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    Yay, I made a sprite... of a sprite! You see, sprites are fairy-like nature spirits. This one is a cute nature spirit of autumn! Edit: Better side animation, no ember things.
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    Too much info

    Look, I think we can all agree: - @Kayzee can be a little abrasive all the time sometimes - @That One NPC took a wrong left turn, and like a proud father didn't want to stop and ask for directions - @Rikifive is a whimsical equine creature who was just trying to help - @PhoenixSoul just wants people to know their demo is up on itch.io, and that it's ok to go try it out - @Lord Vectra is dark and mysterious, and apparently good with complex events - @Arrpeegeemaker is a kitty cat inside of a man's body operating him with controls - 5th Avenue Bars are way better than Butterfingers - Instant Ramen is better when you boil the water separately instead of pouring water in with the soup and microwaving it - Every Cable TV station doesn't need their own streaming service - You should be allowed to hit your kids - I should be allowed to hit your kids - @Doomboxx1134 is probably very confused right now
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    Too much info

    It's really not the amount of info that's the real problem, it's how it's presented to the player. It's too easy to fall into what I call Proper Noun Syndrome, where the player is just constantly peppered with bad exposition about things they don't care about. Like when you have those big open text crawls that go something like "On the world of Zig, between the Mushi and Holorin empires, lay the small kingdom of Gerglebutt, where King Snifflepinkle rules with a kind just hand, blah blah blah blah..." That's classic Proper Noun Syndrome. When something has no real context or build up, and instead it's just like "OPEN UP, I AM ABOUT TO FEED YOU A BIG 'O HELPING OF PROPER NOUNS AND EXPOSITION, AND YOU BETTER SWALLOW EVERY DROP YOU DISGUSTING LOREPIG!!!! SQUEAL FOR ME!!!" Now don't get me wrong, I love me a big helping of juicy exposition\lore sometimes... if it's actually written well and interesting. I mean I like Homestuck for goodness sake. Homestuck has pages and pages and pages of silly proper nouns and exposition... Though it helps that Homestuck is well aware how ridiculous it can be and is partly a huge parody of that type of thing... And yet still better at it then 99% of fiction. I seriously think a lot about proper worldbuilding can be learned thanks to Homestuck. It probobly helps that most of the exposition is explained by actual characters, talking in a natural and flowing way and it mostly introduces concepts and shows just enough to keep the reader interested before it actually fully explains anything.
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    Finally, couple hours of ranting about bugs and things not working, I managed to write 10 lines of code to implement the ability to summon a chicken on an empty tile on the map (video)
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    (clamps hands over ears to silence the cheers, the jeers and the horns) ALRIGHT ALREADY!!!! lolz Anyway, there's not much to say more than yes, those of you who were hoping I'd finally release a demo, are gonna get your wish. However, there are caveats to note: I'm still working on a lot of things, and right now, I don't really have a lot of critical things in place, so the first demo release is not going to be feature-filled. What can be expected: A short demo, mostly text by the main character and/or the narrator. Half an hour of gameplay tops A good amount of potential bugs and glitches, mayhaps even Interpreter crashes (need your help in testing!) Some 'easter eggs' Plenty of Ramsey's vulgarities No censorship No saving (kinda pointless as there's only one major event) Mack's/Looseleaf sprite graphics combined with MV hair (it works well honestly) and MV-style face sets Political/Religious references and mockery plus a strong LGBT+ representation (now and going forward!) What's being worked on: The battle system and battler graphics (I have not found graphics for things like police, military, and so on-do they even exist?), no battles yet Inventory items, shops and the mercantile system (as of now the third of the three is pretty broken) Clothing/face bits for all twenty-four possible playable characters (only a few have their basic clothing all done with some others having placeholders) Story is still being fleshed out (I have a lot already written down) Icon graphics (a lot are done but there's much left to do) Title screen art (gonna need help with this-somehow) Sorcery system and passive skills (I have a few of the latter done as well as one Destruction element of the former done) Relationship system possibilities (mostly just a proof of concept as of now) Custom Map UI (as in a scene that shows a map screen and where certain things are on it) A soft game menu screen that allows the player to leave the game but still technically be playing the game (I have the visuals made but they're not refined yet) What's planned: Multiple endings (I have one 'true' ending in mind) Multiple, replayable game story chapters akin to how Half Minute Hero does it Character building that caters to the player NSFW/Mature scenes (I'd love to have these as visual scenes but for now they will be text only) A way to force game/chapter restarts (Hard Game Overs) in the case of something truly horrific happening (I don't know if it is possible though) Cameos from other games and media (I already have a couple of these partially finished) Supporters and those whom have aided me thus far: My team (KBGaming): Aylee, Celica, Claire, Fiena, and Rachael Dearest love @Kayzee, whom has been great with RGSS3 stuffs @Rikifive, whom has also aided me in RGSS3 stuffs @AutumnAbsinthe, fellow femme fair who loves horror and memes as much as anyone @Verdiløs Games, whom hasn't been around in a bit, is hopefully recovering well. You, among many others, have aided and supported me. Merci beaucoup. I hope you enjoy my vision.
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    A new year has new possibilities for everyone's game development. What are your RPG Maker goals for 2020? Do you want to release a new game? Do you want to create a new battle system? It could be as simple as creating your first graphic of a character! I'll start us off! My goal is create a trailer of my current project and release a trailer before the end of the year.
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    Hi everyone

    Hi! I'm new to this community/forum (i dunno which is what) and I'm actually here to get some ideas from you guys for a game I was thinking about. I'm not actually old enough or allowed to make games yet (by my parents) or to learn coding since I still study high school atm. Maybe if I get old enough to chase my dreams as a game dev I can get some help from you guys. I'm looking forward to meet new friends who can help and share ideas with each other, that's all. (I'm Filipino btw, so I dunno if my English is good?)
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    In the face of depression, unrequited love, and financial debt, I must now more than ever before finish a commercially viable project or enter the... job market, yuck. Will I prevail? Will Scrum come to my aid in these dire times? Stay tuned for the next exciting episode of... Life of a wannabe game programmer.
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    Holders Animated Battlers

    6 More versions of Asimole! Finally got round to finishing these off. I will in the future create some more edited versions including Ice and Poison versions but for now I’ve selected what colours really help to bring out the variation of this creature. B Demonic C Snow D Desert E Toxic F Poison G Rare Gold I had planned on trying to finish the base for the squire but got a bit distracted. But for the last part of the night I am going to be trying to sketch some more poses.
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    YouTube Link embeds borked

    Yeah, I know this place is dead. This borked feature will make it even more dead. Fix please. I'd tell ya exactly what the dumb error code is, but it won't let me copy and paste it (goes away when I move the mouse).
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    I've been working on and scrapping and reworking on projects for close to 5 years now and through that time, I've put in thousands of hours in RPG Maker (according to Steam) and I think I'm now ready to truly make a game that I can be proud of. My goal is to release a game if not by the end of this year, then by the first half of 2021. So in 2020, my game development will hopefully make a lot of progress. I would love to see the main storyline and beta versions of all of my maps and cutscenes completed this year
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    Organize my Final Fantasy/Squaresoft Tribute series to be turned into an rpg of a different name. Recruit a small team to make sure it is the best it can possibly be. Convert that concept into a working JRPG. Begin development.
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    To get as far in development as possible; I'm going to have a demo ready by the end of January. I also want to get better at making animations, something I've never really touched on before...
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    OMG! thank you all for the feedback, that means alot! This was my village map, I stopped halfway through cause I thought it looked kinda bland, hence the extra space (most of my villages look similar), this feedback is awesome, again, thank you so much guys and gals and I'm sorry for posting in the wrong area, have a great day, people!!!
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    Moved to Theory and Development -> Screenshots and Mapping. Games in progress is for posting your projects, that are in progress (with or without a demo), not for asking questions. Perhaps un-square the village. Instead, make its size dynamic - move the wall closer here and there, wrap your village around a nice scenery, make some rivers here and there, put some trees here and there. And idk, but I hate the RTP trees, their size is just sad. I'd suggest looking for some tree tiles, that are taller than a bush. Trees really make a difference. You could also add more details to these buildings, like backyards and stuff, so that these wouldn't be randomly standing like this and it would make the map visually bigger if it would be more busy.
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    Hello everyone, Today I made a small change, or rather fixed something. So far if you typed stuff like :) c: D: etc. the text editor was automatically turning these into emoticons, which made it potentially frustrating to ones, who prefer to use the text emoticons, rather than these fancy smiles. For example, if someone wanted to put :) , the text editor was like "NO, use instead, no need to thank " and then, that someone could be like "NU I WANT [ :) ], u have a problem with that boi?! " and enter an eternal struggle with the editor. I set that to OFF in the first place, but looks like something glitched and it kept doing this anyway, so I went to ACP with my and fixed that. So yeah, if someone notices, that c: or :) will no longer be automatically turned into emoticons, blame me. To answer potential questions: You can still bring emoticons by typing their names, like: :smile: - will turn that into . Typing " : " and two letters will begin search, where that fancy window with emoticons opens below your text cursor. I only disabled these short codes like :) c: :D. Also: Yes, I know that emoticon search tends to glitch along with mentioning. It's not our fault, it's a global bug within forum soft, to put that in a simple way. Not much I can do about that.
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    Just made 3 easy, simple and small MZ plugins today(12 hours straight), and I never thought I could ever do this. Now I feel myself being very productive, even though I know I'm just utterly flattering myself lol
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    It's getting near the end of the month, and the beginning of the next! Backup your project or I'm gonna punch you in the back of the neck!
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    I've been messing around in minecraft again lately... But I have found myself messing around with some scripting stuff and some skin editing, so maybe it's time to get back to gamedev. XD
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    you'd think I would've been using all this quarantine time to continue writing or finalizing character designs or anything productive yeah maybe in some other timeline I would have lol
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    Well, I turned 38 today. Yippee-ki-yay! My mom visited me today, without wearing a mask! I have asthma so if I catch the Doomsday Virus, I'm a goner. Not-so-Fun Fact: Seems the Covid-19 virus is a hybrid viral bio weapon consisting of at least SARS & HIV. That means severe & permanent lung damage as well as the destruction of your immune system, which is probably why people are either getting reinfected, or the virus goes into remission like Herpes & can flare back up later, which only seems like a reinfection, but its really that you can't develop antibodies for it because of the HIV aspect of it.
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    I was fiddling with trying to make my own script actually, if that script works for you that's great!
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    Holders Animated Battlers

    These are really awesome though...
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    I myself use VX Ace mostly because I am used to Ruby/RGSS. It may be that a bunch of other scripters didn't really switch to MV because of it using Javascript instead even if the big names tended to. If so, there might be less/worse MV plugins being made, therefore less people using MV plugins, therefore less interest in plugin development, therefore even less MV plugins being made, and so on. That said, I couldn't say if there are less/worse plugins or not, but I have noticed that a lot more people lately seem like they are using VX Ace.
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    Thanks to everyone's help I re-edit the cover art. Is this one better?