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    The forums are experiencing some problems. Please be patient as we try to resolve the issue, sorry for the inconvenience. :c Edit: Everything should be back to normal, for now at least.
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    You know, I'm glad this is a place where one can freely talk about just about anything... It has come to my attention that a lot of sites and groups have really bad, biased admin/moderators that tend to play favourites but hate being called out on it or love to make examples of those that talk about 'sEnSiTiVe ToPiCs'... It's a bad trend and it's inspired by the same Orwellian crap that was meant to be fiction, always be fiction. George Orwell would be very pissed off, and would not be the only one either. I'm glad that I can talk freely, but I suspect that will change at some point. I was raised differently; Free Will is paramount and those that seek to erase it deserve the worst punishment feasible.
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    Been a while since I posted an update but I've not been slacking, trust me. The Database is now fully functional! All tabs have been completed, including Animation. I then started a new Map Editor... and then rewrote the code... twice. However, with the exception of the Add Event window, the Map Editor is now complete. If anyone wants to see actual video of what I have so far in action, let me know. This means, next week I'll be starting the runtime engine. This is the part that takes all the data made with the UR-RPG tools and actually builds a playable game from it when you hit the 'Play' button in Unity. I'll be starting with the basic Scene manager and creating some basic scenes. Mainly the Map scene as I will also be making the Map Manager and Player Controller. From there it will simply be a matter of creating all the different scenes (Map, Window, Menu, Shop, Title, Game Over etc) and creating the Event system. The Event system is pretty straight forward stuff....buuutttt... probably going to take the most time to implement. Now I really don't want to jinx things since development has gone so well so far, but, if things do continue to progress at this pace I could have this out within a couple of months. (Originally I thought it would take a year). So much so I've actually begun thinking about release. Once I have everything functioning, I'm going to release a Beta version to Patron. This version is probably going to be buggy, but it'll be considered a pre-release release. Hopefully I will be able to get some user feedback and real world application feedback which I could perhaps work in while I clean up the code for an actual release. I'm also just looking for testers in general so if you want to have an early go with Ultimate Retro RPG, send me a DM and we can talk
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    Here I'll start by sharing some of my RPG Maker community-related works. Below is a portrait I did for @Archeia: The first picture below is @TheoAllen's character, Nella Shadowind, from Journey to Skynesia:
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    Hello, I'm a game maker from Thailand. Nice to meet you
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    Huh. So many days ago, I was around, but things happen and... well, it's been a while, but I'm back, folks! It's time to revisit and enjoy the friends I made here and also apply my help where I can once more. Oh and here! A little sneak peek on things I've been working on lately. Scalvose_Demons_and_Dragons_2022-03-06_00-09-30_Trim.mp4
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    Lots of Cats, an evil girl and a wulfgirl make for one crazy event.
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    Advanced Game Time v1.2 By V.M. of D.T. Introduction The Advanced version of the Game Time script. This version features customizable time increments, seconds, minutes, hours, days, weekdays, months, years, you can set them all however you want. As well as a new tinting system, no more taking control of the built in tint, this one uses it's own and comes with support for Khas's lighting effects script (since that's a big deal). And last but not least, message codes to include time variations in your messages! Features - Customizable time increments - Customizable tints - Message codes! Screenshots None at the moment How to Use Plug and play and customize if needed. Script Click here for the handy pastebin! Want to go the extra mile? Click here instead! Some extra custom times I threw together for fun: Harvest Moon-esque Olden times RPG thingy (kinda?) FAQ None yet. Credit and Thanks - By V.M. of D.T. - Free to use in any non commercial and commercial project. Author's Notes This script hasn't been thoroughly tested but works for the most part. I'm sure there are some bugs remaining. Give it time. Donations always accepted and appreciated through Paypal: sumptuaryspade@live.ca History V1.2 - Fixed KHAS no tint bug - Multi-line custom clocks! - Changed the way notint maps work (notetags instead of an array now) V1.1 - Save/load time - Custom clock setups - Year post (AD/BC/etc...) - Fixed KHAS bug - Allow use of tint in battle - no tint maps actually no tint - Clock in the Menu - Map Note tag to stop time - Option to sync with PC time Want a feature that you don't see here put in? Feel free to comment and I'll see what I can do!
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    Well... Where did the time go? I'm alive. Just too busy working on my projects.
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    Finally done with some of the maps I've been dragging my feet over and can get back to eventing for Jack's Revenge.
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    Been mulling over the plot for my ABS game lately and I worked out a custom HUD this evening.
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    So, after doing a long, deep perusal through @Eric Matyas' music collection (mainly to place what I've downloaded into more organized folders because I suck at organizing and have issues with executive functioning in general), I came across a piece that inspired me to create a new character/love interest for Ramsey, who is also a rival/nemesis type character. I've essentially increased the number of playable characters from twenty, to twenty-four; I'll have to fill the other three spots with cameos or what-have you, be something I do as I go, but I've finally found the victory BGM I wanted for character slot 20, that one evaded me for a long time. Yes, the new character also has a victory BGM; I took one of the BGM pieces from the Cosmic Music Pack and increased the tempo by sixty percent (via Audacity).
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    I moved over from RPG Maker to Unity a few years back, but, I've always missed the simplicity of RPG Maker and always wanted an all-in-one system that would turn Unity into something like RPG Maker. There are plenty of RPG makers for Unity, for sure, but none that would handle everything. I decided to use my time in lockdown productivity and worked on a prototype for a game idea I have. I wanted to make some custom Unity windows to help speed things up. I created a side project and experimented. Before long, I had a working database. I also needed a map editor, so I created that next and after I had those two tools, I realized I basically had the RPG Maker-like system I always wanted. I just needed something to handle Events. So... I created my own visual scripting tool. However, since going back to work I've had very little time to work on the project. Details and Features: Still a lot of work needs to be done. I need to finish off the 3 core tools then need to code the runtime engine so it actually uses the data to create a game. I'm thinking of getting a basic runtime engine up and running so I can do a complete start-to-finish demo, or I may just finish off the tools and demo them one by one as development continues. To help speed up development I've created a Kickstarter to help fund a year of full-time development, which should be all I need. However so far it's not gone very well and I'm not hopeful that it's going to get successfully funded so currently working on a Plan B roadmap. If anyone could help spread worth of mouth by posting about the project on any other forums, social media or Discords they're on that would be a mahoosive help. Personally, I'm kind of out of the loop with the RPG Maker community and so far have only posted here. I tried to join some Facebook groups and got in trouble for self promotion... I've tried spending money on advertising, but that hasn't reaped the attention I wanted. I've had 250,000 people look at my website with no one going through to the Kickstarter page... The marketing plan I had has kind of failed so I need to target people that would specifically be interested in this project. Regardless of whether or not I can get the Kickstarter funded, I do plan to continue development but it's just going to take much... much longer as I work it around my full time job. If I can gain enough interest, I will start a Discord server and will be adding a developer blog to the website at some point. If anyone has any questions on UR-RPG or the project in general feel free to DM me here, or on Twitter. Also, for more info check out my website: https://primepixelgames.com/ultimate-retro-rpg/
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    OK, so I'm at the point where I want to write a blurb for my game's story, but also not give anything away. Obviously it needs to hook people, but the problem is while the game starts off pretty cookie cutter, it soon escalates and I can't talk about any of it without spoiling. This leaves me with the only option being to try and sell the game on the back story... but I don't think the back story sounds all that interesting. I could hint at what will happen, but give the wrong hint and people may start guessing the plot. This is just a draft. It's rough AF and basically me word scribbling out the basic back story. It covers right up to a moment in the game where you finish the tutorials and the 3 main characters all meet for the first time. Right now, all I need to know is; Does this, on it's own, sound interesting to you? Would you like to hear more on how the story would develop? What are your guesses for what will happen in the game, based on this blurb? I think a very good way of describing shorthand would be 'Final Fantasy + Game of Thrones = Of Gods and Illusions'...
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    Spining floor puzzles (Like Rocket HQ in Pokemon Red) Data collection (Think how picking up a memo in Resident Evil might have a safe code in it); Item collection (To unlock door to dungeon you need the Phoenix Mirror and Dragon Mirror for example); Maze puzzle (Using layering and tricks to conceal pathways. Riddles are under rated... That's what I can think of just off the top of my head. Depending on the coding experience you also have things like picture sorting puzzles.
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    Hi everyone! Long time no see
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    I personally like using location variables The last page is not used but you could change the conditions so that once the object is on the switch that the object does not move again and then the switch can be set to the last page so that it does not run in parallel. The self switch command for event 5 is the door that opens. Then when you pass the door, you could do this
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    Good news update: I want to keep this short so I'll save you the details. TLDR version: Started week off with a broken project (Unity's fault), and a broken spirit. The last back up I had was before I had recorded the previous video so that back up didn't have the Mob/Troop tab. On top of that, I only had Wednesday and Thursday off to focus on the project BUT... during those two days I've been able to: Rebuild the entire project from a new, non-broken, Unity project. Refactor the Visual Editor script so it no longer requires it's own separate window and created the Global Event tab. Finish off the Mob/Troop window, including optimizing it so it no longer lags and added it's own Visual Script area for creating up to 20 battle events. Created the Types tab (Which I forgot about...). ALMOST finished the Tileset editing tab. Just need to code in the ability to set collision, counter, damage floor etc. Hoping to get that done this weekend at some point... Please pray to whatever deity you choose that we have no more issues
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    I don't believe I've uploaded these reworked portraits, it's been awhile and I've made changes to a number of them. Requiem Arcturus Sorrow Cardinal Charon Catheel Map Ys fanart- Adol Christin
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    Thanks Natsuki Follow the main thread for the main updates. And thanks Roninator, I was thinking 500 x 500 would be a reasonable cap. But this thread has actually become moot. I gutted the code today. I won't get too technical, but if anyone else is looking to create a custom tile editor, just use Unity's in built Tilemap system. Now I'm making maps as large as 2000 x 2000 and PC isn't even breaking a sweat. Loading is still very much a chore, especially when every tile is used on every layer but anything below 250 x 250 is pretty much instantaneous and 500 x 500 taking about 30 seconds or so. If you can tolerate the 15 min load for a 2000 x 2000 map, once it is loaded, you can easily edit with no lag at all. Basically, any limitation now is down to user hardware, and Unity. One of the things I'm 100% adding when I get to coding the Runtime side of things is a 2D version of ambient occlusion, which is when it only renders the tiles the camera can see. That way I'll never need more tiles than what I can fit within the screen, so the load times will always be tiny regardless of map size. I might actually achieve my goal of maps large enough to create open word games. Screenshot from when I was stress testing a 1000 x 1000 map.
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    Ah got it now. I like a lot your idea Well, so as I said before. The max size I have worked on is 120 x 120. Maybe a little more, like 130 x 130, is the biggest I have ever needed. Don't think I may need more, at least that's my case.
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    Hello everyone..! I've been working in a simple modification to the bomb tool: - Added ability to set up bomb timer in frames to explosion, instead of steps. It was added to avoid getting stuck on certain situations when the player can be trapped by own bombs. - Bombs can damage the player if doesnt move away from it. Steps still present, but now the bomb explode after timer run out, steps were kept to simulate a fake safe distance away from bomb. Maybe Casper can be able to add a real safe distance for bombs explosion using more complex scripting methods, maybe using manhattan distance formula. Hope you find it useful...
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