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    Waves in Holder

    *Waves* The place has had a name change but I found it. Greetings to those that know me and hey to those who don't. I've started working on my Animated Battlers again so I'm around trying to spread the word once again. Aluxes/Estelle/Elicia are my old ones.
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    Are you naked
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    Hi everyone, I've been building a library of images that you are welcome to freely use in your projects. They are all original...all my own work. I think a lot of them could be made into cool textures for games. All I ask is to be attributed as indicated on my homepage: http://soundimage.org/ The images are on my "TXR" pages. I'm adding new ones all the time, so be sure to check back often. I sincerely hope that some of them are useful. Any and all constructive feedback is welcome and always appreciated. All the best, Eric
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    Author: Valentine Version: 1.1.0 About VXA-OS is the most complete and secure free tool for creating 2D online games from RPG Maker. It has been in active development since October 2017 and has been used in several MMORPGs, such as Urkon Online, Lotus Online and Darknessfall. Features Current: » 4 types of chat; » 9 types of equipment; » 13 administrator commands; » 3 moderator commands; » Global server battle system; » Passwords protected with the MD5 cryptographic function; » 99% of event commands on the server; » Common server events; » Configurable resolution; » Global Switches; » EventMachine network library; » Friends system; » Quest system; » Account Editor; » Teleportation; » Paperdolls; » Party; » Minimap; » Bank. Next: » Remaining event commands, such as: Show Choices, Item Selection, Wait and Move Event; » Customized movement of events; » Parallel process start conditions and automatic start of events on the server; » Weapons and long range skills. Images » Login » Character selection » Bank and party » Quests and friend list » Admin panel Download With DirectX: Mega 4shared No DirectX: 1) After downloading the DirectX version, download the Game.exe below and replace it with the one in the folder Client Download Game.exe 2) Open the Script Editor (F11) 3) Browse the script [VS] Mouse: 4) Replace ALL the script [VS] Mouse with: #============================================================================== # ** Mouse #------------------------------------------------------------------------------ # Autor: Cidiomar #============================================================================== module Mouse typedef 'unsigned long HCURSOR' dll = 'System/VXAOS.dll' Mouse__setup = c_function(dll, 'void Mouse__setup(struct RArray*, struct RArray*, struct RArray*, void *)') Mouse__update = c_function(dll, 'void Mouse__update()') Mouse__getPos = c_function(dll, 'void Mouse__getPos(long *)') Mouse__getOldPos = c_function(dll, 'void Mouse__getOldPos(long *)') @triggered = Input.triggered @pressed = Input.pressed @released = Input.released @repeated = Input.repeated @last_lclick = Time.now @last_rclick = Time.now @dbl_lclick = false @dbl_rclick = false @pos = Array.new(2, 0) Mouse__setup.call(@triggered, @pressed, @released, @repeated) def self.click?(button) return @triggered[1] if button == :L return @triggered[2] if button == :R end def self.press?(button) return @pressed[1] if button == :L return @pressed[2] if button == :R end def self.release?(button) return @released[1] if button == :L return @released[2] if button == :R end def self.repeat?(button) return @repeated[1] if button == :L return @repeated[2] if button == :R end def self.dbl_clk?(button) return @dbl_lclick if button == :L return @dbl_rclick if button == :R end def self.tile_x # Corrige o display_x, já que a tela pode se mover #16 em vez de 32 pixel na horizontal se a largura da #resolução for superior a 1000 x = $game_map.display_x > 0 && $game_map.display_x > $game_map.display_x.to_i ? self.x + 16 : self.x (x / 32 + $game_map.display_x).to_i end def self.tile_y (($game_map.display_y * 32 + self.y) / 32).to_i end def self.in_tile?(object) object.x == tile_x && object.y == tile_y end def self.update Mouse__update.call() @pos = [0, 0].pack('l2') @old_pos = [0, 0].pack('l2') Mouse__getPos.call(@pos) Mouse__getOldPos.call(@old_pos) @pos = @pos.unpack('l2') @old_pos = @old_pos.unpack('l2') @dbl_lclick = double_left_click? @dbl_rclick = double_right_click? end def self.double_left_click? return false unless click?(:L) result = false t_diff = Time.now - @last_lclick if t_diff < 0.5 && @last_pos == @pos result = true else @last_lclick = Time.now @last_pos = @pos end result end def self.double_right_click? return false unless click?(:R) result = false t_diff = Time.now - @last_rclick if t_diff < 0.5 && @last_pos == @pos result = true else @last_rclick = Time.now @last_pos = @pos end result end def self.x; @pos[0]; end def self.y; @pos[1]; end def self.pos; @pos.dup; end def self.old_x; @old_pos[0]; end def self.old_y; @old_pos[1]; end def self.old_pos; @old_pos.dup; end def self.moved?; @pos != @old_pos; end end #============================================================================== # ** Graphics #============================================================================== module Graphics def self.is_fullscreen? false end def self.toggle_fullscreen end end Tips How to attack and chat with events: Press Ctrl. How to open the admin panel: Press F9. Tutorials Level next to the player's name in the chat Show group in chat and on top of character Only complete mission when speaking with NPC Enemies do not attack administrators Do not attack party member Black background under the name Independence of RTP Additional Utilities MySQL Database Simple launcher License VXA-OS is a free open source framework, distributed under a very liberal license (the well-known MIT license). The project can be used for any purpose, including commercial purposes, without any cost or paperwork. VXA-OS is not in the public domain and its creator retains its copyrights. The only requirement is that if you use VXA-OS, you must give credit to the creator by including the copyright notice somewhere in your game. In no event shall the copyright owner or copyright owner be liable for any claims, damages or other liabilities. Credits Creator: Valentine Thank you: Cidiomar Soreto LeonM² Komuro zh99998 Gallighan Shiy RGD
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    Since it's Lesbian Visibility Day, let me get this out of the way: I'm a lesbian game developer with my lovely girlfriend. After helping each other with our projects, we formed ObakeNeko Works, an indie doujin circle of like-minded yuri and game-lovers. I couldn't have asked for a better girl by my side. Thank you all for supporting us this far.
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    Don't Show Damage if Damage = 0

    You know, it's funny, I don't even use those messages... Let's see... *looks at the default scripts* Ah! I looks like if you set it to use MP Damage it won't display anything if the result is 0?
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    Changes is Game Development Area

    After a long struggle and bugs on my way, the Game Development Area has been successfully updated! I've noticed, that for a long time users kept posting their threads in wrong sections. Maybe it was because that area on the front page looked like this... Even from moderator's perspective it was hard to navigate - the whole list of sections with exactly the same names, but different parents (makers). So continuing with the 'Simplifying Forums Update', this area was reorganized. Now what used to be subsections, are main sections. The makers being main sections were transformed into tags. All makers/engines are placed together. For everyone's convenience, you'll have to select a prefix tag from the list when creating a thread. It will put an icon before the title, which will make things easier to recognize. Programming section got its parts merged. Instead of script requests, support and learning place, there's one called programming. I've took a look at these and in all three there basically were questions related to coding, so it wasn't making much of difference. Completed scripts etc. still have their own spot. Hopefully this will make things easier to navigate and faster to work with. It's all for your convenience, so if you'll have feedback and/or ideas, please share these below. Thank you!
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    Rooooooooood | New Sectional Staff

    @RoooodWorks, also known as Chibs or Chibae is a moderator of the Discord server for some time now and a long-time member in general. Not only she can detect rood comments faster than anyone else, she also says "no" when a situation requires that. Now it is time for her to join the forums as well, so that she can say "no" to project threads, when these don't meet the requirements. That said, she took the GAME PRODUCTION area under her wings, so she'll be one of the first people, that will see your amazing projects! --and she may be the only one if you won't put enough of effort into your threads. Joking aside, she is there to help you. If you'll have any troubles with your project threads, you can totally count on her. Welcome to the herd Chibs! I hope it will be a pleasant experience for you; Good luck!
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    awww thanks Riki. I will be sure to do good work and not let you or the other mods down, I am glad to be part of the team
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    Hello everyone! Currently we're working on improving the user experience. We're aiming to make things simpler to use and follow by dropping few rules/requirements here and there for your convenience. So with that being said, the first update applies to GAME PRODUCTION area with the following changes: Submission Area no longer exists Yep, now it's gone. Most of the time it was pretty much empty anyway. Now you have the ability to post your threads directly in Games in Progress and Completed Games. HOWEVER, all new threads will require moderator approval, so you're still supposed to follow the rules. Unapproved games won't be visible to anyone, except you and the staff. Improved The Tagging System You absolutely don't have to be worried about tags. All you have to do is to pick one required tag from the list, the rest is all up to you. The required tags aren't just cosmetic, they aren't just to irk anyone, they actually have a purpose. On the lists with games you're able to filter threads based on the software they were / are being made with. But even without that, it gives that fancy look to your threads! Simplified Rules and Requirements That is something you'll like - we dropped few requirements. Now all you need to include is story, 3 screenshots and credits. The rest is absolutely up to you. Nevertheless keep in mind, that not putting effort into your threads will ruin the first impression, thus may successfully make users not be interested in your projects. It's your project, your choice; If you don't care about presentation, there are low chances, that the others will care about your project in return. Rules can be found in both sections, located above the topic list, marked in red. These follow the same guidelines. If you'll have any questions or troubles, feel free to throw them below. If you have ideas for further improvements (regarding the whole forum), then of course feel free to share these too. We have some plans, that are in the works, but it's still good to hear potential ideas/opinions.
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    I'm back. Internet as down for a few weeks, so sorry for the sudden absence (not that anymore noticed since I only lurk nowadays ;P )
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    Hi everyone, I've got a site up with over 1800 tracks of free music and sound effects that you can use in your games. It's all original...all my own work. All I ask is to be credited as indicated on my homepage: http://soundimage.org/ I sincerely hope my tracks are helpful. Any and all comments are welcome and always appreciated. All the best, Eric
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    Took one playtester's advice and started recoloring Hisame's sprites to match his face graphics. An abysmally slow process, but it's getting somewhere...
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    I got Dark Souls for my switch because I never got around to playing it before. Honestly it's kind of silly how unforgiving it can be. I mean, I get you wanna be hard game, but do you really have to let me dive right off into a pit if I am slightly at the wrong angle? You know in so called 'real life' people usually instinctively stop themselves from walking over edges. Just walking over one without thinking is something that mostly only happens in video games.
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    I was feeling kinda sick yesterday for some reason, which is too bad because it was May Day... Feel lots better now though!
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    I sat down and made a few of my FF characters using the DIY Loose Leaf generator, and after successfully completing Stryker, Casius, and Cideon, I finally managed to complete the perfect (or close to, at least) Loose Leaf sprite for Seto. I'm pretty excited about how well all four came out. I attempted some generated faces, but the only decent one is Seto's. Seto Stryker Casius Cid This is more or less how the characters were created to look and dress. As close as I was going to get any sprite without commissioning work. I can't wait to make Ana, Marrick, Lilly, Biggs, and all of the others. I also did adult sprites for the Earthbound characters, just having some fun. Ness Paula Jeff Poo
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    Hehe, I made a game.bmp for my game today! For if I upload it to the steam workshop. (That's me looking though the D! :3 )
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    I did it! I finally got my silhouette things to look like I want it too! Phew, I just hope it's fast enough to be practical. I basically coded a method to return a list of rects covering a tile's transparent areas which I can be used to trim away parts of the shadow not covering the tile.
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    Sprites: Mack vs Chibi

    Well, I don't know about anyone else, but I like the VX Ace chibi style well enough and generally I can find most any type of resource I want in that style. The MV sprite style on the other hand I don't like much at all. Those big XP-style mack sprites are pretty neat, but I don't think they fit with any of the tilesets and stuff I use and would be kind of a pain to switch to even if I could find all the resources I want. Other then that I don't find that mack-style sprites are really any better or worse then VX Ace's chibi sprites. They are a bit bigger sure, and that could be used to add more detail, but I personally don't think they really convey that much extra information you know? Like if a character has a bracelet, they both kinda have enough room to show that, but I am not sure the mack style would be any better at the chibi style for showing a character is wearing a ring for example. I mean, don't get me wrong, mack-style sprites are neat, but I just don't think they really are that different from an objective design standpoint. But heck, I still have a bit of a fondness for the 16x16 pixel sprite style used in Final Fantasy 1 though 5 to be honest. It's pretty amazing sometimes how much information you can get across with limited pixels if you try! :3
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    Why So Whitewashed?

    I'd say it is likely that the artists are creating what they know, or are expanding on the rtp. It can be hard to make ethnic characters that are not offensive or just look like a ethnic colored white person. I've personally added in some more ethnic characters into my personal sprite sets, but it is a lot harder than using the 'standard' color that the game comes with.
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    Corruption of Laetitia

    This is literally in my top 4 RPG Maker games of all time! It has everything I look for in a good game: great aesthetic, a great beginning with instantly recognizable characters; entertaining and well written dialogue, fast paced, engaging combat; awesome atmosphere that makes the game world feel alive, an overworld you can actually interact with, hilarious references..."I've discovered a new recipe~!" I've been playing for 4+ hours and it''s literally 1am now! This game's great, but sadly not perfect. There's always room for improvement (although, frankly, I haven't much to complain about... maybe you could add some more custom animations for skills and like) All in all, you did a great job KayakoChan. I look forward to playing the full game, and whatever else comes after.
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    List of My Scripts

    Awww, shucks... I don't think I have really released anything in a while though, mostly because I don't use MV and I don't know how many people are still interested in VX Ace stuff.
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    Hello Everyone!

    Hello there! Welcome to the herd and good luck!
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    Cookie Ninja

    Level Grinding | LV 7

    693 Is not changing stuff a good thing?
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    Corruption of Laetitia

    Thank you♥ I shall update the thread as more is being added, I am quite happy it got approved on such early notice too! I'll probably refine what I have some and release it as a playable demo sometime in the future. But that can wait~ Really, your support is so very appreciated! As for the fish, it's actually an item you throw at enemies! Monty Python references Ahoi! Her real trauma will probably come if I decided to put fishmen into the game.