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    I needed some scientist characters for a VX Ace game I'm working on, but couldn't find any. I ended up making my own by turning the priest's coat into a lab coat. I thought I'd post them here, in case anyone might need them later. You can use them for commercial or non-commercial purposes, I don't care. Just make sure to credit me.
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    Hi! I'm an author, working on a screenplay, and now dipping my fingers in the realm of game developing! I'm very excited. My first jaunt into this whole new adventure is a fantasy game titled Askaria: The Decay. A bit about me! I'm bi. All of my projects contain LGBTQ+ characters. I'm old.... (well, kinda...) I'm also dealing with an injury sustained while I was at work 3 years ago. The injury is part of why I've decided to take a leap into game development and screenplay writing. ^.^ I am a wife, a mother, and a lover of fur animals. We have three (four if you include our minion romping around the house. He just doesn't have any fur...) Two cats, the mighty hunter Anubis, the big momma Kida. And lastly, the loveable husky pup Mishka.
  3. 3 points - A0.2 - 05.05.2021 okay, key rebinding functional Also when thingie goes yellow - it means the setting has been changed and not yet applied; quitting the menu will revert changes if "apply" won't be pressed beforehand. And when it goes red, it simply means the key is already used somewhere else and the game will be like "that's legaln't! " And with that, the options in pause menu are pretty much done, checkpoint reached, time for backups and stuff.
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    I had a dream where Cthulhu woke up from his slumber and was going to destroy the world as we know it unless I convinced him the world had enough insanity and depravity to keep. Luckily the internet made proving that trivially easy.
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    I’m conflicted about what engine to use. do people still use vx ace? or is everyone moving to mv (or whatever the new one is) I have vxa and mv, but I GREATLY prefer vx ace. I just can’t stand how...blocky...and overly colorful the new programs are.
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    I am Kiyasu Oka and my home page is at www.kiyasugreen.com. I am a Taiwanese known as an illustrator, designer, and entrepreneur; one of my recent career focus includes being the proofreader and editor for video games. [EDIT: This post is last updated on November 12th, 2021.] I have two newly released Steam games during the past three months, and am currently working on a sci-fi RPG with a friend that is scheduled for release sometime next year. The "solo" game project I am currently working on is an LMBS-RPG (Linear Motion Battle System Role-Playing Game). LMBS is the battle system used in many Tales of games. My game staff includes my friends Barry Leitch, Tim Haywood, and Lani Minella. My favorite Tales of games are Tales of Destiny: Director's Cut (PS2), Tales of Destiny 2 (PS2), and Tales of Eternia (PSX). I also like Tales of Rebirth (PS2) and Tales of Phantasia (PSX). I am a part of what I call the "VX Ace club." This is a term I started saying in referring to anyone who is firm to sticking to VX Ace forever. I do own the full licenses for MV and MZ as "just in case" purchases but basically almost never used them. I will never jump to MV or MZ. I like the lightness of the engine and how it can already do so much beyond what I thought. It's lovely that people who don't use the latest machines can run VXA games. I own around five laptops, and one of them is a Mac OS X. I like Windows XP and I don't own a smart phone. Lunar New Year kind of just passed, but I would like to attach my illustration greetings to this post! Happy Lunar New Year!
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    Phew, actually did some work on my game today... Yay! I really need to do that more often.
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    [Insert obligatory 'SORRY FOR NOT POSTING I SUCK' message here] Here are some random bits I've worked on in the meantime ^^ Some .gifs of a side project I'm working on: Really haven't done a lot of drawing, but eh:
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    I finally made a topic for my game! Phew, I have been putting it off for like forever.
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    Yay, it's Samhain tonight! And Halloween too! It's a time where the barrier between worlds is thin, so you never know what you might run into. Maybe that fairy or goblin or witch is just a human in a consume, but maybe they are something else! So be nice!
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    I'm glad that I know of the resource blacklist. I wish I would of known about it long ago. Even still, there's one problem; where can I find substitutions for the icons? I looked and found squat. But yeah...just me prattling on...
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    Trying to balance out damage formulas is really tough work...
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    Just a heads up, Humble Bundle recently put up a sale on several versions of RPG Maker. MV is $20, Ace is $10, and older versions are a couple dollars each. Even MZ is about 20 dollars off.
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    Takes ages, but finally got back to it. - yay me Ver.A0.2 B0.0.2.1 (16.04.2021) - Added Audio configuration to Options in Pause Menu - Added Display configuration to Options in Pause Menu
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    Hello, everyone. Today I've been working on a "New Game Plus" feature, where if you have completed the game once, a switch will be set to true that allows you to select and play a new game that has extra features in it. I am very close to having this set up exactly the way I need it to be. Using this little set up here, I created a switch ($extragame) that can be set to true while in-game. I will set it to true after the player has completed the whole game. At the title screen, when they select "New Game" it will take them to a scene that'll ask them if they want a "New Game" (without extra features) or a "New Game +" (that will have extra features.) module DataManager class << self alias orig_CGO create_game_objects alias orig_MSC make_save_contents alias orig_XSC extract_save_contents end def self.create_game_objects orig_CGO #MY OBJECTS $extragame = false unless true $extragame_y = false end def self.make_save_contents contents = {} contents = orig_MSC #MY OBJECTS contents[:$extragame] = $extragame contents[:$extragame_y] = $extragame_y return contents end def self.extract_save_contents(contents) orig_XSC(contents) #MY OBJECTS $extragame = contents[:extragame] $extragame_y = contents[:extragame_y] end If they select New Game +, the setup for a new game will execute pretty much the same as normal, but with an addition that $extragame_y (as in "yes the player selected an extra game) will be set to true after the game has technically started. Before anything else will happen, the player will be immediately prompted in-game to save. That way when the player continues on that specific save file, the whole game will have extra features from then on. def newgame_extra DataManager.setup_new_game fadeout_all $game_map.autoplay SceneManager.goto(Scene_Map) $newgameplus_y = true end Everything is almost in place, except for the problem that if the player exits the game and re-opens it, the switch $extragame is set to false again. This doesn't happen if you go to the title screen, even if you don't save after triggering $extragame to be set to true. My solution is to find a way to make the state that switch $extragame is in to persist even after the game is closed. However, that could be an issue as well, since that means I could potentially publish the game with the switch already set to true because I've been testing out the extra game feature. I'm considering to solve this solution by having switch $extragame set to true at the very end of the game, making the game autosave on the save file the player is playing on, and then whenever the game is booted up it checks to see if there's a save file where $extragame is set to true. If there is a file that meets the requirements, then the player is given the option to play on a "New Game Plus" file. I feel like I'm so close to figuring it all out, but my last idea seems to be a little out of my element. I will continue researching what I can do. If anyone has any ideas, I would be happy to hear! Thank you for your time.
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    Saved games are basically big hashes that store copies of the "$game_" values. DataManager's make_save_contents creates a hash from the "$game_" values to be saved into a saved game and extract_save_contents takes a hash from a saved game and copies it back to the "$game_" values. Oh and create_game_objects makes new "$game_" values for when a new game starts. But anyway you could scan each saved game one by one with load_data and check the hash for the right thing you need, which would be a little tedious, or you could do something like using an $extragame thing. I actually made something a while ago to manage anything I wanted to save outside normal saved games maybe it will be handy for you too!
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    I definitely plan on using it to control certain switches and variables. There's so much that could be done. However, the extent to which I take advantage of this feature will depend on how much more time I allow myself to develop my game. LoM sounds very interesting. Thank you very much! I would like to publish it for public use if I can make it streamline enough for a "plug and play" sort of script, as well as not needing to rely on anything too specific in my game. Ah yes, I have kind of lost my thought process as to why I used false unless true, haha. Thank you for pointing me in the direction of Game_Load, I'll see what I can find from there.
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    false unless true seems to be a point of contention, however, it might be solvable if you have it look for $newgameplus_y in Game_Load, or something. Maybe, @roninator2 could be of help here. I'd see if Kayzee could help, but she's rarely around anymore...hence I didn't even tag her...
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    Please, please, please perfect and flesh this out so it (if it doesn't already) can interact with switches and events so the player can utilize it in various ways aside from the obvious NG+ feature. Regardless, this is a godsend. When done properly (Legend of Mana) it opens up a whole new set of doors for developing your game that adds some delicious, appealing layers to hardcore RPG fans. LoM did it in a way where you don't get to the end and restart only to feel as if it's more of a chore to replay as this OP monster from the depths of hell. retracing your exact same steps in the exact same linear plot (Chrono Trigger), resulting in the feeling of an afterthought bonus round of sorts. Instead LoM built it's concept around the idea of cycles of death and rebirth. It also set up it's system and game world with a sandbox format that both encourages and rewards replays. LoM really nailed synergy across the board, but the replay dynamic was at the center of and was complimented by it all. Excellent job and please don't give up. Keep other good NG+ systems in mind and do your best to make it all it can be. I know people will thoroughly enjoy this. I plan to use it if the hiccups get resolved.
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    Version 2.1.4 available. LOG: Quest dialog window added; Fade out over the windows; Updated manual; Error in z order of paperdolls fixed; Error in the counting of added VIP days fixed; Error in waiting until the end of the Tremor Effect event command fixed; Mistake when defeating enemies with abilities that add fixed state; Error when exiting the game while the player is being attacked by a fixed enemy.
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    I haven't been in the mood to work on anything lately but yesterday I discovered how to call self switches inside an event's move route, so that's pretty neat! Tried it out with a spike trap I made in PearlABS, only issue is that it desyncronizes if the event is offscreen, making everything a mess since then the traps will go off at their own pace at that point, lol. Still fun to know it's possible.
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    Want to design a costume for an animated battler? I've just set up a section in my discord for just that! Or alternatively post them here. Front back and side please and also state which class from my planned list
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    I just received an email like this: Title: Notification Case #(Some random numbers) Sender: (Non-Paypal logo)service@paypal.com.(My PayPal account location) <(Non-PayPal email used by the real scammers)> Recipients: (My email), (The email of an innocent straw man used by the real scammers) Contents(With UI styles copying those in real PayPal emails) : Someone has logged into your account We noticed a new login with your PayPal account associated with (The email of an innocent straw man used by the real scammers) from a device we don't recognize. Because of that we've temporarily limited your account until you renew and verify your identity. Please click the button below to login into your account for verify your account. (Login button copying that in real Paypal emails) If this was you, please disregard this email. (Footers copying those in real PayPal emails) I admit that I'm incredibly stupid, because I almost believed that it's a real PayPal email, and I only realized that it's a scam right after I've clicked the login button, because it links to a URL that's completely different from the login page of the real PayPal(so fortunately I didn't input anything there). While I've faced many old-schooled phishing emails and can figure them all out right from the start, I've never seen phishing emails like this, and what makes me feel even more dumb is that I already have 2FA applied to my PayPal account before receiving this scam email, meaning that my phone would've a PayPal verification SMS out of nowhere if there was really an unauthorized login to my account. Of course, that straw man email owner is completely innocent, and I believe that owner already received the same scam email with me being the straw man, so that owner might think that I really performed unauthorized login into his/her PayPal account, if he/she didn't realize that the whole email's just a scam. Before I realized that it's just a scam, I thought he/she really done what the email claims as well, so I just focused on logging into my PayPal accounts to assess the damages done and evaluate countermeasures to be taken, and if I didn't realize that it's just a scam, I'd already have given the password of my PayPal account to the scammers in their fake PayPal login page. I suspect that many more PayPal users might have already received/are going to receive such scam emails, and I think this way of phishing can work for many other online payment gateways as well, so I think I can do some good by sharing my case, to hope that only I'll be this dumb(even though I didn't give the scammers my Paypal password at the end).
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    I got 'Shiren the Wanderer: The Tower of Fortune and the Dice of Fate' for my switch the other day! The Shiren the Wanderer games are one of the main inspiration for my own game project so it's pretty inspiring to play, but it also reminds me of how much I still have to do.
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    @PhoenixSoul Thanks ^^ Here's a commission I finished tonight:
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