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    I like to draw girls. The Demon Lord: Mischevia The Atomic Biowulf Oh, and me~ Trash Apple
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    The forums are experiencing some problems. Please be patient as we try to resolve the issue, sorry for the inconvenience. :c Edit: Everything should be back to normal, for now at least.
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    You know, I'm glad this is a place where one can freely talk about just about anything... It has come to my attention that a lot of sites and groups have really bad, biased admin/moderators that tend to play favourites but hate being called out on it or love to make examples of those that talk about 'sEnSiTiVe ToPiCs'... It's a bad trend and it's inspired by the same Orwellian crap that was meant to be fiction, always be fiction. George Orwell would be very pissed off, and would not be the only one either. I'm glad that I can talk freely, but I suspect that will change at some point. I was raised differently; Free Will is paramount and those that seek to erase it deserve the worst punishment feasible.
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    my birthday in two weeks, and the only reason i remembered is because I made a cake for baking's sake and realized 'oh yea, i guess this can be mine, huh?' It's a nice blue dough and blue cing cake with a Pi symbol made up of white and blue stars. Aka, right up my alley.
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    Tool Screenshot catpure to Rm2k Games:
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    Think the site is on it's way out. Ripparoni! https://discord.gg/VBwjSeQ I've set up a final bastion / social hub for my fellow devs. Feel free to come along!
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    Hello, I'm a game maker from Thailand. Nice to meet you
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    Huh. So many days ago, I was around, but things happen and... well, it's been a while, but I'm back, folks! It's time to revisit and enjoy the friends I made here and also apply my help where I can once more. Oh and here! A little sneak peek on things I've been working on lately. Scalvose_Demons_and_Dragons_2022-03-06_00-09-30_Trim.mp4
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    Lots of Cats, an evil girl and a wulfgirl make for one crazy event.
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    just trying out this community, please be gentle~
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    Advanced Game Time v1.2 By V.M. of D.T. Introduction The Advanced version of the Game Time script. This version features customizable time increments, seconds, minutes, hours, days, weekdays, months, years, you can set them all however you want. As well as a new tinting system, no more taking control of the built in tint, this one uses it's own and comes with support for Khas's lighting effects script (since that's a big deal). And last but not least, message codes to include time variations in your messages! Features - Customizable time increments - Customizable tints - Message codes! Screenshots None at the moment How to Use Plug and play and customize if needed. Script Click here for the handy pastebin! Want to go the extra mile? Click here instead! Some extra custom times I threw together for fun: Harvest Moon-esque Olden times RPG thingy (kinda?) FAQ None yet. Credit and Thanks - By V.M. of D.T. - Free to use in any non commercial and commercial project. Author's Notes This script hasn't been thoroughly tested but works for the most part. I'm sure there are some bugs remaining. Give it time. Donations always accepted and appreciated through Paypal: sumptuaryspade@live.ca History V1.2 - Fixed KHAS no tint bug - Multi-line custom clocks! - Changed the way notint maps work (notetags instead of an array now) V1.1 - Save/load time - Custom clock setups - Year post (AD/BC/etc...) - Fixed KHAS bug - Allow use of tint in battle - no tint maps actually no tint - Clock in the Menu - Map Note tag to stop time - Option to sync with PC time Want a feature that you don't see here put in? Feel free to comment and I'll see what I can do!
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    I recently began playing with beloved classic from my first encounter with the RM franchise. Whilst toying with it, I set out to tackle the notoriously limiting, unsatisfactory mapping engine. I resolved to make a full scale town for my players to explore and adopt as a permanent base of operations, similar to Old Tristram in Diablo 1, and other games with central safe zone locations. I was so impressed with what I got done, I wanted to share this treat to remind everyone of how magical mapping is. More in next post.
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    Thank you for warm welcome~
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    Has anyone ever found it annoying to manually break up text to fit in the message boxes, especially if you start tweaking with the game resolution or the text box sizes? Well, I sure have. It's rather annoying to me that simple word wrapping is beyond the capability of the vx ace engine... but no more for I bring ye, yonder script to solve yon problem! It also adds a few new escape sequences and a optional HTML-like whitespace mode that converts linebreaks to spaces. More features (like possibly a option to get rid of leading/trailing spaces for a line) may come in the future. Edit: Now up to version SEVEN! Six is afraid of it!)
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    Well... Where did the time go? I'm alive. Just too busy working on my projects.
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    You're very welcome...I hope it's helpful! Happy Friday Everyone! If you happen to find my free assets helpful, please consider making a small donation on my website to help support my efforts. My site is 100% ad-free...I pay for everything myself and contributions from the creative community really help a lot. That said, you'll find this week's new free textures on these pages: FUR/CARPET - Artistic - Tile-able GROUND TEXTURES - Artistic - Tile-able https://soundimage.org/images-home-page/ Enjoy, stay safe and keep being creative!
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    Well, it was another crazy busy week (ugh!) but I did manage to create a new production bed to share. Free to use with attribution, you'll find it on my new Country page: "CHUGGIN' THROUGH THE BLUE GRASS STATE" https://soundimage.org/country/ Enjoy!
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    That's so great! And you got it done fast! Thanks! BTW: Currently working on eventing. it's a slow process, but the first "dungeon" should be done in about a week or so.
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    Then you should just need this class Scene_Menu < Scene_MenuBase def command_formation SceneManager.call(Scene_Army) end end
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    new ep out! check it out any and all feedbacks is welcomed!
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    Hello, first of all warning you. My English is very bad, but I hope that between laughter and laughter, you may understand well the video. With this tutorial, you can achieve a 99% similar effect to Final Fantasy 5 blue mage. I hope you enjoy and that will serve as a useful
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    Oh you're here too?! =3 Well.. xD HOLY BALLS! Absolutely amazing! I absolutely love your horror sounds! You did a great job with "Broken Ocean" - that sounds really interesting! The rest is amazing too! ~ you're doing all of this by yourself? This is incredible. When I'm listening to your tracks, I'm getting lots of ideas where could I use them! =3
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    Hi everyone, New free tracks are ready: “Jewel Thieves†(on the Urban Page) http://soundimage.org/urban/ “Broken Ocean†(on the Nature/Science Page) http://soundimage.org/naturescience/ “Special Moment†(on the Events/Travel Page) http://soundimage.org/events/ “Nightmare Freeway†(on the Horror/Surreal Page) http://soundimage.org/horrorsurreal/ “Young Heroes†(on the Upbeat Page) http://soundimage.org/cool-and-mellow/ You can listen to playlists here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6mnTEE6xP74YcZDpkKGy-A/playlists Have a great week! Eric http://soundimage.org/
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