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  1. Sure. Thanks I suppose you will link a certain topic or website? Huh, you're Uranus, Galv is Tuxedo Mask, someone is a Peter Griffin Sailor Moon... I'm starting to see a pattern here and I'm wondering the story behind it.
  2. Man I hate it when I see mouth animation without chin movement...

    1. INDOJIN
    2. TheoAllen


      ^ Lol, faceset motion these days

    3. Audrey


      Ah, yes, perfect...

      I remember seeing a video where they added audio to GIFs and that one had really fast rap

  3. Well some synth is nice but if it's way techno then it's more fitting for a distortion realm. And thanks. I'll certainly bookmark that. Although the closest to a climax overdrive I found was desperate struggle, although it was more kingdom hearts-y boss battle than sudden-shift. It's funny because skimming, they remind me of Fire Emblem. Army of One is kind of like an enemy hack and slash song. I like it, although I'm looking for something else. Unfinished battle is definately a battle between a powered-up version of the antagonist versus the protagonist. Conflict's Chime is a good example because it's sudden and has a sort of victory and energetic aspect to it. and Gunyuu Shissou/Dashing Rivals feels like the finale to a long struggle.
  4. Something (possibly) heroic or intense/ decisive/finishing blow-y, for the very heat of battle. I want to have it so that the party lose their powers during a story and by feeding a magic grail artifact their battle energy to a certain amount, they'll all unlock their powers for a short amount of time, almost like a team overdrive. The music changes and the battleback does as well. It doesn't have to be electronic modern guitar stuff. I'm just a bit music-stupid. I'm having trouble finding good examples but here are some:
  5. Man, I'm not sure how many uses I could have for this... I know I have a passive state Flicker Guard which reduces damage for 2 turns then is inactive for 2, then repeats. ($game_troop.turn_count + 2) % 3 == 0 or ($game_troop.turn_count + 2) % 4 == 0 But, would this just be too useful for "sweeper" strategies where you attempt to deal the most damage possible against the enemy as quickly as possible?
  6. I mean there's a switch to support midis yet it still isn't working for me, although that doesn't mean it won't work for you. It also said something depends on what you've included with codec. So I think results may vary. You can give it a shot. I am also being hasty with instructions. But there's an option to change it so that all the script does is act as a custom mixer. Although I don't know what the refers to. I suppose just the stop and memorize/ whatnot features? if you get a 3 for 4 error like I do, then removing the 'start' part of where the script editor takes you to makes the error no longer occur. So on line 668 I made this adjustment and it worked. I had MIDI_MODE set to true and MCI_DEFAULT set to false Edit: But now even with MIDI_MODE false and MCI_DEFAULT true, I'm getting an error from line 249: Script 'Game_Interpreter' line 1411: NoMethodError occurred. undefined method `gsub' for nil:NilClass the line that starts at @filepath = path.gsub(/\\/, '/') when I try to make the call Audio['song 1'].play( 'Fate_Extra - Battle 5.mp3') in order to play music with the mixer
  7. I got that problem to work but now it won't play my midis and oggs, which is what most of the RTP content is and what people choose so that they don't have to take up too much filespace
  8. But I like the features of that Audio Module. All that control one does is change the volume. I mean, did you read the features to that one? I'm stoked! And surprised no one has done the same! Did you get it to work for you? Edit: I forgot to input in the script that I had Ace. But now there's no volume for my midis and oggs
  9. Hey GameCreations, how did you get that ForeverZer0 script to work? I got the error, even on a fresh project, Script 'ForeverZer0 Audio Control' line 249: NoMethodError occurred. undefined method `gsub' for nil:NilClass I'm using Ace. You?
  10. Oh, no, I meant when you select a character to swap out the confused character with, then hit Revert to go back. Sorry. Kind of half-asleep. That's why I tried to have it so that a switch will turn on/off. Perhaps I can find a better place to put them. Or I could remove the revert command. And thank you. The reason I asked how to decrease a state/buff's remaining turns is because even if there's an update, the states and buffs (buffs can't have cancel conditions) still don't count down if the member is inactive. I started a new topic for that.
  11. I found a loophole. If in battle you switch a confused member (which confusion is set to cancel if the member isn't active) with a reserved member but press the back button to cancel and not go through with the party adjustment, the actor will have their confusion removed but the actor won't be switched out. So you could basically do that to heal any active-member-only ailments. But the adjustment #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- # new method: command_party #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- def command_party $game_switches[30] = false #my edit Graphics.freeze @info_viewport.visible = false hide_extra_gauges if $imported["YEA-BattleEngine"] SceneManager.snapshot_for_background previous_party = $game_party.battle_members.clone index = @party_command_window.index oy = @party_command_window.oy #--- SceneManager.call(Scene_Party) SceneManager.scene.main SceneManager.force_recall(self) #--- show_extra_gauges if $imported["YEA-BattleEngine"] if previous_party != $game_party.battle_members $game_switches[30] = true #my edit $game_party.make_actions $game_party.set_party_cooldown end @info_viewport.visible = true @status_window.refresh @party_command_window.setup @party_command_window.select(index) @party_command_window.oy = oy perform_transition end and having it so that the state cancel conditions also require switch 30 "switch complete" to be on, didn't work for me. But I may've done it the wrong way I wonder what can be done.