this: $game_party.has_item?($data_items[1]) || $game_party.has_item?($data_items[2]) || $game_party.has_item?($data_items[3]) || $game_party.has_item?($data_items[4]) Which would be a pain, and you don't know how many things to check in this case anyway. Anyway, off the top of my head, here is how I would do it: class Game_Interpreter def hasitem?(*args) return args.any? {|id| $game_party.has_item?($data_items[id], false)} end end # Game_Interpreter Methods like .any? are very useful because you can give them a block of code to check each member of an array with! This is called a Closure, and while they can get sort of hard to explain, this is a pretty simple one. The block of code is passed one argument which we "bind' to a variable by surrounding the name we want to use with | |. For .any? it steps though each member of an array passing that member to a block, then if the result is true it returns true, if not it checks the next member of the array and if it runs out of members it returns false. TL;DR: Code you can pass code to is neat!