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    Yay, I made a sprite... of a sprite! You see, sprites are fairy-like nature spirits. This one is a cute nature spirit of autumn! Edit: Better side animation, no ember things.
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    Holders Animated Battlers

    Holders Animated Battlers Terms of Use Click on each thumbnail for full sheet. Templates Job Class Weapons (Matching Job class template) Battlers Material Download packs (Right click and save link as) *I no longer create battlers this small. *4 Frame format, additional script/plug-in required. Scripts/Plugs-ins. XP - AnimBat Animated Battlers - Comprehensive: By DerVVulfman VXAce - Theo Animated Battles VXAce - Battle Engine Symphony VXAce - Galvs Animated Battlers VXAce - Akea Animated Battle VXAce - Kread-Exs Animated Battlers VXAce - Victor Engine – Animated Battle: By Victor Sant VXAce - Actor Duel Mini Game - By Galv ~Help this section grow and let me know if you see/use anything else.
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    Waves in Holder

    *Waves* The place has had a name change but I found it. Greetings to those that know me and hey to those who don't. I've started working on my Animated Battlers again so I'm around trying to spread the word once again. Aluxes/Estelle/Elicia are my old ones.
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    Corruption of Laetitia

    It is done~! After all these years I finally finished this game. I will tell you it was a huge trip. Adding story branches and different endings. Trying to make the characters feel likable (Or even relatable?) And the world feel lived-in. I don't think anything was ever this hard or time consuming. 4000 hours went into crafting this game from start to finish. But in the end I'm happy I did it. Not for the money (As the game is free) or for any hope of being noticed. But just to feel like the passion of writing this story and making it playable produced something tangible. For those who still followed this thread to the end (If anyone) I thank you. The game is free to download at http://www.mediafire.com/file/64psm8e63hfbzu0/Corruption_of_Laetitia.exe/file Or if you want to see a little more you can visit the site I set up for it at http://laetitia-rpg.000webhostapp.com/ Once again, Thank you all. This was a hell of a ride. Once I collect myself I will ask for an admin to move this thread to "Completed games" Where it can continue to wither and die as it has been all these years~!
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    Hi everyone, I've got a site up with over 2000 tracks of free music and sound effects that you can use in your games. It's all original...all my own work. All I ask is to be credited as indicated on my homepage: http://soundimage.org/ I sincerely hope my tracks are helpful. Any and all comments are welcome and always appreciated. All the best, Eric
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    Hi everyone, I've been building a library of images that you are welcome to freely use in your projects. They are all original...all my own work. I think a lot of them could be made into cool textures for games. All I ask is to be attributed as indicated on my homepage: http://soundimage.org/ The images are on my "TXR" pages. I'm adding new ones all the time, so be sure to check back often. I sincerely hope that some of them are useful. Any and all constructive feedback is welcome and always appreciated. All the best, Eric
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    I thought of a fun plot twist: What if there was a character who said they didn't know who they are, so everyone assumes they lost their memories, but they didn't and never actually said that. They instead decided to throw away their old identity because they ended up not liking who they became. They knew who they were, just not who they are. Doubt I will ever use this in anything though.
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    Yay, I got my replacement power adapter! I am back! :3
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    So, even the paywall hype train has hit the RM community. I mean, the patreon garbage kind of paywall. Yanfly, you've really sunk down to the levels of the likes of dirty devs and asset flippers, but I guess it doesn't surprise me. It's either money or nothing. You know what that actually is? Greed. You could of put your plugins on Steam or somewhere where purchase would be much easier, but no, you gave the underprivileged the finger instead with sleazy Patreon. The Orwellian nightmare continues...
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    I decided to put some music I made for my game up on Soundcloud. I have used it before to share a track or two to people privately but I put a bunch of stuff as public today. I just figured since I haven't been working on my game much lately I might as well upload some of the music that I feel kinda proud of, just so something I have been working on is out there somewhere.
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    Corruption of Laetitia

    A lot of these, except the tavernkeep one, were intentional and shouldn't cause issues as long as one of the scripts doesn't glitch, (One that allows the player to walk underneath walls)now I know that the chance exists that it does though a lot of things that weren't issues before suddenly are. Meaning I have a lot of extra work to do. I hope I can fix them all. Regardless, while I made the fixes, I can't upload any patches for the coming time as I am in the middle of two versions and the old version is lost due to data corruption. The new one relies on the progress with my artist as a lot of scenes look really weird now, So I hope there won't be more game-breakers.
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    Corruption of Laetitia

    In Forgotten Tower F2, entering the Harmony event from the lowest tile possible can cause Celeste to run into a wall, stalling the game. Similar, in the Dreamy Dryad inn, if you talk to the innkeeper from the north and pick leave, Celeste will attempt to walk south into the counter, stalling the game. Talking to the chef from the south and sparing him will also result in Celeste running south, and potentially into the wall.
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    Since it's Lesbian Visibility Day, let me get this out of the way: I'm a lesbian game developer with my lovely girlfriend. After helping each other with our projects, we formed ObakeNeko Works, an indie doujin circle of like-minded yuri and game-lovers. I couldn't have asked for a better girl by my side. Thank you all for supporting us this far.
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    Corruption of Laetitia

    Oof, Yeah, That was another complicated set of events, It should be working in the next patch, whenever I'll release that! Just finished uploading a patch with some fixes to the church (There's still some tiles that look like they should be walkable but aren't, but the alternative would look worse.) The inns, and other small fixes. As well as more obvious hints as to when you're approaching a 'bad end' and more ways to help avert it. Also made a more detailed character page for the three main love interests. (though full of spoilers)
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    Corruption of Laetitia

    Oh my, You found a lot of problems indeed, many of which I had thought I had solved already (Some of which I fixed in the last patch last night, luckily) I didn't tie a title reward to that, but the achievement is indeed unobtainable. As for "pure dead" For some reason I forgot to actually set the title reward... Both should be fixed in the next patch! For the romance scenes, I had intended for more, But since I don't have a dedicated artist yet (Working on that) I can't go as all-out as I'd wish.. The next game I make will definitely be of less great a scope since something as complex as this just results in too many issues way too easily, I should have fixed these bugs as I speak though, Just need to test the game from start to finish again to confirm~ ...In the new "Hellish Yard" difficulty. Edit: One update further and all these bugs are (Probably) fixed. The ones that remain are the ones that only happen in very specific circumstances... When the RM engine has a weird hiccup. https://kayakoamaya.itch.io/corruption-of-laetitia
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    Corruption of Laetitia

    Thank you~! I didn't think I would ever get this far~! Update: I added an Itch.io mirror for those who don't like Filezilla! https://kayakoamaya.itch.io/corruption-of-laetitia
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    Sprites: Mack vs Chibi

    What? MSPaint? Paint.Net? Come on, GIMP is obviously the superior image editing tool! Especially when you load up on cool plugins. Though I am using the VX Ace generator parts for my game rather then Mack sprites, editing the images can still be a pain. I needed to really mess around with the generator images I was using to get them the way I want with the character creator script I am using. I did find a few handy shortcuts for some things. Like at one point I needed to properly crop almost all of the face graphics. I figured out though that I could drag image files over a open image in gimp and it will open it in a new layer, and I found a handy dandy plugin to export layers. So basically I could crop a whole set of images at once. And once I needed to recolor a bunch of images, but luckily they all used the same palette so I was able to make one which altered the colors I want and load it in. Really though, most of the sprites I am using I am using just because I had them available. If I could I would probobly use a completely different style. Maybe Kaduki-style sprites since they are usually 8-directional and my game features 8-directional movement. I shudder to think of redoing all the generator parts if I ever switch styles though... expectantly if 8-directional sprites are used. Well likely if I ever do switch styles it will only be if I manage to captu-- er... I mean recruit a sprite artist. *pauses and notices @Amysaurus posted... starts wondering what would make good bait for an Amysaurus trap...*
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    Sick to death of scurrying around like an adolescent rodent, frantically searching for some crumb of sustenance with this RM thing. I have a ton of game ideas, and I work on them all, because an idea neglected is an idea wasted. You've got to flesh out an idea, even if you don't throw everything behind it until it's done. I have vaults full of ideas and stories from my role playing days, not counting the things I've created for RM. But there is one story that stands tall above the others. Around eight years ago I went back to my roots as a story teller. I came up with a tribute to Squaresoft and Final Fantasy. An epic, emotional odyssey that embodies my love and admiration for that brand of story telling and world creation that defined the greatest decade of the genre. It's now or never, because this RM is a black hole that devours people's time giving nothing back to show for it. And I'm so over it.
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    Hehe, I was working on my game today! I decided to implement friendly 'enemies' that can help you out! I already coded some of it because I had a 'charm' status effect, but there was lots of special case logic to get that to work. Now it's a lot more flexible. Hmmm, I wonder if I should have full on Doom-style monster infighting? Though often in Mystery Dungeon-style roguelikes like mine, you really don't want eneimes to kill each other because it causes the killer to level/rank up. If I was really mean I would do both. XD
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    Making progress!

    Making progress!
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    In light of the recent Ion Fury and HEARTBEAT controversy, we'd like to remind you all that we do not condone homophobia/transphobia/racism or hate of ANY kind. Honestly, it's hateful devs like these that give studios like our ObakeNekoWorks a bad name...
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    I was kinda disheartened when I was looking for some female soldiers and commanders graphics. Most of the RTP style things out there (save for personal characters made for people's specific games) are your stereotypical women graphics. Decided to make/edit some myself! All are edited forms of the base RTP graphics. Edit: Made some battlers to go along with the pics. They're based off the VX battlers. Edit: Made a few more faces. No character sprites attached to this, you'll have to make your own. I made little stories attached to each one as I was making 'em. (top row, left to right: Elise, Rhiannon, Lian bottom row, left to right: Dalia, Astrid, Johanna) Elise - A novice red mage who just recently earned her certificate of mastery. She's calm and laid back. Rhiannon - Legendary martial arts master who was recently called out of retirement. Most underestimate her because of her age and sex. Lian - Engineer in charge of the flagship of the airship fleet. She often has her head in the guts of the engines trying to modify them. Dalia - A woman of few words who is well known in the fighting circuit. Astrid - A new appointee to the royal guard who is eager to prove herself. Johanna - A paladin of an ancient order who is still striving to right the world, even as she's getting up there in years. Edit: Female faces of color! Older ladies! Eeeeevil Women! Feel free to use my edits in your own projects, just credit me (and post in this topic that you're using it) Any sort of feedback is welcome.
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    Final Fantasy Sprites V1

    I don't know those FF characters at all. I do know the name Stryker, though from a completely different game series... I do like the Earthbound character sprites though, they're really sharp.
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    Give me 3 hun' and I'll let you pick some quality junk. Choice: [Yes] If Actor. Level > 50 -Variable GoldJunk = 1000 Else -If Actor.Level > 25 --Variable GoldJunk = 750 -Else --Variable GoldJunk = 500 -End End If Party Gold >= Variable GoldJunk Gold -Teleport/Move to Junk area - Variable Junk = 3 -(Switch if you want Common Event to teleport player out later) Else - Nope! Just because they're worthless doesn't mean they're cheap! Git! End [No] --- Junk Pile: If Actor Level > 50 -(Common Event for junk here) Else -If Actor Level > 25 --(Common Event for junk here) -Else --(Common Event for junk here) -End End --- Junk Common Event: (You can either have one Common Event and call a variable to determine which branch is called or multiple common events. Or you can have the code straight in the junk pile.) Variable Junk -= 1 Variable DumpDive = rand(100) If Variable DumpDive < 10 -Get Potion Else ... -------- Alternate ways to write: Nesting the If-Else would make some of the items go far right, so you could do If Variable DumpDive >= 10 -If Variable DumpDive < 20 --Get Ether -End End If Variable DumpDive >= 20 -If Variable DumpDive < 30 --Get High Potion -End End or If Script: ($game_variables[12] >= 10 and $game_variables[12] < 20) -Get Ether End If Script: ($game_variables[12] >= 20 and $game_variables[12] < 30) -Get High Potion End Also, I did mention you can use variables to determine which pile you're accessing. It can go like If Level > 50 Variable Junk Level = 3 if Level > 25 Variable Junk Level = 2 Else Variable Junk Level = 1 End Common Event Junkpile (If Variable Junk Level == 1 Dump Dive = rand(100) if Dump Dive < 10...)
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    I am working on an English Manual. @PhoenixSoul If it did not open, try upgrading DirectX 9: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=8109