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    You could put this in the skill's damage formula: d=0; $game_party.battle_members.each {|a| d+=a.mp; a.mp=0}; d It will add each battle member (allies)'s MP into damage value and set their MP to 0. So, for example, if, actor 1 has 10/10 MP actor 2 has 10/25 MP actor 3 has 20/23 MP actor 4 has 10/77 MP The skill will deal 50 damage (+variance% if set) and set all battle actors' MP to 0. It won't count party members outside the battle. Is this what you're looking for? I altered the thread's title to give it a more meaningful one.
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    Face Frames

    Face Frames Author: Rikifive Engine: RPG Maker VX Ace Version: 1.1 (2020-10-03) Introduction Personally I don't work with RM anymore, but I often get asked for help / get requests and this time, fellow devs asked for something, that would draw frames on top of faces, without having to modify every single image with faces. While modifying the facesets themselves is an absolutely valid strategy, there might be some hassle or imperfections involved with it in specific circumstances such as when wanting to support multiple windowskins and give players the option to select their preferred one in the game settings OR when simply deciding to switch to another windowskin at some point during development. ...Or perhaps someone can't afford GIMP, some may even not be able to run Paint on their hardware. Things happen, sad times. This script's goal is to help you save some time you'd spent on doing (potentially tons of) repetitive manual work. Description This script draws frames on top of faces displayed in message boxes, menus etc.. No work required, the frames are drawn using windowskin ("Window" image in the Graphics\System folder, that is). You can also make your own custom 96x96 frame images and switch between these on the fly by adjusting in-game variable. Also, by adding this script you'll be able to draw window frames wherever you want. To draw a frame in window contents, use this draw method: draw_window_frame(x, y, width, height) This will draw window frame in specified coordinates and dimensions, using current windowskin. Instructions SCRIPT DIFFICULTY: This script is basically Plug & Play if you intend to use the windowskin. -=> Place script(s) below ▼ Materials; above ▼ Main Process If you want to use custom images for frames: - Draw a frame with the same dimensions as a single face (96x96) - Name the file: "frame" OR "frame0", "frame1", "frame2"...(see configuration) - Put it/these in PROJECT_NAME\Graphics\Faces - Configure the script to your needs Screenshots Terms of Use You ARE allowed to use this script in non-commercial projects. You ARE allowed to use this script in commercial projects. It's just a little script, so let's not paniK lmao If you'd like to support my works nevertheless, donating any amount would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. c: If your project generates decent revenue, give me $0.01 pls ( https://paypal.me/rikifive ) You ARE allowed to edit this script to your needs. You ARE NOT allowed to repost or post modified versions of this script without my permission. and you ARE DEFINITELY NOT allowed to claim this script as your own lmao How to credit me: Just include my name "Rikifive" somewhere in the credits. Good luck! Get Script view and copy/download: Pastebin download as attachment: Face Frames (RPG Maker VX Ace).txt Addons Face Frames - YEA Ace Battle Engine Addon Face Frames - YEA Victory Aftermath Addon Certificates This script was tested by Eric. He didn't complain.
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    Hi! I'm an author, working on a screenplay, and now dipping my fingers in the realm of game developing! I'm very excited. My first jaunt into this whole new adventure is a fantasy game titled Askaria: The Decay. A bit about me! I'm bi. All of my projects contain LGBTQ+ characters. I'm old.... (well, kinda...) I'm also dealing with an injury sustained while I was at work 3 years ago. The injury is part of why I've decided to take a leap into game development and screenplay writing. ^.^ I am a wife, a mother, and a lover of fur animals. We have three (four if you include our minion romping around the house. He just doesn't have any fur...) Two cats, the mighty hunter Anubis, the big momma Kida. And lastly, the loveable husky pup Mishka.
  4. 3 points - A0.2 - 05.05.2021 okay, key rebinding functional Also when thingie goes yellow - it means the setting has been changed and not yet applied; quitting the menu will revert changes if "apply" won't be pressed beforehand. And when it goes red, it simply means the key is already used somewhere else and the game will be like "that's legaln't! " And with that, the options in pause menu are pretty much done, checkpoint reached, time for backups and stuff.
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    I had a dream where Cthulhu woke up from his slumber and was going to destroy the world as we know it unless I convinced him the world had enough insanity and depravity to keep. Luckily the internet made proving that trivially easy.
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    I’m conflicted about what engine to use. do people still use vx ace? or is everyone moving to mv (or whatever the new one is) I have vxa and mv, but I GREATLY prefer vx ace. I just can’t stand how...blocky...and overly colorful the new programs are.
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    Phew, actually did some work on my game today... Yay! I really need to do that more often.
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    Hey new friends!

    Hey everyone! Im from Alberta, Canada! Always wanted to see if I could make my own game. MV was on sale for 2$, so this is my life now... :) Cant wait to soak up everyone's knowledge and contribute as much as possible :)
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    Hello everyone, In case anyone would be wondering that something is different, I've coded in some things into the site. 1. Sticky User Nav Bar - Your Handy Hotbar // PC ONLY When you'll scroll down a bit, the user menu (notifications/messenger etc.) will follow you like a nice doge, sticking to the top. This makes notifications and other things easily accessible no matter how long thread you'll be reading. It was always kind of irking me, that one had to scroll all the waaaaay up to the top to reach notifications or access profile menu (the one you get when clicking your username in the upper right corner). 2. TAKE ME BACK TO THE TOP - Escape The Dungeon Button When you'll scroll down a bit, an arrow will appear in the upper right corner. Clicking/tapping it will teleport you to town the top. Just like this, click/tap and WHOOSH without loading screens! EPIC! Of course, please note, that I've coded stuff myself, so obviously not everything may be working as expected and/or there might be some derps. I could have made a typo, I could have overlooked something, because I had to copy&paste changes into multiple themes, or maybe I'm just bad at html/css/js, you never know, but at first glance it appears to be working. If you'd notice any weird behavior, please report it in this thread. Thank you. These changes apply only to SKY and SKY NIGHT themes. Basic theme is basic, no cool things there. I hope these changes will be useful for you. If you beg to differ or would like to just share some thoughts, please feel free to do so. Thank you for cooperation. c:
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    Summon System Assistance

    Wouldn't it be easier to just save and restore the whole party at once? I could imagine using a small script like this: class Game_Party < Game_Unit def save_actors @saved_actors = @actors end def restore_actors return unless @saved_actors @actors = @saved_actors @saved_actors = nil end end Use $game_party.save_actors to remember the actors in the party and $game_party.restore_actors to restore and it should remember every party member in the exact order every time.
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    In case anyone was confused, I came out a few years ago as NB. Just hadn't got around to changing everything. I'm the same person as before; just figured some things out about myself.
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    Disable Scripts

    Introduction After finding the excellent Script Disabler (http://forums.rpgmakerweb.com/index.php?/topic/3687-script-disabler/) by TDS, I wrote my own version that handles my needs slightly better - as you can disable random single scripts a lot easier. Simply place this script above all your own scripts (it can't interfere with anything accidentally), and then any scripts you want to disable simply put a # in front of the script name (you know - like a Ruby comment ). The position for the script still exists, but the script content itself is blank - this means you can still debug other scripts properly, and it only needs a single character change to enable them again. http://pastebin.com/bH3hLEMw Screenshot
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    Story Concept Brainstorming

    My solid advice and opinion on this is to literally sit down just write. Much like every other aspect of game design, story concept and story board are crucially important to flow and determine the over all development pipeline as well. Just practice. Write some short stories that fit the narrative of your idea and don't be afraid to have people critique it and give feedback. 99% of the time, no developer sticks with the original story and script, it is often modified and revised numerous times for balance, cohesiveness, flow, and narrative. TL;DR Practice, write some stories.
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    Face Frames

    This is really nice to see something new for Ace and I like the polished look of your post. I sadly still have more to learn on ruby before I could attempt to make my own script, but what is left to make? I assume that everyone is to make their own frames, what you have pictured is not allowed to be used?
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    Just a heads up, Humble Bundle recently put up a sale on several versions of RPG Maker. MV is $20, Ace is $10, and older versions are a couple dollars each. Even MZ is about 20 dollars off.
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    Takes ages, but finally got back to it. - yay me Ver.A0.2 B0.0.2.1 (16.04.2021) - Added Audio configuration to Options in Pause Menu - Added Display configuration to Options in Pause Menu
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    Vincent Michels

    Throw Items away

    Throw Items away v1.0 by Claimh translated and edited by Albic Introduction This script allows you to throw items away by pressing "A" in the Item Menu Features - You can throw items away Screenshots Don't be angry, cause' of the german Names... How to Use - Paste the script above main Script Credit - Albic Terms of use - You are not allowed to post this script at any other forum without my AND Claimh's permission - You have to credit me and Claimh as well! - You have to have a link to Code Crush; http://www4.plala.or...dias/codecrush/
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    Hi everyone!

    Hello everyone! I'm Pizus, my specialty is being an Enginer; I've been using Rpg Maker 2003 for many years. I hope to be a contribution around here, greetings to all!
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    New icon edits for card booster packs.
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    Summon System Assistance

    looks like a lot is messed up there. image one you remove characters (presumably in the order they are expected to be in), then you remove area members. Cool, good, but you set a variable each time you remove one. Is there EVER only one area member in the party at one time? If not then this is problem one. Unless they are all going to be in the party then using a variable will not work, you need to use switches for each actor. If area member 7 was in the party and no others, it would be fine, but if there are more than just the one, you would only ever get the one returning to the party. The flow will start at the top and work its way down. If Jason is in position 1 then he is removed, position 1 will be empty. Cool, good, but on the third image you add in Ryan then Jason. When an actor is added they go into the lowest slot (1) then the process checks every slot counting up until an empty slot is found. So if Ryan and Jason were to be added, then Jason would now be in slot 2 not 1. Without knowing more on the intended order at each stage, it's hard to give more advise. Do the actors go in whatever slot at some point then go in a specific order at another point?
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    Today I made a simple character creator with events and script calls, so I'm feeling good about myself
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    I am adding additional slots to the default VX Ace engine past 4. My new equip slot numbers will be 5 and 6. So my equip_slots currently look like this [2,1,3,4,5,6,0]. I am achieving this with Yanfly Ace Equip Engine script. I am wanting to use the additional equip slot 5 and 6 to add consumable items for my actors to carry in battle and be used with the Actor Inventory script. Currently, I can do this with only equip_slot[4] and want to extend this out to equip_slot[5] and equip_slot[6]. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Yanfly Engine Ace - Ace Equip Engine Link: https://github.com/Archeia/YEARepo/blob/master/Gameplay/Ace_Equip_Engine.rb Kread-EX - Actor Inventory: Link: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/Archeia/RMVXA-Script-Repository/master/Kread-Ex/RGSS3 Scripts/Gameplay Scripts/Actor_Inventory.rb *Yes I could just make my equip_slots [2,1,3,4,5,6,0] to [2,1,3,4,4,4,0] instead, but I have some other logic going on with some scripts hence why I need the slots to have different ID's. or Is there a way to duplicate the equip_slots[4] to represent different slot names instead of going after an .id. So, my example is currently... Extra: Potion Extra: Water Extra: Hi-Potion I want it to look like the below as an example. A way to distinguish the slots from each other (Different slot names). Extra: Potion Extra 1: Water Extra 2: Hi-Potion Edit 2: I have resolved the issue "technically". Due to other scripts with Kread-EX Actor Inventory, my consumption of items were not being removed from the slot. It was just showing disabled after usage. Same went for item charges from Selchar Item Charges. I dug through the ruby code for removing equipment and found "discard_equip" command and my solution is below. This is under the "use_item" in Scene_Battle. But, I am still needing a way of identifying if any items are attached to the accessory slots... because I want to disable the party command in battle for the actor items if nothing is attached. But, since the accessory equip slot is #4... it will only read one slot as 4 and the other two as blank.
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    Happy Halloween! (Okay, a couple of days early.) In honor of this spooky holiday, here are some free new tracks that might be helpful for spooky games. They’re haunting my Fantasy 11 page: SPOOKY ENCHANTMENT – (Looping) THE GHOSTIES’ NIGHT OUT – (Looping) THE GHOSTIES’ NIGHT OUT_v001 – (Looping) https://soundimage.org/fantasy-11/ NEWS All of the tracks on my Sci-Fi 2 page are now available in higher quality Ogg format. https://soundimage.org/sci-fi-2/ Advantages of Ogg files: -Game engines handle them better for looping…MP3 files occasionally need editing. -They sound fantastic…almost as good as the original WAVs. -They are small in size. -They’re a cool way to support my work! Enjoy and please stay safe.
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    Face Frames

    I assume devs who wanted such thing just went with editing the faces themselves, rather than relying on coders. I've also seen requests for that from years ago. Anyway, someone decided to poke me and ask for such thing, so here it is lol. Yes, for my own projects I currently use Game Maker. I literally open Ace only when someone needs something. Tbh I quite often get asked for help, so from my perspective there has been always something new for Ace appearing from time to time. I just rarely post things publicly, as it requires some extra time to add proper configuration and polish things. Thank you. c: Well, there's still tons of things to make, the list there never ends. ^^ Personally I'd write tons of scripts for different menus, huds and stuff like this, as I enjoy designing/coding such stuff, but I just don't have enough of time and motivation to do so. There also are my own projects. Aside the first 'frame' image, which was an example to work with I made from something provided by someone who requested that script, I later designed my own windowskin and the next frame images for presentation. These are quite meh tbh, not mentioning the fact that most of these are pony related and probably no one would like to use these lmao. I could provide some frames to use, but there are tons of windowskins out there, so I'm pretty sure everyone got that covered.
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    How to Make an Animated Title Screen Scripting Tutorial Tutorial Made by: Soulpour777 Graphics: Moghunter's Master Demo Q: I wanted to make my own simple animated title screen, but I don't have the knowledge to do so. I want to make my own way of making a Title Screen just like Moghunter's scripts, can you teach me? This is basically the goal of this tutorial. Today, we're going to make our own Animated Title Screen! Awesome, right? Yayy! Before we start, we will need the following materials! Remember that I may add new materials as we go on to the tutorial. Save them under your Titles1 folder. That is where we will all be putting our graphics in. Now that we have the necessary graphics needed, let's jump right into the scripting. Open your RPG Maker VX Ace and start a new project. I recommend making this in a fresh project so it won't cause any disruption on your project. Just to be safe Now, once you created a new project, press F11 to go the Script Section. You can also click the Script Section Icon on your Ace's tool ribbon. Go to the Materials part on your script and create a new section below. This is where we are going to start our scripting. The things we need to do on our Title Screen are the following: Use our Game_Title as the title instead of the Default Game Title Make our background Make some images move To begin with, start with this on your script: What we did here was to create a class called Scene_Title inheriting its functions from Scene_Base. Instead of rewriting Scene_Title's method start, we created an alias. What is an alias? Alias simply means a new name for our method. We need to call the alias on that method as well, it is called Calling the Original Method. If you are wondering why there is a : sign on the alias, that is because : signed things are considered methods. You can also alias it this way if you want: alias soul_animated_titlescreen_simple start Does the alias need to be like that? Can't we make our own alias? No. It is not necessary. You can alias it with any name you want. If you are wondering what create_grass_fog and create_trees are, that is what we will define next. We need to overwrite our create_background from the original Scene_Title, so do this: This time, we changed the original things inside the create_background method. We created a new Plane object and made a bitmap whose name is the "Background" which we just had saved awhile ago. Now, let me explain a few things here (also from the help file to be more accurate of what they actually mean): Planes Planes are special sprites that tile bitmap patterns across the entire screen and are used to display parallax backgrounds and so on. Bitmap The bitmap class. It represents images. Now that we got those done, when we created our instance variable named background, which is a plane and holds a bitmap named "Background" from our game folder Titles1, we set up its z attribute. What does the z do? z The plane's z-coordinate. The larger the value, the closer to the player the plane will be displayed. If multiple objects share the same z-coordinate, the more recently created object will be displayed closest to the player. Basically what it means is the higher the value of the z, the closer the plane would be displayed. Treat it like a layer in Photoshop. For example, if you created a new layer from Layer 1, Layer 2 is displayed before Layer 1. Now, we need to do that for the Fog0 and Fog1 too, so on your script, add this: So on this part, we defined our create_grass_fog and create_trees that we just called on our start method. This is the interesting part. Well first off, as you noticed, we inherited methods from Scene_Base, right? That means everything from the Scene_Base also works in Scene_Title. We need to borrow the update_basic method from Scene_Base and call it on Scene_Title. If you search your Scene_Base, you can see there the update_basic method. So, on our script, we need to make something like this: Oops! Let's explain what happened here. We retained the Graphics.update, Input.update and update_all_methods from update_basic. That is because they are important on making the Scene_Title work. Now, what does @grass_fog.ox += 3 and @trees.ox += 1 mean? What is ox? ox The x-coordinate of the plane's starting point. Change this value to scroll the plane. Q: I advance read the Sprite Class and it says it also has ox. Can't we just use sprites instead? A: Good question, isn't it? Well the reason for that is because the Sprite won't replicate itself or rather does not work like a Parallax. When you use Planes, it works like a parallax and repeats itself, unlike sprites, they don't when they scroll. So what we did here is: we made the Fog0 scroll horizontally by 3 and the trees by 1. We created it in update_basic because it works every frame. Moving on, we need to draw our Game's Title, so we need to overwrite the draw_game_title. On your script, do this: And lastly, we need to dispose every image that we made here. So, on your script, do this: Let me explain what we did here on the dispose method. dispose Frees the plane. If the plane has already been freed, does nothing. We freed the bitmap first and freed the object. So we disposed the image and disposed the Plane object we just created. It works the same if you created a Plane or a Sprite. The bitmap we just disposed there is the bitmap object we used on the plane. Since we did not overwrite the dispose_background method, we need to do this on our script: What we did there is just removing the things its doing on dispose_background. You can also put the things on dispose_all_used_graphics on dispose_background if you like. That's basically it! This should be the final product of your code: Go ahead and test it! Q: Can we add more images and create more animations into it like scrolling upwards too? A: Definitely yes! Make sure to create them in a method, call them from the start method. Make sure they're instance variables too! Also, don't forget to dispose them Organize your Plane's z well too. Q: If its possible to do an upward motion for the plane, how would I do that? oy The y-coordinate of the plane's starting point. Change this value to scroll the plane. You can do something like this: @image_i_like_to_scroll.oy += value where value is the number of scroll speed you want to deal with the image. Add that in update_basic. That's all folks! I added a DEMO of this tutorial as well, so you can get to see it in action!
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