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    Happy Imbloc everyone!
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    my birthday in two weeks, and the only reason i remembered is because I made a cake for baking's sake and realized 'oh yea, i guess this can be mine, huh?' It's a nice blue dough and blue cing cake with a Pi symbol made up of white and blue stars. Aka, right up my alley.
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    Ah, I thought that white out might have been the final one. I recommend anyone who wants to go somewhere stable after this place falls head on over to save-point.org. Salvation is no longer an option, we don't know exactly when, but this forum WILL be closed down.
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    The 27th of November shall be a very productive day for me... Hopefully!
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    I'm now on a mobile app called Struckd. It's a simplistic, bare minimum drag & drop, play & share community. This means if you make a game and publish it, people can play that same day. They can play together. And you can link people to the game. They have a good dev team that has a line of communication through their discord team where they take all advice and suggestions, and they add the good ones. I'm using it for more simple zombie games that RPG Maker is just a pain in the ass for.
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    It seems the whiteout has passed.
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    So I was thinking about an old project that I had worked on and trying to remember why I stopped. It was called Temptation Seed. I realized as I looked at it that I'd done a lot of work on the game, but that I had stopped because I couldn't figure out how to implement certain systems that I've since learned how to do (it mostly just required the use of common variables which I wasn't great at using before another project that forced me to learn fast). I'm wanting to update it to MZ because it's just easier in so many ways, but the task is daunting! It's probably gonna take me hours to redo everything! That being said, I think it can be done and done well!
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    I took a break from making games, but I'm back now. Got a fun little project comin up that I'm workin on with a close friend of mine!
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    I'm in my apartment now, but I'm on the floor. That really sucks. ... I also don't know if my primary project PC is still in my storage unit. If it is, I'll have to get it at some point because that's where my project files for Ramsey are (I seriously need to upgrade the internal storage capacity for this Windows 10 LTSC PC). ... I did upload a test project to MEGA, for some people to look at, but I don't remember my login info for that MEGA account. If anyone has that test project, I'd greatly appreciate having that back at least. I don't know how much progress I'd be losing, but...
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    how am I considered an advanced member ive made little more than 100 posts and at least 50% of those were shitposts, me trolling kyonides or exposing stuff / bitching about people from rpgmakerwebs
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    My goodness, it has been a minute since I've checked in on this place.
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    I'm making my first publicly published game. NO no, for real this time. My dream is partially coming true. I found a newer mobile app for free, easy 3D game design without knowing code. It's a simple app that challenges rookie devs to think and design outside the box, giving just enough to create lots of interesting opportunities. I am going to be making a few games, but right now I'm working through testing and asset assessment to figure out what I want to do first. Although it's not RM, it will be my first game, so I want to chronicle some of that journey here. The community I struggle within to find my footing and create a game for what seems like a while now. Blog or Thread coming soon.
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    My likeness to Herta from Honkai Star Rail both in appearance and personality is so fucking funny to me.
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    Well, I'm 41 now. Getting old sucks! Chronic Fatigue has me bedridden most of the time & has ruined my entire sleep schedule. At least I've lived long enough to watch the world burn & wokeness rot society from the inside out ☹️.
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    getting Error code: EX1062 every topics
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    Burn out seems to be over at last, and just in the nick of time!
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    Happy New Years Eve folks
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    Tool Screenshot catpure to Rm2k Games:
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    Think the site is on it's way out. Ripparoni! https://discord.gg/VBwjSeQ I've set up a final bastion / social hub for my fellow devs. Feel free to come along!
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    Hey, domain master! Why don't you hand over the reins to someone whose more active on the site, so when things break, they can be fixed, EH!? Yeah, borked again; maybe you just want to see this site crash and burn. @Rikifive, what say you?
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    Got my belongings out of storage. Confirmed stolen: My main project PC My eMachines PC My TV, but not its' remote All three of my suitcases and everything in them My PS3 If I ever find out who did this, they are ground beef.
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    Oh goodie! Error code EX145 strikes again!
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    though i havent called trailblazer mid yet! should i do that! i think i should do that okay here goes! *DEEP BREATH* TRAILBLAZER KINDA MID FR FR
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    Forum decides to break and some poor fella due to software on backend accidentally ends up posting a topic thrice.