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    Hello, I am Nirwanda, welcome to my pixel shop! I have been doing this for a while now, and am 100% committed to offering you a good service and do the best to satisfy your needs. I hope we can work together! Here's the general pricing list: Icons: starting at $1, varies by size Windowskin: $7 Rtp sized Character sheet: $10+$3 for additional poses Large characters sheet: $15+$5 for additional poses Portraits: $15+$5 per additional expression Busts: $20+$5 per additional expression/+$10 for additional pose Full character/ Static battlers: $35/+$12 for additional pose Animated battler:$35 Weapons for animated battlers: $10 Tileset/Animations/anything else: $15/hour
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    I'm back. Internet as down for a few weeks, so sorry for the sudden absence (not that anymore noticed since I only lurk nowadays ;P )
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    Fourth of July? Just another Capitalist holiday...
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    So, now I have every RM engine. A big thanks to @Radiant Arin for gifting me the MV engine; now I can focus more on gamedev (once I have a working computer again) rather than figuring out how to save money for an irregular sale (I'd have to be out of my f*cking mind to buy it at full price especially since I have only a fixed and very limited income which I rarely ever see any of...) Of course, I still have the season pass to grab, and likely, DLC as well (the total cost for all of it is four figures-something's rotten in the state of Denmark there lol). But before I even get into MV, I absolutely need to have better hardware; I cannot have screen flashes, lag, none of that nonsense. If I have to use a shaky DLL file to even get MV to run, then it's not worth it.
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    hiiiiiiii, why u delete ur last post? Sorry I didn't respond, my PC got corrupted.
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    Here's new Stuff I made since the last year for my Game, that I still work on. Take a look and tell me how trash it is, but don't touch or I'll have to call my agent and tell you to not be a bad person... honestly, I probably wouldn't care. But hey, don't... don't do the bad! Characters: Special Art made for Skills, etc.: Misc.: Probably more to come..
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    Just a heads up to anyone interested; MV is having a big sale on Steam for anyone wanting to get MV or any of it's DLC. I've already added a bunch to my cart for tomoro's payday
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    Ughhhh my sleep schedule has been so garbage lately.
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    RoooodWorks Shop

    Hello, I am chibievil I have been doing art for years, today I decided to open a shop affordable for any young game dev new or old to the Rpg maker world. Below is a picture of what I have done : If you have any questions, don't be afraid to ask, I do not bite. I am looking forward to working with you Ingame Samples:
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    A sneak peek of a wild Reimu! As quoted by Square Enix, "Please Be Excited!" xD
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    Here's a sneakpeak on what's to come~
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    It's my birthday!!!!

    It's my birthday!!!!
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    Tip of the day: You can tune a piano, but you can't tuna fish!
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    Participating in this year's yuri jam, hopefully Arae will be enjoyable to a lot of people...
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    Hello there everyone. I was wondering, is there anyone who'd like to collaborate on a project? I'm working on a game that's basically "Sci-Fi Persona Tactics", and it'd be great to have someone who is more skilled at database work and game balancing around, but of course I'd be willing to discuss any changes to truly make it a collaborative project. If you're interested, shoot me a message for details.
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    'Tis be Shamrock shake season. Yum!
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    Tarq's Emporium of Inadequate Edits

    Hey RMers, Been doing some recolours and such over the last couple of days and so I thought I'd share some of it. I'm happy to take requests for recolours if you want, say, a certain trim on an item. If I'm too busy at that time, I'll let you know if and when I can get it done. I don't do a lot on the graphical side of things so I won't take on anything more complex. Terms of Use: VXA: Battlebacks1: Sea Battlebacks2: Fort Characters: Knight: Tiles: Chest: XP: Tiles: Chest: If anyone can give me advice on best practices for uploading this stuff I'd be super grateful. Also just for general arty info :3
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    When the kitten bites me, he immediately licks the wound and looks at me apologetically. His older brother bites me and he refuses to let go, runs away in a huff and looks at me as if I offended his ancestors. The kittens the ash-hole in this household though...
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    So I've made this... I took me way longer than I expected, because... I'm 99% sure, that I'm making things necessarily more complicated than they should... I mean, I could manually program how they should move- set the delays/speed based on their distance from the center, thus have full control on every pixel on their way, as simple as that, but no... I wanted to make it automatic and fit it into one line of code*... To do that, I had to come up with a formula, that raises towards the center and goes near 0 on the edges. ...And guess what... As soon as I started thinking of a possible formula, quadratic functions were the thing that came to my mind. >>> Putting into game... * - the one line of code mentioned before refers to the part highlighted in blue. The manual way I've mentioned would require multiple lines of code with another if statements and such. Hah, I think it's actually the very first time in my entire life, where I had some use of the quadratic functions besides school. I kept asking teachers why do I need all of that stuff in my life - never got a satisfying answer.. But it seems, that I'm slowly figuring that out by myself.
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    how is everyone? I've been working lately. and drawing with friends
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    Hello again (i got banned?!?)

    Welcome back! That is a weird one. What worries me is that if some glitch in the system caused this, then it may have happened to others. Maybe we really have 1,000,000 active members, but no one can get on. Hopefully whatever is causing this will be resolved.
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    I hope the super blue blood moon will be visible from here... I'm excited to see it!
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    Been seeing alot of those "you can beat/break/put a woman down but they always come back stronger" on my facebook lately. Does this mean all women are Saiyans?
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    oh hi

    Hello! Welcome to the herd!
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    Hooded pixel art character -- Indie game art services. Affordable, professional. desixstudios.com Contact: desixstudios@outlook.com Social: twitter.com/desixstudios facebook.com/desixstudios