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    Finally done with some of the maps I've been dragging my feet over and can get back to eventing for Jack's Revenge.
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    Been mulling over the plot for my ABS game lately and I worked out a custom HUD this evening.
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    So, after doing a long, deep perusal through @Eric Matyas' music collection (mainly to place what I've downloaded into more organized folders because I suck at organizing and have issues with executive functioning in general), I came across a piece that inspired me to create a new character/love interest for Ramsey, who is also a rival/nemesis type character. I've essentially increased the number of playable characters from twenty, to twenty-four; I'll have to fill the other three spots with cameos or what-have you, be something I do as I go, but I've finally found the victory BGM I wanted for character slot 20, that one evaded me for a long time. Yes, the new character also has a victory BGM; I took one of the BGM pieces from the Cosmic Music Pack and increased the tempo by sixty percent (via Audacity).
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    Hi everyone! Long time no see
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    I like Emerald's Skill Trees script, it definitely has a good amount of features and is somewhat easily customizable, but I keep wondering if there's one that's even more modular and less resource heavy. Hmmm...
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    Cooking up my first two public plugins. Been meaning to do it for....years....but you know. Life.
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    My kitten Kahlua is generally far too rambunctious and playful to just sit on a lap like most cats. The only exception is when I'm at my desk. It's the little things in life that make everything worthwhile...
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    Oh wow... I knew they announced a remaster of Chrono Cross a while ago, but I didn't know it would also come with a version of Radical Dreamers as well! And also they announced a remake of Live-A-Live of all things! Square is really diving through it's old library huh? Edit: Apparently they are doing a remake of the original Front Mission too. Never got into the series, but more old games being remade well is nice to see.
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    Yes, finally got Roland MT-32 emulation working with dosbox! Now I can play Ultima Underworld, Ultima 7, Ultima Underworld 2 and/or Ultima 7 Part 2, (yes that's the canon order) with the music sounding like it's supposed to. Mind I donno if I actually will ever play those games any time soon, but now I can with proper music!
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    Since XP, VX and VX Ace are deprecated, the source code should be available, so that certain problems can actually be fixed. Maybe then, the experience will be better going forward. Note, I didn't say make the source code public. Yet.
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    "Play Hard, Neversoft..."
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    Jaws is on AMC, so I'm working on my fishing game. In the plot, angler Island (WIP name), has a north and south side divided by a volcanic mountain. In order to reach the northern side of the island, the player must paddle up the eastern shore along cliffs. The problem is a mean shark who guards the passage, tipping boats. He was outcast by the other sharks for being too aggressive, and lives further south, harassing the fisherman of the starting town. When the player tries to cross, the Tiger Shark will tip their boat forcing them to swim back to shore, until they access the fishing point and catch it.
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    I fixed my dashing sprite, folding the arms of the center frames in the side-side animations. This fixes the flow of the dashing animation and makes it so smooth. The easiest method of doing this is to assemble the base sprite first, then morph and edit those parts onto the dashing template.
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    Anyway... I really am starting to miss having that i5-6600 and AMD Radeon 7000 running stuff. No; the GPU is not usable in my much older PC.
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    I did some new card album icons using Aindra's Window Skin materials found in the Window Skin Generator.
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    Edited from Aindra's Window Skin materials. New deck with numberless faces (for use with latest script version which adds numbers automatically if desired) coming soon.
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    Evil-5 is one of my favorite characters from the standard Ace pack. I just did a remaster LL version of him. I love it.
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    It's been a while since it was out, so here goes a gameplay of Shattered Harmony, which includes all the "secrets" and stuff.
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    ...And a Happy New Year!
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    Just bought myself a Galax RTX 2060 12GB, and soon I can feel its power
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    So, yeah, my interests are obviously, very diversified. Heh, but even dearest love @Kayzee would give me nerd cred for this...
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    I love rhythm gaming but have depth perception issues. Yeah. I love working on my gamedev projects but deal with constant burnout. Yup. I know the cause of the latter problem, but a solution? Nope.
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    I worked on my game today! Yay! I overhauled my boss battle and fixed a freezing softlock bug. Not sure anyone cares about my game, but I did update it!
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    Quick exercise I did. Someone might wanna make use of it as an easter egg or something. -Shrug- Credit Mack, though.
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    Is anyone else having issues with the forum? Google is telling me that it "can't prove it's www.rpgmakercentral.com.
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