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    Hi everyone! Long time no see
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    I finally made a topic for my game! Phew, I have been putting it off for like forever.
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    Yay, it's Samhain tonight! And Halloween too! It's a time where the barrier between worlds is thin, so you never know what you might run into. Maybe that fairy or goblin or witch is just a human in a consume, but maybe they are something else! So be nice!
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    I'm so incredibly happy. After over five years in development, I finally launched my game the other day on the 27th. Getting to this point has been the biggest struggle of my life, but I finally got here. Reviews have been good so far, and I hope the success continues! Thank you for everyone's support here, I learned a lot through this process. I even completed the Ruby course for SoloLearn and got a little certificate.
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    I found out today my Gaia Online account is still able to be logged in to. It's been like a decade since I used it! I bet no one even remembers Gaia Online anymore... Maybe that's for the best. Gaia Online was... yeah.
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    Evil-5 is one of my favorite characters from the standard Ace pack. I just did a remaster LL version of him. I love it.
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    It's been a while since it was out, so here goes a gameplay of Shattered Harmony, which includes all the "secrets" and stuff.
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    ...And a Happy New Year!
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    Just bought myself a Galax RTX 2060 12GB, and soon I can feel its power
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    So, yeah, my interests are obviously, very diversified. Heh, but even dearest love @Kayzee would give me nerd cred for this...
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    I love rhythm gaming but have depth perception issues. Yeah. I love working on my gamedev projects but deal with constant burnout. Yup. I know the cause of the latter problem, but a solution? Nope.
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    I worked on my game today! Yay! I overhauled my boss battle and fixed a freezing softlock bug. Not sure anyone cares about my game, but I did update it!
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    Quick exercise I did. Someone might wanna make use of it as an easter egg or something. -Shrug- Credit Mack, though.
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    Finally have a wired internet connection again. Is it worth the extra cost? We'll see, Cox.
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    Every time a monster has killed one of your characters in a vintage JRPG, it was reborn in an alternate dimension as a recurring, less funny Ultros-type mini-boss.
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    I started a new game project. Why? Ramsey has become difficult to work on because of many reasons, most of them involving not being able/allowed to focus. Worry not; I will still develop Ramsey, I just need to do something less involved.
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    Finally!!! I've been working on this for SOOOOO LOOONG!
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    So, this PC isn't capable of running everything I have in my Steam library. Aside from that, I have obstacles many (well one big one anyway) that are keeping me from transferring everything from my older PC to my new one. Main issue: This newer PC has room for only one HDD, and the one installed has a capacity of ~500 GB. MY older PC has a 1 TB HDD and has more than 600 GB of that reserved for use, most of that full. I also was not a dummy like last time; I made a larger partition for [C:\] and thus, have even less space for anything on my newer PC. Yeah; I'm not gonna be able to get any upgrades for this PC anytime soon, if ever. The joys of having to buy from brick and mortar stores and not really being able to, because of BS reasons. Oh trust me, I prefer in-person shopping; I wish online shopping would crash and burn. I'd of made this a blog, but... No one reads those, except for a few people. More people read these.
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    It's Mabon today! Or in other words, the Autumn Equinox. But I like names like Mabon better.
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    Apparently my current bug is trying to see just how many free resources I can get compiled for the community! I hope that I can get others on board.
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    I'm feeling mentally exhausted and it's really keeping me from really working on the game. There's still so much to do, but every time I look at it I don't really know where to start. Hopefully I can get past this and get back to work soon. It shouldn't be taking me this long with nothing to show for it!
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    Finally starting to play with Scripts. I'm going to stick with Yanfly scripts for now since they're designed to work together and thus will cause less bugs. I wasn't really planning on doing scripts so soon, but need them in order to make my attacks do what I want. I'm still going to try to limit just how many I use, particularly since this is going to be a lengthy learning experience before I'm proficient in using them for what I want.
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    Kayzee mentioned Gaia Online and it prompted me to check out my old profiles! I was once VERY active on the site, but it's been almost 10 years since I last posted there. Honestly, it reminded me of some friends who I'd made on the site who I haven't been in touch with for years. Wonder if I should look some people up?
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    I myself have tried my hand at making furniture from pixel scratch... Having terrible depth perception makes all efforts look literally flat. I only ever managed to make a decent looking, 2D table that would look okay in a side-scroller...
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