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  1. I still exist, but found MV too limiting or time consuming for a action-rpg.


  2. Rukiri

    Happy To Be Here

    I'm not a regular, but welcome
  3. Rukiri

    Making a sprite sheet?

    This is pretty simple. A standard MV sheet is 12 width and 8 height (48x48 grid), so if you have a 50x50 sprite then you need 50x50X12 and 50x50X8. For just 1 person sheet it's 48x48X3 and 48x48X4. Don't forget the $ in the name.
  4. Pretty neat, reminds of Secret of Mana! But How would you handle long ranged/beam like attacks?
  5. Rukiri

    sex in a game

    It's Mr.Big-T all over again... Sure it's fine, but literally WARN people in the tile, in the topic multiple times, and even in game! You might want to even have a feature called birth year, if birth year is less than X then it will skip all those types of scenes.
  6. Rukiri

    RPGMaker MV

    Which actually works AGAINST the tile size thesis and means that whatever capability RMMV may have to utilize tile sizes other than 48x48, it wouldn't be native to the engine and would, at best, be coming from some external plugin. If there is no native capability to change the tile size, I highly doubt it would be particularly practical to do even with plugins; you would need to be using a whole separate map editor from what comes with the engine, in which case you might as well be parallax mapping. Everything seems to be done in javascript, and I've been hearing talks about TileD support which actually is far better than any map editor that RPG Maker has come with, XP being the best. I'm more or less happy they're finally using a proper language for game development... C#, Lua, or Pythom would have been better choices though IMHO.
  7. Rukiri

    Pokemon Snap Sequel?

    UE4 is free these days unless you're making X amount on your projects but that's just a % of profit. Yea, you could do this with RPG Maker, the best way to go about doing this is using a mode7 script and have an event setup to follow rails but allow the player to rotate the map.
  8. Hiya! Don't know how many of the original members are still around when I was active here 4 years ago, only back as MV sparked my interest. Also learned Japanese keys work with the official English release, you learn something new everyday. Cya around!
  9. Holy crap, I still exist! praise lord gabeN!

    1. Chaosian
    2. Kayzee


      GabeN is love, GabeN is life.

  10. Holy crap, I still exist! praise lord gabeN!

  11. Rukiri


    That's when Son Gohan punched Seru's stomach, it's also when he spits out C.18. Welcome!
  12. Rukiri

    Resolution Ace

    The problem with that is, is that it doesn't update scrolling or centers the player.
  13. Just a tip, call gears in update so it constantly get's updated, second use a switch case. In ruby I believe it's like this. case something when something some stuff here end instead of doing multi if statements. Third since your using a switch case just set the variable to the next command, no need to add to it. Now if we're going into smoother animation I would kind of look at how charsets are animated, basically every 18 steps it goes to the next frame. I actually have been working on your script for awhile now, I could have replied days ago and it would have worked, but the way you have it set up is that it's just going to go to every frame every 1 step. You need not only a cur_frame variable, but a step timer. Well, if ya want it smooth lol.
  14. Line 83 sends us to a super command. Have you tried created just a blank window for testing, than trying to dispose of it?
  15. This is probably done, but how do you continue (@step_anime) if you run into an event or near the screen? like if keyboard input is given the step animation should continue (regardless if the player can actually move) Edit: Nevermind, I got it. class Game_Player #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- # continuously play the step animation #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- alias :xeilsoft_ani_update :update def update xeilsoft_ani_update if actor && $game_switches[2] == true @walk_anime = true @step_anime = true else @step_anime = false end end end