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  1. After a considerable haitus, I'm deciding to re-work on my conversion of RPG Maker 2k3 REFMAP graphics to VX Ace to continue my project, after running into a few errors, I figured the best way for me to continue using my rpg maker 2003 resources is to parallax map.

    1. Volke Locke

      Volke Locke

      I'm looking forward to seeing those old graphics on a new game again


      Maybe I'll try to re-purpose my archive of RPG Maker 95 graphics someday...

  2. CookieDough

    Class Selection Script?

    Calling Yanfly's class selection script outside the menu would be: SceneManager.call(Scene_Class) Edit: I know the problem with the skills. I'm currently trying to route ways around it myself. But for now I'd recommend Yanfly's Hide Menu Skills script. Use custom eval options to hide the latter skills you want to hide based on class.
  3. I finally figured out how to teach the same skill to two classes using Yanfly's hide menu skills script! That was such a massive dilemma for me. But I figured it out on my own, which is awesome.

    1. CookieDough


      Two classes at differing levels*

  4. CookieDough

    RGSS3 Scripting Tutorial Videos

    These are so helpful! *_* thanks so much for uploading these!
  5. Heya everyone, It's been a while for me since I got back into RPG Making again, with college and all, but now I've decided to take up my project again and get to work with it being summer. Now my problem I think comes in segments, so I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this; if it isn't I apologise but I'm not sure if the problem is fixable with the default scripts, or externally-made scripts. Basically, I've been using Yanfly's Class System script only to find that that changing classes retains all skills learned, in other words my meele type jobs can retain magic type abilities and is quite unbalancing as my game heavily bases off of classes. Storywise and Gameplaywise. However, I found a script that counters this problem, and it's a small snippet by RBahamut. This script basically removes all skills learned in a class so when one changes, the script removes said skills so class changing no longer retains skills learned. http://www.rpgmakerv...n-class-change/ Now it all works fine and dandy, but the problem is when I learn skills from items. My project is based off of items teaching skills to players. Using the teach skill command in the items section in the maker works all fine, but the problem is when I change classes. Any skill I learn from items seems to disappear, making me have to use another item to teach the actor again, which is tedious. Now I know my basic way around scripting and as thus I think I know what the problem is. I think the problem is that somewhere in the core scripts, the items teach the skills to the actor directly, instead of the class. Both of the scripts I use to change classes only handle data from the classes itself, so any item-learned skills are forgotten and not retained, due to the items teaching them to the actor and not the classes. I think the problem can be rectified if I somehow change the way the items teach to actors, and change it to teaching it to a class... Now I think I have the problem centred, the real struggle for me is finding where to locate the command that handles items teaching in the default scripts, and change it to classes. I've tried to search but so far, no avail. If anyone could point me to where items teach skills to actors in the core scripts, and also point me to how I'd change said script to teach to classes instead (Whether by script snippets or changing it myself) would be a huge help to me. Thanks for taking the time to read. I appreciate any support!
  6. CookieDough

    Crystal Engine - Licence Board

    Nice script here, Noel. however, do you have any future plans to make it class-orientated too?
  7. CookieDough

    Battle Voices

    Yeah. you'd more than likely have to add a stream to the specific skill from the script yourself. As I'm currently learning scripting myself with ruby, I'll more than likely do a bit of script-dissecting trial and error and see if I can add a few new functions or something
  8. CookieDough

    Battle Voices

    Just did an incredibly rough translation of the battle voices script that Linni posted. It's not perfect English, but I tried my best to make out from English to Japanese, and then reword it myself. It should be enough to at least give an understanding of what the script is about, and how to set it up
  9. CookieDough

    Battle Voices

    Herp derp. I should've realized that. Anyways, thanks for the site, I can see this is really flexible already!
  10. CookieDough

    Battle Voices

    I was actually in the process of requesting this in the forum, actually! glad my internet cut out to prevent a pointless topic. Since I'm only in the basics of reading japanese, which script is it? o: Thanks, though. I guess I'll have to search and guess? XD
  11. CookieDough

    XS - Class Items

    Ah - it was a compatibility error I had with another script. They kept clashing. Apologies for that. Works fine now that I removed the opposing script.
  12. CookieDough

    XS - Class Items

    Nice update, but now I get this when I launch the game I'm sure it's something simple, but I can't figure it out. I searched in the script and everything looked okay to me. It was pointing me toward this: } return usable_class_id end end
  13. CookieDough

    [Writing] Constructing a World

    A long time, but it's doable. No matter how short or long a game is, the same level of dedication is needed. You can take breaks, you can suffer from writer's blocks, but all in all, that's granted, but dedication and commitment are two similar, but key words. Overall, a nice little writeup there. my strongest point in indie game design being Writing, I can agree with almost everything you've said. Good work. I'm sure this'll inspire a lot of people who have doubts about continuing their projects
  14. CookieDough

    XS - Class Items

    Alrighty. I know the worst part of scripting is having to get it debugged by other people (see, my earlier days of amateur RGSS1 work! :wacko: ) But once the full version is out, it's an accomplishment! Good luck with the script, hope to see it completed~
  15. CookieDough

    XS - Class Items

    Nope. I've been testing them in blank and fresh projects and I still recieve this error. :x Edit: God, I completely missed the fact that this is item only! Apologies for that. I guess this is one of the long-lasting nasty habits I have from carrying 2k3 memories. Back when items were the category for weapons and all. Anyway, I changed things back. But now I recieve this error when I select a blank item space in any category (Item ect) and as a result, it completely nullifies the specific class script. (When Items ARE in slots, they are still allowed to be used universally.)
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